Everyday Life In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Looks So Cool

Dayshot: The game just got a new gameplay trailer, full of combat, but the best-looking parts are the ones with the NPCs doing their medieval daily routine.

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    This trailer gave me so much hype! Though it seems to be aimed at new players and not so much not the old players of the series.

    Take my money. All of it.

      It just looks amazing. Just the like the previous 2 Witcher games looked awesome when they were released. Great series.

      Then remember to buy it on gog.com to avoid giving the hefty part of your pile of cash to steam, m$ or Sony

    If they can pull this off with relatively little bugs, then I'll be damned. I'm hyped but seeing as how this is their first venture into open world, I'm reserved with regards to bugs. That said, I can almost guarantee I'll enjoy it more than Skyrim, Witcher 2 combat for one was simply more engaging. I still haven't finished Skyrim, bored to tears with how that plays heh.

    Last edited 11/04/15 6:09 pm

    The way the narrator says, '...even racism' sounds so odd.

    Damn. It's everything I never knew I wanted.
    Except for sword skills; I always wanted that.

    This looks great and i want to be excited but i've always hated the combat in the Witcher series.

    I've never played a Witcher game before, but this is gonna be a day one purchase for me!

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