Bravely Default Sequel Trailer Torments America

Bravely Default Sequel Trailer Torments America

We still don’t know if Bravely Second — the sequel to Bravely Default — is even coming out in the West, let alone whether it’s coming this year. Sadness. But hey, at least there’s this new trailer for the game.

Which might actually make you sadder, so…sorry? Bravely Second is out in Japan next month. The first one was very, very good.


  • I still don’t understand why people say its so good, it looks like every other JRPG. If any one has played it, can they tell me what is so good about it?

    • Tweaks to the system means that combat goes a lot faster with a fast forward function, you can set fights in areas to repeat the exact same actions if you’re fighting the same creatures plus if you don’t want to fight any monsters or are on little life &/or MP, you can turn off random encounters entirely (but that means no XP).

    • The first game? People liked it I think exactly because of that. It’s a really solid, well-made JRPG that feels like it’s a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy 6. The sort of JRPG no one really makes any more.

      • Yeah it’s a nice clean slate.

        Someday down the road there’ll be Bravely X and it’ll be 60% cutscenes.

        • I’m kind of worried based off that trailer that they might have gone straight there and loaded this one down with CG cutscenes.

    • The combat system was great and let players be as exacting or casual as they want. Encounter enemy that you’re sure you can wipe out in one turn? Just spam ‘Brave,’ instead of going through the motions of waiting for enemy actions like other turn-based games. It was a good balance of risk and reward.

      The rest of the game was regrettable though. The story wasn’t great (all the JRPG tropes are present and accounted for), the VA is possibly the worst I’ve encountered in recent memory (especially Agnes), and the now infamous recycled last third of the game was plain padding.

      • ^
        Pretty much exactly this. Sure, it’s a good game. But a classic? No.
        I love immersing myself in an amazing R.P.G., but the main things that I look for are great stories and memorable characters. Bravely Default has neither of these. The characters are as generic and cliched as they come, and as Strand said, the voice acting is horrible.
        That MIGHT be forgivable if the story was amazing, but it’s really not. It’s dull, generic, and the whole “let’s repeat the entire game 700 times” thing is a repulsive game mechanic.
        The battle system is clever and the painted locations look amazing (especially in 3D) but this series has a LOT to prove if it’s going to stand up next to the Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests of the world.

    • IMO its like most old rpgs! and the story is so great.

      with 99% of the junk out there finally i found a story i go entranced into

      Time travel….multiple universes all unite to fight a common enemy.

      Thats the sort of story i hope and never get from games tv etc Braverly default is AMAZING.

    • Really Strand? im looking for a story with time travel and multiple worldlines like this for a long long time.

      The story was amazing and i wish more rpg’s would make storys like that it would keep me asking for more and being surprised and excited.

      The gameplay was great but its the story that did it for me.

      Not many other games make good time travel / multiple world stories like braverly default did!

      • I would be more forgiving of the multiverse it was trying to establish, if it was done well. Unfortunately, it was literally the same recycled world map, same motions, and largely the same boss fights recycled with increased difficulty. After the 2nd time I went through the portal, it was so transparent that they were just padding the length of the game. I’d also like to know what other novels, movies or games you think have a great story, if Bravely Default is somehow one of them. It ticked every snooze-worthy JRPG trope in the book, from magical crystals, a laughable amnesia subplot with Ringabel; it even has the ‘doomed anime hometown.’ It’s the seriously the most rote, by-the-numbers game plot in recent memory. The only thing which carried this game for me was its innovative battle system, but the first half of the game (beating the various knights to obtain their classes) was admittedly pretty good.

        • I’m very picky with books and movies and games so out of the thousands i have seen watched read etc i can only thing of 3 i liked so much

          Bravely default. <- i only like it so much as i have never really found any other game that uses the multiverse trope by itself the story is average but thats what made it for me.

          Final fantasy X and The Atelier series.

          For shows probably only Supernatural and Dr who and for books probably only stuff like H.P Lovecraft’s writing.

          I think the story was good but i do agree it was way to repeditive however i enjoy repeditive things so it was good for me but i did get bored at times.

          Magical crystals are a trope i love also the Amnesia trope is on of my favorite tropes they have just always been as i find them interesting as i find they make for a good story.

          Most games try to be unique and exciting and just come off as to try hard here it felt like they knew what they were going for an tried no harder and no less.

          I wish modern games weren’t so lets create a big story but lets have no twists or stuff like magic etc.

          Alot of stories these days miss out on good tropes like the Amnesia trope as i find that to be a good way to create suspense.

          How is someone who has no memory of something meant to tell others?

          it add’s that frustration that you know he could save them all but he just doesn’t remember.

          Anyway thats why i enjoyed it i personally don’t see crystals as a bad trope because crystals are highly linked to spirtual and magic uses in mythology.

          Maybe i just have a bad liking of stuff this is coming from someone who gets called strange because he find Game of thrones boring and dull and way to boring to be interesting.

  • Still not sure how I feel about the musical change. I like ryo’s work, but I don’t think the music in this remotely captures the feel that Revo’s music did in the original game. Feels pretty stock-standard anime opening theme really.

    • I know what you mean with the trailer… But I have hopes the rest of the OST will be more neutral sounding. Though if it isn’t I still won’t complain because I absolutely love Ryo.

      • I like Ryo’s work too. Excellent pop music composer. Nut he’s never struck me as much of a soundtrack person. Willing to give him the benefit of the doubt based off his body of work but I do wish they’d been able to get Revo back again – his stuff fit the game like a glove.

  • Golden Sun STILL kicks this game’s ass in terms of just about everything. BD was one of most bland JRPGs I’ve ever played. Just play Trails in the Sky if you want good gameplay and story.

    There’s like NOTHING to do in this game and they got super lazy near the end. Combat was good but got boring fast.

    • but does trails in the sky have multiple worlds or time travel?

      thats a big story element that made bravely default so good for me.

  • I would be highly surprised and find it rather stupid of Squeenix if it wasn’t released in the US & Europe. It sold almost as well in English regions as it did in Japan and was highly acclaimed on top of that.
    So of course it’ll see a western release.

  • I’m playing the first game at the moment and really enjoying it. Turned it over to the Japanese audio with subtitles and it seems a little more natural, especially Agnès. Ringabel’s Japanese VA is more badass. Tiz is… well… whichever way you cut it he is just a sap. Edea kicks arse as usual 🙂 Hopefully the second game is even better!

  • I was so close to finishing the game but seemed to get fatigued right at the end. I should really get around to finishing this game…

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