Force Awakens Actor Roamed Star Wars Con Disguised As Clone Trooper

Force Awakens Actor Roamed Star Wars Con Disguised As Clone Trooper

Cosplay can be pretty useful, especially if you use it as misdirection. And that’s exactly what John Boyega, star of the upcoming Star Wars movie, did at a convention recently.

As The Daily Dot writes, Boyega was at the Star Wars Celebration last weekend… as a Clone Trooper. Nobody noticed!

That was the point, of course. Boyega would have gotten swarmed if anyone knew who he was. But with the Trooper helmet, he could interact with fans one-on-one without anyone suspecting a thing:

Ha. What good shenanigans. Between this and Bryan Cranston at Comic-Con, I’m now going to be paranoid about the possibility that the people in masks at conventions are actually all famous stars. One can dream!


  • This happens quite a bit. Apparently at Supanova on the Goldcoast, one or two of the guests were moving throughout the crowd in costume too at various points.

  • I find it slightly comical that every shot of this guy in both trailers is him breathing heavily and looking shocked. Seems like a bit of a weird decision to make, but I’m sure they have their reasons (I take it this guy is a stormtrooper who ends up being conflicted about his role … but does it really involve that much running around and moments of sheer terror and surprise?).

    • If he is a stormtrooper I’d say yes, probably. It is a very stressful job being a stormtrooper. You serve a empire that chokes you for incompetence and yet throws you to the front as cannon fodder.

      Personally I think it looks like he just woke up from a bad dream in the first trailer…somehow out in the desert.

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