Almost All Of Mortal Kombat X's Gory Fatalities In One Place

Almost All of Mortal Kombat X's Gory Fatalities in One Place

You want to see, like, 95 per cent of the blood-gushing finishing moves from Mortal Kombat X? Here you go.

YouTuber theRadBrad has uploaded a video that features almost all of MKX's Fatalities, with the exception, he says, of the ones performed by unlockable character Shinnok. Players get him at the end of Story Mode. (It's not clear if these were performed with the game's purchasable Easy Fatality inputs.) Nevertheless, man, they're all so over-the-top, eh? Hard to pick a favourite! I'll have impressions coming on Mortal Kombat X later today.


    Kung Lao's Flower Pot takes the cake. My brother and I were an absolute mess when we saw it. It was hilarious.
    Loving the game. So, so excellent.

    Those are so ridiculously over the top except smashing that woman's face into the ground. That was a bit too domestic violence.

    Here's Johnny for the win. But I don't mind Kung Lau's band saw hat with the head going through it.

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