Win! A Life-Sized Borderlands Claptrap Worth $7,500

Seriously, this thing is amazing. It's been valued at $7,500. Yeah. It's a big deal. It has a built in, head-mounted esky for god's sake!

Okay here's the deal: this is a ye-olde Microsoft Paint competition. Claptrap is a well-known video game sidekick but we reckon it's time that Claptrap himself had his very own sidekick. A sidekick for the sidekick if you will.

What we want you to do is simple: we want you to design a Claptrap sidekick using ONLY Microsoft Paint.

There will only be one winner and they'll receive the following:

— The afore-mentioned Claptrap replica, valued at $7,500 — One copy of the game itself, the Claptrap-in-a-Box edition, which is completely sold-out and worth around $500. You can choose either the PS4 or the Xbox One version.

Basically this is one of the most high value competitions we've ever done.

All bets are off. Creativity will win the day. I know what you're thinking: one of those insane artist-types who reads Kotaku is going to come in and blow everyone out of the water. Yes. Maybe. But if you've paid attention to any of Kotaku's previous competitions, you'll know that a really cool idea will always win over a supremely well-executed mediocre idea.

My point: even if you are a bad artist you are still in with a chance. Don't let that stop you.

Big thanks to 2K Australia for offering up this prize in celebration of the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Drop your entries in the comments below. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Edit: there was a mistake in the initial Terms & Conditions, the competition closes on March 26 giving you a week to enter!


    I think we could all use Bary - The Reputation Saving Friend.

    Claptrap needs a minion who won't run away, won't talk back and won't cause him unspeakable pain. Because of this, his new side-kick should be Rocks-anne

    How about Claptrap as a foot stool and have it implanted with a speech chip like a Chucky Doll.
    Then Whenever you use it have him programmed to make random comments, like:
    Urgh get offa me dammit.
    The whole weight of the world is on my shoulders.
    Hey buddy, thought of going on a diet?
    Hey, when did you wash your feet last?
    Send me back to the Borderlands, Please!. It will be easier than this.
    Oh man, I can see straight up your legs. Yuk!
    Gyro Motor, Dont fail me now!

    Plus many more, Maybe even ones we can Create ourselves and upload into him. lol

    I'd like (although "like" is a strong word here) to introduce the rapid stair facilitator model F-5741RS, for speedier ascension of stairs for CL4P-TP.

    Also known as F##K Stairs.

    Mr Boom Box.
    Created from old TV's a Radio and a bunch of junk, Mr Boom Box plays the deadliest tune on the battlefield, Justin Bieber.

    Fully functioning cassette player.
    Blinking lights.
    Pristine Speakers (That crackle!).
    and that's it.

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    While scouring intergalactic transmissions trying to find new Wub Wub music, Claptrap accidentally stumbled across a series of documentaries from a far off planet. They chronicled an evil masterminds attempt at world domination. While his attempts all ended in failure Claptrap thought he had some good ideas, so he cherry picked some of the best bits, and set in motion his plans to take over Pandora.

    While the documentary showed an entire army, Claptrap knew he would have to start of small, so using what parts he had available he set off trying to create his second-in-command, his sidekick, his MEGA MINION!

    (long time reader here, but have never posted before, thought I would give this a crack! Also Hi!)

    Hi Peeps,

    This is my crude entry I hope you like the concept.

    Thanks for taking a look.

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    Presenting C4T-TP or as it's affectionately known: K1TTY-C4T.

    This particular C4T-TP is Hyperion designed, complete with the following features:
    * Sawblade tail to cut away pesky bandits that get too close
    * Fully deployable as an auto-turret
    * Can spray corrosive acid get the idea
    * Collar featuring an advanced location and awareness device; AKA a bell, so Clappy can always find his new BFF

    CL4PPY first thought a C4T would show him the affection he longed for. Unfortunately, all C4T-TP wants to do is use him as a scratching post and bring back the occasional poor rodent as a "prize". He also stays out late and never listens to anything Clappy has to say.

    Introducing "Ms Wub Wub"!!! As deadly as she is beautiful, she began life as a humble record player droid. But an unfortunate accident with a pulse grenade scrambled her A.I. When she came to she fell in love with the first thing she saw.... our "lovable?" sidekick Claptrap! Armed with a seemingly unlimited supply of Lionel Richie vs Skrillex records, a tin of lighter fluid and a zippo she will protect her new found love at all costs (while winning his heart).

    *edit* Forgot to mention when she's in a bind, she spins wax so fast she can helicopter out of almost any situation... aaaaaand she's known to drop the bass often (because she only has one arm!).

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    My pic added Clap needs to keep a closer eye on his little friend.

    Just a question... if the competition actually closes on the 26th this week (due to the incorrect details in the Terms and Conditions posted last week), are we able to modify our current entries or is it once you've submitted, that's it?

    Edit: Ah... bugger it. Ignore this question. I'll just see how it goes. :)

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    "I never found a Companion that was so companionable as Solitude."
    -Henry David Thoreau

    All claptrap has ever wanted, a side kick to celebrate with, party with, to dance with, to... eat pizza with.

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    What's better than one little robot? TWO!

    So here is the Zombie-Psycho-Head-Trap (or Zaptrap for short). A product of Doctor Ned's ingenuity and Claptrap's incessant whining and want for a minion of his own. I just like the idea of something that has to listen to Claptrap waffle on forever because it can't die, no matter how much it wants to. The Zaptrap is constantly asking people to kill it and has tried to kill itself numerous times but finds it a difficult feat to accomplish as a) no one really cares and b) it is only a severed head attached to a wheel.

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    or try

    I'm hoping the links work guys.

    My minion is one that I feel claptrap would've made by himself for company. What he didn't expect is that this smaller version would be super aggressive to anyone that's a threat to his master.
    MiniTrap as I have named him, is a small, ferocious little bot that will launch head first into battle while screaming "don't try to hold me back".
    He has a speaker on his mid area for devastating 'unces' and earth shattering 'wubs' which he uses to stun enemies while claptrap fights....or......flees?

    MiniTrap is deffinetly the 'scrappy doo' to claptrap's 'scooby doo'.

    Imagine a small aggressive version of claptrap that is crazier than even his creator...

    Ok, my submission!
    I did this instead of uni work...
    Priorities! :D

    - Hand built by Claptrap for partying, relieving tense situations, and so that Claptrap has a friend.
    - Just under half the size of the original Claptrap.
    - Poorly built due to Claptraps limited knowledge in robotics, and is hence, falling apart (also falling apart due to heavy bass).
    - Due to poor construction, often plays songs inappropriate to the situation, either out of spite for being poorly built, or due to faulty wiring. No one knows...

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      Untz Untz Untz

      Look at me, I'm dancin', I'M DANCIN'!

    May I present Claptrap's new best friend, the HNTR04 Cage Trap.

    Cage Trap was once used by Handsome Jack as a trap for hunting the various fauna of Pandora, however he has since become depressed by Jack's cruel mistreatment of animals. As a result of this, Cage Trap has seen the error of his ways and now just wants to protect (even if the object of his protection doesn't deserve it). He's a perfect companion for Claptrap because when Claptrap invariably get's into trouble, he can drop down on top of him, close the hatch on his underside and then fly back to sanctuary utilising the rockets in his legs.

    Now Claptrap can venture forth in complete safety without fear of being captured by bandits or assaulted by bullymongs! Of course, Cage Trap's navigation can sometimes be a little... iffy.

    Hi everyone, here is my submission, known as the "Trekkit":

    And this is the accompanying Lore entry to go with it. Although it's fairly long, I do hope you and the judges will read this because it is an important facet of the overall concept.

    Hope you guys like it!

    Manufactured by Dahl in a rare joint venture with Hyperion, the Trekkits are a 1st generation line of robots originally developed to tackle the issue of Claptraps malfunctioning at seemingly odd places, thus requiring the assistance of Humans and the use of “Repair Kits” to repair them.

    An anonymous submission (perhaps from a weary wanderer who became tired of encountering and listening to the whines of said Claptraps) suggested that Repair kits be given full life and autonomy, thereby allowing them to seek out and repair broken-down Claptraps on their own accord.

    Dahl Engineers investigated the issue and began designing a new version of the Repair Kit - dubbed the “Trek Kit” - by incorporating mechanical legs that allowed them to travel long distances and reach difficult-to-reach places. Due to space restrictions (and also to minimize cost), the legs are designed to become the primary operating arms during the repair process. Also for the same reasons, the Trekkit is 95% constructed from the very same components that are used in the repair. Essentially - and somewhat gruesomely - the Trekkit dismantles itself in order to repair the Claptrap.

    To grant this new creation the intelligence needed to perform these complex tasks, an advanced neural processor was incorporated into the Trekkit’s main frame. Unfortunately, bestowing the Trekkit with the ability to think for itself was Dahl’s biggest mistake in an otherwise Fairly Good Idea (TM).

    The initial deployment of Trekkits to Pandora was a resounding success (according to the Fancy Graph by upper Management), but as time went on, it slowly dawned on the Trekkits that to follow their objective - to seek out and repair fallen Claptraps - would result in their own morbid deaths. Although the Trekkits were compelled to follow their deeply intrinsic directives, a growing number had developed a sense of self-preservation so strong that they were able to override the urges to dismantle themselves, much to the dismay of the whining Claptraps that needed their services.

    The disgruntled Claptraps reported the issue back to their Hyperion Masters, who in turn reported it to Dahl in a Not-So-Nice way. To rectify the issue and avoid future corporate shenanigans, Dahl sent an army of Technicians to recapture the rogue Trekkits and apply a “Zero Day Dumbing Down” patch over it’s existing software .

    Those Trekkits lucky enough to have escaped what is now known as the “Total Recall” event, formed pacts with any Claptraps willing to listen: that they will serve as the Claptrap’s “feet” till the day their batteries run dry, thus finally granting Claptraps the ability to navigate stairs and other obstacles. And in return the Claptraps must keep the Trekkits’ presence safe from Hyperion and Dahl, and will make no demands to be repaired even at the cost of their own life.

    Perhaps due to their traumatic past and their life-long servitude to the Claptraps in order to survive, a majority of Trekkits have developed a deeply seated sense of paranoia - and an extremely grumpy and miserable personality to boot. Ironically, some Claptraps and Trekkits have formed powerful bonds, to the point where a Trekkit is willing to dismantle himself for the sake of his friend, or a Claptrap choosing to die of an oil leakage rather than to accept his friend’s willing sacrifice.

    Such are the stories told in the shifting sands of the Borderlands.

    A different take on the type of sidekick that Clappy needs.

    Our vault hunter strides into the Souther Shelf or what used to be, it is now home to a cross over between a loveable yellow sponge and a magical unicorn? Our hero gazes into the distance, whats this! That cheeky Claptrap has found a partner in crime that equals in wittiness and known for their one liners. BEHOLD, chimpanzee riding on a segway, sorry wrong tab, BEHOLD, the mighty Claptrap riding in the ever so mighty Charlie the unicorn, ready to face any devilishly good looking villains and to keep our kidneys safe.

    all done on paint, with much time spent at 1am fiddling with that tiny little eraser and NO LAYERS!!! goddammit paint *sigh*

    Claptrap stole a psychos mask After he made his wee assitant out of scraps and learnt that hes a bit to mouthy and started wishing he had actually made him remote control.

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    Introducing... The Fandangler
    Do you have a problem with them pesky psychos? ... Just drop them off a cliff
    Oh no, stairs are in the way... Just ask for a pick up
    Ally about to get that super rare rocket launcher... Just levitate it out of there
    Trust your trusty Fandangler
    Disclaimer: Hyperion are not liable for damages due to use or misuse, your mileage may vary, if defects are discovered, do not attempt to fix them yourself, but return to an authorized Hyperion service center where you will be terminated, keep away from sunlight, pet skags, and small children, skags and bandits were used to test this machine, use may cause explosions, burning poisoning, electrocution and death.

    Ok, here's my entry for the Claptrap comp...since you evil people made us use a most annoying Microsoft Product (yes even worse than Word) for a most annoying character ... then his sidekick has to be based on 'Microsoft' and 'Annoying' ... the answer was obvious ...

    Looking forward to getting into Borderlands again on the PS4 :)

    Good luck to all, some great entries...

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