EA's Humble Bundle Is Great, And EA's Portion Goes Straight To Charity

The Humble Bundle is sorta like Christmas. Everyone gets so excited about the presents that they forget the true meaning: eating lots of meat and getting boozed up before lunchtime.

Wait, I think I'm mixing my metaphors here.

What I was trying to say is that EA's latest Humble Bundle is a good one. Not just for the copious amounts of good games available, but also because all of EA's profits are going straight to charity, alongside the usual cuts the Humble Bundle takes.

Which is really cool in my (humble) opinion.

The list of games is as follows:

Pay a baseline amount to get...

— Dragon Age: Origins — PEGGLE — Dead Space 2 — Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest — Command & Conquer Generals

Pay more than the average ($4.64 at time of writing) for...

— Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare — Dragon Age II — Bejeweled 3 — Mass Effect 2

That's a pretty good deal and apparently more games are on the way.

Interesting note: the current highest payment/donation for the EA Humble Bundle is Peter Moore at $500.


    For a guy who hates EA I sure do have a lot of games on my Origin account. =S

      Haha same. Just slide that slider all the way over to charity.

        But it just stated that EA's cut is already going straight to charity?

          I think he means that no one is gonna give EA a cent since you can choose where your money goes. or maybe EA realize that this will happen and just give it all to charity anyway so that they seem nice.

          Last edited 15/04/15 4:00 pm

            Yeah but it seems incredibly petty to send EA's slider to zero when they are already giving away that amount to charity. You don't give anything to EA as they are already giving it away. As per title and content of this article assuming it is accurate.

              so I had a look at the bundle and it looks like there is no slider for EA at all so thats what it must mean in terms of its portion going to charity.

      Ah, it's not your fault that they're extracting ransom money from you for the beloved IPs they're holding hostage.

    Welp, I don't actively use my account, but it was worth it just to get DA2, which they yanked from Steam. :(

    Steam codes included?

    ...didn't think so...

    should point out, this is the second EA humble bundle that has had it all go to charity.

    Wait... So I can get EA game now without supporting EA? I like it.

      Yeah, the last Origin HumbleBundle included Battlefield 3, pretty much the best feeling.

    So if I pay the above average, does that mean I get the games that are coming later too? Or do I have to wait for them and then pay?

      Yeah, if you pay above average, then you get all the games plus the not yet announced ones.

      If you click on the "More games coming soon!":

      More games coming soon!
      More games will be added to this bundle next Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Pacific!

      If you pay more than the average at your time of purchase, you'll automatically unlock even more games when they arrive! Keep checking the site and prepare to be surprised and delighted!

    Thing is EA has given all these games away for free in the past or in other bundles so it's kinda not worth anything to them anyway.

    Great deal but I already have three of them. I'll wait to see what other games are added next week.

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