Battlefield Heroes Shutting Down On July 14

Briefly: Battlefield Heroes and several other games are shutting down on July 14, according to a post by Electronic Arts. The free-to-play take on Battlefield never really caught on, and the company admits it's "an older title that is not as popular as it once was."


    I played that briefly when it launched. It was fun, and good for short plays, but nothing ground-breaking and certainly not enough to capture my attention for very long.

      I did the same. It was a laugh prior to the millions of micro transactions.

        Yeah that's one of the aspects that made me walk away. It was pay-to-win. Gross.

          Playing the rogue dude with the poison knife was awesome.

    EA should release their server package so those who DO still play it can set up their own server.

    It was okay in beta. Nerfed it for me when at release they made it pay to win. I'm okay with that but, you have to make it so free player can at least half enjoy it but, you couldn't get any kind of anti-tank weapon without paying so I never stuck around to find out whether it was good.

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