You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity On The Internet For Free

I've always thought playing Cards Against Humanity online with faceless people sort of misses the point of Cards Against Humanity: it's all about getting people in a room together and laughing your asses off.

That's why Cards Against Originality, a browser-based web-app that allows you to play Cards Against Humanity online actually works. Hear me out here...

Cards Against Originality is a way of playing Cards Against Humanity using the internet — but it's built in such a way that you need to play with people within earshot of one another. Essentially, it's an app that replaces cards with smartphones, tablets or laptops. Pretty cool. Clunky, but cool.

Basically it negates having to buy the card game in the first place.

Which sounds kind of sucky, considering it takes money out of the Cards Against Humanity team's pockets, but the game started life under a Creative Commons licence, meaning anyone could legally print out the game and play. Technically this is completely legal.

I still prefer playing with cards though.

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    I've got the "Bigger Blacker Box" holding all of my cards + 5 expansions, and the biggest hassle is just the shuffling of everything once you take them all out. Granted the more we play the more the cards kind of get shuffled anyway but I could see this as a somewhat mess-free way of playing.

    Of course I don't know that we could introduce our house-rules (e.g. "This card is too American, only Bob knows what it means, discard and draw another") but it might be interesting.

      Buy the Australian version. Seriously, it is worth every penny.

        The group I play with has copies of both the American and Australian versions but that only covers the base game. There's still stuff in the expansions that the rest of the group doesn't get, and even some of the stuff that didn't change between versions is difficult for the non-pop-culture-oriented.


          Your friends obviously never played Wolfenstein 3D.

          Also, just show them this:

            They did not. They get most of the pop culture references I make but there's some things that just go over their heads.

            Still, when they come up with things like this, who am I to judge?

              You bastard!

              I laughed out loud at work, then had to lie about why I was laughing so I didn't have to admit that I am a terrible person.

                How do you think I felt choosing that as the winner! I'm laughing to the point of tears and feeling horrible because it had to be the winner. :P

      "This card is too American, only Bob knows what it means, discard and draw another"
      Our version of this tends to involve fire and/or eating of said cards.
      Saves on effort in the future,

        I'd probably do that but on the times that I get the cards I still want to do funny things with them.

    I agree. This is a game that you need to play in real life with friends. This would also take out some of the fun/surprises out of what some of the cards are.

    Played several times with friends with the Australian Edition. Good fun.

    Cards against Humanity is a game that really should ONLY be played with people close to you and copious amounts of grog.
    By about 2 hours in and getting sloshed it turns hilarious

    I had some yank family member's come over and stay with me and the missus. They brought just the base version of it around. We invited some friends and family around and started too play. Many bottles of wine later, we were still going at the game 3 hours after we started playing it.

    Ever since then I've bought the "Bigger Blacker Box" and often bust it out when going out to the houses of Friends/Family. Such a brilliant game. I couldn't imagine playing it on a laptop/tablet.

    We always play CAH after poker during our monthly poker nights one is actually tomorrow night :) we printed 10 full sets and it cost about $30 each

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