GTA V Streamers Get Their Games Stolen By Viewers

GTA V Streamers Get Their Games Stolen By Viewers

Those of you thinking of streaming GTA V on PC might want to finish the entire installation process before going live — or you might find yourself at the mercy of your viewers.

Now that GTA V has launched for PC, lots of people are celebrating by streaming the game. Thing is, after you install GTA V and you press play, the first thing on your screen is a Rockstar splash with your key on it. A couple of unlucky streamers happened to broadcast this part of the setup process, and in doing so, revealed their specific game code to an audience. You can guess what happened next.

Mr Boss, a YouTuber with over 500,000 subscribers, had his game code stolen under his nose while livestreaming the game:

GTA V Streamers Get Their Games Stolen By Viewers

Similarly, Twitch streamer Kaceytron had her code stolen while thousands of people watched:

GTA V Streamers Get Their Games Stolen By Viewers

Ouch. That sucks! Thankfully, Kaceytron is already playing a different copy of the game. Hopefully Rockstar can help Mr Boss get back up and running too. Both of these were innocent mistakes, the likes of which are reportedly happening to other streamers too.

For the rest of us, this can serve as a cautionary tale: it’s probably best to fully boot up the game once to make sure it is working before livestreaming it to an audience. That way nobody snipes your $US60 codes and you can make sure everything is functioning properly before going live.


  • This is why you should always install the game and run it at least once BEFORE you start streaming.

  • I faceplamed straight away, as it just seems like a stupid thing to do, mind you I think the same about “live streaming” any video game… That said, when I thought about it, I wondered *why* this is an issue, it occurred to me, this is Rockstar’s doing. Why on earth do you need to enter a CD key into another DRM system, when we’ve already purchased and installed it through Steam? It just seems like another layer of pain for end users.

    • Because you need Social Club to play the game. Since it was designed around using only Social Club, which is streamlined rather well into the game. Steam is an after though.

  • guys got over half a million subscribers, i cant really seem to care that he had to buy another copy

  • Serves them right. So sick of youtubers and thier pathetic begging.
    “Just drop a like and subscribe”
    “Now hit that like button”
    Youtubers are pathetic.

    And hahaha to that chick who got her key stolen. Put a damn top on and get viewers because you are a good at the game not because of your cleavage.

    The world we live in……

    • Or how about she can get viewers however she likes. What are you, the behaviour police?

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