A Horror Game That Looks Straight Out Of Mass Effect

A Horror Game That Looks Straight Out Of Mass Effect

Pamela is an upcoming PC game that looks pretty striking for something that’s supposed to be a survival horror game. No gross, gritty environments that are so typical of the genre to be found here!

Instead, the futuristic setting looks way more utopian — which makes the premise of exploring a dead civilisation seem all the more enticing. According to the developers, the game tasks you with scavenging and surviving your way through “Eden,” and doing so will require the use of advanced toys and equipment that would look right at home in Mass Effect.

From the official website:

With a massive city environment, from malls to nightclubs, there will always be something new just around the corner.

The workings of Eden are foreign, the residents mad with unpredictability. Your every decision to eat sleep or drink may be your last. Time, you’ll find, is the most precious commodity.

Days are never long enough, and night is perilous. Manage Eden’s power to keep the lights on, and control your environment.

Your holopad contains all the functions necessary to survive, in an immersive format that won’t draw you out of the world. View your status, inventory, loadouts and more at the touch of your finger.

One of the tools at your disposal will be a sentient AI named Pamela. She’ll guide you, but it sounds like she has her secrets of her own, too — she did watch Eden fall apart, after all.

You can read more about Pamela at the official website.


  • People’s bio-integrated computers have been infected with a virus, game turns into a bioshock/mass-effect/deadspace mashup.

    A game built out of trilogies.

    • A trinity of trilogies, eh? I’m not complaining. This sounds like a really cool concept. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Hope this comes to console. Love that futuristic design style. Wish the world really looked like that.

  • Wow… that looks awesome but considering it’s pre-alpha footage and most likely in engine mockup more-so than real gameplay i’ll take this with more than pinch of salt.

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