10 Great World Of Warcraft Inns

Ten Great World of Warcraft Inns

With people levelling their characters super fast nowdays, the inns of World of Warcraft no longer function as hubs where you can heal after doing a bunch of quests. But that doesn't mean they don't have awesome features. And they're not abandoned at all.

Here's Crendor, trying to find the 10 best inns in Azeroth, and he's probably the only one who can make such an entertaining video from a topic like this.

Here's all 10 inns featured in the video. Couldn't agree more:

  1. The Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind and its secret tunnels.

  2. Kharanos Inn in the middle of Dun Morogh.

  3. Shady Rest Inn in Dustwallow Marsh (or what's left of it).

  4. The inn in Gorgrond with some special innkeepers.

  5. Halfhill Inn in the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria.

  6. World's End Tavern in the Lower City of Shattrath.

  7. The boat inn in Booty Bay.

  8. The Grim Gruzzler in the middle of Blackrock Depths.

  9. The Horde inn Filthy Animal in Dalaran.

  10. The one and only Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire. The center of low level duels, level one characters messing up the local channel and everything nasty.

Sorry Garrison Inn, maybe next time.


    It's always good to see Crendor getting some promotion here on Kotaku. He has a real knack for making the mundane entertaining that you don't quite see anywhere else.

    I'm still waiting on that Top 10 Pointless Sounds video though. C'mon Crendor!

    Rule number 1: Never enter Goldshire... Especially on Moonguard

      hahaha, i'd just turn off the chat channels all together and emotes :P

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