Bloodborne Loads Way Faster After New Update, Hooray

Bloodborne Loads Way Faster After New Update, Hooray

Bloodborne's biggest flaw has now been fixed thanks to a new patch. Instead of suffering through 45+ second load times, now you can enjoy 10-15 second load times. Think of all the deaths you can fit into every session now!

You can see the new load times in the video above. The exact time it takes to load between different areas varies, but it is still generally way faster than the older loading times. Note that instead of simply showing you a screen that says BLOODBORNE while it loads, the game now shows you item descriptions of various objects in its world. Like so:

Bloodborne Loads Way Faster After New Update, Hooray

It's not clear to me if it only shows you items you carry, or any item at all. The latter could be a spoiler! Either way, these loading screens are certainly more interesting than just looking at the title over and over again.

To download the update, you can press the "options" button while hovering over Bloodborne on the PS4 home menu. From there, select "check for update."

Here are the full patch notes for the new update:

Main points of UPDATE 1.03

-Reduced loading times (approx 5-15 seconds;. May Vary by circumstance)

-fixed bug That left Certain Lifts and elevators inoperable

-fixed bug That Resulted in bosses Becoming Immobilized

-fixed bug That left Players unable to Advance NPC events During multi-Play

-When the PS4 IS put into Rest Mode During Online Play, the Game Will Now Return to the main title screen upon resuming Play

This Will resolve matchmaking issues related to Suspend / Resume.

-Other Various bug fixes

We will continue to make improvements to better the play experience.


    The load times are still atrocious and within the 20 to 30 sec range.
    And yet all the games of media are doing cartwheels over what is A small improvement. Its still is a load time abomination.

    Last edited 24/04/15 6:24 am

      I personally noticed a huge improvement last night, though I don't recall item descriptions during the loading times. the only issue left is the graphical ones, like the background bleeding through "cracks" in the textures. A small price to pay

      Yep, the load times have been reduced *by* 5-15 seconds, not *to* 5-15 seconds. Better than they were but not amazing, as you say.

      I'm surprised it got through Sony's TRC's to be honest. There's pretty strict rules on how long load times should be, and what you need to be displaying on the screen should load times exceed x number of seconds. It shouldn't have passed the check in the first place with 45+ second load times that gave the user no interaction or even anything to read at all, that's really abysmal.

      Shows you how they are willing to to bend the rules for certain people.

      Last edited 24/04/15 9:42 am

    Proving that you can't please everyone, I preferred the "Bloodborne" loading screens over the item descriptions. I wonder if you can turn the descriptions off...

    Last edited 24/04/15 6:59 am

    Yeah...a bit better, but not way better.

    Last edited 24/04/15 8:16 am

    Load times weren't game breaking, and I never really cared, so any improvement is just a bonus.


      From Software comes out with a gem and people complain about load times. So they fix the load times and people still complain.

      Something has to give. If people want five second load times, prepare for shit graphics, which they'll complain about. It will also have to load more often, which they'll complain about. Then they'll complain that the load times are still too long.

      Be thankful that they've made such a great game.

        You sir, hit the nail on the head.
        At first I was a bit annoyed with the load times (probably cause I was dying so much while I got used to no blocking and the regain system), but the game is so good I really stopped caring.
        I'm more excited about item descriptions in the load screen than the decrease in time.
        I almost don't want it to load too quickly in case I don;t have long enough to read the descriptions.


      If you want to complain about atrocious load times, find a Destiny or last gen GTA online article.

    "It’s not clear to me if it only shows you items you carry, or any item at all", it's the latter - I just started and I don't consider it spoiler material. The game is quite obtuse as it is.

    The cannon now takes 12 bullets to fire.

    I never really payed much notice to the loading times. Usually because there is a beer in my hand and I harass the missus during this time.


    * Load screens now give you something to read.
    * Load times reduced so you don't have time to read it.
    * Trollface.

    Joking aside, I'm keen for this. The only thing I really want now is using lanterns to travel to other lanterns instead of always always always taking a detour through the Hunter's Dream.

    Last edited 24/04/15 10:50 am

    Dorry, but loadtimes were never 40s+

    That is an outright lie. I've been playing for 75hrs and have timed warping to/from numerous areas; not once has it taken no more than 28s on ANY occasion. The load times are much better, I timed 10s warping from Yahar'Gul Chapel to Hunters Dream. Prepatch it was 18s. Initial load from main menu was 19s down from 27s pre-patch.

    Everyone always complains about everything, no matter what. The load times were a tad too long before, but they aren't now. I never really got annoyed by them but they're now definitely, noticeably better.

    If you are still displeased then stop playing. Sick of hearing about the load times. It's a great game and therefore makes up for it.

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