A Closer Look At Batman V. Superman's Big Three Superhero Costumes

A Closer Look at Batman v. Superman's Big Three Superhero Costumes

Briefly: Here's a better glimpse at the costumes that DC Comics' biggest three superheroes will be wearing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman's new suit takes big cues from the Frank Miller iteration from The Dark Knight Returns and Wonder Woman's gear looks a bit more colourful than the promo shots released thus far. Check out the video at Bleacher Report for more.


    Goddamnnnnn I love the Frank Miller Batman suit so much!

      I know that the chubby bat symbol is considered 'crappy' to most (I've warmed up to it over time and now it's one of my favs). Regardless, its balls dropping awesome that this suit has it just because of the DKR feelings it brings up. It's just fking Iconic.

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    Doesn't make a whole lot of sense why they're using Dark Knight Returns aesthetics for Batman but not using the schoolboy Superman from it.

      DKR batman looks like he's built to take a thumping by the big man.

      By the looks of the trailer, it doesn't look like they're going for a schoolboy superman. More one that could potentially be a threat to the planet. It makes sense to make him a bit darker for that. They're borrowing a lot from DKR for Batman, but the overall story is something different.

    The new Batman suit looks pretty amazing but there's no way that Ben Affleck is that ripped, it must be moulded rubber right?

      Idk about that. Not sure how old this is but from the looks of it I'd say at the very least, it's not ALL moulded rubber. Most likely just 'leading lines' to accentuate form.


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