WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4

WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4

Bloodborne is one of our most anticipated games of 2015 and hits Australia on Wednesday March 25. To celebrate Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest dark masterpiece, Kotaku has teamed with PlayStation Australia for a seriously spine-tingling competition. We have PS4s and copies of the game to give away, plus one lucky reader gets the opportunity to face their greatest, most terrifying fear. Huge! So what are you scared of? We’ll send Mark along with a crew to film your adventure. Entering is easy!

Check out the trailer above. Bloodborne is gloriously gory, gothic and more than a little freaky. Search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world, and you must discover its darkest secrets in order to survive.

How To Enter

In the comments below: explain what your fear is, how it came about and why you want to face it.

Remember: We have up to $3000 put aside to help the major winner face their fear, but keep it achievable and realistic. And keep Bloodborne in mind. Think battling giant spiders. Think challenging your claustrophobia. Think demon body parts (like eating haggis).

The most creative and appropriate fear, as judged by Mark Serrels, that’s well written, funny and descriptive will win. Comment up-votes and permalink shares will also be considered by Mark.

1st Prize

• Careful what you wish for, we just might make your nightmare real. Awesome, right? As mentioned, we have up to $3000 to help you face your fear — safely and legally. No, you don’t get what’s left as cash — but we will fly you and Mark somewhere within Australia if we feel your fear requires it.

• The 1st prize winner also wins a Glacier White PlayStation 4 console plus Bloodborne Nightmare Edition ($720 value).

Entries close at 9:59am AEST on Monday March 9 2015 and you’ll need to be over 18 and reside in Australia to enter. The 1st prize winner must be available to join us in confronting your fear by March 18. Full terms and conditions.

• You’ll also need to be available to fly to Sydney on the afternoon of Tuesday March 24 (from your nearest capital city; which we’ll pay for). Kotaku will also cover your accommodation for the night up to a value of $1000 for the flights and accommodation — as you’ll be our special guest for Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch party. More details below!

(We’ll give you a double ticket, but your friend/partner will need to make their own way to the event).


2nd Prize

The runner-up receives a Glacier White PlayStation 4 console plus Bloodborne Nightmare Edition ($720 value). Second prize winner also receives one double pass to Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch event in Sydney (travel costs not included).


WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4
WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4


3rd Prize

Three (3x) third-prize winners will pick-up Bloodborne Standard Edition (valued at $99.95). Each third prize winner will also receive one double pass to Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch event in Sydney (travel costs not included).

WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4


More Prizes! Double Pass Tickets To Kotaku’s Bloodborne Launch Party

WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4

15 further runners-up will be selected for double-pass tickets to hang out with Serrels and the Gizmodo/Lifehacker crew at Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch event!

When? Tuesday March 24 near Circular Quay in Sydney. More details to come. Note: If you’re interstate and score an invite, you’ll need to make your own way to Sydney.

Good luck everyone.

Start hatching your horrors below!

WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4


    • In all seriousness, I don’t know if I have any fears that apply to this competition, and certainly none that could be exploited for $3000. I’m a middle class white male, given a decent education, got a degree in engineering and hired straight out of uni. In my final year of uni I met my beautiful fiancee and we’re getting married this July. If I was to fear anything, its that my inordinate luck, that I’ve done nothing to deserve, will run out.

      If was gifted $3000 to try mitigate that… I’d probably get life insurance.

  • My greatest fear is not being able to attend the Kotaku Bloodborne launch party, a fear that came about purely by opening this article and will only be overcome by my actually winning a double pass and attending it, obviously.

    Okay my actual fear: this is a bit embarrassing but really my greatest fear is Glenn Close from the movie Fatal Attraction, a fear I’ve had since seeing the movie as a child. So please, if I absolutely have to, please let me only win a double pass, I don’t think I can deal with having to face that alone with only a Mark Serrels-shaped human shield.

  • Damn I cant enter. Cause there’s no way I’m facing spiders if I win. NOPE.

    Edit: Actually, I’ve been doing some thinking and, besides spiders, I do have another fear that’s actually more intense (I actually freeze up and get cold sweats at times) and irrational I think, that I could face and is worth entering.

    It all started one night, about 3 years ago, when my girlfriend and I were lying in a field, looking up at the sky. As I was looking into the stars the feeling of distance between me, the Earth, and the stars started to set in and I got the strangest feeling of vertigo and the irrational FEAR of falling up haha.

    I still can’t look up at buildings or the sky any more. I went to Sydney last year and had to hold onto something while taking pictures up at the buildings and got cold sweats! I guess I’d want to face that because, well, it seems totally silly and irrational.

  • My one fear is the darkness and the unknown, things lurking in the shadows, always having a sense of something else being their with me. I got scared playing the Half Life series, all the dark area’s, having headcrabs jump at your face. Even just the combine coming from no where scared me at times. I’ve missed a lot of game I would of liked to have played due to the fact of dark, scary areas.

    I went to Dracula’s haunted house and made my partner go first, I used the excuse of “you can go first, this doesn’t scare me and you’ll have a better experience”. Truth be told I was shitting myself haha.

    Though I can handle scary movies, it’s just being their in person, or being in control of a character makes it nearly impossible for me to do.

    Worst experience was the intro to Dead Space 2. I’ll never forgive that game. Having to run through an alien infested space station, while their all jumping at you, chasing you down. I got half way through that part, I wasn’t quick enough and got knocked to the ground and shortly after an alien was about to eat my face. That Xbox had never been turned off so quickly in my entire life!

    I’ll add the reason to this fear, which may sound Ironic. When I was young, I used to watch a lot of scary movies which would scare the hell out of me, and after them I’d go to bed with the lamp on. Though some nights, the lamp wouldn’t be on due to blown bulbs and blackouts and I’d have the most dreadful and weird dreams. One was this crazy rollercoaster, going through a tunnel with bats and monster jumping out all over the place, so I started disliking the dark, really disliking it.

  • My greatest fear is to die never having accomplished anything of real value.

    It came about because I feel like I’ve done very little of worth.

    I want to face it because I don’t want to die unhappy.

    • Out of pity, @mcgarnical has informed me my entry is incomplete.
      (I just never get it)

      So, to face my fear, I try to improve myself through learning & have been writing fiction that I hope is filled with universal truths that would inspire people to be better than they are.

      Judging from my inability to read a simple set of competition instructions I have very serious doubts as to my ability to successfully communicate such a thing.

      (This has been an excercise in self loathing I was not prepared to make in a public forum, thank the Lord I use a nickname online)

  • I hate frogs. When I was, spending summer at friends beach house, I went exploring one day, and felt on a pond. The place was full of tadpoles, and well, their parents…

    I’m disgusted and borderline panic when I think of frogs. Maybe is those dam eyes or that jelly skin. I don’t know.

    But I guess I could give it a go to hold a frog or maybe a cane toad for the chance of getting to the Bloodborne launch =P

  • I have Nomophobia, a fear of being without my phone and being connected in some way to the internet.

    I work in IT Support and as a result am never far away from my phone or any form of technology. My phone is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I look at when I go to sleep. I have a portable battery I carry with me in the event I’m somewhere without a power point. I have a charging cable at every location that I frequent and I automatically connect to Wifi spots that I am near.

    It’s pretty hard to switch off and my mind is always wanting to check the phone/computer/console/internet.

    I’d love to be able to switch my mind off, just like you can switch a phone off… But I never do!

  • Barking dogs are scary. Even when they’re trapped in a yard and your human brain can see that you’re safe, your lizard brain recognises that they’re something loud with pointy teeth that MUST be avoided.

    My fear goes back to when I was a kid of 8 riding my bike to school. I was terrified by the monstrous dogs that would always bark hysterically as I passed. I coped by learning where they were, gritting my teeth on approach, then pedalling as if my life depended on it. It was unpleasant but manageable.

    The Dog lived in a yard alongside a narrow public pathway. It was an ugly brown and white mutt that had always been especially loud, that I had always ridden past especially quickly. Except one day, it wasn’t in the yard. It was tied up outside. I sprinted past on my bike as per usual and IT STARTED CHASING ME. If I had slowed or stopped or slipped or fallen it would have caught me. But abject terror gave me wings; none of this happened and I made it through safely.

    But The Dog apparently spent all its days outside the yard, now. I endured a few days of torture before it all became too much. I started riding the long way to school instead. This new route crossed a grassy field and took at least twice the time, but anything was better than The Dog. Eventually my parents found out about the long way and got mad at me. Don’t be stupid, they said. The Dog is not going to get you, they said. Ride the normal way or else.

    So I did. Until the day when The Dog caught me. It nipped me on the calf, leaving a couple of toothmarks, some minor bruising, and a whole bunch of mental trauma.

    I never saw The Dog again. I don’t know what happened to it, and I don’t care. I took the long way forever more because I am afraid of dogs.

    Conquering this fear would be good for my family. My son would love a pet dog, but I would obviously hate it. There is currently no way I would live with one. But snap me out of it and he can have a buddy!

    Oh, wait, the prize is to spend thousands of dollars on facing my fears? Then I’m also scared of falling out of a plane. Please don’t make me spend a day skydiving and doing aerial stunts and stuff. I would be terrified and exhilarated and cherish the experience forever.

    • I had this exact same fear for the exact same reasons.

      What got me over the fear was getting a puppy. Just make sure it’s a breed known for being a good family pet.

  • Scorpions…

    I’m fine with every other creepy crawly but there is just something about scorpions that freaks me out. Just thinking about they right now is making the hair on the back on my neck stand up.

    I’m a huge fan of the dark souls games but every time a face Scorpioness Najka it freaks me out so freaking much.

    • Scorpions aren’t that bad. At least a sting from an Australian one will not kill you. Might cause some pain and inflammation but nothing too serious 😛

    • True story – I was working at my old boss’ place, on the very outskirts of north-west Sydney. One of my colleagues said “stu, freeze!” We used to muck around a lot, play jokes etc, but something in his voice told me instinctively to do exactly what he said. He crept up and flicked something off my back. I spun around and checked the ground… and yep, there was a scorpion at my feet.

  • Jesus Christ Mark, really? My greatest fear is harm to my friends and family, especially harm I could – and failed to – prevent. c.c
    I… cannot imagine how you would confront that outside of some kind of elaborate The Game style hoax, which may or may not result in tragedy if I go off-script and fail to use the gun which you filled with blanks and instead murder someone with a ball-point pen. That would be really weird and uncomfortable for everyone and I’m pretty sure isn’t covered by your insurance.
    (And if it is, I will pay you pretty much anything to be there to see the look on the insurance rep’s face when you submit your claim.)

    Uh. Perhaps in a more mundane sense, I’m pretty damn uncomfortable with heights? I have no idea what might’ve inspired that, apart from strong self-preservation instincts. Being up high means a risk of falling. That is a bad thing. You do not want to be there. You need to be somewhere else. Doing anything else. Safely on the ground. Where we are meant to be.
    Bit of a no-go for that, I think. Not much comedy value. Just my entire body and especially sphincter clenching up. Maybe I’ll use some colourful swears you’ve never heard of.

  • For some reason, my anxieties and fear are often represented in a recurring dream I have where I’m spending the night on the side of a cliff, invariably poorly secured and at risk of falling to my death. This may be a manifestation of the phenomena of the “falling” dream. A psychologist might talk about feelings of lacking confidence or a need for emotional support.

    One way to address this (and the thought of doing it makes me nearly shake) would be to squarely face up to it by literally spending the night on a cliffside.

    I believe that if I actually experience the reality, then the thought of it wont scare me nearly as much and my subconscious will need to find something else to terrify me when I next have a Long Night. I am picturing all sorts of practical tethers and supports, including the sure advice and companionship of Mark.

  • My fear is birds haha. Especially darker ones at night as they are freaky as hell when it’s pitch black. Living in a town that has bats fly over every sunset is pretty intense!
    I have no idea why it came about but the thought of a bird flying into your mouth is what really scared me and have no idea where I came up with that thought!
    Facing it would be very intriguing as I’m tipping they would be predators!

    • My wife is terrified of pigeons! Absolutely terrified! I am willing to volunteer her to get me to the Bloodborne Launch Party!

      • Mine is terrified of chickens and roosters! I will happily volunteer her also for this event.

        Even better, what say we get a big room full of birds and push all the wifeys in together. Then we shall laugh together and play Bloodborne from behind the safety of thick bulletproof glass.

        Edit: My wife has just informed me that she’d totally be up for this, so long as it means a trip to Sydney and seeing me covered in bees.

  • I would like to say my greatest fear is arachnophobia, but I can act when I’m around spiders. It’s my vertigo/acrophobia that has actually interfered with my life to such a degree that it paralyses me, often literally, and stops me from enjoying things.

    I don’t remember when it started in full force, but I remember even as a kid I was always wary of taking a fall. Then one year a friend fell off a cliff while sleepwalking (he broke almost every bone in his body but eventually made a full recovery) and I think that’s when the fear hit home.

    Scene: Uluru. 15 year old me makes it barely up to Chicken Rock where I stand knees quivering, and eventually, tentatively make my was back down to the ground.

    Scene: Perth. Driving my way to a photo shoot at a quarry, the one way road with sheer drops to my right. Hands shaking so much I can’t grip the steering wheel. I have a full on panic attack and my partner has to take over driving. I can’t even exit the car, sliding over the gearstick to the passenger seat.

    Scene: The Tree-Top walk in the “Valley of the Giants” I don’t know what possessed me to even try this. As soon as I set foot on to the walkway, the panic set in. Another one way path. Eyes to the sky I practically run my way through the walk to the other end.

    Scene: Standing on top of a not-very-high cliff (maybe 8M) above a pond for 90 minutes, trying to muster up the courage to jump, watching my 8 year old step-son repeatedly and without thought jump down and have fun. Walking back down, cold, scared, ashamed at myself.

    4 of many. It’s the Uluru one that pains me the most though. I don’t know that I’ll ever get another chance to try and make the climb. This could literally be my one and only chance to face my fear head on, and even typing to try and win a chance to do so is making my head spin. I want to win… but then at the same time, I’m praying I don’t.

  • I am incredibly terrified of performing or putting myself out there – doing speeches, on stage, on camera. I don’t know how it started because I was a very outgoing kid, but I started clamming up in my teen years something awful. Even after about a hundred eps on a podcast I still tense up when the recording starts. You might remember that quiz episode we had you on, Mr Marky Mark, where I threw up in my mouth a little bit right before I launched into the opening remarks, and where my legs quivered like delicious jelly even though nobody could actually see me.

    I am even terrified of people reading that. I want to overcome this performance anxiety because being that uncomfortable even around your close friends is a terrible thing. And on a wider scale, being able to stand up and represent yourself is a very important step in just embracing and being comfortable with who you are.

    • This is great because, I can imagine the video being you in front of some huge crowd in sydney somewhere and this is something I want to see

  • I’m scared of risk taking. Terrified that unnecessary risks will be the cause of my children growing up without a me. So I haven’t been sky-diving, bungee jumping or in light-aircraft. I had a chance for a helicopter ride on the weekend but decided to stay on the sidelines. The other side of this is that I also don’t want my children to take risks, which I can see is probably not that good for them in the long run. So I’ve been “dying” to break out of my driving miss daisy attitude. But push will literally have to come to shove.

  • I don’t know if I should really say…but my biggest fear is being forced to eat a dinner consisting of lobster, oysters, crab, bugs, prawns and scallops with truffles somehow mixed into it. Argh, that would nearly be as scary as eating at Heston’s Fat Duck. *Shudder* Argh, FFS, now I can’t get the horror out of my mind. Screw you Kotaku and your bloody competitions. *Deep breath Matty, you can do it*

  • Being paralysed. I get Sleep Paralysis a handful of times a year and each time it’s a full panic situation, even though I know I should relax and ride it out.
    To be fully paralysed and the accompanying reliance on others is the worst thing I can imagine.

  • Heights and falling. Scenes with parachute drops make my skin crawl, but the fear is greater on narrow, tall structures like pedestrian bridges over freeways and highways. Strangely enough, I’m perfectly fine with flying.

  • Have to say my biggest fear is heights, which I’ve tried overcoming so many times it’s getting ridiculous…

    Started when I was only young, less than 5 years old. I managed to get onto the back patio of a family friends house in my police pedal cruiser… yes, those things were awesome…. and proceeded to pedal that thing off the landing, falling for 1 storey and onto a concrete slab. As you can probably imagine, it was a bit crazy, if not traumatic. Good news is the pedal car stayed with me for another year or so.

    Anyways in the years following;
    I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge – shout out to the train driver who thought it’d be hilarious for blasting his horn at me whilst climbing the ladder (fresh pants please!).
    Also went sky diving – the instructor thought I was having some sort of fit or episode because I wasn’t screaming with adrenaline – the adrenaline was keeping me from freaking out.
    And decided to jump of a perfectly stable rock outcrop in Portugal. Yes it took me over 25 minutes to even look over the edge, but I still managed to do it.

    After all of the self-inflicted shock treatment, I still haven’t been able to get over it.

    Mark, I’d like to see you try. Good luck, because I don’t know what would even work at this stage.

  • Clowns.
    F***ing clowns.
    They’re not funny, they’re demon spawn incarnate!
    A “possessed clown” grabbed my head on a ghost ride at a festival when I was young, which scarred me for life.
    I’m only just getting over the fear of the dark that that a***hole clown caused, but I still loathe clowns.

    You know those little ceramic clown dolls?
    F**k. That. Sh*t.
    Stephen Kings IT?
    F**k. That. Sh*t.
    F**K. THAT. SH*T.

    I don’t particularly want to face this fear, rather, I want to punch a clown in its unholy face.
    My fear with clowns is much more “fight” than “flight”.
    Or truthfully, “fight” then “flight”.
    If winning gets me the chance to justifiably assault a clown that is trying to scare me, then run for my life, so be it.

  • My true fear is having someone live in my house without me knowing about it and stalking me constantly!!! I came across this fear because I hate the idea of someone watching me…

    I will face it by playing this game because this game is about killing creatures that dont deserve to live, and i will overcome the fear of “something” watching me!!!

  • ive always wanted try eating a cooked tarantula, you know those ones you see on those holiday tv shows.
    but everytime i think about it, it does scare me to think why the hell am i going to eat a spider!!!
    it happened when i did see it on a tv show, and thought “yeah, i could do that”
    but havent had the balls to even find out how i could do it.’
    plus not liking spiders when the bastards come out of nowhere.

    • They’re pretty tasty.

      Once you get past the “oh gods this is a spider” they taste a bit like pork mince. Ate one in Cambodia

  • Carnival rides, particularly ones that involve going in a loop.

    When I was a wee lad of 10 (ish), I went to the Whale Festival in Hervey Bay. What is the Whale Festival, I hear you ask? Let me tell you! Hervey Bay used to be a quaint seaside town/retirement village, with a tourism industry built primarily around whale watching. To celebrate the holy whale and the riches it brought, the natives of the regional held an annual tribal celebration, where they would sacrifice all the money in their wallets to the Carney folk, in an attempt to appease their mighty Whale gods and bring in a bountiful watching season in the following year.

    Anyhoo, so I attended this celebration in all its glory, and it was glorious. There were run down dodgem cars, sideshow games BY THE SCORE, crap food, everything you could ask for! Arguably the highlight though was The Phantom. This metal monstrosity consisted of a couple of ex-rollercoaster cars, which I can only assume were no longer on actual rollercoasters because they had failed multiple safety tests, and a single loop. You paid the man, got in the car, and went around and around the loop. I was going through a thrill seeker phase at the time, so naturally I wanted to conquer this challenge.

    I got in the car, and the gruff-looking attendant (who I’m sure was fully trained in all the relevant safety codes) lowered the safety bar. Thing is, the bar didn’t lock me in place – it was like those safety bars you get in scenic train rides that go sort of fast down the hills, so there’s a token safety bar to stop you standing up but everyone knows that if shit goes down, the ‘safety’ part of ‘safety bar’ is a bit of a joke. So being the pig-headed thrill seeker I was, I think ‘Bugger it – who needs a safety bar? BRING IT ON!’

    Turns out, I need a safety bar. As the Phantom rolled around and around it’s loop track, I felt exhilarated! Centrifugal force kept me tightly fastened to my seat – how stupid was I to worry about the safety bar! What a time to be alive!

    And then, the carriage slowed… at the top of the loop. I immediately dropped; thankfully I had my legs tensed, because they caught under the bar, and I immediately gripped on with my hands for dear life. There I was, a fat little 10 year old chubster, dangling 10 meters above the earth with just my own strength holding me up. The safety bar gave me nothing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so afraid that I was going to die… and I could feel my grip faltering. It felt like we were hanging there forever. Just as my grip was starting to fail (and just before I started screaming), the carriage rolled back to ground.

    I have never, ever been so happy to step off a ride in my life. I still like thrill rides… however, I refuse to ever leave my life in the hands of poorly maintained carnival rides ever again… unless you give me a PS4 and a copy of Bloodborne.

  • Swimming. I’m not sure if I can ‘swim’ very badly, or just not at all. I think I can at least do the whole “floating on your back” thing but I can’t say I get myself in the position to try (just in case it ends up with me floating face down) 😛

    I took lessons when I was younger but after nearly drowning one time I was just like nopenopenope to swimming in general. Although it gave me a fairly good excuse to not be a part of high school swimming competitions and meant I didn’t have to do laps in the pool like all of the other chumps during our PE class.

    But hey, the characters in the Souls games can’t swim either so I’m not the only one!

  • My greatest fear is heights, unfortunately i love climbing things. Last year i climbed a giant gum tree in my girlfriend’s yard and i was too scared to come down for nearly an hour. =/

  • My greatest Fear?

    Birds pecking out my eyes and losing my sight.

    As a kid i was playing in a playground and the “Australian death bird” AKA magpies were in swooping season, and little old B-Funk was strolling along having a wonderful time. however, these birds decided that B-Funk should be miserable, and launched an attack on me. So a bird swoops down onto my face, and instead of the usual fly by that most birds do, he latches onto my face and just goes to town on me. The worst part was i remember another kid who was really fat (that has nothing to add to the story but i remember this specifically) pointed and laughed his chubby little cheeks off, while this didn’t lead to a fear of fat kids, i still think of them as heralds of doom. The bird, after seemingly growing bored of attacking defenceless children, and leaving me to attend to the multiple wounds on my face, flies off to be a bastard to some other people.

    So after having my face mauled my parents took me to the doctors to have me checked out, apparently if the bird had peck less than a centimetre closer to my eye it would have taken it out, and i would have been blind in one eye.

    So after that traumatic experience, cue nightmares of birds taking my eyes out for most of my childhood life. While the nightmares are gone, i still freak out whenever i see birds in trees while in a park, i would rather walk around a park then go through it if there’s a chance a bird might swoop me.

    seriously, screw birds…

  • My fear, my truest fear, was never doing anything in my life of any worth. Of never amounting to anything. Of never being of any impact on anyones life. Of my son growing up and saying, when I pass ‘Yeah, he was my Dad, but he was noone special.’ My fear, is to be forgotten with time by the ones I love like so many before me and so many after me will be. I don’t need to be remembered as a statue, I don’t need to be remembered in song, I just need to be remembered in the minds of those who love me, but at a certain point in my life, I was noone, I was a bad father, I had done nothing and my fear was as alive as it had ever been.

    So I sought to conquer that fear and destroy it.

    I looked at my fitness as a start, something I’ve always battled, I didn’t want to die by 40, I was obese. I was overweight, so I took control of my epilepsy medication, no longer letting it control me. I got off it and onto a different kind. I got energy back, slowly. I was sick for around 3 months. I was on the toilet regularly, I was barely eating. I went down from 150 to 130 just being sick all the time. If I wasn’t vomiting I was on the loo going out the other end. That was me, for three months. It was a nightmare. In that time, I was at Tafe full time as well, trying to take control of my mind. Trying to learn something.

    After three months, I finally felt better, no longer a trainwreck. I suddenly had energy, so I started at a karate club. I was fitter, it was gruelling to begin with but it worked for me. I was dropping weight. My fear of being dead by 40 pushed that age back to 50. I wanted it to go further. So I pushed myself. By mid 2010 I was down to 120 kilos. I started fighting in tournaments. I won a few rounds, came 3rd, 2nd but never first. That didn’t matter. I had my eye on the end of the year, I wanted to go to Sydney, to compete in the Nationals, the NAS National All Styles in Sydney. I trained my ass off, suddenly I was getting a LOT fitter. My fears were pushed right back, I was where I wanted to be, my weight dropped right off. I was 110 and feeling awesome. Pilates 4 times a week, training twice. I wasn’t working but I was getting myself back into shape.

    December came around, I was now working full time for a private school in IT, but I travelled to Sydney. My fears kicked in again. I had to fight infront of thousands of people. Thousands. Out on a mat, I fought in continuous fighting, I got beaten, infront of thousands, but the fear was gone. I did it. I conquered it. I came back the next day hungrier than anyone in that damn place to succeed… why? My girlfriend rang me at 7am that day, told me she was leaving me (no shit), told me were done.

    I walked in furious. I had point sparring to go. I tore through every opponent like a hot knife through butter, my fear was replaced with rage. I got through everyone, 5 competitors, only to face off against a great friend from ATA Tae Kwon Do. My rage subsided. We faced off, two friends, I didn’t care if I won. I’d done it. From nothing, to national champion in one year. When it finished, 8 points to 11, he won. But I was now 2nd best in Australia in my division. I almost burst into tears at conquering everything I had that year.

    Skip forward a year and a half. That gf and I had gotten back together only to split. I still feared not making my mark on the world in any noteable way. I feared not being good enough for my son. So I enrolled in the APT course at MSIT at Yeeronga. I cruised through my Year 12, when I was IN year 12, I got an OP of 25. After 9 months of attending every single week without fail, I walked out with an OP of 2. I was heading to Uni.

    I don’t need to tell you, at 35 years of age, the prospect of Uni didn’t just inspire fear? It filled me with TERROR.

    But I’ve done it. I sit here, in my third year, my Bachelor of Education. I’m heading into being an English and History teacher. I’m damn good too. Because every fear I have, I seek to conquer and kill, and I bloody well tell my students the same. Every year, I tell my prac students, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. This is something my Shihan told me, because when you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t conquer.

    Just an ammendment. I started having chest pains around December last year, I feared the worst being 37. I was worried it was the end for me, I had gotten huge. It mortified me I could leave this earth. Since I’d started Uni I’d gotten complacent, my training had dropped off and I’d gotten slack, putting weight back on. So I needed to face it. I hauled my ass to the doctors, I let him berate me for letting myself get this way (I needed to hear it, and he’s a friend) and I dedicated myself to getting better. So, I started changing my eating patterns. Soon after, I started walking. Since mid January, I’ve dropped around a fair bit, I want to keep that to myself but it’s a decent bit of weight (I’ve learnt the mistake of putting numbers out there, what it can do to demotivate me). Here’s a pic of my progress:

    Also note how the jolly fat man gets unhappier as he’s losing weight 😛 lol And yeah, I know I’m ugly 😛

    But seriously, I conquered that fear, through instilling the fear of leaving this earth, leaving my son and not being around to see him grow up. Seeing all the events in his life. Potentially a little selfish maybe, but I want to be there for him.

    Right now, my mentors are proud of me, my parents, my instructor, my friends and everyone is proud of me… but most importantly, my son is proud of me. I’ll keep going and doing my best.

    Because what I truly fear, is letting him down, and I can’t ever do it, because the day I truly do that, it’s all over. It ain’t funny, but it’s true.

    • First of all: Awesome story (and not in the sarcastic Internet way, actually IS an awesome story about you conquering all sorts of stuff!) – congrats on your achievements.

      But I’m confused – what is the OP thing you mentioned? Is a lower number better? In my state (Tas) it’s (well, was, could have changed since I went through) a higher score in your TCE is better.

      • Its the same as a TE/TCE score. Antiquated system where 25 is the lowest and 1 is the highest. My course was restricted from achieving 1s which lets you into fields such as surgery. Otherwise I would’ve gotten that. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  • My greatest fear is being stared out.

    This fear came about when I was a child living in the Philippines , with our house situated across a burlesque house full of lady boys. I remember the lady boys used to always stare at us playing and make very weird motions to get us to approach them when they weren’t busy. Their gaze was like a hawk and to this day whenever someone stares at me, it always brings up the image of a group of lady boys staring at me for no reason at all.

    I want to face this fear cause it actually has some practical disadvantages. I freak out when a group of people stare at me and I lose all control of my mental faculties. My friends have always exploited this weakness and I hope you can figure out how to get rid of it. Thanks!!!

  • In the dark of the night out in the bush, looking for a far out of the way geocache. I twist my ankle on a slippery root. The pain seizes up my leg and I’m slowed to a crawl. Now not as mobile as usual, but I’ve come too far. Limping along I’ve gone off the beaten track in search for treasure, the paths have long since dissipated. I know it’s out here somewhere, the clues have lead me here for sure. I’ve gotten turned around and I’m down to my last percent of GPS battery. It’s dark, cold and a fog has set in. I decide to turn around and head back to my wife and child, but I look at my phone, it says in it’s robotic voice, “Low Battery.” And the screen goes black….

    Stranded and lost.

    I start retracing my steps, but my mind is filled with thoughts of Ivan Milat and other shadows in the dark. Darkroot garden and Sif the great wolf. The panthers that the Americans left in our bushland. This is it, this is where I die. Shut Up Brain! Shut Up! I’m fine. I tell myself over and over.

    Just as I convince myself that I’m okay and I’m nearly home, Mark Serrels, dives out of the bushes, In full “the walking dead” cosplay, hungry from a full day at PAX, and sleep deprived and delirious from another polyphasic sleep experiment. He looks at me with a hunger in his eyes, that not even a double from KFC can cure… He lunges at me as things go black…. this is the end.

    TL;DR: being eaten alive my Mark

  • I’ve played Dark Souls; and I’ve played Dark Souls 2

    Sure, I’m afraid of losing yet another 300 hours to a game like these; but it’s time for me to Man Up and to face my Fears.

    Bring on Bloodborne I say. I can do it!

  • I was going to list my mother-in-law as my greatest fear (for bonus points, she looks like a boss from Bloodborne), but I don’t want to face her. So… How about heights? I’m afraid of heights because falling from a great height usually results in death. I’d be scared to go skydiving, and then if the parachute doesn’t open, at least I’ll die being right.

  • I have so many fears it is no longer funny, I am scared fo the dark (Night blindness contributes to this), I have a fear of spiders (i got upset as a kid that a daddy long legs was going to steal my toy train) And i have a major fear of heights (losing my hat from the edge of a 2nd floor in a shopping centre is the cause).

    The one i would love to conquer is my heights even being able to walk on a bridge i would happily accept i know i can never go bungee jumping or sky diving (damn you dicky heart) but just being able to at least do those would be nice. Hell if i am in a city or on something tallish i cannot look up as it scares me more.

    One of my life long dreams is to go outside at the empire state building and experience the sights of NYC from that level but without being able to even walk along a bridge without needing a new set of undies i think that one dream will never be fulfilled.

    No i don’t want to overcome my fear of spiders because i know it will involve some crazy thing where you have spiders crawl over my face and quite frankly i am not cool with that.

    Darkness well that would be cool but with having next to no vision in the dark it could be very hard to overcome.

    Oh and if i win i will be unable to get to Sydney so i would like my tickets donated to another user.

  • My fear is that I’ll win and it’ll be null and void because I’m not from Australia. And heights. I’m afraid of heights.

  • If you’re talking about a quantitative fear, it’d have to be spiders. I don’t have arachnophobia. I can deal with small spiders, but anything bigger than a fifty cent coin is out of the question. Here’s where I believe the fear came from:

    I was four years old and playing in the backyard. There was an old brick area where you’d keep a BBQ. I was playing near it and remember putting my hands over the back of it where it met the fence. It was then that a hideous black spider crawled up my hand and along my arm. Now, being a dumb kid, I had zero reflexes. So I proceeded to scream and run inside. I ran into the kitchen where mum was and gestured frantically at the monstrosity on my arm, all the while screaming my head off. Mum said something along the lines of “Well don’t stand there screaming, brush it off!!” Which she then did, before promptly squashing it.

    I dont really want to “face my fear”, but I guess if that’s what needs to happen, then I’ll do it. Mainly because I’d like to be the man of the house when the massive huntsman spiders common to our area come knocking. I usually cower in fear at the opposite end of the house while my wife, the dispenser of arachnid beat downs, performs the hit.

  • I think I may be afraid of success.
    I know it seems ridiculous, I don’t even know if this the kind of competition entry that you’re after, but the hell with it I’m putting this out there.

    I’m unemployed. I got a little bit of income from some bar work last year but in terms of design, the ‘career’ I have spent years studying for, I have been without work for about 18 months now. While I keep applying for jobs and looking for work, I worry I may be holding myself back and not taking the big risks, not because I am afraid of failure, but because I am afraid of success.

    I worry a major part of me could be afraid of what will happen if I get that job, make that change, submit that design, and am found to be completely inadequate. To find that I have wasted all that time, studying, designing, pouring myself into my work, for nothing. I hate the idea that I could be holding myself back, but with the way things have been lately it is a possibility I have to consider.

    I worry that I might be afraid of success, I really hope that I am not, but I am scared that I probably am.

    So, if you were to lavish me with money and awards and success I’m sure I would be absolutely terrified 😛

    • I get this. With success comes responsibility. I subconsciously self sabotage in order to avoid success. Have done for as long as I can remember. It’s only something I’ve become aware of in the past year or so but no that I’m aware of it I find my self recognising when I’m doing it, so now I can take steps to combat it. Baby steps. wouldn’t want to be too successful. 😛

  • My greatest fear is actually a three things I’m equally terrified of:

    – Snakes: For obvious reasons (ie. they can kill you). I’ve encountered a few in the past and it certainly hasn’t done me any favours!
    – The ocean: Because it’s so freaking deep and there’s also stuff that can kill you in it. I think I get this one from swimming out too far to sea when I was younger and thinking I might not be able to swim back.
    – Heights: I feel like whenever I stand on the edge of something high the wind is going to suck me over the edge. And it’ll probably kill me. No particular reason for that I can think of!

    So all fairly rational things, and conveniently (because I live in Townsville, QLD) all things I can probably encounter fairly easily on a daily basis. I’ll even do an itinerary for you in the hopes (or not-hopes? I’m not sure) that I win the big one (this would also fit into the budget):

    1. Visit the local Billabong Sanctuary for some up close snake encounters (maybe see the crocodiles too, they’re scary me as well).
    2. Go for a snorkel out at the reef off the coast of Townsville (as nice as it sounds there’s all sorts of dodgy stuff out there, especially where the reef drops off into the abyss below…)
    3. Skydive onto the Strand beach on the Townsville coastline.

    You can always just pick one though, they’re all equally horrible in my eyes.

    Cheers guys.

  • My greatest fear is, and always has been, a fear of spiders. When I was in primary school I woke up one night feeling something crawling over my face. I grabbed it and threw it across the room, then ran and turned on the lights. Lo and behold a huntsman was sitting against the wall still alive. I screamed my head off until my parents came and grabbed it and took it outside. Ever since then I’ve been freaked out by spiders. Oh and I’m 33 years old now.

    Last night while taking the garbage bins out I went face first into what felt like a pretty complex spiders web and I ran up and got in a shower because I was scared there was still a spider on me.

  • I have the strangest fear which is really embarrassing, so much so that few people (luckily) know it. My greatest fear is snails. I don’t know what it is about them but the thought of making contact with a snail makes my body tense up. I hate going to the mailbox, because on a few occasions I have picked up a letter, turned it over, only to find a snail about a millimeter away from my finger. It isn’t really inhibiting my way of living, but I fear one day one of my mates will learn of my fear and continue to fuck with me for the foreseeable future.

    I’m not really too sure what started my fear of snails, but back when I was very young, I lived in a house that had an outhouse. I remember the backyard crawling with the monsters and being too scared to use the toilet. More recently I read the manga ‘Uzumaki’ which had some people turn into snails. The notion of this still haunts me today, and every time I see a snail in the backyard or mailbox, I am reminded of the manga and am almost paralyzed with fear.

    In order to overcome the fear I think I would have to make some intentional contact with snails, but really… I’d be happy to settle for second place.

  • I’m scared of sitting down and being licked and jumped over by a heap of Labrador puppies! I’d face that fear by being licked and jumped over by Labrador puppies while eating ice cream!

  • My biggest fear is unusually specific…

    I have a fear of large expanses of clear water, in which i can see is really deep.

    Cloudy water, muddy water or any water, of any depth wherein the bottom cant be seen… I’m fine!

    It came about when, as a child i visited a sink hole somewhere and you could walk out on a little pier into the centre of the hole (which was filled with crystal clear water). When i got out to the middle i just froze and could not move. I was completely paralysed with fear and my parents had to come and pick me up to take me back!

    I would actually like to attempt to face it by diving into something like this in scuba gear so that i can literally engulf myself in my own fear.

  • Honestly.

    Falling over in public and looking like a idiot is my biggest fear. It’s not something you can face as it just happens and you have to deal with the stares and potential laughter.

  • My greatest fear is Sharks. I was never scared of them until I was 9 and decided I’d watch Jaws while my parents were out of the house. It took me weeks to step foot back in the ocean (even ankle height in the ocean would freak me out).

    After years i’m finally able to get in the ocean up to about waist height but that’s as far as i’d go.

    I’d like to face my fear of Sharks because it’s dumb to be scared of something that doesn’t even have thumbs.

  • What I fear is heights and falling.
    How it came about is quite simple. I fell out of a tree when I was 8 years old when I fell out of a tree. Never like heights since then.
    I want to face my fear so I can open myself up to new things in life such as rock climbing

  • I don’t have to think about it. The answer is easily spiders.

    You know the meme of the spider with the health bar? Yup, that was my photo. Posted it on a forum as to explain why I was sleeping in the lounge room, because eff that spider. I spent many nights in the lounge room when I was living with my Mum.

    Until I realised the vacuum cleaner was an option. I’m not an idiot of course. The second the spider went up the vacuum I would run with the vacuum cleaner and put it in Mum’s room. Just in case it would run out of the tube. Why Mum’s room? Well… I figured that maybe… um… alright, I don’t actually know why there and not any other room, but whatever, she didn’t die.

    And neither did I.

    Of course, the vacuum method wasn’t fool proof. Spiders get messages directly from Satan, and like God, he sees everything. Occasionally he would tell the spider of the approaching darkness, and the little bugger would run, or jump. Then I would run, or jump. Most times I could still finish the deed. Not always. Sometimes they fell onto my bed, and disappeared in the creases of the blankets. That room would be dead to me for a couple of days after.

    As for day to day life now, my job is in newspaper printing. We handle a lot of pallets. These pallets are kept outside. If I see a spiderweb in the pallet, I refuse to handle it, and will step back to a safe distance. I get mocked by my colleagues, but eff that, I’m not getting murdered for a newspaper.

    This fear started when I was little, four or five. The house we used to live in was riddled with White Tails. It wasn’t an infestation, but there would be at least one in the house at all times, despite my parents killing them. In fact, now that I think of it, they may not have all been White Tails, but that’s what I was told. So any small black spider was bad and to stay far away from it. It just grew from there.

    How to face this? Ugh, I supposed handling a spider, or having it crawl all over me. But just thinking of that is making me break into a cold sweat.

  • I hate climbing ladders.

    To be honest it’s more of a ‘not being in control’ fear then anything with just the dash of ‘fear of heights’. How can anyone stand on rickety metal object a metre or two off the ground (or worst higher up!) and think to themselves, oh I’ll be fine. You are putting your life in the non-existing hands of an object. If it shifts so much as a centre metre you can end up either on your arse or in a hospital.

    Hence, like my dad.

    Okay, it wasn’t so dramatic but when I was young my dad slipped of ladder and lucky only bruised himself from the fall but at the young age I never felt safe going up one, even when my dad was right behind me. A fireman would have been more reassuring.
    Add to this a wonderful moment, I realise from a trip overseas to Poland that my family tend to take personal safety very casually.

    An uncle’s house has a lovely staircase that goes around a square room but it misses a key feature. It has no railing. The adults chatted and sipped on alcohol on the steps and on the secondary level while I acted imitated Spiderman by keeping my hands stuck to the wall hoping I won’t fall.

    Funnily enough it turned out my younger self was the only rational one as my uncle fell off the staircase, said he found God, mounted a life size Jesus on the Wooden Cross above his bed as a sign of his devotion. If that thing ever fell it’d flatten him and his wife.
    So how do I solve my free of a lack of control and heights? Simply, I will climb up to the top of a very tall step ladder, look around and yell ‘I am king of the World!’ and jump straight off onto trampoline.

    A quick change of pants and I will do it again and again and again. Till I am numb to the fear and just keep calm and focus on climbing up that ladder.

    I feel this is in the spirit of Bloodborne and the Souls series. Repetition and focus can shield the mind to the fear.

  • Strabismus Ommetaphobia, fear of cross-eyed person. The girl on the picture above just creep me out, I’ll probably have nightmare tonight. To overcome it I must meet her at the Bloodborne launch event, speak with her and convince myself that she is not a shape shifter reptillian from Draco constellation, I’ll bring my own tin foil hat just in case if someone try to telepathically messed up my head. While I at it, I’ll just pick up my PS4 pack and quietly slip away. I’ll spend the $3000 taking her out for a romantic dinner and some gadget shopping spree with her with the left over money, once I assure she is a female Terran. Or maybe I just spend all the money for the eye-correction surgery a-la Minority Report on her.

  • My fear is a fear of the dark. Sure, everyone’s a little scared of the dark, but I’m very scared of the dark. In the dark, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m being followed or that I’m not safe. In the safety of my home, traversing a dark hall is still something I’ll try to get over and done with quickly. Even in my cozy bed, I pull the covers over my head to keep me same from the spooky, scary unknown. I’m an ardent subscriber to the Theory of Limb Safety, dictating that a body part simply isn’t safe from the bogeyman unless it’s under the covers. It’s less about whether I can see and more just about the darkness itself scaring my pants off, which is a more abstract fear than I once thought.

    I can’t really say when I developed this fear. Maybe when I was young, before I can remember, I was spooked terribly in the dark. Maybe it’s just the same hard-wired fear of the unknown that we all have, creeping a little further up to the surface than it normally does. All I know is that I’ve had a persistent fear of the dark for as long as I remember, and I’m as scared of the dark now as I was when I was a mere child. Some of the scariest things that ever happened to me were blackouts in the evening. The fear of the sudden darkness and all the oh-so-bad things that could happen to me if I moved around glued me in place. If ever I’ve been paralysed by fear, it was when that happened.

    As for why I want to face it; I want to face it because it’s something I need to conquer sooner or later. We can have all sorts of irrational fears that get to us occasionally, but a fear at risk of rearing its head on a daily basis in one’s own home is probably a fear I should shed. Aside from that, though, I’m sure that facing my fear of the dark would really get my adrenaline pumping. It sounds fun in a roundabout way, and I’d love to see what delightful darkness-driven event could be cooked up.

  • Spiders.
    I know it is a common fear but mine came about when I was 6. We moved to Australia from New Zealand and I started school here. Due to the major lack of spiders in NZ I had no reason to fear them. One day at school I grabbed this lovely black and red thing from underneath an aluminium bench. Went to my favourite teacher all proud and showed her what I had found. She grabbed my hand and hit it incredibly hard to swat it away. Then proceeded to yell and scream at me and tell me I could have died and what was I thinking. I thought her a raving lunatic and got very upset as any 6 yr old would at getting screamed at. But she succeeded in scaring the bejesus out of me and putting the fear of god when it comes to spiders. 27 years later they still freak me out like nothing else.

    Edit: To add to that I was bitten by a white tail spider while sleeping when I was 17. Almost lost some toes.. Sneaky bastards.

  • My fear is Toads. I live in QLD, so they are omnipresent. Ever since I was a child, Toads have always freaked me out, so when playing through Dark Souls 2, when I came to the Demon of Song, it was the worst time I’ve ever had in a game. It was more painful and anxiety inducing than PT. As I would try and try, a horrid, poisonous taste would rise in my throat. Defeating the Demon of Song took hours of enduring this horrid feeling and by the end of it, I was worn out and since then I have not touched DS2. It’s tainted a game I once enjoyed thoroughly.

  • I have a fear for something so very not real and yet still so very tangible in my own nightmares.

    If anything were to strike fear into the hearts of the everyday man,I believe it would have to be the Monty Python cartoons. . .

    The pure randomness (see: being eaten by a giant purple man) and art style of the cartoons kept me up countless nights as a child and continue to haunt me to this day. Notable theme’s include being crushed by the giant foot, being turned into a chicken with a man’s torso then being consumed and being crushed/eaten by a giant black blob bouncing through the country side.

    The feeling that comes with unexpected and random demise drives a nervousness that invades my everyday life. The feeling that someday, I too may be swallowed whole by a baby’s pram.

    This fear began when I first saw the deadly foot, one of the more popular cartoons. My dad was watching it in the living room late one night and I was drawn in by the cartoon style. You see, that’s how it gets you, it invades your preconceived understandings of what is normal and safe. It plays on your expectations and drives you insane with the antici. . . pation of your sudden but inevitable death before it turns you into a prime cut of beef which is then eaten by a slightly overweight dog. . . That, is my fear. . .

  • My biggest fear is large dogs. Specifically, German Shepards.

    When I was 5 years old I was attacked by two German Shepards while visiting my next door neighbour’s house. A week earlier our little dog, an Australian Silky Terrier named Butchie, was attacked by the same two German Shepards. One grabbed him by the back legs, the other by the neck, then they pulled until they broke his back.

    You’d think that would have been enough for the owners to keep their dogs locked up, huh?

    Nope. I was bailed up under my neighbours house. The way the sun reflected off of the German Sherpards’ eyes as it grabbed a hold of my leg and started dragging me away also sparked off my fear of animal eyeshine. The black eyes burned like hot coals as the sun hit them. I still can’t see animal eyeshine without freaking the hell out.

    That’s my fear. And the idea of even writing this down to win a gosh-dang PS4 and possibly having to face it actually scares the shit out of me. But I do want to face it. I’d love to be able to look my deepest, darkest fear in the eyes and overcome it.

  • My Greatest Fear is the return of the translucent entity i saw when i was a child that was floating outside my window


    Biting my Tongue off in my sleep, and waking up to feeling of swallowing my own blood and not being able to call for help

    But in the spirit of the competition –

    actually the idea of diving into underwater caves would do it, as i would be afraid of being lost

  • My greatest fear is a rather common one; the dark. Don’t give up reading just yet because there’s a fairly interesting story about it.
    When I was little, my brother and I shared a bunk bed, unfortunately for me I had the top bunk. It was unfortunate because I was a rather restless when I slept and this almost always led to me waking up flat on the ground with my bones aching from falling off the bunk. Now, in my youth I must have been very creative because I convinced myself that it was all manner of terrifying things that crept in the night that pulled me out of bed, namely the Grudge in later years whom still terrifies me with a single glance.
    I would like to face my fear because going to sleep has now become a race to not die… Or at least be hit out of my bed. Also, going into town or doing anything at night becomes annoying when I occasionally start running away from things that I’m fairly certain are zombies or at least something that is equally as real in movies.

  • My biggest fear is easily the 8 legged scourge of this blue planet. I do not care if they’re tiny and harmless or large, hairy and poison fanged. Spiders are unbearable. I am a solid 120KGs and 6′ tall, but my teeny wife MUST clear the house of any spider I discover and then spend several minutes assuring me that the spider she removed was NOT a decoy or scout whilst the REAL attack is about to be carried out from between my shoulder blades.

  • Not exactly battling giant spiders, but close, I’ve always absoloubtly HATED spiders, I would never, ever go near one and I get really afraid for the next few hours after if I see one, but to make matters worse over the 2014 Summer I got bitten by a white tip in my sleep (100% my fault for leaving my clothes laying around in my room) and my family has a pretty long history if being allergic to spiders, at first I could barely walk (lasted a few days) then it swelled up and I got a big patch of puss on my shin (which was really gross), It’s still slightly swollen and theres a visible bite mark (if you want a pic I’ve got one), but I don’t want to ramble on about a spider bite for the whole entry, but now I am even more scared of spiders, If I see a spider in a room I will literally not go into that room until I am absoloubtly 100% sure its gone, and I still may not even go back in there unless it’s urgent. so if I see a spider in my room I’m on the couch for the night. If I overcame this I would definantly feel a lot better around the house and outside, Thanks Kotaku!

    TL;DR I am a man-baby who is afraid of spiders, and also an idiot for leaving my clothes laying around.

  • My greatest fear is spiders. I’ve been afraid of them since I was a kid and saw that Stephen King movie “It” with the giant spider at the end.

    One time, there was one on my window. I tried to overcome my fear by touching the window near it because it was on the other side. When it then crawled over onto my wall and I realized it was actually on my side of the glass I damn near wet myself.

    Before I go to bed I always check under my desk, behind my curtains, under my bed and the ceiling for them.

    I want to overcome my fear of them because I’m sick of this nightly routine. I want to be able to face a spider and say, “Hey, there spider. Sup? You mind your own business and I’ll mind mine.” instead of “Whoa, hey spider! Here, take my wallet, just let me live!”

  • I have a crippling fear of black phantoms invading my world.

    It all began back when I had first started playing Demon’s Souls. I was fortunate enough to have a friend lend me his imported copy and I was making great progress! I had defeated the first two bosses, the Phalanx and the Tower Knight. At this point I had reached the fog door that you cannot open until you have defeated the final boss of a world so I decided to move on to the Stonefang tunnels. About half way through I received a delightful message telling me my world has been invaded.

    I was absolutely baffled, did this mean there was another character in my world? I knew very little about the multiplayer in this game but the message disturbed me, still I continued on as I had before. I reached a point in the area, high above a cliff face next to what was a shortcut back to the starting area. I stopped and looked at the incredible sunset you can see from the Stonefang Tunnels and then I moved my camera to face behind me, and there he was. A black and red evil looking SOB, wielding a sword that was bigger than he was. I panicked! I dropped my controller! I yelled profanities! But it was all too late, for the phantom wielding the impossibly huge sword took a swing, and then I was launched off the edge.

    Since then I have been afraid of any invasion in Souls, but I still love to play the game in online mode! But that does not mean I won’t be in a corner, cowering in fear behind a big shield hoping invaders don’t find me

  • My fear is ants. When I was a child, 3 or 4, I had the most vivid dream where man size ants were sitting at my table talking about what to eat. After a short discussion they decided I was the meal. Then they started to skin me alive, which is when I woke up. Ever since the dream I hate having ants on me, or being on the grass I know ants are in, I am definitely a path type of guy.

    The reason I want to challenge it is pretty simple. I have nephews and nieces who want to go to the park but I can’t stand it. If they don’t care about them then I really shouldn’t.

    • I once fell into a pit of ants at the park, I’m not afraid of ants but I despise them vehemently and totally understand where you’re coming from. Just thinking of ants makes my skin actually crawl with goosebumps.

  • not the usual fear for me unfortunately there’s not much that can to be honest I face most things head on apart from one thing

    Crashing my bike and not being able to avoid serious injury, I love to ride and im not afraid that ill come off but the biggest fear is that ill come off or be hit by some bloody idiot in a vehicle and not be able to avoid serious injury.

    I have a few friends that ride and have been in very serious crashes on their bikes, one nearly died and the other nearly lost his leg he remembers the accident vividly as he can remember that his leg didn’t belong near his head lying at such a weird angle. I would never like for this to happen scares the living day lights out of me.

  • My fear? It all started back when I was 3 years old. Yes during this impressionable age I encountered the absolute 8 legged wall walking terror that are spiders. It happened on a breezy afternoon on while I scrawled in my colour book as it crawled up to me with raised legs and fangs bared ready to annihilate me. So using all my martial arts knowledge attained from Jackie Chan movies and the Power Rangers I somersaulted with all the grace of a B grade martial arts flick onto my couch. As it turned and scuttled triumphantly back under the couch I knew then that my phobia was arachnophobia.

    But it is not a simple spider that I dread the most, no the creature that forever haunts me is the Goliath Bird Eating Spider. Yeah it eats birds when it can. This freak of nature can live up to 25 years, grow to just over 30cm, has fangs 2.5 cm long. Having to kill and eat a female of this species with its newly hatched young crawling all over it is by far the most horrific experience I could ever imagine.

    Seriously it’s the stuff of my nightmares.

  • My fear is heights, which is weird because as a kid I spent most of my time in trees.
    I guess as adults we learn to fear how truly fragile we are.

    I’d have to say jumping out of a plane

    ….please don’t choose me, I am NOT!!!! jumping out of a plan for your competition!

  • For me it has to be falling. Not heights, I have no problems with that, but even falling a meter or two gets my heart racing. I used to do alot of gymnastics until I took a bad tumble and almost broke my neck, so I think that’s where the fear comes from. But if I could just endure it for a long period, I believe I could push through it. Even if I didn’t get rid of my fear I would know I CAN do it.

    Also snakes, don’t like em. So maybe skydiving with a snake? Into a pit of snakes? S’all good.

  • My greatest fear is that perhaps the lives we live are not actually controlled by us, but we are given false memories to assume that we have free will. Think ” the matrix” but even a step further perhaps we are controlled by an outside influence, perhaps we are the protagonists in our very own video games, being controlled by some smart mouthed preteen in a world filled with other avatars

    Really gets stuck in my head sometimes

  • At the risk of sounding like a terrible Nicolas Cage knockoff, NOT THE BEES.

    The slightest buzz, and I’m hyperaware. The sight of a yellow-and-black buzzing thing, and I’m gone.

    I don’t know why. I got stung a few times as a child, but nothing serious. I’m not allergic, and while there’s at least one childhood trauma involved in there somewhere, it’s hardly serious (My father and brother were attacked by a wasp while hiking, and I…legged it. No sting on me, and they were fine).

    Even today, the sight of a bee noodling amongst the flowers is enough to make me tense up, to break me into a cold sweat, and to make me step back and avoid whatever plants they’re around. It’s not fun, and it makes spring a nightmare.

    I love honey – I used to put it on porridge. I love honey ice cream, I love Violet Crumbles, but I can’t hack the production of it. Wasps, too. They’re like bees that are alpha jerks that can keep stinging you.

    So to face it, I’d like to two things. Starting with a frolic in an apiary in a full on suit, I’ll go one better.

    I’ll wear a bee beard.

    I’m dreading the prospect, but there’s not one rational reason why I should be scared here. They’re an essential part of the ecosystem. THey only want to defence their hive, and I can’t blame them for that. And I think that, just once, I’d like to enjoy a spring day.

  • Not scared of much, but needles(syringes) OMG!
    I have broken into cold chills just thinking about them.
    If I need to get one, I can get through it by thinking about games or something and I would have to lie down for a bit because of faintness afterwards.
    Still I haven’t got rid of the fear.

    I think it started with a childhood blood test, where I thought the nurse was stealing my blood and I cracked the shits.( according to my parents)

    To get over it I would have to spend a day with a nurse immunising school children! Or get stuck in a maze with doctors holding syringes chasing me. Or just play Far Cry 4 a lot.

    Giving blood would be just too hard!

  • I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing….only I will remain ~ The Litany Against Fear

    All well and good, but what to do when it’s the relentless crawl of time that keeps you awake at night? What defence is there against the inescapable realisation that every second left in your existence might be calculated to within a very narrow field of probability? What am I doing with these moments, how are they being cast on the great scales of history, or are they mere grains of sand, passing unnoticed, unacknowledged through the bony fingers of that skeletal figure, hooded in dark oblivion? Tempus fugit…

    But I will face my fear, and spit in its face. I will deny the gravity of each moment by casting them away like so much chaff in hollow and empty pursuits. I will continue to invest inordinate amounts of time in the vacillations of an industry dedicated to the creation of a distractive medium. And where the fear has gone there will be nothing… only I will remain, a gamer.

  • There is a fear that lives deep inside of me, it has been there from one of my earliest memories, I guess it’s from when I was about 3 or 4 maybe.
    My family went bushwalking or just visited the rain forest, I have a distinct memory of looking down and seeing this slimey black thing attached to me, in between my big toe and the ‘index’ toe, it was pulsating, moving, eating me…. I screamed and freaked the hell out!!! What was this nightmare?

    Yep, I have a fear of leaches, this is a phobia that has stayed with me for my entire life, reinforced by that sickening scene in Stand By Me where they swim through the water and end up covered in leaches, and the one unfortunate kid ends up with one in his underwear drinking blood from his nether region.

    The thought of having a leach on me is something that fills me with absolute dread, I feel cold in side and just feel…. I can’t really describe it, it is just something I do not ever want to happen to me.

    Why do I want to face it? Apart from winning it is so I can say I have conquered my one true phobia that I have, heights used to bother me, but they don’t bother me anywhere near as much as leaches, plus I went bungy jumping to conquer that one. To win I would be willing to try and over come it via the flooding technique, so having leaches purposly put on me, even to the extent of swimming ala stand by me, through water with leaches, or just having them poured on me… It freaks me out thinking about it but… Bloodborne!

    *edit to fill in some detail***

  • Sigh.

    Normally there’s no way I’d even consider something like this, but if there’s ONE thing I’d be willing to try and conquer my irrational fears for, it’s a new Hidetaka Miyazaki game (I think I’ve made my huge love for the Souls games pretty clear in the past).

    Ok. So here goes…

    So I’m terrified of bees. Completely and utterly terrified.

    It’s actually bad enough that on a recent maccas run I jumped out of a moving car into traffic when a bee flew in the window and became trapped inside (my 4 uni friends in the car thought this was hilarious naturally).

    This fear is so completely irrational at this point that it even bleeds over into the way I play video games. Anything with bees in it bothers me, even if it can’t actually hurt me. I still cringe every time I remember the bee level in Banjo-Kazooie. I still hesitate every time I cut down a bush in Legend of Zelda, and to this day I’ve still never played Mario Galaxy.


    Or more accurately, I think they hate me.

    I’m not sure what it is about me, but any time there are bees in the area they make a bee-line (haha, yes it’s hilarious -_- ) straight for me and try to kamikaze sting the hell out of me. I have no idea why, they just do. Maybe I smell too flowery, eat too much honey, or wear too much yellow. Or perhaps I was just some kind of bee-hitler in a past life. I don’t know.

    I just know they REALLY have it in for me.

    This goes back almost as far as I can remember, and has carried on through my whole life (I’m now 33).

    The earliest event I can recall was in kindergarten. Some of the other kids were stomping on bees crawling on the concrete, having a jolly old time. Feeling sorry, for the poor downtrodden bees, I tried to “rescue” them in my childish naivete, only to be stung repeatedly on the fingertips.

    “WHY ARE THEY HURTING ME? I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP!” I was screaming at the teacher, as my fingers swelled and tears rolled down my little face.

    Seriously bees. Picking on little kids is not cool.

    Since that day I’ve always been wary of bees. I’ve tried to stay as far away from them as possible, but they just don’t want to leave me alone. It’s like they’re out for blood.

    To be clear, I’m not actually allergic to bees. I’m usually an incredibly logical person, and I know that even if I get stung it isn’t going to kill me. At most I’ll just be a bit sore for a few days. I’ve just had so many bad experiences in the past getting stung by bees that they freak me out.

    One time when I was a teenager I was outside bidding farewell to some friends after a pool party, when a strong gust of wind blew wattle pollen from a neighbour’s tree all over our front yard. I swear to god I heard Ride of the Valkyries playing as a literal swarm of bees descended and began covering the entirety of our driveway. I had to haul ass inside as fast as I could with nothing to protect myself but a pair of boardshorts and girlish shrieks.

    I stepped on so many bees that day that I couldn’t wear shoes for 2 weeks. I had to cancel work because I couldn’t stand, let alone walk. I was finally done removing deeply embedded pieces of stinger 9 months later, but the emotional scars have yet to fully heal.

    After that incident I thought to myself that surely whatever blood-debt they had against me must have been settled. I was wrong.

    When my wife and I first started dating 8 or so years ago, we used to meet in the city and eat lunch in the botanical gardens after her classes were done for the day. We’d have a nice picnic, and chat away, enjoying the sunshine and the scenery. Life was good, or so I thought.

    Then spring came.

    I still remember how she casually told me that a bee had landed on my shoulder, and the look on her face when I jumped up and started running around screaming like a madman. Let’s just say it was not exactly my shining hour, and I’m truly glad I have enough redeeming qualities that she stuck around.

    To this day my wife still finds it all quite hilarious, and likes to give me grief about it at any opportunity (in a loving way of course). In fact she loves to buy me little trinkets and knick-knacks with bees on it whenever she can. I even have a plushy bee-mario she bought me staring at me across my desk as we speak.

    Stupid bees.

    So why do I want to face my fear?

    Well to be perfectly honest, the idea of being exposed to a huge number of bees all at once does not sound even the least bit appealing. In fact, I’m fairly certain it would outright suck. But that’s kind of the point of this isn’t it? It’s something I’ve always thought about doing in an effort to help deal with my fears, yet would never have the nerve to do on my own.

    My hope is that being forced to deal with a million or so bees all at once (while terrifying) would make it easier for me to handle running into one or two by themselves without freaking out. I’d be able to remind myself that I’d faced my fear head-on and survived. I’m sure my wife would still continue to poke fun at me, but hey, at least I could finally sit down and play Mario Galaxy.

  • Snakes. I cannot stand snakes.

    I blame my father for letting me watch Raiders of the Lost Ark as a wee lad. Ever since I can’t deal with them. Even today, if I’m at the zoo I won’t go into the reptile area. I remember at school once they brought in one of those reptile guys to show the kids snakes and lizards and stuff. The moment the snake got brought out I had to leave the room. I was in year 8 and was almost crying hysterically.

    Why do I want to face it? Well, simply I don’t. But I enjoy making myself uncomfortable so woo!

    Also heights. I don’t have a reason for that but fuck heights.

  • Hello dear friends,
    Please sit awhile and listen carefully as I recount the tale of my most vile shame. It all started as a young child, I was sent to live with my grandfather (a stern and driven man), as due to a family illness my parents were unable to look after me. He used to sit down with me before and after school to talk to me about the condition, looking back now I can see was doing his best, trying to understand what was happening to the frightened young boy in front of him.
    You see, dear friends, in the darkest part of my soul hid the terrible secret.
    Guess the earliest moment I can remember of the terror that gripped me, was at the age of three, I used to stare at those objects, those vile objects with their hidden meanings and combinations which invoked that magic most foul. How can such iconographies even exists without rending the sanity of mortal men into the most feeble of states, the heavy tome having so many pages all filled with contemptible madness.
    Gazing at those pages over many years, I feel as if I grown malformed by it, my mind twisted by the evil linguistics and degraded by it. These days I see the terror on my own children as they try to lift the heavy burden, the glyphic symbols haunting their young faces. I want to burn the object, destroy it with fire, but there is my shame, the frustration of being afraid of the dictionary.

  • Just thinking of being locked in a Haunted house overnight, freaks me out, right know the hair on the back of my neck is standing up.
    Haunted houses trigger a fight-or-flight response in most of us and we experience the flood of adrenaline, endorphins, and dopamine, they also deliver a startle scare with different sounds, smells, with changes in air temperature or a slight breeze.
    The thought of Walking around a corner into a long hallway and seeing that evil bitch from women in black hovering towards me or that bloody Annabelle doll sneaking up behind me, I swear I don’t think I could last 1 hour I would leave a trail of faeces and urine behind me as I screamed like a little bitch out the front door. Just writing this has my heart racing , if I did win first prize, I don’t think I could do it, so I would be happy just to be a place getter and save myself the embarrasment of defecating in public.

  • The fear of getting wool or cotton between your teeth.

    This fear belongs to my wife, not me. Its a fun one to play with, all I have to do to make her squeemish is pretend to bite my tshirt and she freaks out.

    My fears are all boring compared to hers.

  • I’m pretty scared of big waves/drowning/the ocean. I imagine surfing a big wave would be pretty scary.To make it more Bloodborne I could do it dressed in some crazy Bloodborne attire (because I need to make it EVEN harder). I guess that would be a pretty cool/funny Bloodborne Australia launch. You know, surfing is pretty Aussie, and a Bloodborne character on a surf board would have to look pretty funny. I could be helped by a professional, if they were dressd up too, you would be guarateed the picture too. You can ‘see’ the picture i presume.

    edit:(I forgot the why) The way my fear came about was from the memory of getting dumped by a big wave as a kid (well it seemed big). Horrible spinning around in water, which way is up, seems to go on forever. Years later I tried body boarding to ‘get over’ the fear. I went in and did it, expecting to get dumped again and again and get over my fear. Obviously I didn’t try big enough waves, because I never got dumped. Every time I went back the fear got worse, this would be the day. Tha anticipation was terrible (a bit like when you have made it all the way to a boss fight and you know whats waiting and whats at stake). Eventually, after a day of really scary ocean weather where my friend got dumped and came up with a bloody face, that finished me off. I was done. That was about 15 years ago. I havn’t been back. By the way, I swam away from my bloody friend in case he attracted a shark. They are also bloody terrifying and very ‘monster like’

  • That shark, he looks right into you. Right into your eyes. You know the thing about a shark, he’s got…lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’. Until he bites ya and those black eyes roll over white. And then, ah then you hear that terrible high pitch screamin’ and the ocean turns red and spite of all the poundin’ and the hollerin’ they all come in and rip you to pieces.
    Y’know by the end of that first dawn, lost a hundred men! I don’t know how many sharks, maybe a thousand! I don’t know how many men, they averaged six an hour. On Thursday mornin’ chief, I bumped into a friend of mine, Herbie Robinson from Cleveland. Baseball player, boson’s mate. I thought he was asleep, reached over to wake him up. Bobbed up and down in the water, just like a kinda top. Up ended. Well… he’d been bitten in half below the waist.
    Ok, caught me…. thats a quote from jaws but for me hits my fear on the head.Terrified of sharks. All those teeth and me a big, fat delicious snack floating about their element…. I have nightmares.
    I thought a trip to WA to go in a shark cage to be in the same water as great white pointers will either cure me or my greatest fear or see me running on water! I am game, are you kotaku??

  • I fear that I might not be scared of dying. My life aspiration is to eventually commit suicide after having lived “well” and satisfied with accomplishments. Because of that, I feel I may have lost that vital “motivation” to achieve those prerequisites.

    Sincerely, οὐροβόρος ὄφις

  • Haunted houses. I am terrified of spending time in any house, hospital or any place which is rumoured to be haunted. This can sometimes go to ridiculous lengths in not even being able to watch shows about haunted places.
    One example was when staying a the Disney resort at Disney World. Just needed to kill some time before going to the park with some friends, I flicked on the tv and Haunting America was on. Shouldn’t be to bad for 10-15 minutes I thought, It’s the middle of the day, nice and sunny, surrounded by bright colourful Disney critters, no worries.
    10 minutes later I am sitting on the edge of my bed, staring at the tv like a deer staring at oncoming headlights, suddenly the door slams open, and I let out a high pitched shriek that could have shattered glass… I think it took my friends another 10 minutes to stop laughing.

    As for how this fear came about, well prepare yourself for a long rambling tale of horror and peeing of the pants. You have been warned. Mostly about the length. It’s a long, LONG story.

    As a little kid I remember my family telling me about all these odd occurrences happening at my grandparents house, strange noises and things being moved. The house was a large, almost maze like structure that was always dark inside, mainly due to the large trees surrounding the place that always blocked the sun, constantly giving it a cold, stifled and gloomy atmosphere, no matter how sunny it was outside.
    Well, one time I was “volunteered” to go spend the weekend with them (family requirement to keep good grandson status) and this led to a weekend of terror that felt like it lasted forever. The first day was great, spent it out getting spoilt by grandparents, but that night…
    It started after dinner, I was playing in my room while my grandparents were down at the other end watching tv. I remember how quiet it was, the air felt heavy and all the noise I was making felt muffled. Some time passed and then I started hearing odd thumping noises from outside my room, I wasn’t sure where exactly, but they would come and go, sometimes quietly other times louder, I just thought it was my grandparents and kept playing. After a while the sounds became less frequent and quieter, then about maybe 5 minutes since the last sound there was 3 distinct knocking sounds coming from what I assumed was the door. I opened the door and looked out, but no one was there. Now I remember being a little nervous by this stage, but not that scared, I just thought my grandparents would like some company, right NOW.
    The thing with this house was that it was a fairly large rectangular structure, four bedrooms, a study, dining room, lounge, kitchen and two bathrooms, but there was no sane logic to its layout. There was no central corridor, but a maze like serious of passage ways that twisted haphazardly between the rooms. This meant that in any given direction there was only about 4-5 meters before coming to another door or corner, plus given the fact that this place was always poorly lit, every square centimetre of this house screamed BOOGEYMAN, GHOSTS, MONSTERS AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Well it did to me anyway.
    Slowly and quietly I started walking towards the lounge room, that didn’t last long however as I heard another bang from somewhere behind me and I took off as fast as my short pudgy legs would take me. After careening into the lounge room and almost running straight into my grandmother’s arm chair, I rather nonchalantly enquired whether either of them had needed me. It turned out that they had both been in the loungeroom the whole time, though they now thought it was a good time for me to go to bed. I didn’t quite pee my pants at this, but I can distinctly recall knowing for the first time what the phrase “blood runs cold” meant.
    It took me about a minute or two to get to the loungeroom, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took about ten to get back to my room. Of course the first thing that greeted my once I had gotten into bed was three knocking sounds coming from… somewhere.
    I remember lying in bed for what seemed like hours and hours, to scared to close my eyes, not knowing if it was scarier to hid under the blankets and not know what was going on, or to actually look around the room, not seeing anything, but possibly drawing attention to myself.
    After what seemed like 10 or maybe 50 hours, though looking at the clock showed it had only been 1, I realised I really, REALLY had to go to the bathroom. This led to about 20 minutes of squirming, trying to decide if it really was all that necessary to go, and right on the verge of exploding, I got up and ventured towards the oh so distant (just across the hallway) toilet.
    Opening up my door, it turned out it wasn’t so bad, my grandparents had left the hallway light on. I took a hesitant step out, no ghosts yet, I then bolted for the bathroom. Ah sweet release, not only that, but the bathroom was most likely the brightest room in the entire house, so for the first time that nigh, I started feeling pretty good. Walking back to my room I was almost laughing at myself, pfft strange noises big deal I’m a big boy I aint afraid of no noises.
    As I reached for my door, those three knocking sounds came again, this time clearly from the other side of that door. That was the first instance of peeing my pants that weekend, I didn’t know I had it in me, I thought the bathroom had seen to that.
    I stood there, terrified, those noises had come from MY bedroom. What was I supposed to do? Standing there my mind had gone blank, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think, I just stood there staring at that now ominous door.
    After a few minutes I decided to go and see my grandparents, you know, just to see if THEY were okay. I started off towards their bedroom, passing by the door to the room next to mine, a now empty spare bedroom and as I walked by a long scratching noise came from it, like someone was running their fingernails down the door. I think I would have peed my pants again, but there was nothing left in me. I let out a whimper and ran back to my room, it wasn’t until I was climbing back into bed that I remembered I had been scared to come in here because of the knocking, I quickly looked around but couldn’t see anything. I quickly dived under the covers, praying they would hide and protect me.
    I cowered there, shaking like a leaf, not knowing what could have caused those noises. Then more scratching sounds started up, this time from the wall at the foot of my bed, the wall between me and that “empty” room. This time they were short quickly repeated scratches, like an animal wanting to get out. Then the scratching noises started to go up the wall, then across MY ceiling towards ME. I let out a little shriek and curled up in a ball. The noises continued for a few seconds right over my head.. then silence. I lay there, practically in tears, straining to hear any noises and praying that I wouldn’t. It stayed quiet. After a while I started to doze off, scared but pretty damn tired by this stage. As I fell asleep, I remember feeling a nice breeze come into my room, a welcome feeling after hiding under my blankets.

    I woke up the next morning to birds making a racket outside, I had survived the night! I quickly got changed and opened the blinds to let a little light in. In the light of day I felt a lot better, I still felt some of the nerves from last night, but it was day time and my grandparents where going to take me to the movies! I quickly shoved my slightly stained pyjama pants into the bottom of my clothes bag, glad that my mum always packed three times the amount of clothes I would need, including spare pyjamas. I also opened my window, as it had gotten stuffy in my closed room. It was only after I had opened my bedroom door to help get some air in, that I remembered the breeze from the night before… I was out of that room in a flash.

    Well that day passed quickly, again being spoilt rotten by the grandparents, as night fell however a the weather turned and it started to storm. Now I normally enjoy storms, I love the sound of rain while falling asleep. I knew that I would not be enjoying this one though, the thunder and lightning were especially loud and add in the fact that I was trapped in this house of horrors, I don’t think I left my grandparents side until they practically had to drag me off to bed.
    As I sat up in bed, to scared to move, I realised I wouldn’t be able to hear anything over the noise of the storm.
    I sat there for who knows how long, straining to hear anything other then the storm… but nothing. Nothing but the rain and thunder.
    After a while the storm started to quiet down and I fell asleep.
    A few hours later I woke up to a tapping against my window, half asleep I looked out and saw what must have been a tree branch swaying in the wind. Not that concerned I rolled over to go back to sleep, when I suddenly heard what I thought was my grandmother in the hallway. It sounded like she was muttering to herself as she was walking in the hallway outside my room.
    After a while it sounded like she was till there, so curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigate.
    Now after the night before I have no idea why I wasn’t scared or worried about strange noises, I can only put it down to half asleep and assuming my grandmother was right there, outside my door.
    As I started to open the door, I could still her mumbling right outside my door, though I couldn’t actually hear what she was saying. As I stepped into the hallway, you guessed it, nothing. No sound and no sign of my grandmother. I walked a bit further up the corridor, but there was no where she could have gone in the 3 seconds it took to open the door and look out.
    Well that fear I was talking about earlier, it came back full force, I quickly looked in the bathroom, hoping she somehow slipped in there and closed the door in less then three seconds, but nothing, empty.
    As I stood there, there was a loud creaking noise, I looked up the hallway and saw the door to “empty” room (I keep putting empty in quotations because I’ll be damned if that room was ENTIRELY empty) slowly open about 15 centimetres.
    I stood there breathing rapidly hoping that my grandmother would walk out.
    Then those three damn knocking sounds came from within that bloody “EMPTY” room.
    Suddenly, the lights went out in the hallway.
    I screamed louder then I had ever done before and ran back to my room and dived under the covers, still screaming.
    About 30 seconds later my grandparents came running into my room, trying to comfort me and asking what was wrong, I couldn’t stop screaming and crying, but I eventually managed to tell them what happened. They tried to tell me I was just imagining it and the storm probably just scared me. I told them about the door and the light going out, but they assured me the light was on and the door to the room next to mine was still closed. My grandfather went in that “empty” room to assure me it was all okay. I asked if my grandmother had been outside my room, but she said she hadn’t been but I probably just heard the house settling.
    Yeah, the house settling sounds like a woman walking up and down the hallway muttering to herself.
    They said I could sleep the rest of the night with them, so I quickly changed pants again, cause… well the less said about pee, the better.
    Now the rest of the night passed fine, but there were two other little instances the next morning that truly cemented my fear of haunted houses.
    One, was once returning to my room to pack up to go home, all of my clothes had been thrown about the room. The last time I had touched my clothes bag was when I had changed my pants, that’s it, I had thrown clothes about, I had just grabbed a new pair of pants and shoved the now slightly stained pair back in. At the time I didn’t stop to think about it I just grabbed my stuff and ran out.
    The second thing that hit me was once I was leaving I was walking outside to where the car was, which meant walking past my bedroom window. I realised as I walked on the wide path next to the house, there was no tree anywhere near my bedroom window, so what had I heard tapping at the window and WHAT THE HELL HAD I ACTUALLY SEEN WHEN I LOOKED OUT!!!

    So, if you could actually be bothered to read all, or in fact any of that, that is how my fear of haunted places came about.
    Long story short, scary grandparents house.

    As for why I want to face it. Well this incident has led to an unfortunate situation where at times if I hear strange noises as I am trying to get to sleep, I suddenly revert back to that terrified child clutching at his blankets. Well maybe not that bad, but even as an adult in my own snug little apartment, odd noises from outside will often set my heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Hardly conducive for sleep.
    So I want to face my fear, spend a night in a haunted house or whatever, prove to myself that I am no longer that scared little boy and maybe never fear going to sleep again.

  • My greatest fear would have to be heights. I know exactly where the fear came from.

    When I was about 4 my older brothers came up with a great game of jumping from our dresser onto the bed. Seeing the great amount of fun they were having I had to give it a try. I climbed on top of the dresser when my 4 year old mind was doing the math to see if I could make it. About the time I realized this was a big “NOPE” my brother decided to be helpful and give me a push. Soon I was falling, but unlucky for me it wasn’t the ground that decided to break my fall, but the edge of the metal frame of the bead. To add to my awesomeness it also happened to be a face plant. There was about a two inch gash in little ninjakick’s head prompting my parents to take me to the ER. They decided I needed stitches and chose to use a local anesthetic instead of putting me under. So there I am, 4 years old, strapped down to a table with a sheet over my head as they sew it back together. All of the pain and trauma of the entire event is placed on that moment of hesitation standing on the edge of the dresser.

  • My greatest fear is winning another competition on Kotaku and being hated by the community forever because of it. I think the only way for me to truly confront my fear is for Kotaku to select me as the winner of this competition. I can’t really move forward in life with this crippling fear hanging over me, so I leave my fate in your hands.

  • Walking on grates in open shoes – drainage grates, elevated walkways, skywalks… you name it. If I’m wearing my thongs and I have to walk across them my feet slow down, muscles in my feet clamp up, hands go sweaty and sweat starts to pour out of any and every pore I have.

    Where did it come from… I have no idea… It scares me to think what happened in my early childhood that now causes such a physical reaction.

    I’d love to be able to walk around shopping centre carparks without my wife pissing herself laughing at me. Walk down the road and not have to be hyper aware of where a drain might be.

  • Don’t really have a “fear” of anything now (except my boss), but…

    As a kid I’d usually accompany my dad to the video shop (remember those?). One Saturday evening my dad was busy pawing over the westerns when I decided to wander into the next aisle. Just out of my reach was a copy of Communion, a film based on author Whitley Strieber’s supposed alien abduction. The cover image depicted the standard grey alien we all know, but in a very realistic and (to my eight-year-old mind) terrifying way.

    Not long after the Video Ezy incident, dad was watching one of those “unexplained” type shows that were pretty prevalent in the 80’s. Lo and behold, on comes a segment about alien abduction. Dad probably thought I was too young to understand what Warwick Moss was waffling on about, but holy crap was he wrong. I spent the next seven years convinced that aliens were real and that there was every chance that they would appear at the foot of my bed in the dead of night.

    How did I overcome my fear? By educating myself about the universe and developing a very healthy sense of skepticism and rationality. Now I write sci-fi, and channel my childhood terror into my work. What I once feared is now my muse.

  • My fear is BUGS! mostly bees/wasps though, if it flies and stings I hate it… It started when I was 5 at my moms house. She used to have one of those “littleTikes” backyard playgrounds and one summer there was a bees nest right above the slide. My older brother and I avoided it as much as we could but I didn’t really mind it that much.
    Once fall came, my older brother (7 years old) wanted me to get rid of the nest. it didn’t seem to have any bees around it anymore so I thought they wouldn’t mind. My older brother handed me a golf club and waited by the porch and watched. I put my ear against the nest just to make sure there were no buzzing noises, it seemed abandoned. I swung the golf club and knocked the hive down the slide… and then the buzzing started. I climbed off the playground and ran towards my brother who was waiting by the door. He quickly opened the door and then slammed it shut on me just before I got there. I banged and banged until I realized he wasn’t going to let me in. The bees have started to sting so I ran to the back gate at the end of the backyard but in a panic I could not undue the gate lock. Eventually I was overwhelmed with stings so I curled up and waited while crying and screaming.
    I don’t remember what happened after that. My mom explained to me that I only had 5-6 bee stings when I reminded her of the story a couple years ago (I think she’s lying) but to this day when a bee/wasp/UFB (unidentified flying bug) is near I will run in fear and maybe even curl up if I figure I’m doomed.
    Running away was usually enough to avoid my fear but that changed a couple years ago. I was working for a company that was building rigs (in Canada) and these rigs were getting shipped to Australia. I was eventually struck with the opportunity to go with one of the drilling rigs and work on a live one. I was 18 at the time so all my friends were traveling around the world so I figured this was my chance to do the same. Until one of my friends from work who has worked on rigs in Australia explained to me about how big and bad the bugs were out there so I reluctantly declined 🙁 . To this day this has been one of my biggest regrets and would love the opportunity to come to Australia and face my fear. demon/dark souls are some of my favourite games and Bloodborne looks amazing hopefully I WIN so I can go to Kotaku’s launch party !!! Vote for me !!!

    Jake Docherty

    Edit: just realized to enter you must be a resident of Australia 🙁 I’m from Canada hopefully they can make an exception lol

  • I can’t really think of something I’m deathly afraid of, not because I’m trying to be macho or anything, I just can’t think of anything that terrifies me that much. But I did have this dream once.

    I was a rock, yes, a stone. That was me, cartoon face and all but this being a dream I just somehow knew that was me. I feel this rumbling, I look over, and all of the small rocks that used to make up our driveway are now charging towards me. WITH ANGRY CARTOON FACES! 6ish year old me is Terrified! So I run, or bounce in this case

    And sadly that’s the end of my dream.

    I was a rock, being chased by other angry rocks.

    My brother had a dream the trees were trying to kill him. Guess it runs in the family. (or he’s real life timbersaw)


  • My one big fear is a really lame but i think it is a valid fear. Now many people would say spiders are their big fear and who could blame them they can be big or small and they just look freaky, but my one big fear is the spiders web. No imagine walk on the footpath at night or early morning (when the webs are fresh) minding your own business then bang! you a walking through a spiders web. First you start to historically try (which looks very funny when its not you) to get of this weird web feeling off you. Then throughout the day or night you have this strange sensation that the spider is crawling over you, its gross and unpleasant. The feeling of not knowing if their is a spider on you is horrifying to me what if it bites you! may end up dead from walking through a spider web.

  • The most pussiest fear of all. Deep. Water.

    I can’t swim in the ocean if it comes up to my chest. Something about the water and not being able to see the bottom that freaks me out. I’m fine in a pool but in the ocean, if I can’t see my toes, I’m getting the f$&k out. This has hampered my road to success in the surfing circuit.


    Edit : Oh and grass. Wet grass dry grass long grass or cut grass it doesn’t matter. I cannot go barefoot on grass. Concrete, gravel, sand I’m fine. Grass though. I have to have something at all times on my feet. I also wear shoes to the park in case the grass is wet. If it’s dry, I put on my jandals. F$&k me right?

  • I am terrified of heights. I can’t quite describe it, but they freak me out! I was asked to go skydiving a few years ago, by my girlfriend but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I would love to be able to skydive, but not even sure if I could bring myself to do it! I would love to be able to show my girlfriend that I have conquered my fear, but to be honest I’m not sure if I would be able to get out of the plane! Kind of hoping I never have to jump out of a plane again!

  • Ok, what am I getting myself into here?!
    Spiders….that’s the fear. It all started when I was young (I’m 27 now). Like VHS days.
    Parents taped the first Jurassic Park for me…and left it recording…straight after it was arachnaphobia. I remeber seeing the scene of the spider in the sleeping bag and biting the guy. Was very sleep deprived after that.
    A few weeks later, out in the study playing snes or Atari with my sister with blinds shut, guess what decides to fall down from corner onto the couch with a thud?! A good ol huntsman spider. I get the movie flashback and run out screaming to my parents. Mum grabs her shoe and here I am thinking she’ll squash the sucker.
    Nope shes lets it climb onto the shoe…I feel all its beady eyes on me as mum brings it towards me, I run to my room as she lets it outside where I think it will re populate and invade the house!
    To this day I can’t even go into the butterfly enclosure at the zoo as it has spiders on display as the end of the exhibit. I can’t stand even daddy long legs and jumping ones…I will throw anything within arms reach at it. They really are the devilspawn!

    There’s my story/traumatic expeexperience.

  • I am petrified of snakes, even watching them on a screen gives me the creeps. If the word “snake” is mentioned to me on the wrong day i can get cold chills down my spine, and signs of paranoia; the paranoia is causes me to believing that there is a snake in the room and is hiding under me.
    This particulate phobia started when i was a kid. I do not exactly how and when it started, just that i had it for long time.

    I want to face this fear to prove to my self that any fear can be overcame.

  • My fear is pretty average.

    It all started when i was a young boy maybe 5 or 6 and my parents were mending a fence on our farm. All of a sudden, a writhing carpet of venomous snakes came out of no where. Forcing us to dash to the safety of our ute without windws. Seriously they were everywhere.

    Strangely im not afraid of them being poisonous. They don’t have legs. Why don’t the have legs. Thats what’s wrong with them.

    Side note spider’s have too many legs.

  • My greatest fear is shower curtains. Yeah, you read right.

    When I was a kid I watched a horror movie (I think it was The Shining miniseries, but have not risked watching again. Bet you thought I’d say Psycho) and ever since it has gotten progressively worse.
    It started out as being unable to go into the bathroom without checking behind the curtain. Then I got worried about having it shut while showering because it would cling and it felt like someone was coming in. Luckily modern bathrooms rarely have them and my last house that did I bought a clear curtain. Once in a while though I will use a friends bathroom and it all comes back.
    Why do I want to face it? Purely to win, I hate the idea of what you might come up with. Unsure what you could do with this but feel like your budget will go a long way… ugh

  • I’m European and I have never been afraid of Spiders. But that’s because in Europe the biggest spiders are the the size of a penny. When I got to Australia 4 months ago I found a huntsman spider in my ceiling when I was half asleep and I almost shit my pants.

    For real, I don’t know if it’s my biggest fear, but was something that came as a surprise being used to be the brave one regarding to spiders. Now I try to be as far of them as I’m capable of. About the huntsman, I tried to kick her out and disappeared in the room.

    Now every time I’m playing and the mouse cable touches my leg I panic, and I’ll start looking for the spider in the ceiling and the corners. I’m seriously thinking about buying a wireless mouse just because of this.

    For real, I think now I don’t even sleep as well as I used to, so far I’ve had 2 more near-huntsman experiences and now I think they’ll start crawling over me while I sleep. Aaaaand now I feel all itchy 🙁

  • My greatest fear is travelling on a boat. I get very heavy seasickness whenever the boat moves side to side especially those speedboats that go at 100km/h which plays around with my head.

  • My therapist says I have a fear of following through on anything. Does that count?

    If not, the usual ocean stuff. I can’t go out onto a pier without feeling sick. Almost drowned as a child. I have mentally blocked out most of the details but a rip almost resulted in my drowning and the drowning of my brother (who I’d tried to help but just made things worse). Maybe now I’m UNBREAKABLE? Oh, heights too. So an open ledge high atop the ocean makes me wish I was dead. Moreso if it’s a glass ledge. THANKS TO BEING A FATTY I fear glass breaking underfoot and resulting in me falling off a high ledge into the deep. That is the literal stuff of my nightmares.

  • I have a fear of monkeys. Specifically chimps I suppose. It came about by seeing the news articles on victims of chimp attacks. My fear began to sprout its fertile branches as I saw interviews with survivors of these chimp attacks.

    The wounds they inflict just look horrific and the accounts of how these attacks started lead me to believe like they have pure, undiluted hatred coursing through their veins and every day is a constant battle for them not to bite each other’s faces off.

    The only reason I want to face a chimp (behind a very tall fence and more than a few metres) is because I’ve made the decision that chimps and I are blood feuding and I want to be able to look at one and say with my eyes “you’re a terrifying spawn of satan”.

  • Being a family man on a shit income my greatest fear is that I won’t be able to afford a PS4 in the near future so this is a perfect opportunity for me. I don’t have to draw anything like in your street fighter comp a couple of months ago which is good because I’m crap at drawing, I can just enter like this!
    But seriously, roller coasters. I just cannot get on one and I have never been on one. I’ve had a phobia of amusement park rides (rollercoasters in particular) since I was a kid. I don’t understand why, because in video games I like the sensation of fast paced movements, actions etc and I think I may like it (if I ever got on one). I think it may be the engineering I don’t trust, I don’t like the noises they make, how high they go, how fast they go, I always think the worst.
    My mates have been trying to get me one since I was 13, last year at dreamworld my friend offered me $100 to get on one and I could not do it…. Just couldn’t.
    I think a PS4 (and Bloodborne) might just be the push I need.
    So, if you want to see a grown man squeal switch on those cameras, laugh at my faces of fear and watch the chunder fly!

  • My biggest fear is of penguins, that’s right penguins all of them from the great big ones to the little ones, to me they are all evil. I don’t really know when I got this fear but I do remember it was from watching a documentary about them when I was maybe 8 or 9yo and I thought that the only reason that killer whales and sea lions eat them is because the penguins gang up on them and eat them first but you never see it because they are smart and only show their “cute” side but they are really an apex predator in a black and white suit

  • There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Kotaku Zone.

    You’re about to meet a fan, a Cambridge United fan with many minor fears in life, but one stands out amongst the others, for this Cambridge United fan has a fear of falling. A fear of heights would be logical, but it is not the case, but once he is high up a fear of falling towards the ground and being in a state of helplessness until earth and Cambridge United fan collide is at the forefront of his mind. Will he find this fear in The Kotaku Zone?

    • I also have an irrational fear of Warwick Davis. The man hasn’t aged since Willow, That frightens me. It might be difficult to get him to appear at the Bloodborne launch party to overcome that fear though

  • My greatest fear is if my wife catches me sneaking ice cream into my morning iced coffee. Every morning is a stealthy adventure but if she ever finds out I’m doomed!

  • Open water with poor visibility and anything lethal in the mix… Sharks or crocodiles. It’s just not wise.

    Nothing as appealing as the idea of swimming around in murky or dark water only to feel something brush by your foot. Then a moment later a jaw clamps down around said foot and drags you under.

    I would probably not be phased by scuba diving or such in nice clear ocean water with sharks… It’s the knowing they’re there and not being able to see them that does it.

    Actually… Even if the water was crystal clear I still wouldn’t get in it around a crocodile. I may be Australian, but I’m not looking to actually claim my crocodile wrestling card.

  • Sooo… Being the little miscreant I was in my early youth.
    My brother and I thought it was a brilliant idea to hide inside a coffin while our parents were sorting out a coffin for our deceased grandfather.
    As we laid inside the coffin giggling like a bunch of twats, waiting to scare any passer-by who would dare approach the coffin.
    Little did we know, like the little miscreants we were. That the coffin we went in could only be opened from the outside and we thought we were doomed to be buried alive inside the coffin in a graveyard (How’d that happen from a coffin in a shop eludes me now but…). But as a child, your imagination runs wild (It doesn’t help when you watch MA15+ horror movies but hey, I’m sure we all didn’t give a damn about rules back then).
    Though out parents were incredibly furious when they found us (More about us damaging property than our well-being.), we were gloriously saved by the shopkeeper opening up the casket. He was like Asian Jesus with a basket of puppies and kittens.

    Till this day. Whenever I see coffins… Oh wait, I avoid those areas like the plague.

  • I’ve always been afraid of fans. I have had nightmares about fans chasing me while making horrifying noises in a dark room. And no, I don’t mean the One Direction kind of fans, I mean the kind of “cut you to pieces” fans. Hopefully, the distinction between the two is clear.

    I got this fear about eight years ago. One day, I was with a group of friends. One of them was rich, and we stayed at his house. We played a game of truth or dare. When it came to my turn, I chose dare. Frankly, I’ve never really gotten why people pick truth. It’s called truth or dare. While it’s not there, you can imagine that being designed with an ellipses at first. Truth… or dare. As in, dare is the fun choice.

    So, I get a dare to stand in a room for 20 minutes while “something happens”. That’s actually how they explained it. I accepted. After an hour of them preparing, they led me to a room that was absolutely packed with fans. These fans stood along the sides of the room. There were actually columns of three. As in, along each wall, there would be rows a tall fan, a medium fan, and a small fan, each standing in that order in front of each other. A lot of wires were splayed along the floor, all leading out of the room, where there were a bunch of extension cords attached. Honestly, with the amount of effort that went into this, I think a few of them were planning this, and waiting for someone who wasn’t in on it to pick dares. Hell, they probably planned to take turns afterwards. It sounded kinda fun, after all.

    So, eventually they all filed out of the room, leaving me alone. At the time, I wasn’t nervous. Excited maybe. But, when the first few fans started turning on, I actually started to get scared. You probably don’t get the same effect with only a few fans. But, with around thirty fans, all loudly blowing wind at you from every direction, it becomes terrifying. Eventually, all the fans turned on. I think I stayed in the middle of the room for a minute before I yelled for them to stop. But, either because they were having a laugh, or maybe they couldn’t hear me over the fans, they didn’t open the door. They had made me place a few fans in front of the door before they left, and I was too scared to go near them, so I curled up on the ground, put my hands over my ears, and sobbed. I should note, I’m a teenager while this is happening. I don’t think I’m easy to scare, but something about the situation was so intense I just couldn’t take it.

    Eventually, they turned it off, and were immediately met by the sounds of my sobbing. Entering, they realised what had happened, and apologised. Afterwards someone else tried it, this time without the fans barring the doors, and left, saying it was plain scary.

    So, there you have it. While it may not sound particularly exciting, it’s damned terrifying to me. And if you want more excitement, how about the repeating nightmare about fighting a giant fan? Struggling to keep footing while trying to avoid the spinning blades, and eventually being blown back into a blender behind me. These are the fears I face weekly, and it makes hot days a nightmare, since I have to rely on expensive air conditioning.

  • I have arachnophobia. It all started back when I was only 5 and living on a farm in Victoria. I was walking around the paddock when out of childish interest I started peeling bark from a tree. So there I am slowly peeling bark from a tree having a good old time when I PULLED THE WRONG PIECE OF BARK OFF!

    I’m not sure how this worked or if my very young brain witnessed this properly but under the piece of bark a pulled out was a huge spider (little me probably exaggerated this in fear) trapped in a dome of it’s own web. It was dashing back and fowards inside it’s own web. I ran away as fast as my legs would carry me screaming all the while. Eversince then I have always been irrationally scared of spiders.

    I remember only a few short years later being drived up to QLD on a bus and after seeing a spider on the bus being completly consumed by my fear. I kept thinking I was seeing spiders everywhere. The worst: when I closed my eyes it looked like every bit of light ebbing through the shadows was a little spider crawling around.

    Nowdays I’m even more scared of spiders. At highschool a bunch of kids (including my friends) make fun of me because of my obvious fear of spiders. In class I might be sitting down reading when I girl presses a book up to my face with a picture of a spider spanning across both pages. I panick and collapse on the floor. She and her friends just laugh and say it was a “joke” for a bit of “fun”.

    Only a few nights ago I had a dream. I was laying down in bed I looked above me to see a plate (paper) positioned above my chest. Spread across the entire plate was a hairy spider. I was too scared to move and I tried calling out for my older brother to save me from the spider (he’s near fearless from creepy crawlies he just stomps on them- I envy him). I looked back to see the spider wasn’t on the plate again. I awoke so frightend that I was whimpering.

    At work with my parents I clean houses and do other services to tidy up the house to earn a bit of money (Curently trying to save up for a PS4). One time I’m taking the washing off the line and hanging of the line is a small spider. Not small enough though cause a jump back in fear. I Spend the next few minutes going through the frozen in fear state. After I recover I realise I need to face my fear.

    If I don’t use the nearby mop to remove the spider from the line I can’t continue. If I don’t do the washing I will not get payed much cause mum pays (I need it for bloodborne) me depending on how much effort I put in and not doing a job is unacceptable. Also I thought to myself that when I am older I may not have someone around to save me from the spider. I can’t just let a spider and my fear rule me then. So I grab the mop and start (after minutes of pumping myself up) trying to move the spider. I poke the spider It moves but after 10 minutes I give in to my fears and leave the spider.

    As I leave mum comes up stairs and rages at me not doing the washing. I’m so shaken up that I didn’t do a single job the rest of the day. All I could think about was the spider. You can guess how much I got paided that day!

    I have never been bit or attacked by a spider. EVER! Yet when I see one in my room I sprint to the bathroom and lock the door (I stopped doing that after a spider fell in my hair when going to the bathroom… twice). My fear is so out there I just can’t function when I spider is near. I wish I had a fear of snakes or something, cause spiders live in homes and show up all the time. While snakes are a rare occurence but I suppose pose more of an actual threat.

    How does this relate to Bloodborne? Well for some reason every souls game to date has had spiders.

    Demoms soul’s: The armored spider. I still remember seeing this big ugly demonic spider staring at me through the fog and actually asking myself If I wanted to keep playing. I breathed a sigh of relife when I realised it was only mechanical.

    Dark Souls 1: spiders in blightown and the boss there Queelag herself. Queelag has the uper-half of a nake woman (nice, nice) and the lower half of a spider! And my favourite weapon in dark souls is the chaos blade which is crafted from her soul. Are you kidding me from software?!

    Dark Souls 2: The whole of brighstone tresolda made me wet myself. I thank the fact my older brother was in the room at the time cause that gave me strength. But when I got to the room with the webs I went through the good old frezze mod knowing that there would be tons of spiders in those webs. And then the boss was a spider bigger then life.

    It’s like From Software make the games speciffically for me and know I’m scared of spiders. Des had a spider boss. DS had a spider boss with my fav weapon and a couple other spider. DS2 had whole area and mega spider boss dedicated to spiders. And now bloodborne has the creepiest spider I have ever seen in the alpha. IN THE ALPHA! THE GAMES NOT EVEN OUT YET!

    I would be grateful to win bloodborne but I don’t think my mum would let me go on a trip cause she has little faith in the interenet. Spider ruined my chance of getting bloodborne on it’s release so winning one now would almost (almost) make me wanna go huge a spider and might even in it’s own little way make me appreciate spiders and help fight my fears.

    Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading! 🙂

  • My biggest fear is heights.

    It’s a more conventional fear, I’ll grant you that and I’m not sure where it comes from. When it a affects me is also strange, I can do heights at high speeds (like a roller coaster) but climbing stairs, looking out windows in tall buildings and even in video games. Landing those careful falls onto narrow beams in Demon Souls still haunts my dreams/nightmares.

    Because it is a more conventional fear and less likely to come across as creative, I thought it would be cool to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge (since I’ll be there if I win anyway) in a full suit of armour like something from Bloodborne.

  • I feel I have to pre-empt this by saying it is 100% true (most people don’t believe me when I tell them):
    I have a fear of felt puppets that resemble people (the more realistic the worse it is). Okay, maybe it isn’t a “run away and hide” fear, but I feel uncomfortable even watching them on TV, like some people do watching eye operations etc.

    Basically I am a grown man and characters on Seasame Street make me feel unsafe.

    I am pretty sure the “fear” stems from watching the muppets as a child and Statler and Waldorf creeping me out, which was, I thought, the sum of it until as a teenager and I made the mistake of telling some friends and they then took it upon themselves to expose me to said style of puppets at every opportunity because my evident discomfort was “hilarious” and “Didn’t make any sense” (It’s why it’s called an irrational fear people!).

    Unfortunately, this fear means that I’ve had to forgo watching any modern Muppet’s movies and can’t fully enjoy any of the classics from my childhood (since now I know about the fear it’s worse), which (and I think most people would agree with me) is an utter travesty!

    True fear is Vincent Twice (Vincent Twice) – Please help (me be able to enjoy Fozzie Bear again)!

    • I also shudder at the thought of walking through a corn maze and coming across a lady with long hair facing away from me that turns around and ends up being an afghan hound – just fucking creepy dogs
      SOOOO glad they cannot speak

  • My greatest fear would be Neon Jackal winning yet ANOTHER Kotaku competition…

    Then again, I think that fear would be compounded if I shared a win, or even managed to BEAT this illustrious competition enterer. I’m not good with pressure. And the pressure of beating Neon and having to keep to standards any actually beat him again… I don’t even know if I could even face that fear…….

  • My greatest fear is dementia. My family from both parents suffer from it, with my uncles and aunties currently suffering from it. To compound this further, so does my wife’s family; her grandmother was diagnosed less than a year ago and the deterioration has been shockingly quick. This news, that her family also suffers from it, and it being hereditary, is my greatest fear, that one day not only myself or my wife could be afflicted from it, but also our children.

    I do not want to face it as it is a fear I can never overcome.

  • Having a furious Mark Serrels as my PT for the day. In between bouts of weights and climbing, he’d blast me with bagpipes and force me to eat haggis, all the while wearing only a pair of Speedos fit to burst with porridge. The forced consumption of said porridge afterwards is entirely optional however.

  • I have a fear. Its the fear of losing all of my emotions. I have already lost a few.
    I can not bear the thought of losing anymore.
    Not many know of this, but I just shared on the internet. I already struggle showing certain emotions.
    Tuff times

  • Growing up as a kid, I used to take martial arts. Took it for years, and truly believed that I was training to protect myself. Somewhere along the line, I had a dream about being eaten by a tiger. I had incredibly vivid dreams so when I felt the tiger swipe at my midsection to disembowel me and then clamped its jaws down on my face to suffocate me, believe me, I felt it.

    It must’ve come from watching Animal Planet or something, but it stuck with me something fierce. I started to have more and more dreams about being killed by tigers. It started to freak me out because I knew that no matter how much I trained, I was no match for a tiger who could split you in half with paws larger than your head. So I decided to learn about tigers, thinking that it would help me understand the animal better, maybe find a weakness. It just made the dreams worse. Night after night I’d be chased down by a tiger, I’d have the flesh licked off my leg in minutes from that sand paper tongue. I realized that no matter what I did, I was going to get killed by a tiger. It was an irrational fear, I knew I’d never encounter one in the wild, that the closest I’d get to one is at a zoo. But still, my mind would never let me be.

    It wasn’t until I finally spoke to my martial arts instructor about my dreams that things started to turn around. I told him about my fear, that no matter what I did, a tiger would always kill me. He said to me, without hesitation. “That’s why we have weapons.” I was a kid, it didn’t dawn on me that weapons are that evolutionary step that kept us from being tiger dung. When I started to dream of tigers, I was able to bring weapons into my dreams. I’d win some, I’d lose some, but the fear started to subside. At least, that’s what I thought.

    I don’t have the dreams anymore, but I have notice my pulse race faster whenever I go to a zoo. I tend not to go near the tiger cages. I know it’s silly, but I never really got over that fear. It’d be nice to be able to overcome it. To go from fear to a healthy respect.

  • My fear: I have a giant fear of watching someone get hurt in front of me by someone else for example: mugging, rape, hijack, mug, assault etc.

    How I came across this fear: I was walking on the street just on lunch break, and I saw a bunch of men flocking towards a woman’s car and pull her out of the car and drive off with it.

    Why I want to face this fear? : I want to stop feeling like a coward and be able to face those people through any means necessary saving that person in need. I just want to help and get rid of the guilt and anger inside of me.

  • The fear never truly began, but rather has subsisted firm as a ghost since well before any beginning could possibly be established
    or mustered up like smoke in the minds of beings whose spontaneous and fragile nature’s rise and fall like great bone and flesh scaffolding
    collapsing into the cold and gracious earth to vanish without a remaining whisper.

    Beings whose very transience posits an affront to the ubiquitous essence of fear itself.

    if one subscribes to any of the multitude of religious doctrines which have littered this species history, you’ve surely heard the stories.
    perhaps in the dark of night over campfires or in magnificent golden architecture.
    stories about great beings and lords whose existence either long ago subsided or who curiously live not in our preferred dimensions.
    great beings who stood alone aloof in the abyss before time itself let out its first eccoing yawn.
    beings who felt out of some benevolent necessity to bring life as we know it into the world.
    to divide the universe down into fire and dark, atom and quark.
    the imagination of gods running wild in the fog, running wildly away out of the great fear.

    The soul has pivoted and fled from itself out of fear since the very beginning.
    when there was but one soul afraid of itself and afraid of what could possibly lay outside of itself when it was all that existed.
    as this dance cascaded down through the eons and ages, to this very moment where we as fragments of the great soul face our own fears.
    the lesser fears as we all know them so well, the eight legs of the arachnid, great looming heights and shrinking-ly small enclosures to name a few are all mirrored specters of the original fear.
    for the blood, the soul and the fear are inseparable.

    Fear has no true form or minions, nor even a will of its own to guide its boundless power,
    even though there are some huddled ’round in dark forbidden places who call themselves acolytes of the truest fear,
    such acts are entirely futile.

    Some may faintly recall journeys once set forth through forgotten lands like Boletaria, Lordran or Drangleic
    where demons infested the fog, and fear ran riot through the land. the fog of fear, fear of the unknowable.

    Yet what else is there to do in the face of pure fear but persevere and face your fears and fear itself in the holiest of futility.
    Perhaps a truer and deeper fear lies within the decrepit cobblestone streets of Yharnam, where we shall inevitably soon find ourselves
    standing side by side with fear once more, born again in the blood of the hunt.

  • I have a fear of uncontrollable flying/falling, every time I get in a Tiger airways flight I feel like the blue angry bird and I suddenly feel like the urge to perform an emergency evacuation mid flight; then the cabin ladies and any tough guys “help” me back to my seat and reassure me that jumping from that altitude is not safer than waiting for us to “land” or what ever tiger call it. So I instead make my way to the toilet and expel a weeks worth of food/cry in what can only be compared to post traumatic sex stress syndrome… or P.T.S.S.S for short.

  • My biggest fear is heights. I’ve always been afraid of heights and I don’t know how it started. I sometimes get dizzy if I just imagine standing on the edge of a tall building. If I’m actually up there, my legs get shaky and I can’t go near the edge. Typing this actually made me a tad bit nauseous just thinking about heights again. Sigh…

  • To be honest, there’s not much that scares me.

    That said, there was one time (quite recently) where I had entered my 3y/o daughters room to check on her after she had apparently been having a nightmare.
    I sat next to her on the bed and began trying to soothe her fears and query what she had dreamt about. Normally, it’d be something along the lines of “There were big birds chasing me” or something equally cute, if not ludicrous.
    However, on this one occassion, she said something that had me, a grown man, sleeping in her bed with the blankets up, too scared to close my eyes, for fear that ending my awakened vigil would let horrors unknown claim us both.

    “I wasn’t dreaming” she said, with all too eerie clarity for a groggy three year old.
    “I’m scared, because the little boy wont leave.” Generic, yes, cheesy, sure, but with a chill and sudden instinct to not look around me I calmly asked “What little boy hunny?”.
    All she did was point behind me, still with tears in her eyes and in seconds i was cowering under her blankets scanning the room for threats, while trying my absolute hardest to calm her (as much as myself) with soothing words.

    As soon as daylight entered the room, I allowed myself to sleep…my wife could handle the morning rituals alone that day, I had earned my morning rest.

    Aside from that, my only other fear is that one of the multitude of admittedly jerkish “scary” characters I’ve made up to terrorise my children into not wandering outside without permission or some such may actually find me in my dreams one night, or trap me in the real world. I swear, if the “laughing man” (This one is my best pschyo face and cackling laughter) comes to me in the night, my wife had better be quick with the punches, because I’ll be riven to the bed harder than a supposed alien abductee.

  • I have a fear of grizzly bears.

    Ever since watching the movie ‘The Edge’ as an impressionable youngster, the scene where Harold Perrineau is torn to shreds by a bear in a lightning storm while an exhausted Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin try to help him but to no avail, has scarred me for my ongoing years. His bloody curdling screams are the worst part about this fear… I can now vividly imagine being in such a situation thanks to this late 90’s classic.

    The concept of being slowly eaten alive with dull, piercing teeth whilst being thrown around like a rag doll makes me shudder with a deep, primordial fear.

    The loss of complete control scares me and the sinister role-reversal of power as you are dominated and essentially disembowelled alive watching your red velvet innards being lunched upon by a mangey bear, is just the icing on the gore-cake.

    Try to run – he’ll get you. Climb a tree – he’ll climb and get you or just knock the tree down. Try to swim away – he’ll catch you like he would a salmon.

    My solution to overcome my fears would be to organise a meet and greet with one of these grizzly bears in a controlled environment where I can get nice and intimate and overcome my irrational fear face to face.

    I’d see them for they really are… big, misunderstood fur balls of joy, that at the flip of switch will break you in half with their talons, gouge out your eyes like jelly cups then proceed to suck the human flesh from your bones as an after dinner aperitif.

  • Yes, good, reveal your weaknesses. Notes will be added to all of your files 😛

    You could totally take out the majority of people here with just a dark room full of spiders. I guess I kinda share the fear of bees. Well, moreso just a fear of being bitten or stung by an insect/arachnid/bug/whatever, so I’ll generally try to avoid them if I can but I dunno if it’s as much of a fear now as it used to be as a kid. Never even been stung actually, but was always really scared of bees.

    Actually, mine’s probably lame by comparison. As any followers of TAY would have seen recently, I’m quite terrified of attempting to chat up a girl 😛 No fear of girls in general, great friends with plenty of them, but can’t just intentionally “make an approach”. Even if determined to do something about it, when conditions are perfect and even being offered by fortuitous happenstance a “second chance”… or third, or fourth, or even fifth, when the moment comes to act I just completely lock up and can’t do anything at all, no matter how much I might be screaming at myself internally to do anything but.

    Come to think of it, it’s probably the thought of direct attention that really does it. Even those people who stop you in the shopping centres to get you to try out beauty products, once that starts I feel my temperature switch into overdrive and can feel myself start to get all sweaty. Just thinking about it right now has already gotten me worked up a bit. Bleh. Makes sense, going back to music and stuff I’d always be incredibly nervous about solo performances, but pretty much fine whenever I was playing as part of a band. There’s safety in numbers.

    It’s hard to say where it came from, I think it’s just something that’s always been. Maybe “becoming a teenager” was the cause 😛 And I’d like to overcome it because, well, it sucks being unable to do things thanks to being ruled by fear. And you know, it’d be nice to do something about this whole “being single” thing that’s been going on for far too many years now. Though I’m sure it’d have other applications beyond that as well.

  • 1 metre: As I ascend the rocky wall, the idea of this fear of heights seems far off. It is not a pointless fear, but in this case it should be deemed illogical. The voices cheer me on. They promise me safety. I am not alone. I begin to climb.
    2 metres: “This is fine. This is easy.” my brain says. At this height I would basically be standing on my head. I wouldn’t get hurt if I fell from this height. Oh wait, why did I think about falling…?
    3 metres: Seriously, why did I think about falling?!
    4 metres: Just breathe. In. Out. In. Out. The voices spur me on. Reach for the next grasping point. That’s it, slow and steady…
    5 metres: You can do this. Just don’t look down. Don’t look down.
    6 metres: I looked down! Bad idea. TERRIBLY bad idea! But the voices keep cheering. I am beyond the halfway mark. I can do this.
    7 metres: My legs start wobbling. Not because I’m physically exhausted but because I mentally am. I am so close now. I know I’m going to regret this as soon as I look down again but that has been pushed to the back of my mind. I continue.
    8 metres: My hands are shaking now as well. I no longer know why I chose to do this. All I am focusing on is the top. There is no down.
    9 metres: I am so close. Nothing else matters. The voices cheering me have faded away. There is no down. There is only up…
    10 metres: I did it! I reached the top! The cheers become audible once more. But where are they coming from? There is no down, yet the cheers come from below…

    I look down.

    That small euphoria I had a second ago vanishes in an instant as the reality of my situation sets in. I am now a permanent fixture to this wall. I would scream out loud but my voice fails me. I resort to screaming internally.
    The voices tell me I have to let go of the wall. That I’ll be fine. Are they crazy? They must be. I continue grasping at the wall. Every crazed beat of my heart is another eternity in which I am perched in this nightmare.
    Eventually fatigue begins to set in. My muscles have been clenched too tightly. My breathing has been too erratic. My grasp is failing. I let go. Not because I want to, but because my body will no longer allow me. I begin to fall…
    …and yet I don’t. I am suspended. One last look down and my vision fades.
    My feet touch something solid below me. My eyes open wide as I realise I am back on the ground. I try to stand but my legs betray me. I am safe, yet my heart beats as if I was still up there. Against that wall…

    I did not conquer my fear that day. Some day I hope I will be free of it, but for now I am a slave to a force that shackled me so long ago I can no longer remember the moment of my incarceration.
    Was it when I saw my friend fall from the monkey bars and break her leg?
    Was it when I lost control of my bike going down a hill?
    Was it when the wind felt like it was going to blow me off that bridge that one time?
    Was it all of these? Or none of them? Was it something my mind has repressed?

    Whatever the cause was I want to combat this fear, but not by simply climbing for the sake of it. My thought has been maybe I need to see why it shouldn’t be feared. That witnessing from a height can be beautiful. So my goal is to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If I don’t win this competition I will still attempt this down the road. But if I won I would love to see if my theory of beating fear with a beautiful memory is valid.

  • I cannot say I have just one great fear. No, i would be lying if I had to choose one over the other. It’s hard for me to decide upon anything, because I fear my decision will lead to a mistake. Deciophobia keeps me at a stand still some times, constantly pulling my thoughts this way and that way as I fear the worst of each outcome. Top that on my nyctophobia, monophonic and hemophobia to create a person that should by all means be broken. But I’m not. Facing my fear of the dark is something I do every night. Laying there in the pitch black trying to cope with being alone. But I wake up every morning knowing I faced my fears. Blood is not something I deal with everyday, but getting a cut or having blood drawn at the doctor’s office gives me a slight sense of panic. Bloodborne seems to a combination of all my fears, really. I have to decide where to go and what to do, while trudging through dark allays and streets, for the most part, completely alone. Blood? It’s everywhere! I love the feeling of being afraid sometimes. It makes my skin tense up and my head tingle. Over coming my fears gives me a source of self satisfaction that keeps me going everyday. I expect Bloodborne to both fill me with fear and excitement, but also satisfaction as I push on through my own nightmare.

  • Spiders. I can’t stand spiders. The way they scurry across your wall, the way they just appear out of nowhere. They 8 legs. NOTHING SHOULD HAVE EIGHT LEGS. If I ever found a spiders nest in my house, I would burn it down. I’m not kidding, if I find a spider nest in my house I’m done with that house. I hate spiders.

  • My greatest fear is being attacked by a shark whilst swimming. Even looking at a shark gives me palpitations – those emotionless black eyes, ugh! I don’t know exactly how I developed a fear of sharks, but I’m sure watching the Jaws movies and seeing the Jaws set at Universal Studios played some part in it. For years my friend has been trying to get me to go ocean swimming from Manly to Shelly Beach but the thought of being in deep water where sharks might be always made me refuse. To face my fear, I finally accepted and did the swim – it was terrifying! I think I swam faster than I ever have before thanks to the adrenalin that was flooding my system. I guess the other thing to do to face my fear would be to experience sharks up close, but that would be a pretty big ask!

  • Insects. They me me shit.

    When I was five and had been going to school for about 6 months, I was waiting at the school hall with the other early arrivals before school started.
    I was bored so I started to explore the garden next to the hall, pushing through the foliage into the hollows next to the tree and bush trunks.

    After a while I was bored again so started pushing my way out and once clear of the foliage I noticed a stick that was snagged on my arm. I went to grab it…

    And it fucking moved! It was a stick insect as long as my fore arm. I freaked the fuck out, shrieking and windmilling my arm frantically.
    Not only did it not come off, it was completely still despite my panicked flailing. The bastards legs were moving with arm, round and round. Its body was completely still.
    I began to cry – and scream, this gyroscopic biological terror was unshakeable.

    It lifted a forearm and inched further up my arm.
    Panic gave way to utter frustration.
    I raised my other arm like a blade, bellowing in defiance as I struck a resounding blow, the creeping horror folded around my hand with a dull slap, spinning back into the bushes that spawned it.

    Panting, tears of panic and frustration running down my reddened face I turned to my peers.

    And was assulted with mocking laughter and jeers of ‘Spaz’.

    To get over this fear of mine I would like to Falcon punch a sizable insect into the stratosphere to thunderous applause from my peers.

    Physical limitations might make hard o achieve so I would settle for a normalization session with a bug handler and some safe sizable insects to help me get other my irrational panic ‘Kill it with fire!’ mode triggered by anything larger than a mozzy.

    I dont like killing bugs because I hate them. I am a passive person by nature that abhors violence. Slaying insects makes me feel like a hypocrite. Getting over this would help me be more than what I am.

  • My fear is becoming one of those ‘PlayStation people’ and betraying my master Larry Hryb. This is the true fear I have of playing Bloodborne

  • My biggest fear is/was deep ocean water that I couldn’t see through, so I bought a speargun and literally dived in the deep end to face it.

  • So I fear bugs. No not spiders or snakes or things that can kill me but the bottom of the food chain disgusting little multi segmented bug. Creepy crawling 6 legged aberrations of nature.
    ‘Hello my name is Clarence the cockroach and I wear my skeleton on the outside.’ GROSS.
    I ok if they don’t touch me but if they get on my skin, Someone is going to DIE!

    How did it come about well funny you should ask because I never cared as a child but from about age 17 onwards. Real tough right?
    Ever had a cockroach crawl across your face whilst your asleep.
    I have….TWICE. I’ll spare you the time and just tell you the first time.
    So I was asleep in a bed which is what most people do when I started to dream about a dirty big household cockroach crawling across my face. Half waking up I realised it was a dream and proceeded to freak out and scream like a girl. I swatted off the cockroach and flew in a fear induced killing spree (managing to kill nothing but precious sleep time). Do you think I found Clarence?
    No I did not, the rage subsided and fear remained whilst Clarence sat in the shadows biding his time to return again and destroy my fear free life.

    I am quite frankly sick of feeling like a little girl when my wife laughs at my clearly irrational fear of bugs touching my skin or getting near me. My son is less fearful of bugs, enough said I think.

  • Flying, you can have it, ill walk thanks…….
    Im one of those guys that imediately lunges for the arm rests when theres a tiny bit of turbulence. Tell myself the hostess’s do this all the time dont be a wuss, they dont look scared, bump, PANIC, nother bump MORE PANIC, please not another Bump !!!
    Listens intently for anything that sounds unusual…
    Air crash investigations, NO WAY MAN, just gives more stuff to panic about,

  • I’m horrified of bees. I’m not entirely sure where the fear started but I do remember attempting a cartwheel as a child and falling on a bee. I was stung obviously, and I’m not allergic but I don’t remember a time since then where I wasn’t emasculated by their presence.

    I once crashed an ex girlfriend’s car into a parked car because of a bee on the outside of the windscreen. I’ve not gone into pools due to a dead bee in it, I left the hofburg palace in Vienna because the gardens were full of bees. Essentially I avoid them at all costs, dead or alive I find them just as frightening. If I can hear a buzz, I can never be comfortable until I find the culprit as there is always the possibility it is a bee.

    Needless to say my friends take great pleasure in using this against me. To be honest I’m not even sure if I won this that I’d be able to face my fear, but then again I haven’t currently got tickets to the bloodborne launch so I can’t be sure.

  • posting on behalf of my wife, with her consent of course!!!

    You can take a pick of any of her fears, or you can make an entire study of her!

    she is afraid of:

    * Skin – yes you read that right, skin. Some examples? you know when your skin flakes off when you are sunburnt? she is *this* close to vomiting. Is your arm itchy? don’t scratch, because she may end up breathing in your dead skin cells flying off. If i ask her to scratch my back? she scratches in an upwards motion, lifting her hand off, and repeating the upward motion so she doesn’t get dead skin stuck in between her nails. we are talking dry-retching/vomit territory.

    * Feet – She HATES feet. Terrified of feet. “feet are disgusting”. except hers… no no no, she likes her feet cause they are “cute”. This is dry-retching/crying territory.

    * Old people – ok, so she likes old people. but she hates even the thought of touching them or vice versa. If they are old, “chances are that they cant clean themselves properly”.

    * Clowns & masks in general – Oh good god…. imagine her reaction when i showed her a picture of the clown from Stephen Kings’ IT. She is terrified of most masks.

    * Claustrophobia – We once got stuck in an elevator at Crown Casino for about 2 hours. about 6 of us. She completely freaked. Out of breath, panic, crying. shes always been afraid of confined spaces, and man o man…. i felt so bad for her.

    * Scary movies – Now this one is bizarre. It came about all of a sudden. In the past, and i mean early on in our relationship, she walked out of the cinemas during “House of Wax”
    the part where
    the girl/guy had his fingers trying to lift off the grate, and the guy above cut his fingers off with bolt cutters.
    but that was a bit of a gorefest more than scary. it wasnt until we went to the cinemas one day, and she was feeling a bit emotional, and I wanted to watch “The Grudge 2”. She agreed, but holy shit. it got to a point where she was boiling her eyes out and shaking. we left, but man, since that day she hasnt been able to watch a scary movie. One day i will try to get her to sit through it during the day… Also she is terrified of that Grudge sound. yeah you know the one.

    Believe me i could go on…

  • I have a fear of heights. While I know alot of people also share that fear its one thats affected me pretty bad. My job requires me climbing ladders onto roofs to do gutter cleans and tile checks and 9 times out of 10 I will send one of the other guys up there to do it as just climbing up the ladder scares me, I can’t even go on planes unless I’m on the aisle seat and can’t see outside otherwise I vomit.

    This fear came from when I was younger I climbed a rock climbing wall at a school carnival and when you got to the top you had to rappel down the other side, however when I got to the top it was this small platform and I was freaking out about the height and the instructor was basically telling me I’m holding everyone up and he was gonna push me off if I didn’t stop crying and hurry up, I was 8.

    I want to face my fear as im sick of being held back by it. The guys at work look at me and mock me because I never climb ladders onto roofs for work and refuse to go rock climbing with friends because If I look down I freak out and even at 16 I could only do the basic walls and get halfway before demanding to come down out of fear. Basically I want to not be held back from doing things because of this fear anymore!

  • I’m insanely terrified of public speaking.

    I had to give a small talk in front of about 30 people at work and my heart was pounding. I’ve done some stupidly risky things in my life and nothing is a crippling as standing in front of a crowd.

    I have no idea how you’d arrange a confrontation with that fear, I suppose you could combine in with my fear of embarrassment/rejection and do some stand up at an open mic night somewhere.

    Oh god. I’m having an anxiety attack just thinking about it.

  • My biggest fear is having cockroaches on my face.

    Once, as a kid, I had a couple of cockroaches fall on my face in the middle of the night, and even now, 15 years later, i always check the ceiling before I go to sleep to make sure there is nothing evident.

  • Horses.
    A crippling fear of horses.
    Never played Red Dead Redemption because it has horses made from pixels. Still terrifying. Walking downtown Melbourne and the horse-drawn carriage comes around, I am in the nearest shop looking at stuff on the back shelf.
    I would rather ride a segway.

  • My greatest fear is “Dying of Thirst”. Even in this age of instant, flowing sweet H2O somewhere in my mind there is a phobia about dying an excruciating, tongue swollen thirsty death. I don’t know when it started, but as far back as I can remember it’s always been there.

    Remember that movie Signs where the little kid leaves glasses of water all over house. That’s kind of like how my house looks, except I have bottles of water everywhere (filled up right to the brim). In the kitchen, garage, bedroom, living and media room. Even the car has to have 3 water bottles (have to have a backup and a backup of the backup).

    Going to work, have to to have a full water bottle. Going anywhere in the building lift have to have a water bottle. Catching a flight have to have a bottle of water, even though I have to throw it away during the Customs check. Once through Customs the first thing I do is buy another bottle of water. Always that lingering voice in my head – “Throats getting dry, when did you last drink anything”

    Anyway I am hoping to win a PS4, so that when I wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of cold sweat at least I’ll have something to distract myself with. Perhaps this will be the first steps in helping me cure my greatest fear.

  • My biggest fear while writing this entry right now is accidentally winning instead of coming second. I want to win this because I’ll be getting Bloodborne but I don’t have a PS4, so I’m just going to have to visit a friend with a PS4 for this reason…

    That aside, I used to have a deathly fear of needles, but got over that through letting a higher cause be a good reason to get used to it (blood donation). Main reason I bring this up is due to the fact that I see that as a very good winning entry for the top prize, whether it be through blood donation as a linking theme to the game, or if it would go a step further, a Bloodborne tattoo. I’d happily line up for one of those these days which kinda disqualifies me as being a winner of that sort of prize.
    That aside, what are my specific fears these days? I guess my biggest general fear is a fear of failure, and while it has manifested in fairly traditional areas like public speaking and procrastinating over personal projects, there’s probably a big standout area for me.
    You may ask, what’s so different about that? Plenty of people can’t/won’t sing, what’s the big deal? So, some back story.
    I’m ‘deaf’. I offer the qualifying quotation marks here since with ~100dB loss on one side and ~40dB on the other, I’ve grown up with a significant hearing impairment, but found out recently that deaf really means someone that has never had hearing at all, rather than an impairment. Anyway…
    Never been able to sing, never knew how to control my own voice properly – it was only when I recently got a modern hearing aid, I put it in, and the second thing I said was “Holy shit, that’s what my voice sounds like”

    So here’s the deal – I want to learn how to sing. I now have the opportunity available that hasn’t previously been there in my life. And that amplifies that fear. I have a real shot at doing what I’ve never been capable of, but on the list of the public humiliation scale, singing is right up on top.
    So… How would I deal with this? Some lessons would be a good start towards some basic tools to be able to tackle this… I guess the actual ‘face and overcome the fear’ would be a performance of some sort… Since I can shut out crowds of strangers pretty well, the hardest test would probably still have a crowd but there’d be friends and family in there.

    Y’know, this is probably the first competition I’ve entered where second place seems better than first place.

  • Birds, a great big mob of them swooping at me and having their beaks impale my eyes. That gives me the heebee jeebies.

  • I’m afraid that I will one day die, only to wake up in front of a giant load screen prompting me to load my ‘last save’. I then look for my last save and realize I never saved the ‘game’ because the devs made the ‘save game’ mechanic an interaction with some obscure item that I never happened to come in contact with.

  • I suffer from Trypanophobia which is a fear of needles. I think it occurred from when I was a child with my first of many visits to the hospital,When i say many I mean the accident emergency staff new me quite well. One day I decided to climb our clothesline and when I got to the top I was yanked down by my older sister and landed on the handle on the way down ripping a large gash into my leg. At this point mum comes over to see what the fuss was and almost passes out, so she wrapped up my leg in a beach towel and drove me to hospital, by this time I had bled through the towel. The doctor took one look and told me I would need stitches and being the 6 year old I was I started freaking out thinking he was going to use a massive sewing machine to stitch me up he chuckled and showed me the tools involved then I fainted. To this day I cannot even look or think about needles without getting light headed and feeling like I’m going to faint, Heck even when the Anaesthetist was going through the procedure for my wifes epidural I almost fainted. On a lighter note though I am slowly conquering fear of needles one tattoo at a time.

  • I have a fear of winning and having to face my fear!

    Thats all I’m going to say…

    No really thats all…

    OK fine, I have a fear of heights, not really that bad of a thing since it keeps me from getting close enough to an edge to fall off it.

  • My biggest fear is Spiders and then coming a close second is enclosed tight spaces.

    When I was about 8 years old I ran through a spider web that had 100’s of baby spiders on it, they covered every inch of me, it was the most horrifying thing that’s ever happened to me. I believe it is karma for telling my sister that a Whitetail had laid eggs in her favourite Teddy Bear (She stopped sleeping with it after that, so I helped right?).

    A few years before that I fell in our friends pool, at the time I couldn’t swim, all I remember is sinking helplessly. Just before my final moments I saw my dads hand reaching in to grab me. I think that’s why I’m scared of being trapped in tight spaces. It felt dense, dark and I knew that there was no way out.

    I want to overcome my arachnophobia because my wife and I are working on having our first child, I want to be able to protect our baby and my wife from icky daddy long legs and huntsmans.

    I want to overcome my claustrophobia because I need to be able to get under our house and in our roof to start renovating to get the house ready for whatever comes in the next year.

  • My greatest (and most embarrassing) fear is lawnmowers.

    When I was a kid, I was told to mow the law, and for some reason our house had an in ground BBQ. Well I successfully cut the gas pipe to the BBQ with the lawmower and if I had left it on the pipe much longer I could’ve blown the whole house up.

    Was so bad that the Fire Brigade was called to come out and fix it up.

    Safely to say I struggle anytime I hear a lawnmower

  • My fear is heights. When I was very young, my family used to go to this region in the Philippines with a huge lake and a volcano in the middle. You can overlook the whole thing if you stand beside this cliff. My cousins used to hold my tiny body and pretend to throw me to the lake which is like hundreds of metres down.

    From then, I guess you can guess my phobia developed.

    Anyway, it’s pretty easy to pull off this fear coz all we need to do is to go to a high place with a nice view. And also, you’ll see real fear from my stupid face. My partner and kid thinks really funny.

    Pls let me win, I really like bloodborne

  • This is a tough one!

    I’m not scared of snakes or spiders but I am of getting bitten.

    I’m not scared of bugs but don’t want them creepy-crawling on me.

    I’m not scared of heights but I am of falling from them.

    I’m not scared of flying but I wouldn’t want my flight featured on Air Crash Investigation.

    I’m not scared of clowns but I don’t want to pash one.

    I’m not claustrophobic but being stuck in a lift for any length of time would be SUPER boring.

    I’m not scared of birds but they are such jerks.

    I’m not aquaphobic but I don’t want to drown.

    Unless Kotaku wants to intentionally endanger my life (do YOU know of anyone who has snogged a clown and lived to tell the tale?), I don’t think I’ll be facing any of these fears! But if you can think of some kind of terrifying, other-worldy horror, medieval-style ordeal related to any of them (a bird doing general bird things, for example), I’d be “happy” to partake.

    • It has been a long time since I last heard anyone use the term “pash”. Thanks for reminding me it was a thing.

      Also I think I agree with every one of your statements up the top there. Except the clown thing, if she was cute enough then I probably wouldn’t have a problem with it 😛

      • Oh yeah? You want to run your fingers through her curly red wig? Get red and white makeup all over your face? Stand on her two-foot-long shoes? Hear a honk every time you nudge her bright red nose? In all likelihood receive a pie to the face right after?


  • When I was about three years old, my dad took my on a water-slide – one of those enclosed, dark tube ones. It looked fun from the ground, but when we got up there, it was clear he wanted to throw me head first into a roiling flush of water. To a 3yo, that’s equivalent of standing over Niagara Falls before diving off. He gripped my to his chest, pushed off and we got flushed into the pool below. I was traumatised and we had to leave the water park pretty much straight away.

    A few years back, I attempted to conquer my fears by trying white-water rafting, and nearly drowned. I went home a mental wreck “nopety-noping” all the long, wet drive home. My sister-in-law (not really trying to comfort me here) told me about “black-water rafting” – essentially white-water rafting through a PITCH BLACK CAVE. If anything were to be classified as an ultimate fear, it would be that: being flushed uncontrollably through the bowels of the earth, gripped by the combined fear of drowning, of getting stuck, and of being dashed against unseen rocks at high speed. People knowing that you cacked your dacks would only be embarrassing if you survived.

    But it’s for the chance to win a Miyazaki masterpiece, so what the hey.

  • My greatest fear is that everyone will laugh at me for not hearing of this game until you mentioned it just now. Actually, now that I’ve read a bit about it, I think my greatest fear might be that I’ll win and be expected to play it. Hmmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything at all.

  • Bungee Jumping. Anyone who willingly jumps face first, with their life in the hands of the man with the cord is perhaps a little crazy.

  • Awww unfair I can’t enter; I honestly can’t think of anything I’m scared of, except something happening to my kids, or to me (leaving them without their dad).

    Hey, I’m happy to say that what scares me is whatever YOU can come up with ha. Offering myself up to your mercy, as someone with no known heart conditions haha. This fear came about from the lure of winning a PS4, something I’ve entered so many damn comps for and have yet to win, and thanks to the aforementioned kids I can’t afford to simply buy one. That also explains what I want to do about it – win one!

    Hey wait, I just thought of something. What freaks the crap out of me is being out on open water… swimming, even kayaking. Once the sand etc drops off, and I can no longer walk on it (this is ocean obviously, not pools), I get reeeeeeeally uncomfortable. I’ve no idea where it comes from (age, and knowledge of what may lie beneath?), I was fine when I was younger, but even kayaking on Lord Howe Island on my honeymoon, I started to get really uncomfortable, panicky, clammy, etc. My wife thought it was hilarious. Being on boats, ferries etc is fine, it’s when I’m in some relatively unprotected state, eg as above swimming or in a tiny vessel like a kayak. Dunno about a tinny, never really had the occasion.

    As for what I can do about it, well, exposure therapy is probably the only solution (though I doubt it’d ever completely cure it), and isn’t really something I have much cause or likelihood to do, so I doubt anything you could do to me would cure me but if you just want to laugh at me freaking out, put me in a kayak out on the ocean. Ohh man I’m actually shaking a bit just thinking about it.

  • With imagination comes fear so to have fear is only by our own will. My Fear is to be submerged in water. In the shower, at the beach, in a lake, in a deep dark river, or even in a pool. The endless years of horror movies have made my imagination grow at such a rate, that I over think the options of my impending doom. So it is my imagination that might truly be my biggest fear. But without it we as people could never create such wonderful things! Bloodborne will be a collection of countless peoples greatest fears! I thank all the people working on this beautiful game for sharing their imagination with us. Long live fear for it is one thing that can never cease and we all feel!

  • I became a father for the first time in September. I expected to feel protective, but nothing prepares you for the realisation that you are the only thing between this tiny life that’s still learning how to breathe and the big, dark world. Those firt few weeks were especially surreal, I remember looking down at her and thinking she couldn’t possibly be real, that she must be some kind of animatronic doppelganger of my daughter. The feeling passed, but I still get jolts of panic thinking that something has happened to her, and I wasn’t there.

    A few weeks before she was born I had the most vivid nightmare. She was crawling on the floor and I was trying to pick her up to make sure she was safe. My movements were heavy and slow, as they often are in dreams, and the faster I tried to move the quicker she crawled, til it seemed like she was currying across the floor like a small animal, a rat or something. At the end she fell down a set of stairs and fell apart. Not in a bloody way, but like a box of old spare parts out of a top cupboard, just a shower of disconnected pieces that looked like they might have fitted together at some point but now bore no relationship to each other. I still feel sick just thinking about it. There’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of being unable to protect the ones you love.

  • I grew up in Papua New Guinea and all the insects there are enormous. As a small child encountering these bugs that could be larger then my hand or even a dinner plate, was usually not an enjoyable experience. In time I’ve gotten over all of these except for one.

    To this day I have a paralysing fear of cockroaches. I’ve gotten up to go to the bathroom at night and been stuck in there for 40mins cause one was on the door. Slept in entirely different rooms or just stayed awake all night. Obsessively clean anything I see them on. Just thinking about it is making my hands jitter. Just these giant hideous, flying, hissing, dark terrors of my childhood.

    I don’t understand my fear at all given they’re harmless and I was put in actual precarious situations growing up there, but its those roach buggers. I’d much rather live in a spider infested snake pit then share a room with one roach. (For the record I like spiders and snakes)

  • Trypophobia, the fear of irregular patterns of holes makes me uneasy.

    I realised I had this fear after scrolling down on Facebook and seeing an image of a dude with giant alien pimples on his shoulder. As I’m writing this I’m looking at the image to describe it to you, while a constant tingling sensation runs down my spine. The guy has this sphere buried deep within his shoulder, with large holes scattered throughout the wound. In those holes are relatively small pebble like protrusions with two eye-like indentations. Reminds me of a loofah, though i enjoy the loofah’s exfoliating qualities.

    Facing this fear would mean I can avoid ever being scared of loofah’s, I would really hate for that to happen.

    • There’s actually a name for that? I’d never heard of such a thing until recently, when my sister’s boyfriend suddenly got weirded out when I was scrolling through pictures from a holiday, and one of them featured a whole bunch of these giant seed pod things floating in the water, all full of holes on the surface facing up. Then got told yeah, he has this weird thing about clusters of circles like that. Strange 😛

    • Urgh. This is mine, too. I never felt so vindicated as I did when I found out trypophobia is so common it actually has a name. Solidarity, brother.

  • As weird as it may sound. My worst fears are waves!! They terrify me beyond belief.. It’s got to do with me nearly drowning when I was a kid…

  • I’m petrified of three things. The ocean plus sharks because jaws and needles in my veins. I refuse to swim in the ocean or go to the beach. Also had an occasion where I was in hospital and my blood pressure and signs went haywire, nurse ran to get a needle and I had zen calmed myself some how to avoid being stuck. I guess giving blood and shark cage diving would probably cause me to die instantly if they could some how occur at the same time. System shock.

  • My fear is snakes. Fuck those man. Even the tamed ones. If they don’t like the smell of you, they’ll bite. If they smell fear, they’re more likely to bite. And I can control my movements, but how am I meant to control whether or not I smell like fear? And who the fuck isn’t afraid of a deadly animal that will attack you if you’re scared? It’s an infinite cycle man. I’m scared because it’ll attack me because I’m scared. I’ve had snaked around me before. I just can’t move when they’re around me, because NO!

    Didn’t used to be this way. Snakes were cool and fun. But then we lived in Malaysia for a couple of years, and there was a giant hole in our front yard that I had to mow around. Every so often we’d just have a snake come into our yard, and we’d have to call Bomba (The Fire Department) to deal with it, while our new puppy was barking at the snake and 10 year old me was scared my dog would get bitten. When a baby snake came up our kitchen sink, we asked Bomba to find out what the fuck was going on. Turns out that hole in the yard? Went under our house, and was home to a 10 foot King Cobra mother. I don’t think it was ever killed, either, but I can’t remember.

  • Do the skeletons of long dead kings haunt your dreams? Do you sneak a peak under the bed for boogeymen before you climb under the covers at night? Do you fear the icy touch of the Reaper? Kids stuff. Superstition. What really haunts my dreams is taking bad financial advice from David Koch. Beware ye the bewitching shine of his bald head. His eyes may bear an attractive glint, but they conceal the dull stare of financial advisor so bad he’d probably have told you to invest in the Ouya as the next big console juggernaut.

    Imagine making a bad investment on a time share in Mount Buller, and ending up in debt till your 60s because you took the ill gotten advice of some trupmed up accountant turned daytime TV host. So take it from me, don’t fear trivial superstitions like walking under a ladder or crossing the path of a black cat… What you really need to fear (as I do) is the bone cold advice of Australia’s most incompetent and banal financial advisor/television personality; DAVID KOCH!

  • I’d like to confront my fear of live chickens! Don’t get me wrong, I love eating chicken, but the live chooks scare the wits out of me! It started when I was a child of three. My parents had a henhouse and one day it was my job to collect the eggs. Well the mother hen attacked me and pecked me all over my face and ever since then I’ve been scared of them, if one flies near me I scream and run away!

  • Okay, so this is a fear that has only raised its head recently, figuratively and literally… but my current biggest fear (it used to be spiders but after living in the bush, one learns to deal with constant threat of grotesque, eight-legged home intruders) is children.

    I’m a selfish bastard. I love to binge-watch shows and play Civ or Endless Legend into the wee hours of the morn. Frankly, sacrificing any more of my personal time in the name of caring for a small child is terrifying. I’m scared of the commitment and responsibility, sure, but I’m also frightened of having some small degree of resentment towards my vaginaspawn for consuming every waking hour.

    People have told me that things are different when its your own child. You don’t care so much about the little things. Wiping poopy butt is just a small footnote to your day rather than being something that leaves you a heaving, wretching mess on the floor as the smell of digested strained fruits fill your nostrils. Okay. I can buy that. Except, these same people dominate conversations at the small number of social engagements they are actually able to attend complaining about just how time they have to sacrifice ensuring that their next of kin don’t do dumbass things that even a Golden Retriever knows not to do. Touching a boiling pot on the stove? Good job, kid, you leave me with all the faith in the world for humanity’s future. Nevermind the fact that you’re six years old.

    That’s not all there is to it, though. Relatives have recently been coming home from the hospital bearing newborns. These things, these tiny worms, are horrific. They’re minute. They’re fragile. People keep trying to force them into my arms. They tell me nursing a bub is natural, something innate. My bones should know how to do it, but my bones don’t know squat. I try my best to hold these small, pink pounds of flesh, but their heads just loll about like the hula dancer on my car dash and I become acutely aware of the meter or so drop from my waist to the floor. Sure, it’s not gothic or traditional horror (excluding Demon’s Souls’ aborted monstrosities in the Valley of Defilement) but put me into a room alone with someone else’s bundle of joy and responsibility and bowel movements and I’m a gibbering mess.

  • I am shit scared of Abseiling. Tried it once on year 8 camp (this was back in 97′) and It took me over an hour to get down a wall. The instructors had to coax me into it and I started bawling my eyes out as soon as I took my first step down and begged the instructors to let me back up – which they refused. So it wasn’t a fun experience for me, but I’d like to maybe face this fear and try it again.

  • Having to set foot on the metal teeth that is the atrocity known as ‘the escalator’. The fear followed me from my childhood, into adulthood, and my parent’s still aren’t sure what exactly it was that was awful and frightening about escalators. It was just an inconvenience, a portion of time added to every outing. You’ll outgrown it, they said.

    The frighten-factor was there when I was 7, right after my mother had gone grocery shopping and we were about to set foot and lock trolley on that escalator leading down into the dark heat of the car park. And the fear was there when I was 23, standing on the top floor of a Singaporean department store, unable to even approach the terrifying teeth, with friend hurling hand-grenade expletives up at me, and my anxiety growing bigger and my heart drumming loud and my breath insufferable in my own lungs.

    ‘It’s like normal stairs, they’re the same!’ my friend yelled up at me.
    ‘I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know,’ I said, maybe to more to myself. My friend had to force me onto the escalator, grasping my arm like I was verging on senile.

    But the fear is there every time I step onto an escalator, and I’ve found it’s just as bad moving, as it is when it’s not moving — it’s dizzying.

  • what i fear most are my thoughts, my ability to take whats usually regarded as a safe situation and turn it into something disastrous, full of pain and even death. This fear was bestowed upon me by my mother who by being overprotective made me look at the worst in a situation before the fun and adventurous side. I am pretty lucky to have good friends who push me to overcome such stupid fears but I’m positive I obtain a new grey hair with each experience, but that’s just wisdom setting in right?

    My top fears though, (which after reading through the comments are extremely common I find)

    I get nauseous if looking down from a high height.

    I get vertigo looking up at things larger than myself.

    I loose a man card every time a spider enters a room.

    birds are the spawn of Satan.

    Whilst travel is probably the best way to build exp, it’s also a sure fire way to risk getting Poisoned, Paralyzed and even killed. This is why I turned to video games, so i can adventure through lands from my comfort zone. I’m not anti social, I still go outside I just fear whats beyond certain borders. I don’t really want to face my fears, I’m happy to see that prize go to someone else but a copy of the game would be grand indeed so I can explore the lands within whilst sitting in a comfortable setting.

  • I’m super terrified of the deep sea. Anytime I saw the drop off zone as a kid I would panic. Its almost completely black, you are defenceless & nopeeeee.

  • I have acrophobia (fear of heights). Well technically its the fear of falling, but whenever I am up somewhere high, my legs just turn to jelly and I get major vertigo. Whenever I go on a rollercoaster or anything that gives u that free fall feeling I just get really stressed about. Funny that I actually wanted to be a pilot when I was younger, and I thought going on a few flights in a small Cessna aircraft would help. Hell no, those smaller planes u can feel crazy turbulence with just slight wind and a mate of mine, who happened to be a flight instructor, decided to play a prank on me and do some loop d loops and barrel rolls. The experienced traumatized me. Fast forward to 2 years ago, my ex-girlfriend decided to go sky diving, and I thought I would give it a go as well, but ended up chickening out at the zero hour. People still give me crap about that to this day. So Kotaku, I would really like to conquer this fear and feel this competition is the good way to force me to do it.. I’m thinking I would finally like to try to skydive, or even a bungee jump. Thanx for reading.

  • I have a fear of being in close confinement with a hot shirtless man or men. In a posh hotel. In Melbourne. Hehe.

  • I had to think twice about this competition. Do I really want to win my phobia?

    I’ll put my hand up as another person with fear of heights, but mine is a specific fear. I freak out when I’m on man-made structures. Steel steps (the kind with gaps in between), viewing platforms, high-rise balconies. I have equal parts of fearing falling, and fearing dropping something. I have always had it, and I think it stems from a terrifying set of very open “floating” style stairs at a family member’s “modern” house in the 80s. Think all glass and gaps everywhere. No, I don’t want to go upstairs!

    I would love to conquer this fear, because I am a mummy and what better way to teach my son about being brave that by actually being brave!

    So it’s quite simple really, something like a Bridge Climb would be pretty damn terrifying for me. There might even be some tears!

    (I’d also be happy to meet the crew at the Launch party!)

  • Ah thine prodigal son has returned!

    Yes father I found the last quest rather unworthy of such a gallant Ser as mineself. Thou haveth a new quest for Ser Baron???

    Ah tis but a menial quest for once so fierce and lion hearted as yourself….

    Well out with it then..

    You must venture through the enslaved forest and face your first test, trudge through the cottonwool ball pools of terro……………..

    Wait what…………….the pools of terror…..I’m petrified of the cottonwool pools of terror, mine worst fears are realised!!!!!!!!!

  • I think one of my greatest fears is losing my mind, as someone who has almost had this happen I can say it’s absolutely stone cold terrifying. I won’t go into the circumstances here but I will say that demons came, hell was real and spiders covered every surface. People stare as if they know you and I saw little girls in empty windows.
    They say most of this happens to people around adolescence so that is probably why it came about and left soon after.
    I guess this might be why I love horror so much and facing my demons is the only cure that can think of – apart from strong medication 🙂

  • Balloons….

    I hate balloons. Im scared of balloons. You dont know when theyre gonna pop… you have to attach them to your face to blow them up… so that they can potentially pop right there in your face!

    In school my ‘friends’ knew how scared I was of balloons and tormented me with it. One went so far as to grab a balloon, take a running jump at me, and pop it whilst mid leap. Even now, at 25, I get laughed at when I give balloons, or kids playing with balloons, a wide berth.

    How can you trust a balloon?

  • My irrational fear of heights must come from being born vertically challenged. Gradually even 11 and 12 year olds are starting to tower me. I must conquer my fear by screaming from the highest structure “look at me, I’m taller than you”! at least once in my life 🙂

  • My 2 biggest fears would be insects and jump scares. I have plenty of bad insect stories like a redneck crawling up my neck while playing Crash Bandicoot or the ant that bit me on the tongue ( I may have been trying to lick it’s ass since the guide of the bush walk said it helped if you were dehydrated…) but cockroaches are by far the worst.

    I seriously think I am being hunted by assassin cockroaches for brutally killing their leader with a thong ( I might have cried since he tried so hard to keep living and it made me feel like a horrible person 🙁 ), because ever since then i have been assaulted by cockroaches who i swear to god have been trained by secret services. These guys have been doing flips off of walls, drive-by crawlings over my face and even know how to play dead when i look at them. You know in horror movies when the protagonist looks at the monster then away only to look back and find it has moved forward? That shit happens to me with cockroaches and i am way to scared to do anything about it because of my second fear which is :

    Jump scares. The idea of something giving me a little fright or startling me is beyond bearable. The paranormal activity trailer almost made me piss myself in the cinemas with my dad. Put me in front of P.T and i can’t get enough of it but get me to play Five Nights at Freddies and you will have one broken shell of a man :O

    i do want to conquer my fears, especially my horror fear to get revenge on the haunted house at surfers paradise. i went there a few years back with my family, paid money to go in and got a jump scare next to me ear in the elevator, heard some jumpy noises and went nope, fuck that and left to sit outside shaking like crazy at the thought of getting startled 🙁 HAUNTED HOUSE I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE AND CONQUER YOU!

  • I am most fearful of developing a neurological disease. Studying motor neuron disease, or MND, has made me appreciate what this disease wrenches away from people. MND is merciless and cold. It attacks the cells in your brain and spine that control voluntary muscle movement – from your limbs to your mouth, your brain no longer has the ability to interact with the body it controls. I can conceive nothing more frightening than losing the ability for your body to interact with the environment. The stress, the mental anguish, that comes from having your senses progressively and systematically shut down, without hope of recovery, makes my stomach turn. Imagine losing the ability to use your arms and legs? You don’t even think about it, if you want to go and get yourself a cold beer right now, you simply Do. But this disease takes that away from you. You can’t eat or breathe. Your arms are purely under the control of gravity, no matter how hard you think to move them. That cold beer? You can’t bring it to your mouth. You can feel it, the perspiration of it, the chill of it against your palm, but it forever remains out of reach. You are trapped inside your body – it becomes like a vestigial vessel for your mind, a mind that screams for your muscles to move, a mind that grabs a microphone, stares down your muscles and tells them “Let’s fucking move now”, but all that comes out of the speakers is white noise. The overwhelming frustration it causes for those who win the unlucky lottery is truly immeasurable. Having that trapped in feeling, would lead to some serious depression.

    This leads me to my second fear, intertwined delicately with my first: having a severe mental disorder.

    My mother had depression. She tried medication and saw a psychiatrist, but none of it helped. She killed herself because she could not get through it. A normal woman with a normal life was turned upside down. The process is very rapid and severe. It affected everyone around her, and left everyone with too many unanswered questions. To think that can happen to anyone and have such dire consequences is very scary and contributes to how this fear arose in my own mind. What goes on in the mind of someone with or without a disease? What goes on in my own mind? Those are chilling thoughts. The feelings of loneliness, depression, helplessness, insanity, deprivation and frustration all resonate too well with games like Demons/Dark souls and Bloodborne. Those games make you feel like you have a rain cloud over your head. You feel constrained and only have yourself to rely on in a dark, dank world.

  • Greatest fear, injections, needles, blood tests, for the pain they inflict when they pierce the skin and then push in even further to intensify it. It’s a lifelong fear and phobia that comes from my inner wuss and having no pain threshold. I want to face it because it’s embarrassing, more humiliating when a grown woman breaks down and cries like a baby just on seeing an injection, knowing it has my name on it and will soon be jabbed into my skin hurting me. You think this is bad, you should see what happens when they have to put a drip in my arm 🙁

  • Flying, scares the sh!t out of me wondering how planes stay up in the air (hence if I win I don’t want first prize, second prize will do). Think it stems back to Dad forcing me onto planes when I was young to go visit the mother who abandoned me, and I didn’t want to visit her hence hating the plane for making me go lol

  • Winning first prize and having to travel. I have this ‘thing’ about leaving the house for to long, I start to feel like i’m choking on the inside if I don’t get back there fearing all sorts of horrors happening like house burning down, burglars, perverts stealing the washing and so on. To travel a great distance would literally be the death of me, guess it explains my love of gaming 🙂 Have been like this always, and I don’t want to face it. I am what I am and take myself for exactly that.

  • I believe my greatest fear is not living up to everyone’s standards. Of course I have other regular fears, a somewhat irrational one of spiders and a slightly more rational fear of heights. (It IS rational to fear heights right? At least when you look down) Not knowing what I’m going to do with my life is by far the most terrifying. I’m 19 and struggling to find a job, I dropped out of year 12 with a magical idea to go to TAFE instead and to enter the games industry. Now I have half the qualifications towards digital design for games for a course I couldn’t complete, a certificate II at least gives me year 12 standards. I was always told by family that I could do anything and my teachers always told me I was smarter than what showed them through my work. I’d love nothing more than to make the best game I can with one of my closest friends, but I have to first deal with my other fear of people judging my work. I’ve never been too great working in front of others or showing them my work, I know deep down it’s a pathetic excuse to take some of the blame off myself and yet it still happens. I think personally that the fears I own are partially because of my experiences throughout my school life, I never cared to be popular and the friends I have are best I can imagine, unfortunately I was always in classes with nobody I talked to and was generally the easy one to pick on because of it. Of course I could just throw the blame on being mentally bullied but I know that some of the fault lies with never truly standing up to any of them. In understanding those fears I think I can overcome them but it doesn’t help keep you motivated when you can’t get any work. At least with the spare time I have I can play games, which let me go off into another world and forget about the troubles and responsibilities I have. Not that I forget about them entirely, I do of course constantly look for work and do my fair share in helping around the house while I don’t need to be anywhere. Half the youth allowance I get from Centrelink goes to the bills and shopping and I couldn’t be happier to pay, It’s money I don’t even deserve to have. With my PC and PS3 I have a nice collection of games from the past 7 years, Steam sales are a blessing and a curse at the same time. Unfortunately I currently have to spend the money I’ve saved on fixing my PC, and in three or so months I’ll be able to buy a PS4. At least if I can win Bloodborne I wont have to go a fortnight without having any games to play on it. I’m looking forward to playing Bloodborne, whether it be in four months or one. Either way I can’t complain, I’m at least lucky enough to have what I have. Nevertheless, here’s to winning 2nd Prize!

  • My worst fear is standing up in front of an audience. Sweating profusely at the thought of them mocking me with laughter or voicing the booing.
    My fear happened at school. A bit of a nerd, teased and bullied, the fear of rejection has never subsided. To face my fear would mean letting the bullies know that they didnt win! Having self worth and freedom to speak without hesitation!

  • My greatest fear, right now, is Bloodborne getting a review embargo. I’m not sure $3k would manage that though.

    And I’d totally be happy with 3rd place.

  • My biggest fear would have to be the dark IN complete silence. Being in the dark doesn’t bother me, its more just the silence which makes me really uneasy. I suppose it could be more of a fear of the unknown. It’s why horror games and Dark Souls II on the first run was scary as fuck for me at some parts.

  • SPIDERS. screw those guys. I have had three traumatic experiences with spiders that has caused my fear to turn into a phobia. When i think back on how i developed this fear my palms go sweaty, my heart rate rises and i get the sensation of them crawling al over me. Thanks for that Mark.

    My fear came about between the ages of 5-6. I lived in kakadu national park north of Darwin (My old man is a park ranger) and as you can imagine it gets a little bit sweaty up there, especially around the groin region. I learnt that the best way to counter this is to go commando, to allow for a bit more airflow and allow your nuts to dry.

    My first encounter occured while i was helping my dad with a controlled burn to prevent bushfires in the dry season. I was with my brother and he saw a huntsman running from the fire and tried to set it on fire with his flamethrower. He lost it on the bitument road, and while we were looking for it i felt an itch under my nuts. THATS RIGHT, THE BASTARD CRAWLED UP MY LEG AND NESTLED UNDER MY NUTS.

    About 8 months later I was boating to school (in the wet season I would have to boat for 40 minutes to get past a 100 metre stretch of road that floods to get to the school bus). While usually this is no problem, one day my head grazed a branch, dislodging a spider from it and onto my face. Clearly it was a planned attack designed to terrorize me. I sat the frozen with this huntsmen SITTING ON MY FACE, pissing my pants, wanting to jump into the water and face the crocodiles rather than have this 8 legged monster on me any longer.

    Not long after this incident we were at a friends place having a party. It was a great day, full of laughter, water bombs and merriment. But there had been a white tip spider watching my join and planning a way to ruin it. What a prick. Anyway, I was standing in the sliding doorway to the lounge room, when the devil decided to attack. In a similar fashion to the first huntsmen that my brother was trying to burn, this hellspawn ninja’d straight up my right leg and kept going until he was right up on my perineum next to Tom, Dick and Harry. I stood there and cried in front of all my friends, unable to move and too embarrassed to tell them what was wrong.

    The emotional scarring from these events is real – I have not had a nightmare since then that has not included spiders. When i walk through a web i am paralysed and spend the next 5 minutes making sure that there is no spider on me, vigorously slapping myself at the slightest itch. Needless to say, I have worn underwear every day of my life since then.

    I DO NOT WANT TO WIN THIS PRIZE. The thought of winning makes me feel sick to my stomach. I could not face my fear without trying to kill the spiders with fire. Seriously, screw those guys.

  • Well this is one time I wish I actually had some sort of weird phobia…
    But in terms of fear, for some reason I get all weak and my stomach gets squishy when I see insects with flat bodies!

    Beetles, bees, spiders, normal grasshoppers. I used to catch all of these when I was a kid, no problem. I wasn’t keen on cockroaches but I thought hey a lot of people are afraid of them so that’s pretty normal. Then this guy decided to visit my room one time.

    It is a one of those leaf bodied grasshoppers. I have no idea why I couldn’t bring myself to even walk under it to get out of the room. In the end I had to yell for my younger sister (yes…I was saved by a little girl) to bring in the vacuum cleaner. Even with the vacuum cleaner extended to its full length, I still couldn’t bring myself to aim the sucker at that green abomination…

    In the end I hid my entire body under the covers and told my sister to direct my aim…After quite a long time I finally heard the *crak crak crak* sound of the insect being sucked through the pole. Even then when I knew the grasshopper was coming right underneath my hands, I yelped and dropped the vacuum cleaner…sigh

    Of course I’ve come across them a few more times at home, to much of the same reaction…but its kind of been 15 years or so since I last saw a flat bodied insect up close…I do wonder sometimes…

  • my fear is the first impression when people meet me, i face it because i love meeting people and in order to gain confidence when studying or finding a job i need to face my fears of life and become a people person 😀

  • My greatest fear is happening right now and will be foretold in future generations. I have a banshee wife who shrieks future deeds that I should have done “Mow the backyard and Do the dishes” she demands!! But that’s not the end of the tale I have a one year old hell spawn who’s one goal is to destroy my happiness. An unrelenting hunger to destroy and chew my weapons of home entertainment. I ask of Kotaku to release my soul from torment, to be BLOODBORNE!!!

  • When I was a child, my parents would often play music on their awesome LP setup. Turntable up top, above a cabinet for their vinyls, with two large speakers connected on either side. One of my earliest memories is rocking out to Queen’s We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions in front of that thing, and it was awesome.

    But News of the World held a dark side. A sinister twist that would keep me awake at night.
    That f*$#ing robot on the album cover.

    A giant robot with a beautifully sculpted face. A haunting melancholy expression. Bloodied fingertips of a most vivid crimson. Corpses draped between fingers, and falling to the floor. On the inside art, the same robot, the same haunting expression, only now reaching through the roof of an auditorium, reaching desperately for the horrified attendees fleeing for their lives.

    The artwork is excellent, and I think that might be why it imprinted itself indelibly upon my young mind. There were nightmares, barely remembered two decades later, of fleeing from a grasping metallic hand, already bloodied by the bodies of countless innocents. Of finding myself hoisted into the air to face my horrifying fate at the hands of an inscrutable and hollow intelligence.

    As an adult, I can see the beauty and poignancy of the artwork. I no longer fear the robot, but embrace it’s terrifying nature as another aspect of my love of science fiction.

    And yet, whenever I spy that fearsome countenance, I remember the fear it once inspired in me.

    As an aside: I feel totally vindicated by the Family Guy episode ‘Killer Queen’. Stewie showed me that I’m not the only one who’s scared of that damned metal monstrosity.

  • My biggest fear is being invited into a high class hotel room where 3 lingerie clad Victoria’s Secret model, drunk on expensive champagne are waiting. When I open the door, the moody music, the low lighting, the giggles of young models, the air of expectation. And then……. I can’t perform!!!
    The horror, the horror. The collective groan of all men.
    But I am willing to have Kotaku pay for the chance for me to face this awful fear and hopefully conquer them.. I mean the it, the fear.

  • Ah jeez. Okay, so after overcoming a relatively minor fear of moving out of home, I’ve met head-on with another fear of mine. Arachnophobia. Now, klanky, I hear you say, you live in Australia my friend; the stomping ground of any spider worth their salt. What cosmic entity did you offend to be cursed with such malaligned existential circumstances? Well my verbose friend, allow me to explain. Tuesday, 4th of November, 2014. History Extension, my second last HSC examination. Tensions were high that morning, my previous exams a mixed bag. This exam could be the arbiter of my fate; giver of opportunity, or quelcher of dreams? These thoughts spun through my head as I threw myself into the Landcruiser, an almost comically overkill solution to a young students local travel needs, and anxiously undertook the nerve racking half hour struggle to the exam. My heartrate, I could feel, had already been steadily rising as I pulled up at an intersection’s red light. Great, hill start with heavy vehicle in rain and I’m at the very front of the que. Just as I was getting a hold of myself, a large, fat, sinister looking Huntsman decided now would be an ideal time to shuffle its hairy frame up from its concealed postion under the wipers, and stare at me with its menacing eyes and undoubtedly furrowed brow locked onto my terrified gaze. A shrill horn alerted me to the green light, and I fumbled with the gears in an adrenaline induced state, frantically keeping an eye on the looming underside of this hideous beast, superimposed in front of me. I stalled it. Another horn, and eyes from stopped cars glare at me and the pressure is giving me making me lose my cool. This time I make it, jumping forward and doing my very best to see past the figure of evil before my very eyes. Wet droplets on my arm alerted me to my drivers side window, partially wound down. To my friend utter horror, I was not the only one who noticed. The spider slid its way around to my side from the windshield as I haphazardly wound the window up as fast as possible. I won the race, for now, but I shivered as the little devil waited there impatiently. ”Clancy, just let me in and no harm will come of you.” I imagined it saying. “But if you don’t, by god you’ll be sorry.” Sorry, no dice. I swerved into the carpark and stopped the car. When I Iooked back, it had gone. I looked about, jumping as I felt the seatbelt rub against my leg. Panting and sweating, I stumbled out of the back, passenger side door with my handful of writing instruments and scanned the outside of the car from afar. Nothing. May god have mercy on my soul. Sprinting down to the exam room, now running late, I explained my frantic appearance to the supervisor, who, mentioned as I was sitting down, “hey look, a spider.” And caused me to freak out. The first 10 minutes of this tough exam were spent calming myself down. At the end of the exam, I refused to get back into my car until my friends helped me find and banish this satanic stowaway. And we found it, waiting for me, underneath the drivers seat. As it was tossed into the adjacent garden by my friend and we said our goodbyes, I couldn’t help but fear one thing as I reluctantly got back in the car. ‘Surely they don’t call them Huntsmans for nothing?’

    Why do I want to solve this fear? Because I fear I may pose a legitimate threat to society should this foul animal find it’s way into my car again whilst I’m driving, and there is NOTHING more emasculating then compulsively relying on waking your girlfriend up in the middle of the night to vanquish a spider from your unit and screaming when it then drops, dead or alive, into the shoe rack, or crying when a captured red back in a jar is jokingly replaced with a different, empty jar. Please Kotaku, I NEED closure or, I don’t know, a pass to the Bloodborne launch party will at least remove me from the spider onslaught at my apartment for some time!

  • My fear is that I will win first place.

    When the camera crew and the three bikini-clad models turn up, only the most astute of viewers will catch the terror in my eyes as my girlfriend and I answer the door.

    The charming domestic setting that follows will be disturbed only by one of the models making a lightning-fast hoist of her bikini bottom as my dog jumps up on her.

    Homemade lemonade for all, and as the camera is set up facing the couch, the chatter will be light and airy.


    As I take the controller and lean into each model to help her play the game, the occasional shot will flick over my shoulder to where my GF is sitting chatting with the other two girls.

    She’s being delightful, the perfect hostess – at least as perfect as you can be with two young ladies wearing a grand total of 42 square inches of fabric perched on the edge of your couch.

    However, although there is no overt cue, each and every viewer will FEEL it.

    As the minutes roll on, it will become clear.

    The lines of tension in my back.

    The imperceptible narrowing of her eyes.

    The fragile nervousness of the model’s laugh when she dies horribly.

    The awkward clearing of the cameraman’s throat.

    The fumbling of Serrels’ hands on his hip flask.

    Everyone in the room knows what is coming.

    As the final spiel is read, handshakes and fairy hugs are shared, there’s a look of pained understanding and sympathy directed to me by the visitors to my home.

    The final shot is the two of us in the doorway, my arm around her waist, her head on my shoulder.

    Then the door shuts.

    And across Australia, nay the world, a collective shudder is given.

  • when i was a child i use to have trouble sleeping because i was scarred of the dark, now i remember what i would do was slowly get my hand and have it hover up my chest as if it was someone else’s and as soon as it would get to the bottom of my fingers id have a panick attack (which made sleeping even more unacheivable) still cant deal with it and i still do it ….only if it’s dark enough 😉

  • My fear is that of heights. It came about because as a child I found myself standing on a tall building, when I looked down I thought ‘ARGHH I DONT WANNA BE HERE’, which to this day I consider a reasonable thought. But for the sake of winning a playstation and a video game im willing to put it aside and conquer that fear through jumping off a plane! ideally I would prefer to be strapped to some mechanism that helps me land gracefully, but im not fussy! please pick me! I like video games and parties and bloods and bornes!

  • My fear is going on a date with Miranda Kerr, then she asks me back to her place for coffee

    Is it for coffee, or coffee? Should I be drinking coffee late at night? Sugar or no sugar? Latte, Cap or Mocha?

    By this stage she is gone

    My real fear is using public toilets for number 2’s .. not a fan of dirty dirty toilets. Prefer the home base. Plus you can kill some awesome time with the Wii u gamepad or 3DS

  • My fear, one I’ve had since I was 6, is of aliens. Not just any aliens, but the iconic tall, grey, big eyed aliens that abduct you and do strange things to your unmentionables. It’s a dumb, irrational fear of something totally made up, but it’s seriously something that haunted me for years. Even now if I wake up halfway through the night, and my brain decides to be a particular bastard at the time, then I’ll start having paranoid thoughts suspecting any tiny sound I hear of being an actual alien just standing in the corner of my room, waiting for me to turn around and spot it.

    It’s been a long time, but I can remember the EXACT moment this fear was established. I was in a Village cinema with my parents around 1989, sitting through trailers and about to watch a movie. No idea what movie we were actually there to see but it didn’t matter in the end, because what came up during the trailer roll was a single still advertising the movie Communion (with Christopher Walken, holy shit!). It wasn’t even a trailer, it was just a single still of the film’s title, accompanied by an image of a terrifying, pale, big-eyed, tiny mouthed lump of pure nightmare fuel (by the way, I hope whoever queued that up before a kids film is getting a serious karma-kick to the balls right about now).

    The thing is, at the time I had absolutely no reaction to the image. I just stared at it silently, letting it seep into my subconscious until it was gone, and we went on the watch the movie. It was only later that night that I was finally in bed that it came back to me. A nightmare that still remains so vivid to me today where there was absolutely nothing, pure blackness, a void. Then out of the void, a face appeared. THAT FACE. It was all I could see, silently staring at me, almost smirking. It didn’t move, it didn’t do or say anything, but something about it felt so unnatural and sinister that I was paralysed with terror. As expected I woke up, lost my shit and ran to my parents. That nightmare ended then, but ever since it’s been a true mission to stop myself from cautiously looking down dark alleys, into shadowed corners and dark rooms with a cold sweat, half expecting that bastard face to be in the darkness, silently looking back at me.

  • Huntsman, and here’s why:

    When I was a kid, one crawled over my face as I lay on the ground. Then when I was a teenager, one bit me on the hand.

    I’m 33, so I’ll be starting a family soon – and I can’t keep spending the agonising hour+ it takes me to get rid of one that appears on my wall, because (as anyone who lives in Sydney knows) they won’t stop coming every summer. I need to be able to set a better example for my future kids.

  • In my life, the fear I grappled with the longest was being eaten by Gollum from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings novels.

    When I was 5-years old, my parents let me watch an old animated film called J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings on VHS tape. The 1978 American fantasy film, directed by Ralph Bakshi of “Fritz The Cat” infamy, used a hybrid of traditional cel animation and rotoscoped live action footage … for freaky, child psyche-scarring results.

    The film starts out with a brief prologue of the history of Second Age of Middle-earth, with tons of dudes getting stabbed up and Gollum totally strangling some guy and shrieking at Bilbo. This is played out by actors in silhouette against a fiery, blood red backdrop. It’s all pure nightmare material for a 5-year old from then on.

    The creepiest thing about Gollum in the animated film, besides his hideous brown and gnarly appearance, was his voice. High-pitched and grating, it was provided by UK actor Peter Woodthorpe (who later provided the English dub for Pigsy in “Monkey Magic”).

    For a solid year, I’d sleep with my Spider-Man bed covers pulled up over my head, no matter how hot it was at night, so Gollum couldn’t grab me. For a couple of years after that, I’d just have them tucked firmly around my neck and make sure there was a weapon (cricket bat, tennis racquet, etc) within reach. On and off afterwards, I’d have dreams about Gollum lurking under my bed like a big black insect and grabbing at me. The worst part about those dreams was that they didn’t feel like dreams … I’d just be laying there reading a book or something then BAM! Gollum drags me under the bed.

    I never really faced my fear, I just outgrew it. But these kind of things do tend to lurk in your subconscious, skittering away in the back of your mind. Actually confronting your fear and kicking it right in the nuts is an important step towards growing as a person.

    To that effect, there are two ways I can think of to confront my personal demon:

    1) I fly to England and fight actor Andy Serkis, who played a less scary version of Gollum in Peter Jackson’s more recent Middle Earth films. Unfortunately, Peter Woodthorpe passed away in 2004 at the age of 72, so I will never be able to punch him in the nose. Serkis will just have to do.

    2) I rewatch J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray on a large screen with surround sound.

    I have yet to make a decision.

  • Im soo afraid of heights…like if i win im gonna have to walk down two steps to leave my house and that is a bloody mission. I realised i had it wen i went on a mini coaster (MINI) nd cried my eye balls out. I MUST overcome my fear as im pretty good parkour but since im afraid of heights taking risks is IMPOSSIBLE.

  • I’m finishing up a Games degree in Melbourne.
    I probably haven’t networked enough.
    I haven’t learned enough marketable skills.
    I know enough about the industry to pretty much say I’m not good enough.

    I’m petrified of finishing and not coming out with anything but a useless piece of paper.
    Of falling into a day job that barely supports my family and that I hate.

  • My biggest fear is spiders..typically,it is the little eyes,the hairy legs,the fact theres so many…!my fear is actually quite rational I think lol.growing up in far north qld as a kid,we have these spiders,called Bird eating,with a name like that,you would be correct in assuming its a huge ass spider that eats huge ass animals,actually bigger then itself.this spider eats birds it entangles in its net,lizards,theres even film of it eating a snake!and no,not a lil baby one,a big snake!so I’m 6yo,out the back of Mossman where we lived,and its getting near dark,so moms calling us kids and we’re going a minute,we just gotta finish playing,yeah yeah we’re coming!but instead of running inside(to the warmth and safety of a bird eating spider free home)we run further into the bush,for 5minutes play before mom comes out and whoops our sister and brother start chasing me,always ganging up on me,I’m scared they”ll catch me cos they”ll rough me up a lil all in the name of I run blindly,into the bush..running running,until suddenly,something hits my face,in a classic “clothesline move”I’m nearly lifted off my lil scrawny face is sticky and I can hardly breathe,I feel like there’s a stocking wrapped round my face…I put my hands up to pull this soft weird film off my face and realise…it’s a BIRD EATING SPIDERS web!!?!i couldn’t breath,or escape fast enough,all I could picture was this huge,probably as big as my lil 6yo head spider,rushing towards me to eat my face off and cocoon me lol…I ripped that web off and escaped in under a second I think,but it felt like a sister and brother found me crying running home,where all night,after finally falling into a fitful sleep,I woke up crying,unable to breath,stuck in that web,with bloody spiders coming to eat me..ever since,even little ones make me cringe and my breathing becomes very laboured hahaha 🙂 and now,walking in the bush,I can hardly manage without hyperventilating because of all the spiders lol.

  • Fear of blood. I was having blood taken around age 16, the nurse messed up getting the clip into my arm. Blood starts leaking out me like air out of a punctured tire. Goes all over me, the nurse, the chair. I blacked out when I noticed it puddling on the floor. I still can’t watch those shots in movies where they show someone injecting something, and blood pushes back into the syringe. I fainted at a wrestling match when someone got cut on the turnbuckle. I wonder what would happen in an emergency if I had to staunch someone’s wound – could I keep it together, or would I collapse in a heap while they bled out?

  • My greatest fear is to be stuck in a fish market overnight or similar place. Or to be forced to have to eat seafood in order to survive.

    I really really REALLY hate seafood and that includes absolutely anything that lives in the ocean or rivers etc.

    You want to see someone vomit his own stomach up with not so much as a whiff of that stuff? I’m your guy.

    Want to traumatise me for the rest of my life and know that I will die with none but the memory of that event? Just throw a prawn at me.

    Want to see a 35 year old man curl up in the fetal position in convulsions as he chokes on the bile gushing from his mouth? Gonna need a bucket for that one.

    Want to see me claw my bloody fingernails apart trying to get out of my fishy prison predicament? I also do chalk boards.

    Want to know what it’s like to completely break a person and see them crumble into a pile of wasted memories for tears at your feet? You sick bastard. And I’ll be thinking just that as I stare into your cold, dark, soulless eyes while I suffer.

    Want me to remember you forever?

    Now my greatest fear is that you would choose me just to see me go through the most horrible period in my life. Even if it were only minutes, I’d still want to die. Well, at least during those few minutes.

    So please don’t pick me for first. Not that that was ever a possibility, but seriously don’t. I live in a galaxy far far away and would much prefer a brand new PS4 with a kick arse game instead:)

  • Okaaaaaaaaaay. Here we go.

    My biggest darkest fear would be the big ol’ blue ( that’s the ocean for you folks playing at home).

    Ever since I can remember, I have been deathly afraid of deep, unknown water, and it all started with Ecco The Dolphin. See what I thought was a happy, joyful game about dolphins, was actually a terrifying adventure involving way too many sharks and DEEP, UNKNOWN WATER!

    It doesn’t end at old mate Ecco, I cannot swim underwater in any game. I realised how much of a problem this was for me when I could not even swim underwater in Mario ’64. Basically, any game that takes me underwater, I’ll never play once I get up to that point.
    I may or may not have bought the game Endless Ocean just to see if I could brave it, well? Yeah no, no I couldn’t.

    Recently I started playing Shadows of the Colossus, that was, until I realised there’s a giant catfish that I have to battle.. Now, unless someone does that part for me, I won’t play it. I also stopped playing GTA V when I was asked to find a submarine, and now I SO BADLY want to play and finish Majora’s Mask, but can anyone guess how that story will end? Gotta be underwater? Can’t play it! Most people think I’m being ridiculous when I tell them how I feel, which is even more embarrassing.

    I desperately need to get over this. I’ll never be able to finish some of my favourite games just because I’d have to go underwater. How ridiculous is that!?

    The ocean is so beautiful and fascinating, why am I soooo scared of it!?

  • Being stuck in a set of tunnels with no idea how I got there and how to get out, the only hint is from the sound of nails scratching along the walls. Chills my god damn spine every time… F***ing finger nails man…

  • I fear the wrath of my beloved wife, who will no doubt find much displeasure in the many, many hours i will sink into bloodbourne in my attempt to achieve the zen state required to speed run it.

    Kotaku will enable me to face my fear by providing me the tools (ps4 + game) required to risk her ire.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  • Im a stay at home dad and look after two boys, however due to hospital negligence ive just spent 6 months in hospital and two months at home learning to walk again. My greatest fear is that the feeling in my legs will never return and ill be stuck in this wheelchair forever. That and the possibility that i could still die on any given day.

  • I have the rational fear of being eaten alive and dying from some horrible disease such as dysentery also im somewhat of a perfectionist so i will have to beat every boss with my fists and not take a single hit and im always scared of jump scares and being abandoned by my family and friends also cities in general I find my self totally relating to famous youtube personality fitzthislewitz except that im not scared by women

    from what ive seen in the game i can tell you its full of man eating werewolves and diseased Londoners (Londoners are scary enough on there own but when you know they are trying to kill you and have horrible diseases you cant imagine my fright the mere thought sends shivers down my spine) also the game is filled with jump scares and fat people (another one of my fears is Americans) also this game is set in a city filed with urban violence so this game looks like the scariest thing since outlast

    also im a big rpg fan skyrim being my GOTY every year and ive heard that the souls games (and bloodborne of course) are hard as hell and will make me want to kill myself and that i will rage quit at least once so im eager to try one just havnt had the time to play anything besides skyrim and dragon age Inquisition so i think myself a prime candidate

    My goodness how terrible are they?!
    The fear started when I was a young lad about the age of 3 or 4. My dad was building our house and since I was too young for kindy and mum was working, I was usually brought with dad to hang out at the new place. I was just cruisin’ around the fence between our place and the neighbours like youths’ tend to do when all of a sudden…BEE ATTACK!! I had cruised over to the only tree in the yard and luck would have it, the tree would have a immaculate hive resting on a branch. I’m told that I only had about three stings in total, but that totally justifiable fear has stuck with me to this day. Even now I will cross the road when I see a couple buzzing in a garden.

    I want to face this fear because life is too short to be affected by insects.

  • My Greatest fear is the dark. Now you could say its a very cliché fear but to me its all too real its not that iim afraid of the dark with people but when im alone im terified now i could blame watching horror movies (wich doesnt help) but i started and havent stopped being afraid of the dark since i was a kid and i would have visions of this human like creature that had long greasy black hair and id think it was a normal person then it would jolt up and it apeared to have no skin and hardly any meat on them at all i would hide under my covers and it would disappear i havent seen that vision since i was 10 but to this day when i go for walks alone i would see a short round shadow and then double take and it wasnt there i would also see child holding a red and blue baloon and id double take again and shed be gone now these things last a few secounds where im scared for those secounds then not think about it especialy now that it has happend several times i am 19 now and being in the dark alone still frightens me so much most nights i quickly turn off the lights and run to my bed across the room and turn on my phone so it can produce some light and i use my phone to light up the room to make sure theres nothing there and then i hide under my covers and try to take my mind off it.

  • Fear,

    Fear and respect were earned rightfully by a grueling and punishing 450 million years of evolution. Like humans strive to create the most effective weaponry be that physical or with words sharks have been refined by nature to become the most successful predator in the ocean. I respect them but even as an apt swimmer i fear deep down that immediate pain, the pain that comes from no where and creates no sound, just a serrated steel clamp closing around my upper thigh. I can feel my femoral artery choke as a write this.

    Being dragged further down into an element hostile to us at depth all the while hoping that you could just drown, toss aside the will to live just to stop the pain, but unfortunately at a time like that you have no control over this. Your body holds oxygen, your blood gets fed oxygen and it spills and by that time 450 million years of honing in on scent means that it’s not just one pair or jaws ripping at your tear-able flesh any more.

    It’s still so dark and your muscles are in shredded pieces lying around your bones, i am not sure how long you would survive, maybe a few minutes without oxygen. The surface is out of reach and has become just a lighter shade of black, your spine as been bent and snapped so you can no longer move in any which direction. That light shade of surface hope starts to shade further into black. you start to forget and then you die.

  • Since i was kid,
    I have been frightened of being outside at night when i can see the dark sky peering down on me.

    My greatest fear is being left alone in a giant open field with no civilization to be seen, just me and the vast universe (and whatever may be hiding in the abyss, invisible to the human eye).

    You see, my parents told me at a young age about the time they and around fifteen others saw a UFO hovering above the football fields at Batemans Bay (roughly thirty years ago now).
    They had just had dinner at the Bowling Club opposite said fields and were in amazement of the gigantic hovering silver metallic cigar.
    My Dad ran inside and called as many people out to the car park as possible and was yelling “quick get a camera” in a panic.
    My Mum stayed outside and was lucky enough to see this fifty meter noiseless craft ascend straight up and disappear within a couple of seconds.

    She believes to this day it could not of been made by humans.

    Not too frightening i know, but since the time i first heard this story (which has never changed over all these years) i have had the strange sense that they are watching me when i am outside at night.
    Simple things like walking from my car ten meters to open my door for example can seem like a lifetime, i don’t let my kids watch the stars without me (like i could protect them anyway).

    Possibly it is only paranoia?

    I guess knowing/sensing things perhaps i shouldn’t know has painted a target on my back, i can say for sure they at the very least enjoy my fear of them.

    Hopefully telling my story will have no ill effects.

    I need to face this fear of being of outside at night, so i can take my kids camping or most importantly so i can feel safe whilst heading to my garage (man cave) to play video games.

    I mean imagine playing Bloodborne alone at night in a garage with the TV the only source of light…..

  • My fear is moths…i honestly don’tknow how or why but god damn even writing it has me sweating…i freeze up and within seconds i am sweating shaking and almost in tears…i want to face my fear because i am now the father of 2 beautiful girls and i am worried my fear will be passed onto them, andi want them to see their daddy face his fear so i can show them no matter how bad it feels inside if you face your fears you can conquer them…thanx for letting me share this

  • My biggest fear was borne out of an allergy that I have to eggs. Yeah eggs.
    It was 1994 and a year 12 muck up day. A typically rowdy group of 12ers were on one side of the quadrangle and we were on the other side. Now i’ve known that I couldn’t eat eggs for years but it wasn’t until this day that I realised I couldn’t even touch them. So there I was minding my own business then WHAM. Egg to the side of the head. It wasn’t until 40 minutes later that the left hand side of my head started to resemble a blind roofer’s thumb with a ridiculous amount of swelling. Long story short I had to walk home with said enlarged face – through a shopping centre as a shortcut alarming all manner of children and parents thinking there was an ‘Elephant Man School’ somewhere in the area – and had a 40 minute shower to try and get the swelling down. Nowadays, I can’t cook if it even has a egg in the ingredients and up until a few years ago didn’t even have a birthday cake. I have eaten more Vienettas as birthday cakes than you know.

  • I never really had any huge fears growing up, or any that carried into my adult life, but my biggest fear as an adult actually began with a video game…

    I have an fear of open water, and being out of my depth, that all begun with Crysis 1’s shark.

    Beginning with Crysis 1 and carrying across to Assassins Creed II and IV (The Kraken), I now have 10 hours clocked on Stranded Deep without diving for a single shipwreck, and I haven’t gone diving in real life since.

    I also dread to imagine what $3000 could achieve towards this fear… NOPE!

  • Moths. Those things creep me out more than anything. I can’t even be in the same room as one without knowing where it is.

  • My fear is becoming complacent in life and settling for what I’m doing now. If I had the opportunity, I would enrol in university and study my passion, knowing that there’s a chance it won’t support my partner and I in life.

  • For longer than I care to remember I have been absolutely petrified of heights, a common fear no doubt, but a terrifying one none the less. Surely some of you have experienced the inexplicable urge to jump from a tall place, peculiar isn’t it? Almost overwhelming in its magnitude. One moment you can be safely perched on a ledge; a cliff or the balcony of a tall building, perhaps an airplane. The next you could be plummeting to what will surely be certain death.

    The French call this phenomenon ‘L’appel du vide’ –roughly translated to ‘the call of the void’ – but I feel this doesn’t quite describe my experience. My urges are compounded by feelings of intense vertigo, sensations of whirling or dizziness, objects in my peripherals zoom in and out. It nearly always happens in slow motion – time freezes that moment for what seems like an eternity. The void calls to me. I want to jump – I NEED to jump. The only reason I could offer you is ‘just because’, something larger is obviously going on here and I want to find out what. Perhaps I want to know what my mind will teach me in the penultimate second to death. Surely I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) risk my life to experience such a moment, and yet, the urge is real. I need to satiate my fear. I need to jump.

    But maybe I’m not scared of heights; maybe I’m scared of falling. I’ve jumped from 3-15m cliffs into water, bungee jumped from 45m into a pool while on vacation in Bali (for the daredevils amongst us, they had an option where they will light you on fire and let you bungee into the water – Crazy, right?). I’ve also skydived in Canberra, terrified for the entire experience until we touched down on the ground. Maybe I need to be in control; to learn that I have what it takes to throw myself into the unknown and come out the other side unscathed. And yet the only way to truly know is to throw myself over the edge.

    All my life I’ve wanted to jump from planes. My dream is to one day be a Tandem Skydiving instructor / Jump master but first I must conquer my fear. Maybe my dad threw me too high when I was a baby and didn’t quite make the heroic catch he expected too, Your guess would be as good as mine. I want to be Bourne again, anyone can reach their destination, but how many can conquer their demons with such exuberance, speed and style? I NEED to be born again, but it won’t be in blood. Not this time.

    My only solution is to jump. Again, and again, and again. There are several places that offer skydiving ‘A’ licence around Sydney for $2000-3000 – where you do 9 jumps with instructors and 6 solo. This is the way I plan to conquer my fear, but I can’t go it alone. Please, Mr. Serrels, be my old man with the wooden sword , so I may rid the valleys of my mind from this evil.

  • my ultimate absolutely freakiest fear and i dream about this it creeps me out, is being left alone in a corn field and in the distance amongst the corn is see a sadistic looking clown with a axe..chasing me through the corn…it scares the hell outta me.. i hate clowns

  • Bashed and left bloodied when aged 7, leaving me terrified and with the blues,
    Going to wildlife parks or out in the wild left me with issues,
    Unable to face these monsters, even at sanctuaries or zoos….
    Now I want to show my son, I’m not afraid of those damned Kangaroos!

  • Birds, I was bitten by a duck. It’s impossible to avoid them and I’m tired of walking the long way around a pack of pigeons!

  • 1. Creepy crawlies
    2. Losing loved ones
    3. Forgetting to save game progress
    4. Public speaking
    5. Christopher Walken in Sleepy Hollow

  • Well my fear is being afraid of the unknown in the darkness. For example not long ago me and a mate decided to go for a hike at night in the forrest of Dunn swamp, We were walking in pitch black darkness up a mountain trail when we halted….THUMP,,THUMP,,THUMP,,THUMP????!!! Our hearts racing and imagination conjuring up all sorts of dark things it could be. We agreed it’s a yeti and decided to turn back and get back to our camp site as soon as possible. We be quiet and silence……..we keep walking,THUMP,’What was that’? We stop and hear the same noises THuMP..THUMp…..THUMP…..THUMP which feel uncomfortably too close to our proximity. I am freaked out by yeti creatures and i have seen a nature doccumentry that they apparently exist in the within The Blue Mountains of Australia. I would like to go where these stories helm from and vanquish my fears sooo that i can feel unstoppable.

    Hairs standing on the back of my neck even just thinking of winning yet excitement comes seeping in…which one will win????? I’m up for the challenge and fear….ooooooohh OOOOOHHHH YEAAHHH BABBBYY!!! haha That’s my reality Bloodbourne! 😮

  • Second post, not sure if that’s ok but in case no-one has said this yet… BURIED ALIVE! That would be terrifying even if you knew you would be rescued. I imagine it is a testable hypothesis. As for why: you aren’t dead!! but you ARE being buried. Nooooooo. See Kill Bill vol. 2

  • My fear is of sharks especially when swimming at night. Stingrays also, last time camping at beach with kids. Kids were paddling in shallow water and this massive stingray darted straight for us, never seen anything move that quickly. Lucky for us some guys further along the beach were screaming out to warn us and we made it out just in time. Spiders to, never recovered after seeing arachnophobia, such ugly mean looking things they are.

  • My Greatest fear: Being stranded in some kind of survival situation with nothing to rely on but my own skills. Simply put: I have no idea what I’m doing. Now I know what you may be thinking, how is it possible that a gaming wizard such as myself that has mastered survival adventures such as Tomb Raider, Minecraft, the first 20 minutes of Demon’s Souls and Fallout: New Vegas (on hardcore mode too I might add, as if you weren’t impressed enough already) is unable to fend for himself while out in the bush or some kind of strange desert island setting without the aid of a spirit guide or mermaid sex companion? AND YES BEFORE YOU ASK, the top half needs to be a fish! How else will she catch me my food, have you ever tried to grab a fish with your bare hands? It’s impossible! Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I suck at survival IRL, and getting stranded by myself (or with Mark, unless he turns out to be a Bear Grylls/Mermaid survival type genius) would be an utter nightmare.

    This fear originated when I was a young lad of 14, going on my first bushwalk in high school. I was more or less left behind by the rest of the group after going to relieve myself in some bushes. While I was only by myself for about 30 minutes I was beset by genuine terror, I knew what was coming, I had seen that part in the Lost World where Peter Stormare gets eaten by 100 tiny dinosaurs, plus as I was walking around a tree totally creaked and made me think that somewhere there was a cloaked Predator stalking me. Since then I’ve always avoided outdoors activities as much as possible. I’ve never been camping or hiking or anywhere that involved getting off a pathway.

    Why should I face this fear though? Well I believe the reasons are twofold: Until now I had conveniently forgotten about outdoor adventuring/survival phobia but who honestly knows when you may get thrown in to some kind of Hunger Games or even zombie apocalypse type situation where survival skills and experience is the number 1 factor of making it out alive. The second reason is pretty simple: dat ps4. (and also that book tin from the bloodborne nightmare edition would look amazing on my shelf).

  • My husband is deathly afraid of snakes. Just the thought of them makes him shudder. If I even mention snakes at night it’s a guaranteed formula for insomnia. He even made us leave Werribbe Zoo on a recent outing due to signs that warned of potential snake encounters. Upon sighting them he turned, about face, and walked straight to the car. There was no getting him out.

    But here’s the thing: he loves gaming. Or, perhaps, obsession is a better word. If he could marry the concept of gaming I’d be gone in a heartbeat and he’d be loving it up with the Princess Peach and Commander Shepard (among others).

    I want to test him. Because, honestly, I believe if the reward was big enough he’d walk through a pit of slithery serpents to attain gaming glory. Maybe we’ll find out.

  • Read in Rod Serling’s voice: “Imagine if you will, a man constantly caught between two worlds. Never asleep, never awake, he exists in a state of limbo. Some know it as insomnia, others know it as the dream world. But in fact it is really [pause for effect]…The Twilight Zone!”

    [Exposition for the next two paragraphs, feel free to skip.]

    So intro narration aside, I have had the fair share of sleep issues over the years. Everything from chronic fatigue to insomnia to recurring nightmares – lots of fun. This means that I spend an unhealthy amount of time in a half awake state – a kind of twilight zone. It all started with me getting quite ill in high school – nothing too serious but enough to be stuck at home for about 6 months. My sleeping was screwed then, I fell into chronic fatigue and mild depression and never really fully recovered. As my doctor of the time said: it will never go away but you will learn to deal with it better as time passes.

    The general trend these days is that I simply won’t be able to sleep solidly for long periods of time, then get smacked oversleeping for 3-4 days, waking up feeling terrible because of the crazy dreams I’ve been having. Every doctor I have seen gives similar feedback: schedule, exercise – diet which I’ve tried to keep up – or I’ve been shooed off with a prescription leaving me in a drug induced version of the aforementioned limbo.

    I guess my biggest fear with this is actually biting the bullet and going to see a sleep specialist and finding out what is going on. Partially because I am worried that it might not exist, and partially because I might find out that there isn’t much I can do but deal with it like I was told all those years ago.

  • My fear has always been sharks, great whites in particular. My fear came about when i was a teenager, friends and myself used to go spearfishing off a place in Cronulla Sydney. Its called Shark Island for a reason, there were only ever small harmless sharks (wobbigong sharks) settled on the bottom. The island is probably about 200 metres off shore for memory. We would usually go spearfishing nearly every weekend there. It was a weekend i was out there alone and that was when i was confronted with a different type of species to the wobbingong shark. I’m still not sure what shark it was to this day, most probably a bull. I was petrified i watched it swimming probably about 20-30 metres away and lost sight of it. I turned back for shore, probably being about three quarters the way off i never looked back however i kept vision in front of me. i made it to shore without incident, i couldn’t see the shark but wasn’t going back in and never have been back in spearfishing in that spot since. This brings me to facing my fears, a work colleague of mine went diving with great whites off Port Lincoln, out off Adelaide. He’s spent time trying to convince me in the past that it’s a definite bucket list tick off, however i couldn’t see my self doing it. I think doing it would conquer my fear for sharks. But have never had the opportunity to do it..

  • Being underwater in a shark cage, surrounded by sharks. I have this terrible, recurring nightmare that I’m in a cage being lowered further and further into the dark and I accidentally let a hand or a foot slip out. The shark bites it off, and I have no way of telling the boat to hoist me back up!

  • My greatest fear is water I can’t see the bottom of. Sometimes this extends to water in general. The genesis of this fear is simple childhood phobia lasting into adulthood. When I jump into a swimming pool – and close my eyes – I often have a panic fuelled adrenaline rush because I half expect to surface in the middle of the ocean with no hope of rescue. That movie where people get stuck after jumping off their yacht without putting the ladder down. That is my nightmare.

    This is clearly a horrible phobia to have as most of the planet is this amazing underwater environment begging to be explored. I live the idea of diving in reefs and shipwrecks – as I’m a history nut – but at this point I would be shitting the proverbial bricks the entire time.

    If Kotaku helps me get over this fear, and literally unlocks over half the world for me to explore, my gratitude would know no bounds and I would clearly have to share all of the ensuing adventures with everyone in great detail.

  • I don’t think there are really words that explain how I feel about clowns. I wouldn’t strictly describe it as ‘fear’ I don’t think they are going to hurt me. Also – I’m not scared of those depressed looking ‘bum’ clowns that tend to freak most people out. I just hate the garden variety children entertainer clowns.

    I guess that maybe the best way to describe my fear is as a deep disgust reaction. Clowns are filthy germ ridden creatures. If you were to touch one, you’d probably get some sort of exotic illness like the black death. Also, I am sure that clowns drink their face paint mixed with whisky. If you get close, they smell strongly of whisky, with a hint of vomit and the tears of children.

    Normal people do not become clowns. A normal person does not wake up one day and decide to paint a big smile on their face and act like a happy idiot. That is the act of someone crying out for help.

    My fear of clowns is so deep I have fairly terrifying, but probably false, memories of clowns tormenting me as a small child. One particularly vivid memory (which I’m fairly certain never happened) was a visit by a clown magician at my preschool. It was all well and good, until the clown did a trick where he opened his bag, and it was filled with the underwear of little girls. All the little girls around me started screaming, because it was THEIR underwear. Indeed, the pre-school teacher had to take them to the little girls room to put their underwear back on. That can’t have happened right? Oh god I hope that never happened.

    Anyway – not sure I can face this fear. But if I can, I guess the obvious (hilarious thing to do) would be to make me go to clown college or something. Become the monster, so to speak.

  • I have a huge fear of being under water you wouldn’t catch me in a snorkel suit submarine or anything under water major fear of drowning. Also claustrophobia I would never go in an underground mine I can’t even watch movies where people are stuck in coffins I start hyperventilating

  • My fear is seeing my dead fathers head under my bed as a little girl. I don’t know exactly how,but I know it looked real in colour. I would like to face my fears so I can sleep safely at night.

  • Biggest fear needles
    so much so i didnt have a single one during pregnancy as it was deemed unsafe due to my extreme reaction of hyperventilating, blacking out and running off and at 10 hid up a tree for 6 hours trying to avoid one, only to be caught by father, restrained by 5 people and yet still managed to break an arm free and break the drs nose

    Needs fixing, i mean what happens if i or my child gets sick and needs them constantly
    help me face the bloodsuckers

  • My worst fear are Spiders, huntsmans to be exact. They scare me so much that if I find one in my room that I do google searches on how to kill them.

    This one time I was in my room and getting change and once somehow got into my clothes draw and found its way into the t-shirt that I was going to wear and stupid me didn’t see it. So I put the shirt on and I feel something moving around in my shirt. I reach back into my shirt (while I was wearing it) and feel something. I automatically knew it was a spider and I start screaming and couldn’t sleep for the next 3 hours because it ran under my bed.

    I want to over come this fear because I sometimes get made fun of being an adult and still scared of spiders. 🙁

  • My biggest fear is not winning a copy of bloodborne 🙁 I want to win a goddamn competition for once in my life.

    I want to live Kotaku, please just let me live!

  • Fear of needles. It just feels so odd. I think I got the fear since one time I was getting blood tests, they just kept missing my veins and I got stabbed like 5 times before they were done! D:

    Giving blood is something I’ve always wanted to do but have always been too freaked out just before I go in. Would be willing to do it if I got that sweet first prize though! Haha

  • My true is being somewhere I am unfamiliar with at night, as I am constantly thinking about what could be lurking around the corner (I’ve played too many games and seen too many movies..) I thought this could be accomplished by say leaving myself and whom ever else needs to be there in a creepy looking building, like a house or even an office building with many corridors and lack of working power as this would fuel my imagination with ideas about what is behind each corner, under each table but this fear would hopefully eventually be rationalised with a constant exposure to the situation. However if you wanted to add special flickers of power or random shadows for an easy jump scare and making a funny video, feel free 🙂

  • I am petrified of snakes, my mum had one in her house when I was a teenager. Ever since that happened I can’t even walk into a room without being on snake alert. Maybe I need to hold a snake and hope to goodness it doesn’t bite me.

  • Fear is LIZARDS! growing up in a small hot country nsw town, one day in high school i had a massive blue tongue lizard make home in my school backpack where it was insulated (silly me must of left bag open)….anyhow after sport i picked up my backpack went to my next class – i open my bag and YIKESSSS the blue tongue lizard was there i practically had it in my hands – i screamed so loud you would of heard me in space ….and ever since i have developed a fear of lizards – i cant stand them – scarred for life! That is FEAR!!!

  • My fear is (I kid you not): airplane toilets !!!!

    It all started in my younger rebellious years. I used to travel overseas frequently back when I was living in China in the South East Asian regions. Nature called during my the flight to Singapore, so I triumphantly ran to the onboard toilets, dodging flight attendants and other passengers (by the way it was my first time I went to the toilets alone). So I did my business and pressed the button that flushed the toilet. I expected a normal low to mid-volume “Phlushhhh” sound, like how it sounds at home” but instead a monstrous high pitched PHLUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! came out of the urine and feces transporter. It sounded like a dam exploded and as if it was trying to suck the whole airplane into its tiny blackhole. Even when I put the toilet cover down it sounds the same but a bit muffled but still menacing.

    I want to overcome because I can’t hold it in for an 4 hour flight (if I do my bladder will burst like Abe Simpsons’). I also don’t want to make a scene by running out screaming from the airplane toilets on my next flight. I also don’t want to let it mellow if its yellow – especially not on an airplane toilet.

    So please Kotaku and Mark Serrels pimp my fear!

  • I would imagine true fear for most of is the unknown, for most of us that would be darkness. At night we sleep comfortably in our rooms in the dark, but we don’t worry because it is familiar space. True fear for me would be in the dark in an environment that is completely foreign to me. My true fear would be Scuba diving at night time. Not being able to see in front of myself, feeling with my hands while the current is pushing me left and right. Maintaining sanity in that environment would be difficult.

  • Another intense fear of mine are Meerkats… all spotty and stripy standing on their hind legs pretending they are looking out for danger -no don’t be fooled – they are planning world domination through cuteness and guerrilla tactics (you really think the others are cowering in their caves underneath the lookout meerkat? No – they are designing attack plans and building pants-ladders to get up trousers and dresses so as they can attack humanity right where we are weakest! They invented Stocking ladders for this purpose! I have come across this fear when I was pushed into a meerkat pit at a zoo when I was 2 yrs old – they took me in thinking I was also a meerkat (I had very long and stripy hair as a toddler) and as I learnt the way of the meerkat I realised thay arent just cuteness and happiness, no they are dictatorial maniacs hell bent on getting a Meerkat in the Whitehouse through trouser subterfuge!! You think thats a GUN in Obama’s pants??

    I wish to face this fear by dressing up as a meerkat and infiltrating their devious organisation again and thwarting their evil trouser and up the skirt shenanigans once and for all! Resist the meerkat!

    Now where is my aluminium hat 😀

  • Bloody sharks! Small children should not watch JAWS, as an adult and lover of snorkeling , I now fear a silent monster will get me whilst I’m in the water. Kinda doesn’t mix well with snorkeling and spear fishing to be shit scared of being eaten.

  • The most scaring thing it’s a freedom at least for me. The way to freedom and to be free. It’s hard to imagine, but in real life most of us (including me) choose easy way and it leads not to freedom. Some feeling deep inside me prevent me from action to what really my soul want. It’s difficult to resist it.
    But on the other way it’s scare to be free. When I’m imagining what to be free. I realize that’s some part of me don’t want it. Because it’s really scare to see unlimited unique choices that lies before you and lightning in the dark.

    I don’t know how this fear comes maybe it was always be with me.

    Why I want face it? Because I really want to be myself.

    Thank you for reading this ^^
    Good luck!

    Welcome to the dream hunter. Now it is your turn. Be hunter or be hunted. The choice is yours. After all, whatever you decided, it’s just an illusion. The most important question is: do you still scare? If so, don’t be afraid, death is only the beginning. Hah hah hah…

  • I have a fear of diving/snorkelling in open water, I’m fine at the surface, but the moment I’m submerged, every movie involving unknowns from the deep start racing through my mind, my heart races, I get the shakes as I start having a panic attack.

  • My fear is having $3000 to go on another Lego shopping spree, because if I had all the sets I’ve been craving, I would then have to buy and put together more IKEA glass display cases for them to sit for all eternity in, and the mind numbing pain of putting together IKEA furniture is the equivalent of being forced to listen to Nickelback albums, or being eaten by 10 rabies filled zombies. (Though I still think I’d prefer to be eaten by rabies filled zombies, then have to listen to Nickelback.)

  • I have ‘Pithecophobia’ a very REAL fear of ‘monkeys’…their horrid little piercing eyes, teeth that wanna rip out your jugular and rancid smelly fur! To conquer it….either seeing REAL monkeys (anywhere in the world), or even someone in a monkey suit would probably do the trick 🙂

  • My fear is drowning. It came from living on the coast and getting caught in a few rips that I almost didn’t make it out of. I face it with little steps. I go in calm water and do Stand Up Paddle Boarding to get myself reacquainted with the cruel mistress that is the ocean.

  • I am scared of Snakes. They make me so scared with their fangs and venom that can kill you in under an 1 hour. I am just so scared of them and I want to overcome my fear because I near the bush and there are snakes almost everywhere. YIKES

  • My absolute biggest fear is being held down and caressed by 8-10 oily old ladies.

    It’s uhh.. a real fear for sure, one that I’d love to face. Definitely not something that I’m secretly sexually intoo.

    They scare me so bad with their beady little eyes and sharp talons and beaks and you know they are up to no good with that sing song voice.
    I have been terrified of birds since I was a little girl and swooped by magpies every spring now they KNOW I’m a target and come for me and swoop and pull out my hair.
    I kinda have to get over it as I have kids now and I have to walk across ovals and the other kids and parents look at me weird when I’m screaming and dropping to the ground when the sparrows fly down to the grass……im joking it’s not that bad……well … but I did squeal like a pig when one of my boys got swooped.

  • I’m a bit terrified of heights, this fear all started when I was little playing a game outside, as you do as a kid. I stepped back off this big platform as we were playing chasey and I trying to get away from the person who was “it”. I didn’t look back and i feel two metres down flat on my back. Luckily the ground was quite soft and it didn’t cause great fatal damage, except a fear of heights and falling.

  • I think honestly my biggest fear would be to make a fool of myself in either an Internet video or on television. With the incredibly long life of media in this day and age, one silly mistake at the the most imperfect of moments could be preserved in the history of our culture, perpetuated virally, through memes or just the general spread over the Internet.

    I’ve seen the effects of the Internet and how certain actions can have major effects on people’s lives, both positively and negatively, such as the whole career of someone like Laina, the Overly Attached Girlfriend, or the Ocean Marketing executive incident. That I feel is something that while unlikely to happen, is something that does happen to completely random people and I fear that something like that could drastically change my life forever, putting myself out there for millions to judge. At the same time, I feel doing so could be an incredibly liberating and confidence building experience that truly only happens to a select few people.

  • The only fear is fear itself.
    Sorry Not trying to be hard, literally afraid of being scared specifically scaring the pants off someone and being scared shitless. Being so scared I end up with my wang out and constipated? No thank you sir.

    I guess it began when I realised I have no desire to have a surprise junk expose and/or be unable to poop.

    To overcome my fear I need to face it head on.
    Phase 1 – scaring: Ride the fastest most intense roller-coaster while being yelled horrifying statements like;
    Phase 2 – pants: Ensure Pants stayed on throughout ordeal.
    Phase 3 – pooping: Go boom boom in the thinking room.
    Phase 4 – success: Fist pump the sky and eat celebratory burrito.

  • Whilst others fear spiders, darkness, heights or their wife.
    My fear has developed in the latter part of my life.
    It makes me break out in cold sweats and sets my heart racing fast.
    I reckon I have at least seven more years to outlast.
    It’s a spectre I deal with that no one should oughta.
    Yes, my greatest fear is my fearsome teen daughter.
    The prize, if I should be lucky to win would be to hire a teen minder.
    They will keep me safe, wrangle her and at my age this would be much kinder.

  • This is going to sound a bit obscene as most people find them really cute and adorable, but I am insanely afraid of alpacas (and lamas it turns out).

    When I was young I use to stay with my grandmother in Ballarat maybe 3 or 4 times a year, usually just over long weekends and the such. I’d say at the time of this scarring incident I was about 6 or 7 as I remember I had started school but had not been there long enough to totally feel comfortable with the idea of attending. I also recall having just received the SNES and wishing I didn’t have to go see grandma so I could just play the shiny new 16bit graphics of A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. My grandma lived in the more rural part of Ballarat, and lived next door to another elderly couple who had a barn full of alpacas, which was adjoined with a sort of shed that had about 100 years worth of cool farm related stuff (whips, rifles, half a tractor, a broken mechanical bull) all stacked on top of each other, and me and my brother use to sneak in there and climb around on everything and play Cowboys and Indians. This particular trip to grandmas my brother didn’t come, which pissed me off no end knowing he got to stay home because he was “sick” playing the SNES over the long weekend. As I had no one to play with in the shed, I decided to venture into the barn with the alpacas.

    As soon as I had climbed through the window that joined the barn and the shed, I knew I had made a mistake. The wooden flap that closed this window could not be opened from inside the barn, which got me into a panic. To make matters worse, it smelt horrific in the barn, and no one knew I was in there. Spending the next 6 or so hours trapped in there thinking I was going to die is what has scarred me, and now when I see an alpaca (or lama) I associate it with being trapped in that barn, with that smell, and them making weird noises and circling me like they wanted to kill the intruder.

    I didn’t really know this was a fear until last year as I had avoided alpacas since the experience, and I never felt anything when I saw them on video or in pictures. That changed when I visited Cusco, Peru last year while I was in South America for the World Cup. This town is literally full of lamas (close enough to alpacas for me), which are dressed in funny outfits, and they scared me so much that for most of the 4 days we stayed there I refused to go outside. This was no joke, even though my girlfriend felt it surely was.

    The reason I would like to overcome this fear is that it is ridiculous that I have fed a crocodile, swam with sharks, and even jumped out of a plane, but a furry horse/camel looking thing scares me out of my wits.

    Thank-you for reading my pathetic story of shame.

  • My fear is corn fields. No joke. They freak me right out and it started when I was a kid and saw children of the corn. Just the fear of what is lurking inside really gets me…

  • My greatest fear would be if I won this prize and being aware of how many extra fans could actually attend the event with the 3 grand that would be wasted on me.

  • Fear of sharks, for years I would have dreams that I was attacked by a shark, sometimes i would be killed, sometimes I would just be bitten and sometimes I actually beat the shark and still remember the one dream where I somehow just as the shark opened its mouth i shoved my surfboard down its throat which killed it, I then strapped the massive shark to the roof of my car and drove it to the fish and chip shop and sold it too them.

  • I have a fear of being covered in honey and having it licked off by eight gorgeous bikini models.

    I’m scared of bees, so an associated fear of honey is natural. Also, eight tongues reminds me of eight tentacles. I hate octopuses.

    I figure it’s time I bite the bullet and accept that every person will eventually need to be covered in honey and licked by bikini models.

  • my biggest fear would defiantly have to be jumping out of a plane, heights has always been my biggest fear since i was a child

  • My fear is a result of my love for the ground. I have a morbid fear of heights. As I type this I can already think of a number of separate occasions where I traded in my man-license for a terrified little girl-license:

    1) A school camping trip in my fifth year. School activities included abseiling. I was actually keen on feeling like James Bond as I scaled down a 15m wall. When they attached my harness I pretty much said “yeah, nope.” Wussed out at the last second, the moment the instructor floated the idea of releasing me over that wall.

    2) Went to the Easter Show when I was younger with my parents and sister. I really feel I EARNED those showbags at the end, especially after I let my sister talk me into the big ferris wheel. Yup, that’s how deep this fear goes. I clutched the centre post, white-knuckled, my face was a gaunt white as the fear set in, the bloody thing started (very lightly = giant sweeps when you take my fear into account) swinging gently the higher we got.

    I told my mum to tell the man to stop the ferris wheel because I was going to die. She returned – rather reasonably I might add, and I’m a pretty reasonable person so I can see how she came to this conclusion – that I wasn’t going to die. I insisted. The ferris wheel stopped while we were at the top, presumably to let people in. From the moment I was freed from that rotational death-cage it hasn’t peaked my interest since. The easter show doesn’t need ferris wheels, let’s be honest.

    3) A family trip to Taronga zoo with my 2-year old nephew when I was NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Followed the track, saw the sights, enjoyed it all, etc etc… We were taking the skyrail back to the top of the zoo, I don’t care how long it would’ve taken but I wish to the high heavens I had just walked all the way back to the entrance. I folded into myself, quite literally. There was a freakin’ 2-year-old right next to me having the time of his life, but all I could see beneath me were trees and death. At least, in the first 10 or so seconds that I looked beyond the metal death carriage, before I assumed the fetal position much to the amusement of my eldest sister. I all but jumped from the deathrail the moment I saw land less than a metre beneath my feet.

    My brother-in-law was going through chemotherapy, and my sister was pregnant with their child, but alas their granny flat kept flooding because their gutters hadn’t been cleaned in centuries. I amassed all of my courage, talked myself up, said ‘yeah, yeah, it’s no problem, really’… Got to the top of the ladder, and I froze. Half a minute later my sister asked if I was okay; “I’m fine. Just give me a few minutes and we’re good.” To my credit I FINISHED THE JOB.

    5) My aunt’s neighbors’ cat was stuck in one of the trees in her yard, about 5m up. I scaled the tree in the blink of an eye, scared the cat, it jumped to safety. At that point and for the next 10 minutes my aunt had her 20-year-old nephew stuck in her tree. My dad said he could probably catch me but since I was a grown man it would probably break every bone in his body, so I should probably just climb down. And I did, after several moments of sincere contemplation.

    I’m not a proud man in this regard. To my credit when I was younger my sister still talked me into terrifying rollercoasters that involve a mix of speed/height. For some reason I could bare them a bit, though she kinda omitted the part about Movie World’s Lethal Weapon ride swinging us around like racks of meat. To this day I still have the bottle-opener on my keys from The Demon (wonderland?), and that thing goes bloody backwards. My cousin has bragging rights since he and my sister jumped out of a plane a few years back, whilst I stayed on the safe safe ground and ground my teeth at the mere thought.

    I’m studying to be a police officer, and for all of the ‘brave’ qualities I might be able to include in my mental resume, heights are something I consider unconquerable for this poor soul. Just thought I’d give everyone some laughs at my expense. 😀

    That being said, it would be amazing to say goodbye to the kind of fear that is at times embarrassing and irrational, however unlikely that may be…

  • I’m afraid of the concept of Eternity.

    It’s a VERY hard thing to put into words and explain or justify how terrifying the concept and the feeling is..

    The closest thing I can use to describe my fear is being afraid of Deja Vu; I’m afraid of the feeling of having lived something so many times that I’m trapped within a never-ending cycle of events that I’ve lived since the beginning of existence. But only sometimes (during fits of Deja Vu) do I realise I’m trapped and that I have no control and suffer a serious sense of depersonalisation that causes severe Anxiety and full blown panic attacks that seem to go on for hours or days but in fact only last 30 seconds to a couple of minutes… (gotta love relativity)

    Something like time being an infinite looped event; that we have existed as an experience since the beginning of existence, or that our existence is nothing but a TV show/game stuck on repeat almost like the continual awakening from a nightmare.

    Something like a sadistic reincarnation. If you’ve ever seen the twilight zone EP ‘Shadow play’ sort of like that, but instead of being the same person every time, I’m someone else each time and that I’ve been EVERY person so many times and that I’m the only one that knows.

    The idea of fractals, the number Pi even black holes they all terrify me because they potentially go on forever.

    As for a way to face that fear…. I honestly don’t know.
    I play games or read comics/book to keep my mind occupied, I try to continually do new things, things that I’ve never done, things that aren’t familiar… so $3000 to travel make new mates and experience new things…. that could help.

  • I work in administration for an online university. But my real passion is music. I’ve played guitar since I was 11 years old, and I’ve never stopped songwriting; I turn 25 this year. People have told me I’m very talented at it all my life, I’m known for it in some circles. I consider myself a great songwriter and melody smith. My mindset is “If I ever fully committed to being an artist, I would be successful”, even if I couldn’t make it as solo artist or with a band, I know I could write hits for other people. I really believe that and pride myself on it. Its like my secret power or something, its an ego.

    My greatest fear is actually going for it, 100%, and then nothing coming of it, being wrong in my belief about myself.


  • Spiders. You know, those repulsive, hairy little (and big) eight-legged creatures that bite to kill? Yeah, those things…

    Don’t ask me when it started – oh well, I might as well take a guess. I reckon it was Kindergarten – my first real encounter with the beast. There I was, doing my HSC arithmetic (Don’t believe me? Ask my teacher.), and suddenly came quite a peculiar sound from Alyssa. It was somewhat halfway between a scream, a squeal, and a squeak. Maybe she had suffered a seizure? No, my flawed perceptions of human nature back in the day were not the answer.

    We all matched her gaze, and were left staring at this gigantic creature (about the size of my father’s hairy hand) crawl up the wall behind the teacher! I then found myself screaming so loud the principal came running in! She called Maintenance, who came in with their contraptions and captured the rogue. Miss Elizabeth calmed me down, and told me it was only a spider.

    I had never seen such an atrocity in my life ever before. But why did I respond in such a manner? A few sessions with the local psychotherapist diagnosed the cause as ‘arachnophobia’.

    As time progressed, my encounters with “the Spider” were just as fearful as my first. Oh, the battles were horrendous! If only you were there to witness them…

    Reflecting on my life, I find it quite shameful that at the age of 19, I still flea from the mailbox when I see one of those wicked things EATING MY MAIL. Believe me when I tell you this – there is no other fear I would want to face more. Why? Because my doctor tells me it’s unhealthy to act the way I do…

    Best of luck to all and God Bless!

  • Things I fear?

    Popcorn husks
    Jeff Goldblum’s chest hair

    And I would lick every single one of those before I went into an underground mine or cavern. Even the intangible ones. Especially the intangible ones. I’ll lick the fuck outta darkness.

    Remember that awesome horror movie The Descent? Fuck that movie. Fuck it. But not literally, because UNDERGROUND CAVERNS.

    Don’t remember where the fear came from, don’t wanna know. I likely suppressed all memory deep, deep down, like a terrifying cavern, in a futile attempt to hold on to my sanity. I assume I must have been abandoned in a mine as a baby and had to dig my way out using only a rattle and my superior baby wits. It’s the most logical reason (I’m copywriting that, Hollywood).

    Do I want to win this competition and face my fears? Fuck no. Why would you even ask that? Are you insane? You must be insane. Or a miner. Fucking miners.

    I’d much rather face my fears by eating popcorn husks out of Jeff Goldblum’s equally luxurious and horrifying chest hair. He hasn’t been doing much lately, I’m sure the $3,000 will cover the hire charge.

    But, I swear, if I dream of a shirtless Jeff Goldblum dragging me into a cave tonight, I’m blaming you Kotaku. No amount of first place prizes can pay for the therapy to fix that (even though that is kinda hot).

  • Mines a little different… and very personal.

    When I was born, I was designated male at birth because of my bits.

    But I’m not male, and never have felt that way. So I started on the path of what’s called ‘transition’ and finally became the woman I felt I was.

    My biggest fear, is what people think of me if they ever find out, or if like now – I decide to tell them.

    It’s being off my (life saving, suicide preventing) hormones and testosterone blockers due to a financial crisis.

    Just the entire journey of becoming myself has both been the greatest thing ever, and the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

    So… thats me.

  • My fear is spiders, plain and simple, a cliche I know but they freak me out, especially when I’m in Adelaide. I don’t think it would be possible for me to live in NSW because that funnel web freaks the s@#$ out of me. When I go to bed and I’m the last one in my home to sleep, I never go down the side of my bed and comfortably enter, I have to jump over the front of my bed, occasionally hitting my shin on the end of the bed, but not even that pain deters me.

    What really cemented my fear was at the age of 12 my mum finally bought me my own small TV so I could play the SNES and watch TV in the comfort pf my own room. I asked for a TV for about 3 christmases, and after getting it I was elated. At least I thought I was, until one night I was watching TV, elbow to chin, head slightly resting on my bed post, when in my peripheral vision a huntsmans’ tendrils wiggled just inches from my cheek. Needless to say I ran to the other end of the house and slept in the lounge for a week. Not only that but I couldn’t watch TV in my room comfortably anymore alone in my bedroom so my brothers would end up watching TV in my room whilst I watched whatever was being watched in the lounge. And don’t get me started on outside toilets, I’d rather take a dump on the lawn.

    My fear goes further, writing in, and thinking about the possibility that I might actually win this competition is terrifying to me. I’ve seen TV shows where people confront their fear of spiders and snakes etc by placing them in a tub filled with these things and the thought of that scares the crap out of me. Even fake spiders freak me out, the thought of getting used to them so that I might let my guard down when a real incy wincy comes along is just as terrifying as the real thing. I get no satisfaction from killing spiders in games either, DSII’s spider area sucks for me and in game areas like that I will always use my skills and items in excess.

    I’m only comforted by the fact that I’ve never one squat in my life aside from sporting competitions and $20 once on the pokies. 2nd place is also a pretty sweet prize for a souls fanatic.

    It’s not really fitting for me to be scared either, I’ve worked as a doorman in nightclubs where I’ve been bottled and received many a death threats, I’ve been arrested in China (and acquitted) I’ve been really sick whilst traveling overseas without any friends to help me find a hospital. And sure, I was nervous and a little scared but not like I am when I see those things creeping around, regardless of their shape or size.

    To answer why I would want to face my fear yet again is that none of my attempts to exorcise my fear have worked. I have read about spiders and their behaviour, watched Attenborough’s, youtubes, read about the varying affects of spider venom from different spiders, but no matter how much “understanding” I have I’ll still get scared of a ant-sized spider and quickly move away. Bigger and faster spiders, I’ll move further and quicker away too, whilst being cautious not to lose track of the spider, (because then I’ll be completely boned). I generally like keeping my poker face and sometimes I do feel like my arachnophobia is lessening but it is something I do have to work at so I don’t completely lose all the time.

    PS. I’ve resisted/edited writing the “F” word several times in this comment, but believe me the feeling is there.

  • My fear is confrontation. To be more specific, physical confrontation.

    I have never been in a fight (fist fight). Not in school. Not throughout shady adolescence years and not in any form of sport fighting (boxing etc). The thought of someone punching my face is something that gives me goosebumps and a legitimate chill up my spine.

    Would it hurt? Would it hurt with a glove on? What if I get knocked out? Will people be watching? What will they think if I lose?


  • My fear is one of those simple ones – a fear of heights.

    On our honeymoon, my wife and I went to the tallest building in Melbourne, rode the lift to the top floor observation deck and I spent my time back to the wall of the centre where the lifts were and she actually observed the experience. I could see that my wife was disappointed in my inability to even follow through at looking out the windows from up close or walking on the glass deck area.

    We’ve been through a lot since and had a lot of ups and downs, and recently she has lost a little respect and trust, which I guess triggers a big fear – losing her. And I feel that facing that fear of heights might just raise my stakes in her heart and mind again, so I’d like the opportunity to climb that building in Melbourne, perhaps then go for a bridge walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and maybe build up to a tandem skydive (although that may be a challenge too far).

    So I’d like to try one or two of those challenges, to prove that I will brave my fears for her. And winning this competition would mean less wasting money on myself in March, which is a bonus to the family income. And I’m sure my wife would be further amused hearing my wails of fear and frustration while I play Bloodborne, which sounds like the kind of game she likes to see more of (not necessarily play but watch me suffer).

  • Each day my dear wife picks me up from work and we drive home together. The car is stored at her office so it makes sence that she’s the one that does the driving. We travel from St Kilda Road in Melbourne and down Nepean Highway which is an incredibly long stretch of road made up of countless intersections. This causes traffic to go from the assigned speed limit of 80km/h down to a standstill many, many times during the journey.

    I’m a big fan of driving. It’s actually one of my favourite things to do and its quite common for the wife and I to take long road trips visiting family in the country, sharing the driving responsibilities on long country stretches or roads that curve around and over the mountains of Victoria. And on these occasions, when there’s a minimal amount of traffic around and no traffic lights, I feel quite safe as a passenger.

    But being stuck in the observers seat, in Melbourne peak hour traffic is a different story all together. It’s about as scary as rising a rollercoaster that’s been built to the safety standards set by some corrupt politician from Thailand.

    When driving behind another car we would all agree that the reccommended distance is roughly 2 seconds. I believe my wife has misinterpreted this and sits about 2cm away.

    Have you ever heard someone use the term “dropping the anchors” when referring to applying the breaks in a car? Well, when my wife drops the anchors it literally feels like that’s what she’s doing. Going from 80km to 0km in literally just a few metres, several times in a journey has caused me to accept the fact that the red stripe spanning from my left shoulder, across my chest, down to my right hip due to the seatbelt cutting into my flesh and compressing my sternum towards my spine under the pressure of around three metric tonnes

    Moments after the anchors have been drpped, and I’m physically capable of breathing again after my lungs are no longer being squeesed into the size of tennisballs under my rib cage, the traffic begins to move again. So my dear wife of course proceeds to pump 30 litres of fuel into the engine as she loads all of her bodyweight onto the accellerator pedal. Rubber burns, smoke builds and we’re off again towards home.

    While the permanent claw marks in the passenger side of our dash board due to me holdiing on to something for dear life may be an indicator that my biggest fear is my wifes driving “method”, I must correct you.

    What actually scares me the most is what would happen to me if I were to ever criticise her driving skills.

    (If I win this and dont respond, it could mean that my dear wife has found this post. Start searching near by rivers and creeks for body parts)

  • Coming out to my family! And having them fully reject me!

    Also falling over/tripping over and SMASHING ALL MY TEETH OUT.

    Also also spiders, in particular huntsmen (yes I know they’re not poisonous but they’re the size of coffee tables).

    Also also also dying alone, although I guess I can just get cats.

    Good times.

  • My biggest Fear is visiting a place called Camp Hero! On montauk island! Spookiest god forsaken place on earth, I’d be scared shitless putting a foot on that old, abandoned military base where the experiments on time travel, aliens, mind control, bizarre creatures and crazy scientists run rampant! Without oversite, up until recently! Lots of tunnels, multi level underground labs….friggn chills!
    You can actually visit the place now as it’s a national park of Long Island!
    I’m wetting my pants in anticipation…..

  • I’m as afraid of the dark now as I was when I was a child – perhaps, in fact, I’m more afraid than ever.


    There are creatures that sleep at the fringes of our eyes, creatures we catch glimpses of when we blink, the ones that hide within the dark spaces of our periphery. Some of them have claws. The kind that, raking against skin, force blood to trickle out like crimson honey. Some use their mouths, full of ivory stalactites and stalagmites, to feed on us, on our hearts. The Click-Clacks? They suck all of your flesh and innards away until your nothing but bones rattling in the wind. Others still are more human though, they wear masks that caw like crows, and slink from shadow to shadow trying to slip into dreams. I’d heard about them from the kids at school, that once the Crow-men got in, you’d never wake up. And the Heartless lie there too, pulsing shadows darker than black. These creatures control the dark, and us, the light. And from the day we’re born, we start fighting to keep them out.


    The garage. It was once cold concrete and brick, home to everything except what it was designed for. Old clothes in garbage bags, discarded electronics and enough unused tools to open up a hardware store lay haphazardly around the tiny room. Light filtered in, when the sun was just at the right angle, via a horizontal window running the length of one wall. I couldn’t reach that high back then. Neither could dad. The eucalypt outside often painted the window with its leaves as it danced in the wind.

    That summer, when I was still just shy of double figures, the garage became a bedroom.

    He had just moved in with his new partner and the house needed some extra room for two young boys. My brother and I were shuffled into the recently renovated garage-room and our single beds were set up on opposing sides. We were on an island of our own out there at night, our beds turned tiny boats, rocking in the dark. We were positioned at one end of the house while dad slept at the other. I’m almost certain that you could traverse the house in less than 30 steps, but as a boy, the journey from my room to my dad’s was terrifying. It was a child’s Shire to Mordor: through the soil-coloured carpeted floor of the living room where the dim glow of a faint nightlight hung over a mountainous pool table, onto the slippery, cold slopes of the kitchen linoleum and through the narrow space of the cave-like hallway. Dad’s room waited at the end.


    [May 2009, somewhere east of New Jersey]

    “When you wake in the middle of the night, and naught but the moon hangs overhead, what is it you see?”

    “I try to find the corners of the room with my eyes. That’s where the Umbra lurks.”

    “The Umbra?”

    “Haven’t you ever seen her? She purrs like a cat, welcoming and warm, like you’re sitting next to a hearth. And… and you see, her hands have the faintest tiny lights on them. Like those deep sea fish, you know the ones? And if you get too close to her, if you crawl to the edge of your bed to find the source of the light? She pulls you into her arms and doesn’t let you go. She’s smart too, the Umbra. She’s started making her hands look like those fancy phones, with all the square icons on their screens, bright and colourful. She’s taken a few like that too.”

    “Oh, is that so?”


    I’m not totally sure at what age the dark began to frighten me, but it must have been around the time my growing brain began to recognize and, in a way, appreciate the bad things that happen in this world – that children go missing in the dead of night or that people wake up to an oil stain on a driveway where their car once was. I was told stories by kids at school about bad people they knew, about drugs, about how the place I lived was rife with crime and miscreants. Hell, some of those miscreants, mulleted and unkempt sat next to me in class. I needn’t go into the details about the time all my fluorescent Dragonball Z dizks went ‘missing’.

    It was the kids at school, and perhaps a little bit The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, that taught me sometimes good people do bad things and a lot of the time, bad people do bad things.

    I struggled to sleep in the garage-cum-bedroom, though my brother always seemed to find rest easily. I needed the dull blue glow of the television to lull me to sleep. Unless a (now-ancient) VHS was playing Star Wars or one of the classic Disney films of the 90’s I simply wouldn’t rest. The Skywalkers and the Mufasas kept watch over me as much as I did over them. If I made it to the credits without sleep, I’d begin to pull the blanket over my head, waiting for the TV to switch itself off.

    [I still sleep with a blanket over my head, with just enough open space to breathe in and out. Some things never leave you I guess. You know that meme about being wrapped up like a burrito? That’s a good example of what I do, but for some misguided sense of safety, not comfort. It’s not any fun being a burrito, as delicious as they are.]

    I’d wake in the middle of the night, time after time. I’d glance at the clock on that dusty Panasonic VHS player, the tiny green light flashing Some Time After Midnight, and calculate the hours of dark still left. What could happen in the next six hours? Anything could happen in the next six hours.

    I never thought the idea of a heart beating outside of a chest was a cliché, because I used to live it. I’d clutch at the space on my chest where my heart pounded, struggling to keep it from leaping out of my mouth.


    [February 1846, The City of a Thousand Minarets]

    She turned out the lights. My hands were shaking.

    I knew she could feel the nerves, if not on the tips of my fingers, then electric in the air.

    She’d told me she’d done this before. That there wasn’t anything I needed to worry about.

    She unclasped her bra. My lips were trembling.

    I wished for the moon to kiss the room, to stream through the cracks in the curtains.

    I wished for my eyes to adjust to the black.

    She kissed my neck. My toes were clenching.

    I steadied my hands against her cheek, the nerves now pulsing in between my fingers, aching to escape.

    It wasn’t skin that I felt, but a hive of bees.

    She began to buzz. My teeth were chattering.

    I’d wanted this for so long, wanted her for so long.

    And then as the lights went out.

    She was gone. My heart was pounding.


    I was often paralysed in that bedroom. Once the light from the television had faded, just before my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I thought of all the things that skulked behind the veil. My brother slept peacefully across the room with a wry smile on his face and not a care in the world. I wanted to be able to dream like him. I was alone.

    Like clockwork, my body would operate on those weekends with Dad. At some point after midnight, I would wake, rub my eyes of what little sleeping dust had accumulated, and pull the blanket off of the bed as I descended to the floor. I wrapped it around and over my body, dragging the single quilt behind me, hearing it snake across the carpet. The next thirty seconds used to terrify me. I would ascend the three steps of the garage-bedroom and find myself in the living room (what could be hiding underneath the pool table tonight? Is that a voice I heard?). I’d stick to the wall, run along it, constantly facing into the black behind the pool table before my feet found the kitchen (tread lightly here, the linoleum makes loud noises, alerting whatever prowls out in the dark). There was a dining room table to avoid here, and this is where I felt most vulnerable. Windows as big as my 8 year old frame flanked my sides, and anyone… anything could have seen me there. I padded carefully across the kitchen and down the carpeted hallway (open doorways running along either side with greedy hands waiting to pull me in and never let me out) to the master bedroom.


    I’d nudge him on the shoulder and he’d know. He always knew. He made sure I was okay, that I could get back to sleep and then he’d stumble wearily back to his own bed. He worked long hours back then, and it must have been his greatest fear that I’d again be awake in the middle of the night, asking for protection. Why was he not afraid of the dark? Or was he?

    It became almost a ritual. I’d be walked back to bed with my heart safely back behind my ribcage, knowing that, whatever it was that was out there, dad would be sure to take care of it. The inability to sleep through the night defined my childhood for a long time. I don’t even recall when I became “okay” with it, but I don’t believe I ever did in that house.


    [1350 AD, England]

    The Aternoct never used to care for humans. Like the owls that you and I know, they stalked much smaller prey, swift and silent in the night. When the plague ravaged England, the Rats and the Aternoct discussed, as rats and owls are wont to do, the idea of a pact. The Rats agreed that the Aternoct should have access to the shadows of the earth, like they do, and in turn, the Aternoct would no longer feed on the Rats. And so the Aternoct gained control of both the shadows of the earth and of the sky.

    The Aternoct are a most peculiar creature. Their eyes sink into the back of their rounded faces and their plumage is dark with the most delicate tinge of red upon its tips. They are beautiful, like a rainy day is beautiful. They have human tongues underneath their beaks. Some say they have human mouths behind there, complete with a full set of teeth, canines and incisors and molars and all. They move freely between the sky and the earth during the day. If you’re unlucky enough to be in their path while the sun shines, a cold chill settles over you, tingling outward from within. Some say that is the sensation of “someone walking over your grave”. It is not. It is the Aternoct.

    If you’re unlucky enough to be in their path while the moon wanes, the cold chill never leaves.


    You ask “what is your fear?” and people will tell you many things. I will tell you that what I fear is the same thing that you fear. It is the same thing written time and time again since the beginning of all of us. You ask “how did it come about?” and I will tell you that it is a human fear. Fear of what we do not know. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of not being in control of us. It has existed since humanity has existed, probably even before. The fear of the dark is the reason we turn the lights on. I feared the dark when I was just a boy because I dreamt up all manner of creature, long of tooth, sharp of claw. I fear the dark now because I dream up all manner of human, cold of heart, black of soul. I fear the dark now because in the dark I am alone with my thoughts.


    [??? BC, The horn of Africa]

    Nd’da sat alone atop a small hill overlooking the valley, staring up toward the Blanket of Shadow. She knew that the vibrant white lights that flecked the Blanket above were her fallen brothers and sisters, carried by the Nightbirds into The Beyond. In death, they would provide light for those that came after. Even with that thought, she was uneasy on this night.

    The moon glared red.

    It was a bad omen, Nd’da knew, and she feared the worst. It had been an entire cycle since the Hunters had left to tame The Great Serpent Umlilo. She longed to see Js’ka again. Her eyes darted across the valley, lit a pallid, flushed pink under the menacing moon. In the distance, Umlilo licked at the sky, turning black everything that stood before it. Nd’da licked her forefinger and held it in the air letting the breeze brush past it.

    The winds had not turned. The Great Serpent would make steady progress toward the Killing Grounds. She suspected then that she would never see the Hunters again. She wept for Js’ka. Her tears made mud of the soil.

    Two full cycles of the moon passed before the Hunters returned. The returning Hunters – Elder Mp’ni’mk, Hd’hd, Li’mr and Li’mt wore masks of blood and were painted in the black of The Great Serpent. They carried broken spears and broken bodies. Js’ka was among the dead. Nd’da wailed, as did her brothers and sisters.

    Nd’da did not sleep that night. She did not sleep for seven cycles of the moon. And each night, in the dark, they came for her. The dead came for her. Those the Nightbirds couldn’t carry. Soon, she did not sleep because for mourning, but because she waited for them to come.

    At the end of the eighth cycle, she sat atop the hill again, under the Blanket of Shadow. On this night, the moon did not shine at all. She could not see the hand that she held in front of her face.


    The voice came from out of the black. It was Js’ka, holding The Great Serpent in his hand.

    Nd’da pointed to the sky, as if to say “you should not be here Js’ka, you belong to Blanket now” but Js’ka was unmoved. He started to sprint toward her, The Great Serpent flailing behind him, draped over him like a sickness. She braced, closing her eyes, as he leaped at her.

    When she opened them again her skin burnt, but Js’ka was gone.

    The next day she set out to tame Umlilo and claim the dark. She would fear no more.


    I woke up last night, bolt upright, in a house where the floor boards chirp like nightingales as you pass over them. It was 4am. My dad wasn’t at the other end of the house. My brother wasn’t on the other side of the room. My housemate was sound asleep across the hall. The floorboards should not have been creaking at 4am. Yet, they did. I pulled the blanket up, over my head, leaving just enough room to breathe and began to work through it. I became a statue more than a man, as if a T Rex was lurking in the room and it wouldn’t be able to see me unless I moved. I didn’t even want to think about that T Rex and what would happen if I needed to go to the toilet.
    I started to run things through in my head.

    “4am leaves about 2 hours until sun up”

    “What could that noise be though? The dog is in Laura’s room isn’t it?”

    “Should I check? Should I text someone just incase this is The End?”

    “There was a robbery around the corner last night wasn’t there?”

    “I really should sleep with a cricket bat underneath my bed, at worst I can practice a few pool shots late at ni—“

    Another noise. The bones of the house were creaking again.

    I didn’t move. For an hour, I didn’t sleep.

    And then at 5am, I slept again.

    The truth is: what I actually fear is myself. I fear that anything I can conjure up will terrify me and bewilder me and make me bawl my eyes out. I fear being alone with myself in the dark. I fear that, perhaps, what I conjure up is not even close to the sadness and grief that somebody else could. I fear being unable to use my hands, straitjacketed and left in a room with padded white walls for hours. I fear that I’d talk myself into something, or out of something, or into and out of something terrible. I’d be tangled up in me. I fear being blind and reaching out my hands with no idea what is in front of them. I fear the feeling of suffocating darkness, so heavy that it feels like hands upon your shoulders, squeezing ever more tightly. I fear the night and the cover of darkness and the bad things people do to each other. I fear walking around the neighbourhood at night with cash in my pocket and a phone in my hand. I fear there’s something in the dark that lingers like a lost love would, just at the back of your mind. I fear a lack of knowledge, about not understanding, about not being able to work things out.

    I fear that I will be alone tonight.

    Everything that you could ever fear is manifest in the dark. That is why I fear the dark.


    Heights? Don’t look down. The open ocean? You can hear the waves crashing as you lie with one ear to the pillow. Spiders? Of course they’re there, crawling along the walls and stringing themselves upside down waiting for a meal. Snakes? You can hear them hiss, but maybe you just confuse their cries with a breeze tickling a glass window. Public speaking? Suddenly, out of the dark, one thousand eyes are staring at you. Your palms are sweaty, knees weak. Your arms are heavy. Is that vomit on your sweater already? No, that seems like mum’s spaghetti. Teeth falling out? Touch your fingertips to your lips to check that they’re still there. First dates? There he is, the most beautiful man you ever met, there she is, the most beautiful woman… and you can only stammer and stutter and should you order some wine and maybe settle things down a little but what if she doesn’t like wine maybe it’s best to just order a coke but hell, she might be into that whole sugar free diet thing and I want to look like I have some sembl… Failing your parents? Your children? There they are, in the dark, scowling or crying, wiping tissues to their eyes as you get lowered into the ground.

    The dark isn’t just an absence of light. The dark exists every time you close your eyes when only your imagination can keep you company.


    I want to wake up in the middle of the night, check the time on my smartphone, listen to the sounds of a creaking house and fall back to sleep. I want to, one day, be the dad that my dad was to me, when I was terrified of all the things I feel but cannot see and when I felt that I was alone. I want to use the dark as inspiration, instead of flee from it. I want to confront this thing that has paralysed me so many times in the past. I want to beat my own brain – I want to be thrown into a house, a cave, a dungeon, an abandoned building where I can’t explain anything that is going on and let my head tell my body that everything is fine.

    Most of all, I just want to learn how to turn on the lights.

    And I really want to sleep.


    [September 2015, Australia]

    A dull thud punctured the silence of night. Twice. No, three times. Now four. It persisted for several minutes, rhythmic and slow. It woke only one of the three resting in the house that night and he slowly pushed himself out from under his quilt, rubbing his eyes. It was cold, so he threw a T shirt on over the top, scratched himself and opened his bedroom door.

    “He’s coming!” said the smaller of the two, hammer in hand.

    “Take his eyes out first… then rip his nose in two!” The larger one was flipping two hammers in his hands, end over end.

    The man who had awoken used the wall as leverage as he sauntered down the hallway. He messed up his hair so it wasn’t falling all over his face. The thud was coming from the kitchen. He was astounded it hadn’t woken his housemates, considering how persistent it had become.

    “Here he comes, here he comes” said the smaller, excitedly, tapping the hammer into his palm. “I’ll hit his knees and then you take out his eyes alright? Alright?”

    The larger one just nodded.

    The man turned the corner into the kitchen and flicked on the light.

    “Ughhh. Why haven’t they shut this?”

    The window at the far corner had a broken hinge. If you pulled on it hard enough, you could jam it closed yet sometimes the wind was enough to knock it back out of place. It banged against its frame.

    “Bloody thing”

    He slammed the window shut, as tight as he could, and then pulled a glass from the cupboard. He filled it with water and gulped it down quickly, wiping the excess moisture from his lips.

    He zombie-walked back to bed.

    On his way out of the kitchen he flicked the light off and laughed.

    “Not tonight guys” he said, into the black. “Not anymore”

  • My fear?

    Sugar. Or rather, no sugar. The lack of it. Going without it. I should do it, I need to do it, but I don’t want to because giving sugar up truly frightens me.

    I could blame stuff like the Easter Bunny, it’s close to that time of year of course. But, no.

    For YEARS I was skinny and I could eat the fattiest, most awful junk food there was and could absolutely get away with it. Chocolate, white bread, soft drinks by the bottle, over and over.

    Now I am in my early 30s, and I am definitely getting my just desserts (no pun intended). Every day now, I am paying for my hubris and lack of self-care earlier in life when it counted.

    I don’t drink coffee, I drink iced coffee. I have tried non-sugar types of all the popular soft drink brands and my body actively fights against them. I just had the chocolate I bought at lunch for ‘ron (later on). I don’t have a beer gut, I have a sugar gut.

    I’ll try to put this in the context of spiders for you all – the giant spider caught me long ago, laid its damn eggs inside me and they hatched! It’s like not being in control of your body after thinking you were for so long.

    I KNOW it’s the biggest roadblock in achieving my desired quality of life. My weight would drop off, my energy levels would increase, and at the very least my breath would be much nicer!

    I want to face this fear and this sweet white poison down until it holds no power over me any more. Conversely, to confront it means turning in the opposite direction and getting the hell away from the stuff, of course. I could go on a diet yes, but that’s DIE with a T, don’t you get it??

    Could I go cold turkey? Or just cut down? I don’t know and that frightens me. It’s “easy” to keep being afraid. I need to find out.

    Also, we do need to deal with the Easter Bunny. Before it’s too late. I nominate myself. I’ll do it.

    Let me at him.

  • My ultimate fear is facing the dark alone! It came by watching way too many crime shows for my own good and the childhood fear of someone hiding underneath the bed! I would love to be able to face this fear and have it gone for good! It would mean not having to sprint off and leap to my bed entering the room at night with lights switched off! It would be a great sense of relief to take this challenge and give it my all.

  • My fear is of climbing up steps ever since I was a kid & ran up some stairs with a glass in my hand, and fell, winding myself, and cutting my wrist (not badly luckily but I still have the scar). I dream I fall down steps but I never seem to reach the bottom when I tumble. For $3,000 I would climb 3,000 steps and surely I would be cured (unless I fall and then will be pathetic my entire life).

  • Needles! Oh god needles, anything but god damn needles, ever since I was a kid, not even sure why exactly.

    My earliest memory of my fear was when my family was going on a trip to Bali and we had to have the typical booster shots for that sort of trip. I must of been early teens and I broke down like a little baby, the nurse had to chase me all over the god man room as I was not going to let her near me with that evil implement. That isn’t even where the fear started because I was already scared witless by that point of them.

    I even had to be excused from getting the shots we had to get in high school because I couldn’t face having to get a god damn needle in front of people. Imagine trying to live down turning into a screaming crying mess from a needle in high school?

    Now every minor procedure at hospital or blood test or any shot what so ever is my greatest challenge, especially if my son is around, who wants their kids to think something as necessary as a needle is the scariest shit on earth? But it bloody well is. Last time I was in hospital and needed a blood test I nearly fainted in the ER room, even the nurse (those great sympathetic people who care for everyone even if they don’t get paid enough for it) thought I was over the top and told me to harden up.

    Giving blood? That’s a hell no, I’d love to be able to help people like that but you won’t get me in there on my own free will. Tattoo? I’d love one, but you can shove that tool of the devil himself right where the sun don’t shine, one needle is bad but hundreds of jabs with one hell NO. People see spiders on TV and have fits, I see a needle and I’m nope-ing the F out of there.

  • This was my entry from a few weeks ago:
    I’m scared of risk taking. Terrified that unnecessary risks will be the cause of my children growing up without a me. So I haven’t been sky-diving, bungee jumping or in light-aircraft. I had a chance for a helicopter ride on the weekend but decided to stay on the sidelines. The other side of this is that I also don’t want my children to take risks, which I can see is probably not that good for them in the long run. So I’ve been “dying” to break out of my driving miss daisy attitude. But push will literally have to come to shove.

    Since then, my 17 yr old cousin was killed in a car accident because the driver was being slightly risky. So, even though risk taking is something I wanted to overcome I think I’m now un-fixable. Totally traumatized. I’m happy to be a Driving Miss Daisy kinda guy from now on.

  • I’m not sure how it came about but this is something that gives me shivers. Even if I go to aquariums, just thinking about this in particular makes me not want to walk though the shark tank.

    I’ve had a fear of large boats for a while now. Not wooden ones, the big metal ones. Much like tankers or cruise liners.

    It’s not the boat itself, or being on it that’s scary. It’s the idea of swimming under in in murky water, possibly even the harbour. The big, ominous propeller complete with the large hull, covered in barnacles and rust. Big, creaking, ship sounds echoing off into the water like the sounds that Big Daddy’s make in Bioshock.

    That game was hard for me to play just because of those sounds. *Shivers*

    (Edit: I know this is my second post, IDK if that’s against the rules. The first post was of a more primal fear whereas this one is more creepy.)

  • What your fear is:

    How it came about:
    I grew up in Byron Bay Australia, a popular destination due to its pristine beaches and great surf. Like many other people growing up by the beach I spent a large amount of time in the ocean, body boarding, swimming, snorkeling, basically any excuse to be in the water and I was there. My fear of sharks all started when a group of us went snorkeling out at Julian Rocks, a marine park located just 2.5 kilometers off the coast of Byron Bay. On the boat ride out there, our instructor thought it would be entertaining to tell us the story of a couple who had been decided to snorkel out at Julian Rocks for their honeymoon. The wife had been attacked by a great white shark, however the husband had pushed her out of the way and been taken by the shark himself. The woman managed to escape and get back onto the boat; however her husband’s head was torn off by the shark and tossed up onto the deck of the boat (this part may have been exaggerated by our instructor for effect). Obviously the best story to tell people right before they go snorkeling at the exact same site…

    Regardless of this fact we all went into the water, however nervously. We quickly forgot about the story as turtles, and schools of fish swam past us, entrancing us by their beautiful colours. There were two sharks, however they were toothless and paid us no mind. I got so distracted by everything that was going on, that I didn’t realise the rest of the group had resurfaced to get back on the boat. As I surfaced, I saw that the boat was making its way back to shore, leaving me stranded. No one had noticed I was still there. Panicking I started to shout trying to get their attention and swimming after the boat. The thoughts of the great white shark eating the husband at this exact spot flooded back into my mind. Full on hysteria had set in, and the boat was getting further and further out. I wanted to look under the water to make sure no sharks were coming, but was afraid if I did, there would be less of a chance the boat would see me if I did. I was freaking out. Thankfully someone on the boat turned around and saw me frantically trying to wave them down. The boat came back and picked me up. I have been too afraid to go snorkeling or scuba diving again ever since.

    Why you want to face it:
    Having grown up by the ocean, it has always been a large part of my life. However since this happened, I have been terrified to go out into deep water again, fear that a shark will be there waiting. I want to gain the confidence to be in the water again and to do all the things I grew up doing before I developed my fear. With the ocean being such a huge part of my childhood and my parents still living by it, it seems a shame to be so scared.

  • Animals in the ocean and drowning in the ocean. I have this irrational fear that if I’m ankle to knee deep in the ocean, I’m going to get eaten by a Shark or something else. Wouldn’t catch me swimming off a boat in the ocean. It’s stupid as well, because I love fishing (Off a Jetty of course). Even at Seaworld, my heart was beating at million miles an hour when we went down behind the glass that looks into the Shark tank.

    It came about when I nearly drown back when I was 13. Me and my mates were jumping off a jetty and I hit my head. All I really remember when I was under the water was the feeling of something moving around my feet. I’ve tried to get over it by swimming off a jetty or going out relatively deep but I end up lasting 5 seconds in the water and then I’m out.

    It’s stopping me from going out with my mates who go out spear fishing or swimming at the beach pretty often. I also have dreams about drowning in a fish tank every now and then which freaks me out. None of my mates or my partner know, they just all think I’m being unsocial. That’s why I need to get over this fear.

  • Right now I fear that I won’t be a good father for my yet to be born son. That I am not a good father to my 11 year old step daughter. That I won’t get a good job. That I won’t amount to much or anything in life.

  • My greatest fear is losing my parents. My dad introduced me to videogames, which sparked my passion and fuels my career. My mum is the sweetest, kindest lady I know. They mean the world to me, and I would be devastated if anything happened to them… one day I will have to face it, but hopefully not any time soon. Actually, maybe we can transfer their minds into awesome robot bodies and they can live forever.

    Uh, please don’t make my nightmare real.

  • Needles, HATE THEM!
    As a child I was a little accident prone resulting in many trips to doctors and hospital to receive stiches. The thought still gives me shivers.
    I have always wanted a tattoo but the thought of all those tiny little pricks makes me nauseous. I had voiced my plan to get my wifes name tattoed on me, that was 12 years ago and she has my name on her but I still have none. I revisited the idea with my sons name, he is now 4 and still no tattoo.

    Would I get one for a video game ….. ???

  • My greatest fear is going into deep water where you don’t have good visual. Fish freak me out. And the amount of freaky looking fish you get the deeper you go is just insane.
    Seriously fuck fish.

  • Chuck Norris. Seeing him roundhouse kicking in slow motion continuously right in front of me. Take your pick – fear of the man himself, the proximity of the kicks or the fear that one more roundhouse will reverse the orbit of the planet.
    How it came about? I think we have this primal fear instilled at birth, somehow we all just know…
    As for why i’d want to face it, well I guess it’d be so it’d save him from finding me.

  • I’m trypophobic. Both of my siblings and I share the phobia, although I don’t think it had that name while we were growing up (I believe the term was first coined in 2005). We just knew we shared the same horrific disgust of the same things – which, growing up, made it both very easy and incredibly difficult to pull gross-out pranks on each other.

    I’m not as bad as some (I can deal with swiss cheese, loofas, sponges, etc), and not as bad as I used to be, since a few years ago I actually took the whole “face your fear” thing into my own hands and bombarded myself with the worst images google could find for me, but every now and then something new and hole-y will pop up and inadvertently give me the jibblies.

    I’m still not great with lotus seed pods or surinam toads, though.

  • When I was about 12 I was bit by a scorpion. When I was 18 I thought I’d get back at them by eating a scorpion out of the bottom of a scorpion tequila bottle. When I was 26 a scorpion got into my shoe, when I put the shoe on I felt a bit of a crunch and then some wriggling and bitting… They clearly have it in for me and eating one of their own was not the answer… So my fear is scorpions… I feel the only way to overcome this fear is to somehow become The Scorpion King. I’m not sure what the insect world monarchy structure is like, but I feel if someone of royal linage were to bestow the title ‘Scorpion King’ upon me… I might just stand a chance in this scorpion infested world.

  • Oh, so you want to know about fear do ye? I’ll tell you alllllll about fear. But first can you interest you in a quick survey to go into the draw to win 762 ipads? FINE! FEAR IT IS MY LITTLE CHUMBUCKET!

    T’was a dark and stormy night on that sunny Sydney afternoon circa 1990. As requested, an ashen haired little boy is playing outside in the dirt catching cicadas in ice cream buckets and kicking footballs into his elderly neighbour’s gardens. Outside, you say? Hmph, yes he didn’t have a SNES yet, so he still knew the feeling of the warm September sun kissing his skin. The boy, let’s call him Ishmael (although I don’t know why you would because it’s not his name you jerk) didn’t have a care in the world, but that was before….it.

    For some reason, which scientists will never understand, the boy’s mother strolled outside and told the boy they were going to out into the city to watch a show. Oh boy! Beamed the boy. Like the movie with the cartoon elephant? No not quite, but a bit like that. You’ll see though, you’ll see.
    At that exact moment, somewhere, Vincent Price laughed.

    There were other children there, at the show. Most stood with their mothers nervously sticking their fingers in their mouths waiting to see what was happening but Ishmael went straight up and sat down right at the front, crossing his legs and eyes wide with wonder at the thought of what was going to happen. A miniaturised theatre stage was erected at the front, with purple silk curtains draped over a large, freshly polished wooden box. A small chair sat next to it, empty.

    Oh but what’s this? There was…. something in the box. Slowly a silhouette emerged from the box and sat behind the curtains, waiting. The long, elongated appendage stretched itself forward, as if it had been asleep for an age and the tortured form was now free, made flesh once again.
    Then the noise. A little like a high pitched, wet squeak. One that sounded like a piece of damp string being yanked through a hole in a plastic party cup, but was really the guttural bowel rumblings of a woolly demon. Or vice versa.

    A gaping jaw the size of a… hand let a black tongue droop from the maw of terror. The tongue looked like the thing Ishmael’s father wore around his neck every day. Did his father slay one of these foul beasts and display his trophy to his co-workers every day? Why did he never speak of this? He was a hero. FATHER WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME. He could not save Ishmael now.
    The other children were laughing now. Were they insane? No, no, the poor fools. Too late. It had them. Hypnotizing sways ensnared them. Poison words matched to satanic melodies seeped into their brains. Why did they not see what Ishmael saw?

    Then, the eyes. Oh sweet potato the eyes. They rolled in impossible angles at all who writhed under its gaze of woe. There was no escape, the eyes saw all! They saw Ishmael. It spoke to him over the wet squeaks.

    Oh my little treasures. Who would like to come up the front and sit with me to sing a song?

    The eyes rolled over them all. The enslaved threw their hopes of being chosen by the dark one to join it in paradise. But it only saw Ishmael.

    You! What’s your name little guy?

    Ishmael couldn’t move. His body was frozen by a nameless dread that was as nameless as it was dreadful.

    His name is Ishmael, his mother said. JUDAS! SHANK! YOU’VE DOOMED US ALL!

    Now it had him. The googly eyes lifted him up like a seasoned Jedi (some might say sith) and made his legs drag his feet over to the chair. Ishmael couldn’t look at it, no, never. Then it would get him. He sat on the chair, closed his eyes and waited, cold.

    Ishmael huh? Wow that’s a nice name isn’t it little guy! Do you want to know my name?

    Fear made Ishmael nod.

    Its Shakey…. pleased to meet you little guy! Would you like to shake hands?

    Without time for an answer the beast’s foul maw reach out to Ishmael and swallowed his hand in one gulp. He could feel it being pulled into the void of doom and the rest of him would be next. This was the end, the demon was going to suck him in and devour him whole, suck the meat off his bones. Only one thing could save him now, the blessed tears and with that one final desperate breath he screamed – mummy.

    It was over. Ishmael’s mother picked him up and took him away from the 9th circle of hell. The other children? They were not so lucky I heard. But Ishmael couldn’t resist one last look at the vile creature who almost took him and as he turned the maw left the parting words.

    Bye bye Ishmael! See you soon little guy!

    I’ve heard some call them toe suckers. Others say slugmucks. You might know them as something else…sock puppets. Shhhhhhh! Shhh! Not so loud, they’ll hear you. That’s when they get you, fool!

    Ishmael almost went back to normal. Almost. There was something about those things that never felt right. Everyday Ishmael went to school or work and tied the beast tongue around his neck and does everything else people do before they leave, but he always dreads one thing. The socks. Sometimes when he slips them on he gazes down and sees the maw swallowing him again. Sometimes he thinks the day will come when he can’t take them off and the eyes will be there, looking at him again

    Hi there little guy! I told you I’d see you soon didn’t I?

    Years passed and now Ishmael is going to be a daddy. He managed to con his way into someone else’s pants (after a lot of practice on his own) and now the poor lass is stitched up for life. When the little ragamuffin pops out, he’s going to need a father who is strong. Who is brave. Who isn’t afraid of sock puppets and their sock brethren.

    So here endeth the tale. Do you have any spare change? Ok ok wait, before I leave you, know this – you might watch that episode of a once popular cartoon where a rotund yellow man says he isn’t scared of anything and when his tall, blue haired wife mentions sock puppets he screams and jumps behind the couch. You might laugh, because you can’t think of anyone being scared of a sock right? Prepare to try.

  • I almost forgot, I really wanted to get in on day #1 but things came up, welp, here I go.

    I’m scared of a lot actually, its hard to just list one when all of them kinda mash together, my real fear would be to lose the few things that are holding me to the earth, because if I lose them, then I lose myself, however lets cut the soppy stuff! When I was little I had a very, very active imagination, like I could pretty much draw things with my mind and then describe them exactly (sucks this went away) I was playing with a friend in a small cave thing, it was all fun and joy until he locked me in there and covered the only light source I couldn’t see, and I couldn’t move and in that same time my mind conjured up some foul demon beast chasing me as I was clamping to the sides of the walls. Screaming, struggling to get away from the thing I created with my mind and because I was utterly terrified it got worse and worse, I ended up over-panicking and passing out, or whatever happened to me, I lost conscience as soon as the monster I created grabbed me. It was the only point in my life that I have been truly scared, now? I cannot handle the dark and any confined spaces. If I cannot stretch out fully and if I cannot see then I’ll start to freak out.

    Which (sadly) reminds me of people locking me in a closet (as a joke to mock my sexuality, when I stepped out they’d say I finally came out -.-) but this just triggered it and I gained some damn near superhuman strength, I weighed about 40 – 45 kilos, so I was a feather (and far from strong) but I had the power to break the door and knock someone out from being in it, as soon as the light faded I went mental. Like, really mental! Took me ages to actually calm down and then from there on I never go in the dark or in small spaces. In my age it’s only getting worse as I confine myself to my bedroom, which is like a safe zone from the cruel outside world and only venture out if I need food or the bathroom. I don’t think I’ll ever face this fear, because if you lock me in a small dark space, the first thing I do when I get out is punch you in the face, do you want that? Mark. I think not!

    As for Bloodborne? If it’s anything like what I have seen, you know it’s gonna be dark, as for small spaces? I goddamn hope not! Even with characters, it makes me squeamish.. oh God, now I can remember lighting a torch in Dark Souls and a giant monster appearing right in front of me!

    Going to make a warm Milo and hop into another persons bed for the night!

  • I’m a gamer. I love games of all kinds, shooters, adventure games, racing games, fighters, RPGs, and even simulators. However i have one fear when it comes to gaming. Horror game genres. i cannot handle horror games like silent hill, alien isolation, the first and second dead space, and the most recent one I’ve played which was P.T. This is a problem for me as there are a lot of horror games that i want to play and that seem like they could be a lot of fun but everytime i pick up a new game, i never seem to be able to finish the game out of fear. I really want top get over this fear so i can enjoy horror games as well and as much as i enjoy all of my other genres.

  • My fear is that Mark Serrels will finally send me my Aliens Colonial Marines prize from 2 years ago…

  • Ok so first off, im scared of spiders! not only did bloodborne showed a six-legged creature in the alpha (background before facing the boss to the right) which worried me when I saw it the first time and at the same time I hope that was a boss like the moonlight butterfly in DS1
    Now on to my fear of spiders… I always been afraid of those things no matter what the size.
    so once I play bloodborne I am going to stagger a bit before facing the fear ahead of me

  • I’ve got a fear of being the centre of attention. Writing and giving a eulogy at a funeral would be the scariest. I would rather be in the coffin.

  • Custodiaphobia. My greatest fear is being dressed warmly for winter and stuck in a bathtub full of gross custard. That’s it. Custard freaks me out. The texture, the look if it. Just everything about it. I had a traumatic experience involving custard at a young age. The thought of being bogged down in custard frightens the buggery out of me. Brandy custard, especially. I can’t even go to people’s houses for Christmas lunch for fear of there being custard present. I’d rather jump in a barrel of venomous snakes. Just talking about it makes me feel sick.

  • There are so many fears I can choose from, such as my intense fear of deep water, or my recent fear of snowboarding (in real life) – just a few months ago after travelling to Mt. Buller in the worst icy conditions which left me with a bloody mouth so thick that it took 15 minutes of gargling to wash out the deep red which painted my whole jaw and indeed, my face and clothes, and my battered and bruised body with injuries that made any movement extremely hard. It was my first time seeing snow in real life, and I had absolutely no idea that it could even get that icy and hard. I expected snow to be fluffy and soft, this experience taught me the hard way, and left me with a fear of snowboarding. I plan on playing more skiing or snowboarding games to help recover from that horrible experience.

    More recently, when I feared travelling to another country for an Internship by myself for the first time just after New Years. It was terrifying, not even acknowledging that it would be the first time I would be in an Aeroplane let alone the fact that the recent Canadian Lone Wolf attack had recently happened, not to mention the Sydney hostage situation along with rumors of attacks around Christmas/New Years. And that is without mentioning the Air Asia flight QZ8501 disappearance LESS THAN A WEEK BEFORE MY FLIGHT! The memories of the day before and during my travel to Canada had left me with an upset stomach and waking in a cold sweat. Would I know what to do? Would I get lost within LA airport? Would I be stopped by airport security? Would something go wrong and I would lose some baggage and have to claim insurance by myself? Could there be a terrorist threat or flight issue which causes a delay or worse a crash? The world became a much larger place in the blink of an eye, and I felt so small and insignificant. The planes which had once fascinated me, suddenly filled me with dread.

  • My overarching fear began from my childhood, and is logical, yet irrational at the same time. I have a very large fear of my family’s death, and in particular, the growing old part. I have always had some sort of discomfort around old people, as it would make me frequently imagine situations of them on their deathbed, even as an 8 year old. I would have nightmares of my parents as old people or dying and thinking of how I would face it, and even now I can’t help thinking of this, as I watch my parents, and people I know beginning to suffer from health conditions and problems, slowly over the years, just like I notice other relatives and other elderly and older people I may encounter.I personally do my best to motivate my family to go to the gym, and try and preserve their health and mind by playing games or doing puzzles, and I try to take on board increased responsibility for the household upkeep and financial burdens which cause stress but I know deep down I am fighting a losing battle. It may be a natural process, part of the cycle of life and growing up, but that does nothing to comfort as you watch the gradual deterioration of mind and body with no escape and nothing you can do. In particular, through watching the effects of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Dementia and Alzheimer’s through my friends and the people I know, fills me with a passive dread. It is not the sort that can paralyze with fear, yet cunningly can be subdued and ignored. It is the subtle sort of dread that can creep up on you. Interestingly enough, I have never been fearful of death as much, and growing older, although I do miss my childhood immensely and the innocence from being a child. Growing frail and old in real life is not something that can be reversed with a health potion or curing status effects like in a game. I wish no one had to experience growing old, with the deterioration of the body and mind. The only future I see, like a dark tunnel in front of me, is the looming inescapable outstretched arm of time. And the fact that I will one day have to witness face it – and worse, become a rock of comfort and strength for my younger siblings and future family to depend upon, ever increasingly is terrifying. Similar to the Souls games, death is an inevitability, just part of the cycle, but time is the real enemy. I don’t know if I can face it, but I will only know once I get there.

    (P.S – I have no idea what sort of challenge could be entailed apart from having to visit a nursing home, but that wouldn’t be immediately scary like a jump scare or something)

  • You sit loosely in your seat. You’re facing out. You can’t see your feet. You are brought up 70 metres in the air (read: 1000). It spirals you to the top. Leaves you there for a few seconds (read: an eternity) then.. drops you. You’re out of your seat and you just FALL.

    My fear is falling to my death. I was never afraid of heights, and I thoroughly enjoyed high adrenaline theme park rides. However, when I was in Korea, at Lotte World, I went on this ride called ‘Gyro-drop’. I had been on similar rides before, but this was unreal.

    It was like when you roll off the edge in Darkroot Basin, or unexpectedly plummet through a hole in the Tower of Latria, or miss your jump down Majula’s well. YOU KNOW YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE!!

    I let out a yelp of panic (pathetic) and the damn thing has traumatized me. I’ve been on many other awesome rides before, but now I’m terrified of that sensation of plummeting. It is a nightmare. It is death.

    I want to face my fear because there are many enjoyable things to do in life where I’ll need to be at a height (rock climb), or suspended in the air (abseiling), or jump off something (bungee jump), or out of something (sky dive), or simply be on a penthouse balcony, walk across the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge even!

    I want to conquer this fear. I want to keep my soul! I don’t want to be a bloodstain on the ground!

  • Well I am half Aussie but I live in NZ which is already bone chilling, so I can’t actually win anything but I want to enter anyway.

    My fear In the form of a story: My eyes open slowly, there is so much dust in the room that I have to blink a few times. I’m lying on my side in a large, steel room. I stand up and look around the cold, dark room. There is what seems to be blood stains on the ground. When I turn around, I notice a door and run toward it. I fumble with the door nob when it falls off and lands at my feet making a loud “clang”.

    I reach for my ears and cover them with my hands, when I move my hands and pick up the door nob I notice a piece of paper within it. I pull it out and read ” The sun machine is coming down, and we’re gonna have a party “. This makes no sense to me, a vague David Bowie reference? Who would put this here? As soon as I start to think about the strange note I hear the door open. But at the same time the room got a little bit darker, I see a shadow move on my left. Then dart to my right. I fling my right hand out but hit nothing but air, I kick straight ahead of me but miss the shadow. I feel it touch my shoulder and it whispers.

    It whispers “You remind me of the babe” ,”what babe” I whisper back ” The babe with the power” I turn to the shadow ” What power” and he replies “The power of Voodoo” he let my shoulder go and says “please re-release labyrinth on blu-ray”. And I feel my head get lighter and fall to the ground. Out cold. As the room slowly fills with blood.

  • Fear is not Manly,

    That being said i have a Shit Not Like of flying… came about from feeling pretty strongly about not wanting to smash into the ground at 10000km/h in the opposite of a blaze of glory, while crying and carrying on like a little girl wondering around the bloody Yharnam streets(and there’s your bloodborne reference).

    ….Sooooo anyway this is for sure not for Prize 1 which already includes my Not Like in the description. I’ll take Prize 2 or 3 instead (Note: I’m super generous/humble like that too, which the ladies love)


  • Please don’t laugh, this is genuine. I am terrified of BALLOONS! Yes! Just like Roy from The IT Crowd, I find, “They are filled with the capacity to give me a little fright, and I find that unbearable.”

    I’m pretty sure I can trace this fear back to a Birthday party for one of the kids in our street. The Mother was this nasty piece of work, with bee-hive hair and horn rimed glasses, who seemed to find great pleasure in terrifying children by popping balloons with her cigarette. To top it off the room the party was held in had CARPETED WALLS?! I believe this all combined to create a DAVID LYNCH-esque sub-conscious nightmare in my fragile young mind.

    KOTAKU, the solution is obvious. We need to create a scenario, often teased at me by my mocking wife. We need a carpet walled room, filled, FLOOR-TO-CEILING, WALL-TO-WALL with *ugh* BALLOONS! My only weapon? A lit cigarette of course.

    … OR, if convenience and safety must be followed, a normal room and a pin will suffice.

    Make it happen KOTAKU, or my children will suffer a balloon free childhood like I did!

  • My greatest fear is not so much failure, but the actual inability to understand a task thus leading to failure. This transfers into games, studies and even my dreams.

    My dreams (or nightmares) are always very vivid and end 99% of the time with me being jolted awake. A recent one was I was asked to stick together a teddy bear (don’t know why) and left to my own devices. Luckily I was given a set of instructions, however, being a dream, my brain struggles actually forming coherent words and pictures and I stress out over not being able to read. I then tried to ask for help, but everyone was just out of reach and I could never get to them, so I was left alone struggling to complete a task I had no idea how to and eventually just cracked under pressure and gave up, leading instantly to a dark figure screaming at me and then waking up.

    A recent life example was a group assignment I had to complete for uni. I was about 50% certain what I had to do for the assignment, but was hoping the other group member could help. Unfortunately, they had no idea and promptly dropped out of the course a week later. Part of my fear is showing this weakness to others, so I just tried to do it myself. I stayed up night after night, going to work until 2am, then doing the assignment until 10am before going to uni again. No matter how hard I studied, I just couldn’t grasp the subject matter and panicked about the whole thing. I remember when I handed it in, doing the best I thought I could and worried about it being half finished, but the instant I pressed the ‘submit’ button online I was completely relaxed and collected. I wasn’t worried what I got for the assignment (which I passed barely) but just incredibly glad it was gone and I didn’t have to face it anymore.

    I loved Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 for their difficulty, atmosphere and combat. However, Demons Souls has always scared me, as the times I’ve played it I just have no idea how to achieve what I want to achieve. Is sword and board the best? Do I play with magic? What stats do I want? Fears easily fixed by looking up a wiki, but with my fear of looking weak or pathetic I just can’t do it, ESPECIALLY if other people are around.

    I still try and play Demons Souls when I can, and I am making progress, albeit slowly. It’s hard, but I love the souls series to much to not play a souls game from my fears. Bloodbourne is no different, looking closer to Demons Souls than Dark Souls I can only assume it will stump me just as much, but make the small victories that much sweeter. Games like this help me deal with my problems in my studies, giving me hope that one day I can feel confident in everything I do and just understand things a lot easier and smoother.

    P.S. My birthday is on the 24th of March, which would make for an interesting birthday I think.

  • I am afraid of heights mainly expose area like in shopping malls or tall apartments roof tops. If i see a high escalator i seriously well look for the stairs or elevator if the elevator is one of those fancy glass i be looking at my feet when getting in and stair a the button console. Even in video games where it all virtual if there is a scenario which involves tall building or jumping across roof tops or ledges. i would avoid looking down cause on occasion i freeze up. For me it mainly a fear of falling or getting pushed off if i can see the edges i preferrer to avoid it. I can travel on a plane but sky diving is a big no.

  • I am afraid of climbing up a tall structure or anything really and not having a way to get myself back down. Getting stuck in a position like that is something that I have always dreaded.

  • I am terrified of flying. I have suffered from an anxiety disorder with agoraphobia for half my life. It started with flying, then daily panic attacks, and finally afraid to leave the house for fear of having a panic attack. I want to overcome my fear of flying so that I can fly overseas and see the world before I am too old.

  • I have a fear of failing, it’s not the same as not wanting to lose, or being a sore loser. I hate failing so much that I gave up on trying. If I don’t try, it’s as if it doesn’t count.
    In life, I found that I was a constant source of disappointment. I’m generally not bad at things, but I know that if I applied myself at what I was doing, it just won’t be good enough, and I’ll feel humiliated. So I gave up. I don’t want to feel humiliated. I don’t want to disappoint people, my friends, my family, myself.

    Games are fun, especially when I play on my own because it’s just me that I have to deal with. If someone watches me, I don’t play properly on purpose because then they’ll judge me. When Demon’s Souls was released overseas, it got so much hype because it was super difficult. It looked awesome too. So when it was finally released here in AUS, I gave it a go. I loved it. It was really tough, but it helped me because I knew that everyone else died a lot too so I didn’t feel so bad. The Souls series really helped me because they were difficult and I was able to persist and even get a Platinum and feel a sense of pride.

    I want to get over my fear because it’s a bit of a catch 22. I don’t want to try because I don’t want to fail. But by not trying, I’m letting down everyone who is important to me. This is really important to me.

    Thanks for letting me express this. It’s a little bit easier because I don’t personally know all of you.
    And Mark, thanks for your enthusiasm for the Souls games. I saw you on GoodGame on their top 100 episode and the way you talked about Dark Souls was really great. I want to be able to do that too.

  • My biggest fear is quite ridiculous, I am super afraid of Octopi taking over the world, but more specifically with the way they would do it. I really dislike them, and i can’t even go near them. I find it difficult to swim in the ocean anymore and being from Perth that really sucks. I was overexposed to BBC documentaries about undersea creatures when i was younger so here go some fun creepy nightmare facts that make me vomit in my mouth a little.

    Fun fact no.1: You cant hide from an octopus anywhere unless your box/vault/invincibility area has air holes smaller than a 25c piece because without a solid skeletal structure they can fit through holes the size of tennis balls. That includes toilet plumbing. Have fun the next time you sit blindly on a toilet.

    Fun fact no.2: They have crazy camouflage abilities. Some of them can even copy textures of their surroundings. “Is that a rock?!”, “No it’s your worst nightmare”. Thank you non skip-able opening add in MGS4 for making me sick every time i started a new run through. Once their terrestrial conquest is complete they only need to drop from trees to kill you, which reminds me of my next point…

    Fun fact no.3: They have beaks….. WHAT?! BEAKS?!

    Fun fact no.4: There are so many types of poison associated with octopi. If you touch a blue ring octopi you die pretty quickly hey. Lots of numbness and pain. And I’ve seen a heap at the beach before too. They wash up on shore when the too eager ones hatch their world domination plans super early.

    Fun fact no.5: Octopi are super smart creatures, and also love freedom. Just Google octopi escape attempts from captivity. Apparently at the Vancouver aquarium, one octopus disassembled vents and ate other fish, then remembered its way back through the pipes and just kept chilling. I’ve also seen an octopus open up a jar. My point is, if they’ve grown beaks, whats stopping them from growing wings and starting their domination of land, sea and sky in search of greater freedom?

    Fun fact no.6: Mr. Kraken and Mr. Giant Octopus have pulled entire ships underwater, mythology or not, they did. Well maybe not on such a colossal scale as the Kraken (which i know is a squid), but they have found remains of rather large Octopi. There was also a viral video a few years back of a Octopus breaking a sharks spine. Shark attack? Meh. Octopus attack? No, thank you.

    Fun fact no.7: Blue Octopi also make lethal human crossbreeds. Pisaca anyone? These blue headed demons were found all throughout dark souls and man did i come back with Smough’s hammer. Admittedly, smashing some half-human half-octopus spawn of satan (or rather Seath) was pretty fear conquering in itself but at first nothing frightened me more than having to run past and get attacked by land Octopi. Thank you so much From Software for doing that to me. Over and over again. Put a giant octopus boss in your next game i dare you.

    My main reason for writing about these facts is so we can all be prepared for the day we must face this war between humans and cephalopods, but i also wanna face this fear cause fears suck. And i wanna swim at the beach again, or sit on the toilet without having to check if there is an octopus in the pipes every damn time!!!

  • No doubt that spiders is a common one, especially for being in Australia. But my fear of spiders developed from seeing tarantulas on television and in movies, a spider not even native to Australia whatsoever. This is why I find some spiders to be okay, but the mere sight of a tarantula, other hairy spider, or anything that’s brown with eight legs bigger than the size of my palm, usually makes me stumble back and go lightheaded.

    It’s the same reason why I get NPCs to kill frostbite spiders in Skyrim, or hide behind a corner and shut my eyes as I pop out and hold down the trigger on fire spell. I can’t STAND the skittery noises they make with their jaws, and their movements, and… everything!

    …But why would I want to face this? To overcome it? Well… isn’t that what the Souls’ games have been about so far?

    Overwhelming challenges inducing anger, frustration and hopelessness… But only for the sake that overcoming them induces the equal amount of happiness, joy and relief. But most of all, the sense of victory, the sense of conquering something otherwise thought impossible.

    This. fear. Haunts me. I can only hope Bloodborne is filled to the brim with spiders, or a spider boss, because I want to be rid of it, to better myself.

    I want to overcome this fear, I want to conquer it, I want to achieve victory.

    What better way to do it than in Bloodborne?

  • When i was in middle school i was plagued by a repeated nightmare that i had at least twice a month for a little over 2 years, this dream was nearly exactly the same every time but i could just not prepare myself for it if it were to come true i would possibly breakdown immediately.
    It starts out in some kind of store that is closed, at night, mostly resembling an Ikea. feeling like it is completely real i immediately get the sense that i am being watched, some sort of rustling and falling dishes spooks me and i then bolt through the store, as i run there are sirens that blare and every minute or so they change to a different pitch or tone and as they change the scenery changes like some sort of different store or a forest or alleyways and as i run i am chased by some invisible thing, this goes on for seemingly hours and i finally end by seeing a small sewer tunnel, it is at a slant and i crawl up it, just as i reach the end, my foot is grasped and i see a werewolf or big foot or some thing and it gets me, i am pulled down by it and the tunnel collapses and its some kind of small maze, i broke free in the fall and i run. I am then in a building that feels like a school but it is multiple stories and through the windows i can see a dark blue fog i cannot see anything but other floors’ windows on the same building and fog, no ground or other structures, as i look from the window i see a little girl in a night gown at the end of the hall, i get butterflies in my stomach and feel a growling behind me and then a horrible feeling of weightlessness. i wake up terrified and sometimes piss-soaked. Luckily only a handful of times i ever endured the entire dream at once, sometimes i died first, but several times i made it to that school and the girl that felt familiar. just remembering this nearly caused a panic attack, here’s to hopping i win 2nd or 3rd. My greatest fear would be to relive this nightmare, being chased is too horrible it is the exact reason why fear even exists, however, enduring something repeated, something where you know you wont survive, is worse than a chase with a chance. I would not like to face this fear but with an offer like this, why not? I’m sure heart attacks aren’t that bad.

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