Destiny’s House Of Wolves Comes Out May 19

Destiny’s House Of Wolves Comes Out May 19

House of Wolves, the second expansion for Destiny, will be out in just over a month, publisher Activision announced today. We’ll be grinding again on May 19.

Activision sent out a media blast this morning with a new trailer for House of Wolves, but it’s currently private. They say they sent the news early by accident and that the video will actually go live at 1pm ET today, so we’ll just have to stare at the screen for an hour and a half waiting for the good part, which should be a familiar activity to anyone who plays Destiny.

UPDATE: Here we go. As expected, we’re going to the Reef for this one:


  • The trailer’s on the Destiny Facebook page isn’t it? Either way, I’m keen to see what it adds, more stuff to do is definitely welcome. I wonder if there’ll be an E3 announcement for Comet though. They really need to get people back on bored with Destiny and HoW is the last pre-planned DLC so things hopefully should really change up with Comet

  • Still haven’t even finished the campaign. I might get back to it one day, but I’ll never platinum it, from what I hear there is an absolute boatload of grinding involved.

    • I just need to get the 50 ghosts, finish a raid with no one dying and capture 20 salvage points before I platinum it. The ghosts are no problem, salvage is hardly on and annoying and I have no idea why it’s a trophy, but the raid without dying part is the problem.

      There can be a bit of grinding though for trophies but not a great deal. Most of the grinding in the game you do is in a fruitless attempt to get a legendary drop or level up weapons D:

      • Raid without dying isn’t actually that difficult, can be done with 3 people (or less even) on Crota’s End. Just about patience and care.

  • I would settle for party finder for raids.

    I will probably play through this story and then stop again, although I will probably have to grind a bit to up my light lvl to play the new content… I hate grinding.

  • I haven’t even bought the first DLC yet, Looks like all of this DLC stuff is aimed at people who are on or near level cap, I’m lvl 23 and don’t know anyone to do any of the raids with, even those lfg websites have failed the couple of times I’ve tried them. I kind of want to keep playing, just not all that interested in the relentless grind through strike missions I’ve done multiple times before to get up to 32 or whatever it is now.
    Given I’m lvl 23, is it worth buying the first DLC at this point? I think it has at least 1 strike at lvl 24 but it’s a lot of spondoolies for 1 strike

    • A couple strikes, level 26 strike playlist, raid, some story missions. And new gear. You can get up to level 30 and not do raid, in fact 31.

  • i got the edition that came with all the dlc.

    i would say im seriously considering if i even bother to download this but of course i will. i already have it, it all came on the disc, there is probably just a 5MB patch to enable it.

    that does sound overly negative, i just want this update to actually be an update, the last “expansion” was pathetic in terms of content

    • Pretty sure the “patch” will be much larger than 5MB. The disc might have a lot of dlc assets on it but it can still be far from what the public would call completed content.

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