Fan Theory: You’re Drinking Menstrual Blood In Bloodborne 

Fan Theory: You’re Drinking Menstrual Blood In Bloodborne 

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the healing blood in Bloodborne? Someone has a theory, and it’s kind of gross. It also makes a lot of sense.

As those of you that are playing Bloodborne know, blood is the cornerstone of all society in Yharnam. People drink blood for healing purposes. They also drink it recreationally, so much so that blood is more popular than alcohol. In essence, the people of Bloodborne are like vampires. They’re all thirsty as hell for that blood — literally.

This weekend, Redditor LucatielKnight posted a thread musing on the origin of said blood. They raise a few noteworthy observations, including:

  • Special blood vials in the game all come from women, such as Arianna, Iosefka, and Sister Adella. We also know that the Healing Church chooses specific women to be “vessels for blood” and are “groomed as Blood Saints.” We also know that the person who introduced the entire concept of drinking blood to Yharnam is a lady — the Queen of the Pthumerians.
  • One of these women, Arianna, does not give you any more blood when she becomes pregnant. Furthermore, it’s worth considering that the old lady that you can bring to the church does not give you blood. Menopause?
  • The game loves to use concepts relating to the moon and cycles.
  • One of Bloodborne’s important locations is called “The Nightmare of Mensis.” There is also a boss called “Brain of Mensis” (which you have to defeat in order to get an item called ‘Blood Rock.’) There is also an item called “Mensis Cage,” which is used as an antenna that facilitates contact with the Great Ones. Mensis is very similar to the word “menses,” which is Latin for, well, menstruation. The word also has close ties with the concept of the moon.

All of this comes together to make LucatielKnight wonder one thing. “Are we all healing with vials of period blood?” LucatielKnight asks. “I’m laughing as I’m writing this, but what is going on!?” Now that they mention it, though, Coldblood does kind of look like menstrual blood clots…

Obviously, this is but a theory/interpretation, and a kind of silly one at that. But given how fixated the game is on the horrors of pregnancy and birth, the idea that maybe the blood vials are menstrual blood isn’t so outlandish. It wouldn’t even be the most disgusting thing in the game, either. Still, I will indulge my more childish side here: eww.



    Holy shit. Those theories make incredible sense. Oh god, yes. Bloodborne: secret feminist gaming Illuminati.

  • Now lets add menstruation blood drinker vampires, who only drink blood via the cunnilingus so that they get their fill of the m blood (with some blood from drinking from clitoris, which has a high abundance of blood) now if you excuse me, i am going to get some brain bleach to get rid of the information in this disturbing article

  • The theory sorta works, but you aren’t drinking the blood exactly, your character jabs himself with the blood vials, injected the blood in to their leg. Still sorta weird, but not as gross as nomming menstrual leavings.

  • Regular blood drinking, all good apparently. Suddenly it’s period blood and ‘ewwww’.

    • I could entertain the idea that some of the blood could be sourced from such areas, but I think overall it’s just blood.

      From my understanding the Queen was from a bygone era in Yahrnams history, a period (no pun intended) that the scholars of Byrgenwerth were studying when they stumbled on to the old blood and learnt it’s dangers.
      It was Laurence who reintroduced the old blood in to the world as we know it now.

      (I should add though, that if this theory is the basis for the game, it’s the perfect vessel to use since the specifics of the lore in From Software games are never revealed lol)

  • Yeah, I’m totally sold.
    I was already mentally linking the themes of moons and pregnancy/stillbirth, but the prevalence of blood really wasn’t fitting into the picture.

    I still can’t tie the themes of dreams & blindness/inner-sight to the pregnancy thing. Anyone think there is a link there?

  • If you actually think about, we eat chickens menses (eggs). That is all menstruation is, the body getting rid of an unfertilized egg.

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