Community Review: Titan Souls

Community Review: Titan Souls

There’s a distinct different, I’ve noticed, between the opinions of people who have played Titan Souls on the PS4/PC and those who played it on the PS Vita. The lesson to be learned here? Don’t play Titan Souls on the Vita if you have a choice.

The reason is relatively simple: loading times. Titan Souls is one of those games: you are going to be dying a lot. On the PS4 that frustration is mitigated by load times that throw you straight back into the game. The PS Vita doesn’t have that luxury. You can add five to ten seconds to the time from death to respawn. That doesn’t sound like much, but in a game like Titan Souls it’s a big deal.

It’s the difference between, “bugger it, one more go,” and “screw this I’m going to do something else”. It’s that simple. It reminds me of the pure genius of Hotline Miami: players died, frequently, but the music never stopped. The respawn was instantaneous, players were caught up in the moment. You couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. The PS4 version of Titan Souls is pretty close to that. The PS Vita is miles aways. Just those five to ten seconds: that’s all it takes. So interesting.

Regardless, I’m finding the game interesting. I love the puzzle aspect of the never-ending boss fights. They’re difficult because they are a problem to be solved. It takes lightning reaction times once you solve it, but most bosses are a one hit kill. It makes you feel like a precise, killing machine. A very unique feeling.

I suggest you play Titan Souls. It’s pretty pricey and has its minor flaws, but it’s a beautiful, unique game with a gorgeous sense of scale. Give it a try.


  • I’m not that far in yet, but I’m gettting equal amounts of enjoyment and frustration out of it. It’s a hard game, but when you finally take out a boss it feels great. Loving the one hit kills, if it weren’t for them the game would be damn near unplayable.

  • It’s a great game. Love it a lot.
    Very Frustrating but also what Monkey said about the relief when you beat a titan.

  • PSA: The game has a demo on Steam.

    I highly recommend you try it. It’s small and it’s free.

  • This game is hard but its like Darksouls, its hard because of your skill level.

    When you die its your fault, not the game. You dont get Nintendo’d. Its your fault because you didnt roll at the right time or hit him dead on.

    Man i love this game!

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