Bloodborne's Load Times Are About To Get Better

Bloodborne. Everyone loves it. Well not everyone, but most people. The one pervasive complaint, however, has been the loads times. They are frequently ridiculous, to the point where I've started squeezing in exercise workouts. Good news! The next Bloodborne patch is going to address those load times.

In an update on the PlayStation Blog Masaaki Yamagiwa, a producer on Bloodborne, explained the details.

As we confirmed previously, the 1.03 update seeks to reduce certain load times in addition to performance optimisations. The patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play. Additional fixes will be included as well.

The abnormal game behaviour Yamagiwa is most likely referring to is the bug that makes certain bosses easier after continuous hours of play, apparently the result of some sort of memory leak. Very glad that's being fixed.

The patch will be made available later this month. Most likely just in time for my NG+ run!


    Oh great, right after I sunk 100 hours into it and am about to return it. Doh!

      Return as in trade it in?

        Yeah, for store credit at EB. It's like $36 + membership level bonus.

    While lesser loading times will of course be welcome, I wasn't that bothered by them - I honestly think that Dark Souls 2 on the 360 was worse. Though I suppose the Souls games had the advantage of randomly rotating lore and information on the screen to keep punters occupied.

      Seconded. I only found them slightly too long in general, not the travesty that others are decrying. They allow a little time for reflection on the nature of the beast.

    I'm curious to know what "certain" load times means and how much faster they'll be. Hopefully one of the other fixes includes fixing the terrible collision and hit boxes in some areas. Sometimes walls may as well not exist in the game when everything can attack, see and even sometimes move through them. I'm also fairly certain many deaths were due to my weapon whiffing *through* an enemy instead of registering the attack, not to mention trying to backstab and ending up inside the enemy.

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      Yeh, that "certain" stuck in the statement has me a bit worried too. If it means yharnam load times in general then fine, I found that loading to the dream was fine, a touch on the lengthy side I suppose for the size of the area it was loading but bearable nonetheless.

      I had a hilarious (yet fatal) incident with a giant pig. I lured it to the entrance of a building, knowing that I could get it to stay outside due to the size of the door. So anyway, piggy decides to do a massive charge and somehow squeezes through the door after a split-second of being stuck. The squeezing through added to his velocity so I got steam-trained before I could even think of dodging. His victory squeal was epic!

    Didn't notice the long load times once, even after reading about them in all the reviews for the game.

    I was never really bothered by the loading times. I used them to reflect on where I went wrong, and calm myself before my next attempt.

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    Time to platinum the game! 5 achievements to go. Ptumerian Queen, Highest level blood gem, beast claw, ending 1 and ending 2!

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    little bit late for this, I've already got the plat. Most other people I know have finished it as well.

    I have a hybrid hdd/ssd in the PS4, so they aren't so bad for me (+-10-15sec shorter), but my brother gets seriously depressed every time I load an area after he does and still get in game first.

    The loading times are only an issue when you need to return to the hunter's dream before porting somewhere else. It's the only time I stop and think is it really worth it, or should I just walk? Then again, as a stoner, I'm not too miffed by it, lol. gives me plenty of time to do what I need to do

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