2K Australia In Canberra Closes Its Doors

A source has just informed us that 2K Australia, the studio in Canberra that most recently brought us Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, is closing its doors.

It was confirmed the entire studio is closing, and all staff members will lose their jobs. "All hands are gone," said our source.

2K Canberra was the last major AAA-style studio operating out of Australia. The costs of operating out of Australia were apparently to blame for the decision.

Sources close to the situation informed us that, at one point, a move to Melbourne was being planned, in an attempt to help attract new talent to the studio. This allegedly caused many high-level members of the team to leave and that may have factored into 2K's decision to shut down the studio.

2K provided us with the following statement, confirming the closure.

We can confirm we have taken steps to begin the studio closure process for 2K Australia in order to better manage ongoing development costs while improving the working proximity of our creative teams. We are very grateful for the team’s valuable contributions to numerous 2K projects, and are working with affected staff to explore reassignment opportunities where possible.


    I know a few people at this studios, and this sucks.

    They went from being excited about the possibility of moving from Canberra to Melbourne to losing their jobs in the space of two months.

    Poor bastards.

    Such a shame, from a fellow Canberran.

    This is pure greed from 2K. 2K Australian games would have to have endless non-stop AAA multi-million sellers to have any chance of survival of upsetting the doctrine of extreme greed. As soon as one AAA game didn't meet the impossible standards, then this would happen now, or
    The war of homogenisation and monoculture has another victory thanks to 2K.

    Personally, I loved 2K Canberras BioShock 2 - with help from other 2K studios ( which imo had far better combat than BioShock 1 and 3) but all their other games did nothing for me.

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    Argh! Who do we blame?

      Immigants! I knew it was them!

        They took our jeeeeeebbzzzz

      2K! They only want to use Australia if they can do so on the cheap (like others) and bail out when they realise they have to pay Australian's a fair sum.

      It's bad enough that both sides don't support the games industry but then overseas companies either set up shop or buy a local company then bail out when the dollar gets above 60 US cents.

      The worst part is, if I remember right, 2K was originally Irrational Games, an Ozzie Company. So it's another kick in the teeth.

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    As an ex Holden employee I will blame Abbott and hockey for everything for a long time to come

    Well that's another chunk out of the local economy.

      Let's be honest it's more like a slice...

        Still, doesn't help. Been more than a few job losses around here recently.

    THANK GOD!!! No more games with Australian accents that make AUSTRALIANS facepalm *cough* Borderlands TPS *cough*

      Hell yes! I did like the game play of TPS but the overly thick, often moronic and outdated use of colloquial slang made us Aussies look like a bunch of slack jawed "Charnwood" Yokals! It was the only real bug bear in the game for me....big fat bug bear at that. Struth....stone the lizzards...crickey......that bloomin bug bear was dead set craptacular. Script writers should've been all been rissoled cobber.

    hi, im new to posting, normally I lurk but I just made an account to comment on this. I study certificate 4 in gaming and these guys were my heroes, I was amazed some guys down under could achieve greatness.
    everyone here is in outrage, as am I but I'm traying to look forward. I want to believe that in time and with support I could bring 2k Australia back....maybe not as good as it once was, but I want to give something back to those who bring enjoyment to so many people

    thanks for reading my long ass post

    Looks like you have to move overseas to make it in the game industry these days unfortunately.

    Thank fully :} now they won't fuck up with my Borderlands

    There is very little point for a US company to run an office in Australia unless they absolutely need to. Running cost are way higher in Australia due to over taxation and high wages. Add the fact that the studio is on the other side of the world and in the worst time zone to work with US.

    I'm pretty sure 2k was considering shutting it down since they bought out Irrational. The studio was never listed on their official website. Borderlands getting a 7.0 metacritic was probably just the nudge they needed to do the deed.

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