Hearthstone Record Chasers Going For Two Massive Records At Once

Hearthstone Record Chasers Going For Two Massive Records At Once

The folks behind the world's longest Hearthstone turn — the 45 hour one — are at it again. This time, they're going for two ridiculous records at once.

Mamytwink and co's goal? A world record twofer: most card draws in a single turn and most fatigue damage ever. As of now, the turn is still ongoing (it will take approximately 24 hours), but when it's all said and done and the cardboard dust flecks clear, they're expecting over 15,000 draws and more than — here's the nutty one — over 100 million fatigue damage.

Here's their latest, most exceedingly elaborate setup:

  • Prophet Velen was buffed 2 times Velen's Choice (more than 30 times for some Velen).
  • Acolyte of Pain was buffed multiple times with the card Divine spirit until he had 796 000 HP.
  • Prophet Velen and Acolyte of Pain have then been multiplied on the field thanks to multiple Faceless manipulator
  • In order to multiply Faceless Manipulator, we used the card Mind vision.
  • Iceblock prevents the Priest from dying.
  • The spellpower increases the number of missiles casted by Arcane Missiles. 14 spellpower = +15 missiles. this makes a total amount of 14 + 3 = 17 missiles. Prophet Velen doubles the number of missiles. Because there are 7 on the battlefield, the number of missiles has been multiplied 2^7 = 128 times. 17 = 2 176 missiles. Finally, Arcane Missiles x 9 have been cast, which gives 2 176 x 9 = 19 584 missiles.
  • 3/4 of the missile hit an Acolyte. 3/4 x 19 584 = 14 688 cards drawn.
  • 14 688 cards of fatigue drawn = ((14 688)x(14 688+1))/2 = 107 876 016 fatigue damages.
  • The turn should last a little bit more than 24 hours.
  • We did not over buff the Velens because the game crashes if more than 2'500 missiles are shot with each spell card.


Some of these tricks are holdovers from the longest turn record, but they have been tweaked to focus on Acolyte of Pain, a minion that causes its user to draw a card every time it takes damage. Since Hearthstone decks are not meant to sustain thousands of draws, this runaway cart of a turn plunged into fatigue damage ravine in fairly short order. Now it's just a matter of seeing how high the fatigue damage and card draw tickers will go.

Mamytwink is quickly establishing himself as the world's foremost authority on ridiculous Hearthstone records. It all might seem a bit pointless and attention-grabby (and maybe it is), but there's something to be said for pioneering an entirely new, previously unforeseen way of playing a game. In time perhaps he'll prove a one-trick pony, but for now this stuff is still pretty damn wild.


    Incase anyone's curious about the Iceblock on the priest, IIRC someone tried tried something like this a looooong time ago and found once fatigue gets to a certain point, it just auto-kills you and the turn/game ends. Obviously Iceblock/immunity stops that lol.

    This is basically identical to their last 'record', it's just there's a buffed Acolyte of Pain taking most of the missile damage instead of the player. The 'longest turn' run they did was mildly interesting because of the way they figured out how to solve the challenge, but this is just 'how many other fake world records can we claim from using the same mechanism?' which, to me at least, is just flat boring.

      Well, they are solely aiming to get the record for most fatigue damage, and also cards drawn, which are separate in their own right.

      It's like the worlds tallest man going for the worlds heaviest man. Sure it helps being tall, but its a different record in itself.

        World's Tallest Man is a record for a natural occurrence, essentially a novelty. You can't compete for Tallest Man, you're just tallest or not. Challenges like this, the interest is in the method. Reusing the same method for multiple challenges isn't interesting to me, I appreciate the method, not the record itself.

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