Freeplay Starts Tonight And Hosts A Bunch Of Awesome Free Panels

Melbourne-based games festival Freeplay kicks off tonight.

"So what? I live in Sydney/Perth/Brisbane/Whoopwhoop I can't watch it, right?"

WRONG. This year a vast majority of Freeplay's panels/talks will be streamed online and — best of all — they are free. These talks will also be archived on YouTube if you miss out.

This is an offer you can't refuse. For the next five days Freeplay is playing host to some truly intriguing topics and discussions. Tonight, for example, there are two panels being streamed live. At 8pm the Festival kicks off with an introduction from the organisers. The finalists for Freeplay awards will be announced at this time. Later at midnight the 'Australia from the Outside' panel takes place featuring of some of the best Australian development talent working overseas — Siobhan Reddy from Media Molecule, Bennett Foddy of QWOP fame and Alex Hutchinson from Ubisoft.

But that's just the beginning. The online panels continue throughout the next five days with a number of fascinating talks. You can find out more here. You best believe we'll be posting some of the best panels on Kotaku next week.

Finally, if you want to attend in person, tickets for the main Freeplay segments are still on sale. The good news? So much of it is still free and it's simply a case of reserving your tickets. That being said, the panels and awards you have to pay for are still extremely worthwhile.

All-in-all it's looking like a spectacular festival. If you're interested in getting involved in the local scene or are interested in the finer details of games culture, you can't miss this.


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