Guy Injures Himself Playing... Candy Crush

Guy Injures Himself Playing...Candy Crush

Look, it's one thing to hurt yourself playing Rock Band. But when you end up in medical journals for an injury sustained playing Candy Crush Saga, maybe it's time to take a step back and assess your video gaming habits.

An unnamed 29-year-old California man has become the focus of a report from doctors at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego after tearing a tendon in his thumb playing the mobile game.

He actually made the report for two reasons: one because, yes, he tore a tendon playing a phone game, which is quite an achievement in itself (livescience say the man says he was playing it "all day for six to eight weeks"), but also because of the time it took him to report the injury.

Dr Andrew Doan, the report's co-author, found that the man should have been feeling pain every time he moved his thumb to play the game, but that "because, when people play video games, they can feel pleasure and excitement that are tied to the release of natural painkillers in the body".

Because the man was doing something he loved, similar to the "high" a runner feels even though their body is in pieces, he didn't feel much pain, and so kept on playing despite the injury.

Now he needs surgery. And maybe a phone game less likely to cause serious injury.


    He is also now the least cool person on the planet.

    How do you injure yourself playing rock band?

    Something like Wii Fit, or DDR I can understand, but rock band?

      I know I hurt my elbow with Guitar Hero. I was spending hours upon hours trying to beat TTFAF on expert, and trying to strum those fast parts with poor technique led me to strain it pretty badly. Plus plenty of time I'd get a bit sore on the other hand from weird angles made when trying to do whatever on the fret buttons (or even just getting way too into it and squeezing too hard on them), if I pressed on through I could've easily done something more damaging there. Drums seem kind of obvious how you could strain yourself too, although that one I guess is also obvious in how you could end up just accidentally hitting yourself or something :P And I could see someone straining themselves on mic as well.

      Rock Band's an injury waiting to happen. I've accidentally hit myself with the sticks more times than I care to admit. And then there's my throat which, after belting out Boheman Rhapsody or I Believe in a Thing Called Love, renders my throat sore. And then there was that time I elbowed myself in the face trying to finish Painkiller.

      Leaping wildly on the lounge about while playing the guitar?

      Not that I would ever do that. Nup. No way.

    Never forget. The mark of mario party.

      64? That thumbstick blistered my palm trying to break my record on the shy guy wind up toy.

        That's the one, the nintendo website back in the day even had to add a health hazard warning and recommended use of the joystick specifically for those games that required rapid rotation.

          I had what I called street fighters thumb from the ps1, wore the skin down a little but it grew back stronger!!

    What isn't reported is that he injured the opposite hand to the one holding the phone.
    That was playing with something else.

    That happen to my thumb while jacking off to anime porn!!!!!

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