Funny Glitch Turns Bloodborne Into Old-School GTA

Funny Glitch Turns Bloodborne Into Old-School GTA

It’s probably not easy to play Bloodborne this way, but dang, it looks pretty cool.

YouTube user PaiNz ran into a weird glitch where the camera was stuck in a top-down view, turning the third-person action game into something more akin to a old twin stick shooter.

PainZ actually compares it to old Grand Theft Auto games, but I wonder how many people actually get that reference? It’s been a while.

By comparison, here’s what Grand Theft Auto used to look like.

Funny Glitch Turns Bloodborne Into Old-School GTA


  • What’s the best way to play the original Grand Theft Auto? I can’t find it on GOG and I assume it being so old will have problems.

    Is my best bet using a PS1 emulator?

    • I’ve got it on Steam but it appears they’ve either taken it down or it was part of a pack only deal or something.

    • GTA 1 & 2 were free at one point on the Rockstar website, they had a section called ‘Rockstar Classics’, but when going to the classics page now, there’s nothing there. It was also on steam, but only included as part of the entire GTA series bundle. As far as i can tell, there’s nowhere to really buy a legit digital version from at the moment.

      I found the Rockstar Classics versions here though on softonic:


      GTA 2:

    • If you can’t find the originals, there’s always GTA: Chinatown Wars. Plays like the classics, with a visual upgrade.

  • Wow, there is something in that clip that is making me feel slightly nauseous. Some subtle change in camera focus or fish-eye effect? In any case, I think it would be quite difficult to play like that because the enemy attack telegraphs would be so much more difficult to see from top-down perspective.

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