Here Are All Of Mewtwo's Moves In Smash Bros Wii U

Meet the new Mewtwo, same as the old Mewtwo. Like always, the psychic cat-lizard-Pokémon chimaera is spending most of its Smash time floating around and conjuring big blasts of purple energy to knock opponents off the stage.

Today, Nintendo sent out early codes for Mewtwo — who will be officially released on April 28 as $US5 DLC for the new Smash Bros games — to qualifying Club Nintendo members. And the fiendishly-quick video-makers at GameXplain have already put up footage showing off all of Mewtwo's moves (above), as well as videos for his victory animations and the Palutena's Guidance message describing him.

Good ol' Mewtwo. Nice to have you back, buddy.


    Got my codes last night but wasn't too impressed by him. But that might be because I never unlocked him in the GameCube version to try out, so am completely unfamiliar with how he's meant to be played.

    It's a shame to see that Mewtwo is so similar to Lucario. I'm a little disappointed at his Final Smash too. It looks cool and powerful, but I really like how Charizard and Lucario stay in their Mega Evolution forms but with awesome attacks. Woulda been cooler to see Mewtwo like that but eh that's just me.

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