You'll Probably Want To Upgrade Your Holsters In Far Cry 4's DLC

If you're playing Far Cry 4's Valley of the Yetis DLC, you probably want to upgrade your holsters. You'll need Malayan Tapir hides, but those animals aren't on your map. Happily, you can find four hides in a crate near your base camp.

It's located here:

I'm still playing through the DLC to write something more substantive about it (generally speaking: it's fun!) but I spent a while in the early goings wondering how to get that first holster upgrade. Hopefully this makes things easier for anyone else out there who's playing.


    Oh, does this DLC strip you of your gear and stats from the main story?

      Probably has to to give any sort of challenge, by the end of the main story you had so much firepower on you that anything short of storming a fortress was a walk in a park... and the fortresses not much more difficult.

      Even the honey badger gave a f**k when you had the buzzsaw!

      Last edited 12/03/15 11:28 am

        agreed, got far too easy towards the end. was ridiculous
        it was much more enjoyable at first, where you could either chose between fire power or stealth and it would be challenging

        at the end though, all you have to do is go in guns blazing with the buzzsaw and its seemingly endless clip. with stuff like the javelin as well, the amount of firepower you had was insane

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