GTA V’s Trevor Got Beaten Up On Better Call Saul

GTA V’s Trevor Got Beaten Up On Better Call Saul

Last night’s episode of Better Call Saul — the best show on television right now — guest-starred Steven Ogg, the man you may recognise as the voice of everyone’s favourite hillbilly psychopath Trevor Philips.

Ogg, who played a slightly less unkempt criminal this time around, had the rare honour of getting beaten up by Mike Ehrmantraut, who then went on an escort mission alongside a guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain GTA heist orchestrator.

You can watch the segment below (via Uproxx).


  • My wife immediately recognised the dude but I didnt. I think I would have gotten it during his rant about guns etc., but my wife had already said something by that point.

    Considering I’ve done little but play GTAV for the last week I’m surprised I’m disappointed with myself.

    • I’d never seen the voice actor so it didn’t click for me either until he says “how about you give me and Man Mountain 750 each” that sounds exactly like Trevor, and exactly like something Trevor would say. Also, the Price character is a spitting image of Lester when he steps out of the minivan. The whole scene felt very GTA V heist to me.

  • I missed his name in the credits, but I immediately recognized him. Nearly jumped out of my chair, “that’s Trevor!”

    • have you actually watched the episode? It’s hardly what I’d call a “spoiler”

      • Some people tend to enjoy cameos as they happen, rather than being told/described it to them before hand. Spoilers arent strictly story related.

        • Some people stay away from the Internet until they have caught up with their viewing.

          The girl from the Crying Game is really a dude.
          Joffrey got killed off.

  • One thing I’d say for Better Call Saul (I think it’s already starting stronger than Breaking Bad), is that they use ‘voice actors’ so well. Michael Mando (Vaas from Far Cry 3) is wonderful as Nacho.

    • What his famous line…?

      “Do you know what is the definition of insanity?”

      Man, Vaas was a terrific character (and I admit, I have a soft spot for Pagan Min too – i think he is another good villian)

  • THAT’S IT. Dammit, I was watching it, aching over the familiarity that I couldn’t quite pick.

  • So glad I didn’t know this was coming until watching the episode tonight. Recognised him straight away then as soon as he started speaking picked it as Trevor. It really was the cherry on top for an awesome episode of an absolutely fantastic show.

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