Here, Take Responsibility Of The United States' Nuclear Arsenal

Introversion's Defcon is one of only a few games to put you in front of the big red button, so to speak. Are the Soviets really launching nukes, or is it a false alarm? Should I wait for orders from higher ups, or vindicate the expression "mutually assured destruction"? A new freeware game, entitled ICBM, takes this scenario and gives it an unnervingly, yet accurate twist.

Here's the blurb from the website:

NOVEMBER 5TH, 1983. Here, now, at the height of the Cold War, hundreds of America's brightest men and women are poised deep underground in concrete bunkers known as Launch Control Centers, ready and awaiting the order to unleash nuclear armaggedon. Today, USAF First Lieutenant Derek Evans joins their ranks. And his first day on the job could be a big one.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it's a "situated" game where you're placed in front of a control panel, with power in the megaton range at your fingertips. A phone sits ready for important communications and a world map keeps you informed of international goings-on. It's a tense position, as you wait for everything to end.

If it ends.

Honestly, I can't say more. It's a 150MB download and well worth a look. Can you avoid armageddon without losing your mind? You might be surprised. Rather surprised.

ICBM [Official site, via IndieGames]


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