Proof That Furious 7 Is Indeed The Fastest, Most Furious

Proof That Furious 7 Is Indeed The Fastest, Most Furious

You may be wondering, as you decide whether to watch the seventh Fast & The Furious film, whether it is either faster or more furious than its predecessors. Well, an exhaustive study by Bloomberg indicates that, yes, it is. On both counts.

The very serious news organisation sat down with the flick (well, more impressively, the whole series) and tracked how much time was fast and how much was furious. If you're wondering what counts as either, there are very helpful definitions, which will assist you in figuring out how to classify scenes that may be both fast and furious.

Proof That Furious 7 Is Indeed The Fastest, Most Furious

Oh, and if you were wondering if it was a waste of resources to just track those two metrics, know that they also recorded bad language, "calmer moments" and "usages of nitrous oxide".


    If you use a graph to decide whether you'd like a movie or not you're an idiot. I've seen it and I think I'm done with the series. All it seems to be about now is cramming as many action sequences as possible into the films drawn out run time as they can and to make all of them even more stupidly over the top than the last film. For a film like Die Hard or Kingsman that's fine and I would expect that, but I expect Fast And Furious to be about doing up cars and racing them, and it just isn't delivering that.

    So yeah, I'm sure there's plenty of people that will like it and it will make a metric shit-ton of money, but it's not for me anymore. Besides, I've hated Paul Walkers character from the moment I saw him in the first movie.

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