Diablo III With WoW's Camera Looks Like A Totally Different Game

Diablo III With WoW's Camera Looks Like a Totally Different Game

Diablo III and all its predecessors have a fixed camera with an isometric view. We can zoom in, but basically that's it. Monstrousd3 messed a bit with the camera angles and made a short clip showing how the game would look from a different perspective, similar to World of Warcraft's.

It certainly looks a bit strange. There's something cool in how Diablo attacks us at the end of the video, but there's also a reason the Diablo games don't have this sort of third person view and WASD controls.


    I know I must be in the minority, but I have tried to lov Diablo and its sequels ever since it first came out, but just find it really boring. I keep thinking I must be missing something or playing it wrong. This actually looks cool with the new camera angles.

      I feel that the original camera style brings me out of the action too much.

    A 'WSAD' mode should be looked into IMO. It makes the game look fresh and exciting, something the isometric viewpoint of the current game does not.

      Blizzard would have to redo all the textures of the entire game if they were to make bring in this type of camera as alot of the textures are extreme low res

    Notice that the player never moves?
    Even when standing in Big D's fire, doesn't budge

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