GTA V's PC Graphics Settings, Compared

GTA V's PC Graphics Settings, Compared

We've benchmarked GTA V on PC, but if you're wondering just what kind of difference moving the settings around actually makes, here's a very helpful comparison video.

wiliextreme's clip goes through everything from texture quality to shadows to MSAA to ambient occlusion, showing the same spot in the game and showcasing just how much better/worse everything looks with each change.

Here are a couple of slider examples (drag the arrow across to compare) taken from the video, which are great not just for their practical use, but as a reminder. I'd never noticed that a chainlink fence actually had a 1:1 shadow before, which is cool.



You can watch the whole clip below:


    Interesting that the difference is so much bigger from normal to high than high to ultra.

    Still, it's impressive that they put in options as 'low' as the 'high' options. Most games for the past few years don't have such a drastic difference between low and ultra. It's nice to see, given that scalability is one of the strengths of PC.

    All indications say this is a much, much better port than GTA IV.

    Informative, looks like some settings I should turn down while others turned up.

      I noticed some you can turn down without any real visible impact.

    I wonder where the Xbox One and ps4 would sit on this scale, I imagine it would be on normal or high, or maybe in-betweeen.
    I think its looks really great on Xbox One, at least in my opinion

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