You Have 16 Hours To Buy 8 PC Classics For $1.99

I once played $2 for a Banana in Circular Quay. It was a good banana, but no banana on this earth could compete with eight PC games on Steam, so I'm gonna go right ahead and say that this new All Stars Bundle, which costs $1.99US is better value than the banana I once ate.

And that's no disrespect to the banana.

Here are the eight games that are part of the bundle...

Tropico 4 Magicka S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword System Shock 2 Deponia To The Moon Prime World: Defenders

I'd say that a game like System Shock 2 is worth the $1.99 alone. To The Moon is top notch as well. Tropico 4? People who love that genre swear by it.

Yep. This is a good deal. You should buy it. Or eat a banana. Totally your choice.


    Heres the link for the deal btw:



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    How does one play two dollars?

      Like so:

    I haven't heard of "$2 for a Banana." Is it on Steam? Did the publishers have a marketing thing at Circular Quay or something?

    Looks like about 5 or 6 of the games have trading cards as well so if you sell all those you are probably getting them all for free

    I thought you'd turned a corner, Serrels. I read through the article, patiently waiting for the link to the Steam page.

    "Surely he hasn't gone back to the dark days of not including links.... right?... RIGHT!?"

    I'm not angry... just disappointed.

    I thought Prime World: Defenders was free to play?

    there's some good stuff there, but check out the current IndieGala bundles as well cause there's a lot of good stuff in them too currently

    Can you tell us more of this two dollar banana? I want to hear more.

    *Strange man in an old trenchcoat walks up to Mark.*

    "Wanna play '$2 for a banana?'"

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