An Awesome Humble Bundle For Digital Board Games

An Awesome Humble Bundle For Digital Board Games

This Saturday is International TableTop Day. That means you should totally play a board game. But what if you don’t have any board games?

Well maybe you should buy some digital board games, at this astronomically low price?

Yep, that’s right, the Humble team are currently running a board game focused Humble Bundle and I think this is a great idea.

The base level of the bundle is as follows:

— Small World 2
— Magnifico
— Talisman Digital Edition

If you pay $7 or more you also get these:

— Catan: Creators Edition
— Ticket to Ride
— 100% Orange Juice

Pay more than $35 you get…

— Humble Tabletop Box

So it might not be as good as getting some buddies round to play board games in the flesh, but it might work as a decent back-up plan? Head here to find out more.


  • With Ticket to Ride, you’ll unlock all of the available maps for the game on every platform. So while you’re buying the Steam key, you’re also getting it on iOS and Android. It’s really good value and worth the $7 alone.

    • Sweet! I was going to buy the bundle anyway, but knowing I’ll get Ticket on iOS as a bonus is the icing on the cake.

      • It should also work with Small World but I can’t be sure because I don’t own it. Days of Wonder are generally really good with their digital adaptations.

        • Hey Trjn – can’t seem to get iOS to recognise HB purchase – how did you get it to work?

          • Are they linked through your Days of Wonder account? Because I bought Ticket to Ride through a separate Humble Bundle a while ago and everything carries over.

          • I’m not sure if I’ve done this right but I’ve just signed into the DOW website via Steam login, it created a username and password for me, which I then signed into TTR on Android with. It stated that my Google account is linked to my DOW account (which in turn is linked to Steam). However, it still shows the maps as available for purchase, i.e. locked.

            All of the DLC as per Steam shows up under my DOW account under “Online Features” though.

  • I got Talisman HD free via the AmazonApp a while back. Is a great little game. Think I’ll get this, to pick it up on steam as well.

  • I want this bundle for the Bandage Girl token alone, but alas I can not spend the dollars.

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