GTA V PC Mod Lets Players Explore Snowy North Yankton

GTA V PC Mod Lets Players Explore Snowy North Yankton

Not satisfied with the short trips taken to Grand Theft Auto V‘s version of North Dakota during story mode, PC modders have created a way to make every day a North Yankton day.

There’s a nice little chunk of frozen North nestled in Grand Theft Auto V‘s files, as evidenced by a since patched glitch in the console version that allowed online players to wander North Yankton’s eerily deserted streets. The snow-caked town may have been built for scripted events, but it was still built, and modders Alexander Blade and TacoDeBoss have crafted a means of easy access for PC players.

To access NY just download the mod and copy the three files within to your game folder. Start up the game, bring up the trainer menu (press F4) and load the area, which appears in the bottom right corner of the game map. Once on the map, players can teleport to the scenic town, with its frozen streets and invisible walls.

Youtuber Taltigolt created a lovely little drive-through of North Yankton for your viewing enjoyment.


  • I absolutely love Alexander Blades native trainer, not so much for the cheats but the car spawner and setting everyone on fire with bullets.

    I suggest everyone give it a go, it’s absolutely amazing. As long as you download it from Blades website the scripthook disables once you go online.

    • You would hope that wouldn’t be too hard to do… One of the holiday events (Christmas, I think?) for GTA:O was covering LS in snow, similar to the effect of NY.

      I love that aesthetic. If it were a client-side thing, I’d have it turned on all the time.

      • They could make it a semi-regular thing; maybe have a snow day once a week or something. Or maybe some other weather events, like a tornado, or flooding or a giant monster attack. Imagine Godzilla rampaging through Los Santos, and the online players teaming up to take it down……

  • -saw the monkey at the start of the video- ……………………oh this gon be gud

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