First Star Wars Battlefront Details Emerge

First Star Wars Battlefront Details Emerge

The third Star Wars Battlefront — just called Star Wars Battlefront — will be out on November 17 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It will take place during the original film trilogy and let people play as iconic characters like Boba Fett and Darth Vader, according to an AP report. It will also let you go to a planet from The Force Awakens — before that new movie is even out.

The AP appears to have broken an embargo on Battlefront, which press (including a Kotaku freelancer) saw yesterday during the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California. Publisher EA has touted plans to reveal a new trailer — our first real look at the upcoming Star Wars game — at 1:30pm ET today, but for now, we've got details on the game thanks to this report.

Says the AP:

"Battlefront" will focus on frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players portraying Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire forces. In a demonstration of the game's multiplayer mode, a team of jetpack-equipped rebels were shown carving their way through the woodsy Endor while Stormtroopers charged at them on foot, on speeders and within walkers, including a hulking AT-AT war machine.

Sure sounds like Battlefront! According to the report, you'll also play on Hoth, Tattooine, and other familiar Star Wars planets, as well as drive vehicles like speeder bikes and AT-ATs, because it wouldn't be Battlefront without vehicles. EA also plans to add free downloadable content in the form of a level on Jakku, the desert planet from The Force Awakens, which will actually be playable two weeks before the movie is out in mid-December, according to the AP. Says executive producer Patrick Bach: "In the game, you actually get to play the Battle of Jakku. It's the same place from the new movie but 30 years earlier."

Read the full report here.

Picture: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP


    Wowowowowowowow. One thing caught my eye, in the report not the trailer. 40 players? I hope/want that to be a typo. 64 baby, that's what I want.

      I'd be inclined to say that 40 must be the upper limit for consoles before you drop below a playable framerate. And of course the point of this generation is to close the feature gap between PC, PS4 and X1. Would look bad for your new console to not be able to keep up with current generation gaming gear.

        Played MAG on PS3 with 256 online players ... That's with guns, vehicles, and jumping out of planes with multi-level comms that's never been bettered since... Not sure why there would be such a low number for this gen .. We do need 64 as a min

        Last edited 18/04/15 9:03 am

          Thank you, I'd just finally been able to put MAG from my mind :`(

          Why on earth do you need 64 as a minimum? It always just ends up with 28 players on each team being carried by the best 4. You can't communicate with 31 other people so you're not really using any teamwork and it just seems to devolve into team killing over who gets to use the tank or jet.

      BF4 has 64 but I'd be inclined to say 40 is sufficient if the map design is good enough. I just hope those speederbikes feel as fast as they look. - Trailer Released Yesterday

    Trailer looks awesome! Take my money!

    Last edited 18/04/15 8:34 am

      Calm down there fanboy.

      Yes, that trailer looks awesome. It's good to see what the in game engine can render. However, the trailer gives us NOTHING to do with actual gameplay. Remember the Star Wars MMO. It had a very pretty rendered trailer too, gave us hopes of huge lightsaber battles and all that stuff. Then when the game came out, it looked nothing like the trailer.

      I'm not saying people should not love what's been done, it looks amazing. But maybe we shouldn't board the hype train just yet. Amazing graphics are becoming the base standard for this hardware generation. So instead of throwing money at the screen because of some rendered scenes, wait for something of actual substance.


        I still play battlefront 2 to this day. If its even a slight improvement on that, I'll be wrapped. Any starwars game that lets me fly a x-wing/tiefighter or pilot a AT AT has my vote.

        Apologies, I didn't realise that getting excited was so frowned upon...

          It's not. I am also very hyped just for the fact that I may finally, FINALLY be able to play Battlefront with australian players.

            I can't recall if that was an issue with the first game (I often had to play on overseas servers) but Battlefront II had a very large & active Australian playerbase for years after release. It's probably died out a lot after Gamespy closed down though.

              I was late to the party, that's all it was.

          Didn't you know that you're not allowed to get excited about anything anymore. We all have to be miserable and hate things.

            Way to paint someone saying "use caution" as a complete hater. I said many times that I think the trailer is awesome, but it seems that skipped your mindset of "anyone who doesn't get 100% hyped right away is a complete hater and should be shunned"

              Honestly I don't care if you're excited or not. I just get annoyed at people who tell people that are excited about something to not be excited. It's a really crappy thing to do.

                Not when that excitement is based on something that's giving a false impression. The game is not going to look like that. Mase is trying to ensure the OP's expectations are realistic in order to shield him from disappointment. He's a hero, really, and your trying to tear him down is a crappy thing to do.

          I'm not saying that you shouldn't be happy about it. The rendered scenes with the in game engine is a thing of beauty. But just remember it's a Star Wars game... We've been burnt many times before with pretty trailers that end up being for a sub-par game.

          Space battles confirmed as NOT in the game. 4 Worlds only. No campaign mode. I think it being a slight improvement on Battlefront 2 is still up in the air. So yeah, be excited, but wary.

    The only thing AP leaked was jet-packs. The rest was already assumed.

    Except AT-AT walkers on Endoe, usually they just use AT-ST walkers.

      There is one in Return of the Jedi if i remember correctly. Not in any of the fight scenes though, just when Luke turns himself in to Vader.

    Spoilers dammit. At least we now know the desert planet's name!

    Basically, this looks like a next-gen version of the first two games.

    I am 120% fine with that.

      Aslong as you get launched from copping a thermal grenade like the previous games!! I'm 150% with ya on that

        I'm thinking they won't let you throw detpacks in this one though. That was so beautifully OP

    I'm hyped... despite a few things letting it down.

    There's no campaign (bot matches are in though).
    There's no space combat (although EA being EA, I assume this will get put out as DLC later).

    Have to reserve judgement of course.

    If there ever was a perpetual machine in existence, its purest form comes in gamers bias and its self propelling hype machine.

    PS: if EA didn't waste their and our time with Battlefield Hardline - they could have made a Star Wars Battlefield single player campaign quite easily.
    But true to EA form, contempt for gamers and loyalty only to it's greed.

    Last edited 19/04/15 4:32 pm

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