A VR Gaming Chair To Make You Barf

A VR Gaming Chair To Make You Barf

This is the MMOne. It's a "3-axis virtual-reality gaming chair". And it might make you barf. I know it would make me.

Just watching this clip is making me woozy.

According to its official site, the chair is compatible with gamepads, joysticks and the Oculus Rift. There are also roller coaster and space sims for people to experience as virtual rides.

The MMOne is suitable for people over 12 years old, between 110cm and 198cm tall, and under 118kg.

Eurogamer reports that the still-in-development chair isn't yet available for purchase. Or, I guess, puking.


    Not seen video yet, but I'd thing they would have to work heavily on failsafes. I can only imagine, one day you're strapped in the chair playing your favourite fighter-jet sim. Then the game crashes and you are still being hurled around like a maniac, the stop button doesn't work as you franticly press it, and you are home ALONE.

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