A Hardcore Fan Is Merging Two Beloved Metroid Games Into One

A Hardcore Fan Is Merging Two Beloved Metroid Games Into One

You’re looking at Super Metroid, but you’re also look at Metroid Fusion. Slowly but surely, the two Metroid games are becoming one, thanks to an intrepid modder.

While we patiently wait for Nintendo to consider another Metroid game, fans continue to experiment with the series. For years now, modder Metaquarius has been dropping elements from Metroid Fusion, released for the GBA in 2002, into the all-time classic Super Metroid.

Metaquarius calls his project Super Metroid X-Fusion, and he’s made some amazing progress.

The GIF above, for example, is the Metroid Fusion boss Omega. Here’s how you encounter him in Metroid Fusion itself:

In the thread discussing the mod, Metaquarius often asks fans to weigh on on what elements to bring over from Metroid Fusion, and how to properly integrate them:

Now I have a question : several people have asked me to remove shinepark energy drain, it is expected to be cuz eh, its Fusion, but does it make any kind of difference ? I mean, its convenient and all that but I think a special move should come at a cost, just like missiles use ammunitions. In Fusion, you can loose your charge when you get hit which I found to be more annoying than energy drain really.

The most recent update for Super Metroid Fusion-X demonstrated how Metroid Fusion‘s gravity-defying B.O.X. boss has been integrated into Super Metroid.

Here’s how it looked in Metroid Fusion:

And here’s how it looks in Super Metroid Fusion-X:

Pretty damn cool.


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