Doom Vs Akira Would Be A Manga For The Ages

Doom vs Akira Would Be A Manga For The Ages

It was funny seeing a Simpsons x Akira crossover, but those two series didn't really fit. Doom, on the other hand, in this very cool image by jnkboy, slots alongside the classic manga just nicely.

Doom vs Akira Would Be A Manga For The Ages


    Nice picture. As a fan of both, I'd have to say it'd be the meeting of a vast epic with a story that has the plot depth of a limerick.

    I have to admit, I'd read a Doom manga, it'd be pretty good if it were made by the akira guys, or even if the guys that are currently making Boku no Hero Academaia, or Onepunch-man did it, they'd do a good job I reckon

    I think simpsons/akira fit perfect. Both have a massive cast and comment on their societies with wit and clever observation. Whats doom got? 1 guy shooting demons over n over. Dont get me wrong, I loves mah doom but to say it fits better? Style-wise maybe but other than that no chance.

      I might've been the only one annoyed that it was called 'Bartkira', but Bart played Kaneda...

    Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! to me was a 90's FPS in manga form, and I thought it worked pretty damn well. A Doom manga done like that would be brilliant.

    I remember getting doom on the PS after having it on the PC for years and reading all the "Lore" from the manual over and over.

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