Grand Theft Auto V Just Broke My Heart

Grand Theft Auto V Just Broke My Heart

Thanks a lot, AVEENTOR. I didn’t need these eyes for not sobbing salty waterfalls everywhere or anything.


      • He’s not the monster… wait til you read further…

        The dog is!

        It’s wagging its tail…

        Dogs only wag when happy or excited…

        That dog’s happy someones dead!

        That’s the clue, THE DOG MURDERED THEM!

        That dog, is a murdering monster!!!!!!!

        • I was gonna say, weresmurf, you should know I’m female, because you met me. But I had gotten you confused with smurfydog and I am a monster =P

          • Man, everyone else in this world has all the luck but poor Zoidber…… Weresmurf.

        • There’s a dog.
          Dog is a three letter word.
          I’m sure this will confirm the release of a highly anticipated game.

      • I took my dog to a park that also had a gravestone. He sat in front of one of the graves. He was waiting for rabbits because the graves were from people in the 1800’s.
        The point I’m getting at is that is there a story? Does the dog know the person? Is it in the game? Or is it just a dog in front of a grave?

    • It’s as if the dog knows that it’s owner is inside of the grave, and is sitting there, waiting for him/her to come out

    • Nice, this came to mind instantly! Quite possible since Rockstar North are also situated in Edinburgh!

      • Ah…. I didnt realise that was where Rockstar north were located, well that’s definitely an easter egg in my view then. I was in Edinburgh about 10 years ago and took a bit of interest in the story whilst there.

  • This has gotta be one of the very worst things Kotaku has ever published, and that’s a pretty hotly contested spot.

    Who is this dog? Who does this grave commemorate? Why should I care? Why did it upset Nathan so much? The answer to all of these questions is… well, not in the ‘article’.

    • Greyfriars Bobby. It’s the story of a Skye terrier that sat next to its dead masters grave for 14 years before dying itself.

        • Yeah, well I hate to put it this way but I have not seen a lot of good journalism from kotaku for as long as I remember. I just have come to expect to do research on every article myself

  • This was even better the second time I saw it on Kotaku.

    Either that or I saw it then travelled back in time.

  • Nope. Just nope. Far too early for the feels today.

    …and if I go hug my dog before I go to work, well, that’s normal everyday behaviour that happens everyday and totally nothing to do with this article.

  • It’s a Nathan Grayson article. Hate to be THAT guy, but like Patricia, he writes nothing but utter crap. I won’t flog a dead horse but he shouldn’t even still have a job….For reasons that are obvious. Think back to recent history. I won’t even click his articles 99% of the time.

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