WIN! The Chance To Face Your Fear, Thanks To Bloodborne Only On PS4

Bloodborne is one of our most anticipated games of 2015 and hits Australia on Wednesday March 25. To celebrate Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest dark masterpiece, Kotaku has teamed with PlayStation Australia for a seriously spine-tingling competition. We have PS4s and copies of the game to give away, plus one lucky reader gets the opportunity to face their greatest, most terrifying fear. Huge! So what are you scared of? We’ll send Mark along with a crew to film your adventure. Entering is easy!

Check out the trailer above. Bloodborne is gloriously gory, gothic and more than a little freaky. Search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world, and you must discover its darkest secrets in order to survive.

How To Enter

In the comments below: explain what your fear is, how it came about and why you want to face it.

Remember: We have up to $3000 put aside to help the major winner face their fear, but keep it achievable and realistic. And keep Bloodborne in mind. Think battling giant spiders. Think challenging your claustrophobia. Think demon body parts (like eating haggis).

The most creative and appropriate fear, as judged by Mark Serrels, that’s well written, funny and descriptive will win. Comment up-votes and permalink shares will also be considered by Mark.

1st Prize

• Careful what you wish for, we just might make your nightmare real. Awesome, right? As mentioned, we have up to $3000 to help you face your fear — safely and legally. No, you don’t get what’s left as cash — but we will fly you and Mark somewhere within Australia if we feel your fear requires it.

• The 1st prize winner also wins a Glacier White PlayStation 4 console plus Bloodborne Nightmare Edition ($720 value).

Entries close at 9:59am AEST on Monday March 9 2015 and you'll need to be over 18 and reside in Australia to enter. The 1st prize winner must be available to join us in confronting your fear by March 18. Full terms and conditions.

• You’ll also need to be available to fly to Sydney on the afternoon of Tuesday March 24 (from your nearest capital city; which we’ll pay for). Kotaku will also cover your accommodation for the night up to a value of $1000 for the flights and accommodation — as you’ll be our special guest for Kotaku's Bloodborne launch party. More details below!

(We'll give you a double ticket, but your friend/partner will need to make their own way to the event).


2nd Prize

The runner-up receives a Glacier White PlayStation 4 console plus Bloodborne Nightmare Edition ($720 value). Second prize winner also receives one double pass to Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch event in Sydney (travel costs not included).


3rd Prize

Three (3x) third-prize winners will pick-up Bloodborne Standard Edition (valued at $99.95). Each third prize winner will also receive one double pass to Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch event in Sydney (travel costs not included).


More Prizes! Double Pass Tickets To Kotaku’s Bloodborne Launch Party

15 further runners-up will be selected for double-pass tickets to hang out with Serrels and the Gizmodo/Lifehacker crew at Kotaku’s Bloodborne launch event!

When? Tuesday March 24 near Circular Quay in Sydney. More details to come. Note: If you’re interstate and score an invite, you’ll need to make your own way to Sydney.

Good luck everyone.

Start hatching your horrors below!


    My fear is that I'll win first prize and have to go outside.

      What about winning second prize and having to contact Serrels to remind him every 6 months.

      In all seriousness, I don't know if I have any fears that apply to this competition, and certainly none that could be exploited for $3000. I'm a middle class white male, given a decent education, got a degree in engineering and hired straight out of uni. In my final year of uni I met my beautiful fiancee and we're getting married this July. If I was to fear anything, its that my inordinate luck, that I've done nothing to deserve, will run out.

      If was gifted $3000 to try mitigate that... I'd probably get life insurance.

    My greatest fear is not being able to attend the Kotaku Bloodborne launch party, a fear that came about purely by opening this article and will only be overcome by my actually winning a double pass and attending it, obviously.

    Okay my actual fear: this is a bit embarrassing but really my greatest fear is Glenn Close from the movie Fatal Attraction, a fear I've had since seeing the movie as a child. So please, if I absolutely have to, please let me only win a double pass, I don't think I can deal with having to face that alone with only a Mark Serrels-shaped human shield.

    Last edited 23/02/15 5:09 pm

    Damn I cant enter. Cause there's no way I'm facing spiders if I win. NOPE.

    Edit: Actually, I've been doing some thinking and, besides spiders, I do have another fear that's actually more intense (I actually freeze up and get cold sweats at times) and irrational I think, that I could face and is worth entering.

    It all started one night, about 3 years ago, when my girlfriend and I were lying in a field, looking up at the sky. As I was looking into the stars the feeling of distance between me, the Earth, and the stars started to set in and I got the strangest feeling of vertigo and the irrational FEAR of falling up haha.

    I still can't look up at buildings or the sky any more. I went to Sydney last year and had to hold onto something while taking pictures up at the buildings and got cold sweats! I guess I'd want to face that because, well, it seems totally silly and irrational.

    Last edited 23/02/15 5:17 pm

    My one fear is the darkness and the unknown, things lurking in the shadows, always having a sense of something else being their with me. I got scared playing the Half Life series, all the dark area's, having headcrabs jump at your face. Even just the combine coming from no where scared me at times. I've missed a lot of game I would of liked to have played due to the fact of dark, scary areas.

    I went to Dracula's haunted house and made my partner go first, I used the excuse of "you can go first, this doesn't scare me and you'll have a better experience". Truth be told I was shitting myself haha.

    Though I can handle scary movies, it's just being their in person, or being in control of a character makes it nearly impossible for me to do.

    Worst experience was the intro to Dead Space 2. I'll never forgive that game. Having to run through an alien infested space station, while their all jumping at you, chasing you down. I got half way through that part, I wasn't quick enough and got knocked to the ground and shortly after an alien was about to eat my face. That Xbox had never been turned off so quickly in my entire life!

    I'll add the reason to this fear, which may sound Ironic. When I was young, I used to watch a lot of scary movies which would scare the hell out of me, and after them I'd go to bed with the lamp on. Though some nights, the lamp wouldn't be on due to blown bulbs and blackouts and I'd have the most dreadful and weird dreams. One was this crazy rollercoaster, going through a tunnel with bats and monster jumping out all over the place, so I started disliking the dark, really disliking it.

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    My greatest fear is to die never having accomplished anything of real value.

    It came about because I feel like I've done very little of worth.

    I want to face it because I don't want to die unhappy.

    Last edited 23/02/15 5:30 pm

      Out of pity, @mcgarnical has informed me my entry is incomplete.
      (I just never get it)

      So, to face my fear, I try to improve myself through learning & have been writing fiction that I hope is filled with universal truths that would inspire people to be better than they are.

      Judging from my inability to read a simple set of competition instructions I have very serious doubts as to my ability to successfully communicate such a thing.

      (This has been an excercise in self loathing I was not prepared to make in a public forum, thank the Lord I use a nickname online)

        I see this as the funny version of what my "prize" would be:

        I don't want to find actual footage of what attack dog training would look like...

          Oh right, so I'd use the cash to self publish my own comic.

          (I am as thick as a really thick thing sometimes)

    I hate frogs. When I was, spending summer at friends beach house, I went exploring one day, and felt on a pond. The place was full of tadpoles, and well, their parents...

    I'm disgusted and borderline panic when I think of frogs. Maybe is those dam eyes or that jelly skin. I don't know.

    But I guess I could give it a go to hold a frog or maybe a cane toad for the chance of getting to the Bloodborne launch =P

      Hold one? Friend, I fully expect you to be laid down and covered in them. :)

        And maybe enjoy some delicious frogs legs ;)

    I have Nomophobia, a fear of being without my phone and being connected in some way to the internet.

    I work in IT Support and as a result am never far away from my phone or any form of technology. My phone is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I look at when I go to sleep. I have a portable battery I carry with me in the event I'm somewhere without a power point. I have a charging cable at every location that I frequent and I automatically connect to Wifi spots that I am near.

    It's pretty hard to switch off and my mind is always wanting to check the phone/computer/console/internet.

    I'd love to be able to switch my mind off, just like you can switch a phone off... But I never do!

    Barking dogs are scary. Even when they're trapped in a yard and your human brain can see that you're safe, your lizard brain recognises that they're something loud with pointy teeth that MUST be avoided.

    My fear goes back to when I was a kid of 8 riding my bike to school. I was terrified by the monstrous dogs that would always bark hysterically as I passed. I coped by learning where they were, gritting my teeth on approach, then pedalling as if my life depended on it. It was unpleasant but manageable.

    The Dog lived in a yard alongside a narrow public pathway. It was an ugly brown and white mutt that had always been especially loud, that I had always ridden past especially quickly. Except one day, it wasn't in the yard. It was tied up outside. I sprinted past on my bike as per usual and IT STARTED CHASING ME. If I had slowed or stopped or slipped or fallen it would have caught me. But abject terror gave me wings; none of this happened and I made it through safely.

    But The Dog apparently spent all its days outside the yard, now. I endured a few days of torture before it all became too much. I started riding the long way to school instead. This new route crossed a grassy field and took at least twice the time, but anything was better than The Dog. Eventually my parents found out about the long way and got mad at me. Don't be stupid, they said. The Dog is not going to get you, they said. Ride the normal way or else.

    So I did. Until the day when The Dog caught me. It nipped me on the calf, leaving a couple of toothmarks, some minor bruising, and a whole bunch of mental trauma.

    I never saw The Dog again. I don't know what happened to it, and I don't care. I took the long way forever more because I am afraid of dogs.

    Conquering this fear would be good for my family. My son would love a pet dog, but I would obviously hate it. There is currently no way I would live with one. But snap me out of it and he can have a buddy!

    Oh, wait, the prize is to spend thousands of dollars on facing my fears? Then I'm also scared of falling out of a plane. Please don't make me spend a day skydiving and doing aerial stunts and stuff. I would be terrified and exhilarated and cherish the experience forever.

    Last edited 23/02/15 6:01 pm

      I had this exact same fear for the exact same reasons.

      What got me over the fear was getting a puppy. Just make sure it's a breed known for being a good family pet.


    I'm fine with every other creepy crawly but there is just something about scorpions that freaks me out. Just thinking about they right now is making the hair on the back on my neck stand up.

    I'm a huge fan of the dark souls games but every time a face Scorpioness Najka it freaks me out so freaking much.

      Scorpions aren't that bad. At least a sting from an Australian one will not kill you. Might cause some pain and inflammation but nothing too serious :P

      True story - I was working at my old boss' place, on the very outskirts of north-west Sydney. One of my colleagues said "stu, freeze!" We used to muck around a lot, play jokes etc, but something in his voice told me instinctively to do exactly what he said. He crept up and flicked something off my back. I spun around and checked the ground... and yep, there was a scorpion at my feet.

    Jesus Christ Mark, really? My greatest fear is harm to my friends and family, especially harm I could - and failed to - prevent. c.c
    I… cannot imagine how you would confront that outside of some kind of elaborate The Game style hoax, which may or may not result in tragedy if I go off-script and fail to use the gun which you filled with blanks and instead murder someone with a ball-point pen. That would be really weird and uncomfortable for everyone and I'm pretty sure isn't covered by your insurance.
    (And if it is, I will pay you pretty much anything to be there to see the look on the insurance rep's face when you submit your claim.)

    Uh. Perhaps in a more mundane sense, I'm pretty damn uncomfortable with heights? I have no idea what might've inspired that, apart from strong self-preservation instincts. Being up high means a risk of falling. That is a bad thing. You do not want to be there. You need to be somewhere else. Doing anything else. Safely on the ground. Where we are meant to be.
    Bit of a no-go for that, I think. Not much comedy value. Just my entire body and especially sphincter clenching up. Maybe I'll use some colourful swears you've never heard of.

    I'm scared of this competition. Social interaction, facing your fear. Whoever came up with this is a monster.

    Last edited 23/02/15 5:37 pm

    For some reason, my anxieties and fear are often represented in a recurring dream I have where I'm spending the night on the side of a cliff, invariably poorly secured and at risk of falling to my death. This may be a manifestation of the phenomena of the "falling" dream. A psychologist might talk about feelings of lacking confidence or a need for emotional support.

    One way to address this (and the thought of doing it makes me nearly shake) would be to squarely face up to it by literally spending the night on a cliffside.

    I believe that if I actually experience the reality, then the thought of it wont scare me nearly as much and my subconscious will need to find something else to terrify me when I next have a Long Night. I am picturing all sorts of practical tethers and supports, including the sure advice and companionship of Mark.

    Last edited 23/02/15 5:36 pm

    My fear is birds haha. Especially darker ones at night as they are freaky as hell when it's pitch black. Living in a town that has bats fly over every sunset is pretty intense!
    I have no idea why it came about but the thought of a bird flying into your mouth is what really scared me and have no idea where I came up with that thought!
    Facing it would be very intriguing as I'm tipping they would be predators!

      My wife is terrified of pigeons! Absolutely terrified! I am willing to volunteer her to get me to the Bloodborne Launch Party!

        Mine is terrified of chickens and roosters! I will happily volunteer her also for this event.

        Even better, what say we get a big room full of birds and push all the wifeys in together. Then we shall laugh together and play Bloodborne from behind the safety of thick bulletproof glass.

        Edit: My wife has just informed me that she'd totally be up for this, so long as it means a trip to Sydney and seeing me covered in bees.

        Last edited 25/02/15 12:41 am

          My wife has just informed me that I will need to bring along divorce papers when we go...

            Just sign them and send them to her via carrier pigeon.

    I would like to say my greatest fear is arachnophobia, but I can act when I'm around spiders. It's my vertigo/acrophobia that has actually interfered with my life to such a degree that it paralyses me, often literally, and stops me from enjoying things.

    I don't remember when it started in full force, but I remember even as a kid I was always wary of taking a fall. Then one year a friend fell off a cliff while sleepwalking (he broke almost every bone in his body but eventually made a full recovery) and I think that's when the fear hit home.

    Scene: Uluru. 15 year old me makes it barely up to Chicken Rock where I stand knees quivering, and eventually, tentatively make my was back down to the ground.

    Scene: Perth. Driving my way to a photo shoot at a quarry, the one way road with sheer drops to my right. Hands shaking so much I can't grip the steering wheel. I have a full on panic attack and my partner has to take over driving. I can't even exit the car, sliding over the gearstick to the passenger seat.

    Scene: The Tree-Top walk in the "Valley of the Giants" I don't know what possessed me to even try this. As soon as I set foot on to the walkway, the panic set in. Another one way path. Eyes to the sky I practically run my way through the walk to the other end.

    Scene: Standing on top of a not-very-high cliff (maybe 8M) above a pond for 90 minutes, trying to muster up the courage to jump, watching my 8 year old step-son repeatedly and without thought jump down and have fun. Walking back down, cold, scared, ashamed at myself.

    4 of many. It's the Uluru one that pains me the most though. I don't know that I'll ever get another chance to try and make the climb. This could literally be my one and only chance to face my fear head on, and even typing to try and win a chance to do so is making my head spin. I want to win... but then at the same time, I'm praying I don't.

    Last edited 24/02/15 10:51 am

    Cancer. Good luck packaging that into a YouTube video!!!

    I am incredibly terrified of performing or putting myself out there - doing speeches, on stage, on camera. I don't know how it started because I was a very outgoing kid, but I started clamming up in my teen years something awful. Even after about a hundred eps on a podcast I still tense up when the recording starts. You might remember that quiz episode we had you on, Mr Marky Mark, where I threw up in my mouth a little bit right before I launched into the opening remarks, and where my legs quivered like delicious jelly even though nobody could actually see me.

    I am even terrified of people reading that. I want to overcome this performance anxiety because being that uncomfortable even around your close friends is a terrible thing. And on a wider scale, being able to stand up and represent yourself is a very important step in just embracing and being comfortable with who you are.

    Last edited 24/02/15 3:44 pm

      This is great because, I can imagine the video being you in front of some huge crowd in sydney somewhere and this is something I want to see

    I'm scared of risk taking. Terrified that unnecessary risks will be the cause of my children growing up without a me. So I haven't been sky-diving, bungee jumping or in light-aircraft. I had a chance for a helicopter ride on the weekend but decided to stay on the sidelines. The other side of this is that I also don't want my children to take risks, which I can see is probably not that good for them in the long run. So I've been "dying" to break out of my driving miss daisy attitude. But push will literally have to come to shove.

    My fear is the fear of something being in the shadows watching and following me.

    I don't know if I should really say...but my biggest fear is being forced to eat a dinner consisting of lobster, oysters, crab, bugs, prawns and scallops with truffles somehow mixed into it. Argh, that would nearly be as scary as eating at Heston's Fat Duck. *Shudder* Argh, FFS, now I can't get the horror out of my mind. Screw you Kotaku and your bloody competitions. *Deep breath Matty, you can do it*

    Being paralysed. I get Sleep Paralysis a handful of times a year and each time it's a full panic situation, even though I know I should relax and ride it out.
    To be fully paralysed and the accompanying reliance on others is the worst thing I can imagine.

    Heights and falling. Scenes with parachute drops make my skin crawl, but the fear is greater on narrow, tall structures like pedestrian bridges over freeways and highways. Strangely enough, I'm perfectly fine with flying.

    Have to say my biggest fear is heights, which I've tried overcoming so many times it's getting ridiculous...

    Started when I was only young, less than 5 years old. I managed to get onto the back patio of a family friends house in my police pedal cruiser... yes, those things were awesome.... and proceeded to pedal that thing off the landing, falling for 1 storey and onto a concrete slab. As you can probably imagine, it was a bit crazy, if not traumatic. Good news is the pedal car stayed with me for another year or so.

    Anyways in the years following;
    I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge - shout out to the train driver who thought it'd be hilarious for blasting his horn at me whilst climbing the ladder (fresh pants please!).
    Also went sky diving - the instructor thought I was having some sort of fit or episode because I wasn't screaming with adrenaline - the adrenaline was keeping me from freaking out.
    And decided to jump of a perfectly stable rock outcrop in Portugal. Yes it took me over 25 minutes to even look over the edge, but I still managed to do it.

    After all of the self-inflicted shock treatment, I still haven't been able to get over it.

    Mark, I'd like to see you try. Good luck, because I don't know what would even work at this stage.

    F***ing clowns.
    They're not funny, they're demon spawn incarnate!
    A "possessed clown" grabbed my head on a ghost ride at a festival when I was young, which scarred me for life.
    I'm only just getting over the fear of the dark that that a***hole clown caused, but I still loathe clowns.

    You know those little ceramic clown dolls?
    F**k. That. Sh*t.
    Stephen Kings IT?
    F**k. That. Sh*t.
    F**K. THAT. SH*T.

    I don't particularly want to face this fear, rather, I want to punch a clown in its unholy face.
    My fear with clowns is much more "fight" than "flight".
    Or truthfully, "fight" then "flight".
    If winning gets me the chance to justifiably assault a clown that is trying to scare me, then run for my life, so be it.

    Last edited 23/02/15 6:18 pm

    My true fear is having someone live in my house without me knowing about it and stalking me constantly!!! I came across this fear because I hate the idea of someone watching me...

    I will face it by playing this game because this game is about killing creatures that dont deserve to live, and i will overcome the fear of "something" watching me!!!

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