Guillermo Del Toro Says Silent Hills Is ‘Not Gonna Happen’

Guillermo Del Toro Says Silent Hills Is ‘Not Gonna Happen’

Following yesterday’s news that Konami would be pulling Silent Hills teaser P.T. from the PlayStation Store next week, director Guillermo del Toro told the audience at a San Francisco Film Society event that his collaboration with Hideo Kojima is no longer a going concern.

The news came by way of a tweet from photojournalist Matt Hackney (via NeoGAF), who was in attendance at last night’s “An Evening with Guillermo del Toro” event in San Francisco.

Io9 Observation Deck contributor Remedios Varo was also on hand for the event and discussed the news on Twitter earlier today.

While del Toro’s comments don’t necessarily mean the Silent Hills project is completely cancelled — we’ll have to wait for official word from publisher Konami on that one — it certainly indicates that at least one of the driving forces behind the game is no longer involved. And with the current muddy relationship status between superstar game director Hideo Kojima and Konami, it’s likely neither is attached. Toss in an apologetic tweet from Silent Hills star Norman Reedus…


  • Konami: you done fucked it up, we were this close for a new silent hill game until you had a fight with kojima, with him leaving you, you should say bye bye to del toro, as it was supposed to be a kojima-del toro production, now that is no longer the case. You want to know the best part, you’ll have lots of hate mail & rants from influential gamers such as the person who used the catchphrase at the beginning of this rant: angry joe. Now with this collaboration out of the window & no more new silent hill, you should focus on localising all the new yugioh cards & maybe use those profits to make a new decent non metal gear game

  • I would never play it because I am a coward but I was looking the hell forward to watching other people play it. I love GDTs work.

  • Maybe once MGSV is done and we find out exactly wtf is going on with Kojima things might change? Depending where he lands, maybe he and del Toro could revive the project somewhere else, just without the Silent Hill name on it?

    I dunno… Just clutching at straws here 🙁

    • Exactly!

      Keep the concept and the characters, change the name and start a new franchise

      Us Silent Hill fans are ready to move on… sadly…

  • I though the report was that the collaboration with kojima was not gonna happen, and not referring to the whole game itself?

  • I am legitimately very sad about this. P.T was so, so good.


    *flails arms, frustrated*

  • Very disappointing. With hardly any official information out about the game except for a few snippets and that awesome teaser, I was considering buying a PS4 for this game.

  • So Konami seems set on being “The Metal Gear Solid company” then? Because they don’t produce anything else these days. Remember the 90s? Remember great side-scrolling Beat’em Ups like Ninja Turtles, X-Men & The Simpsons? What happened to that company? Remember Castlevania (The good 2D ones, not this modern bullshit), Contra, Lethal Enforcers, Rumble Roses, Beatmania & Dance Dance Revolution? Remember when Konami did more than just Metal Gear and Pro Evolution Soccer games every year?

    Even Pepperidge Farms doesn’t remember that shit anymore!

    • I don’t get why they stopped making 2D Castlevania titles, every single one of those was amazing.

    • I completely forgot Konami were also Contra.

      Contra 4 was awesome. Invite WayForward back again pls.

    • I still love the Pro Evolution Soccer series. But yeah… That and MGS are all Konami have got that I find remotely interesting

    • Rumble Roses had potential to become a great wrestling game series, and now it’s a slot machine…

  • I’m more interested to know what exactly Konami is planning on becoming after MGS V is released… They clearly have no desire in making the Castlevania, Silent Hill or Zone of The Enders games that fans actually want, and they seem to have no interest in staying connected with Kojima, a man who’s name actually prints money. This whole Konami business restructure smells like iOS games.

  • I noticed that the official Konami site lists anything that isn’t Metal Gear under “All Games” which might as well say Other Games… but now it looks like it really is true. Nothing but MGS from here on out from Konami.

  • I love Hideo Kojima’s games.
    I don’t want to give a single cent to Konami.
    I’ll pick up MGS5 second-hand, and support the hell out of whatever Kojima decides to do next.

  • Reading this article felt like a punch in the gut, while being dumped by your girlfriend 🙁

    WTF why! Things were going so well!!! They moved on before we did and shed no tears, but we stand with a shattered world.

  • Is it still available at PS Store? Can’t find it.
    I thought it will be taken down on the 29th?

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