Here’s The Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Trailer

Here’s The Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Trailer

It’s official: the next Call of Duty is out on November 6. Watch the debut trailer above.


  • Actually…. I quite liked that? I don’t play COD usually except for the campaign but I REALLY liked the mashup look of Deus Ex augments/COD gameplay there.

  • Just looks like advanced warfare 2.0
    Future setting too crowded now. Think it’s about time we head back to World War era or push future to space with galactic conflicts with sentient races.

  • That trailer didn’t really do much for me but Blops 1+2 were really good and this is still a Treyarch game so I reckon I’ll be getting it.

  • Hated every minute of it. I’ve lost every bit of faith in the Call of Duty franchise as soon as it started going into the future and making it unrealistic as F***. I have still bought every call of duty in hoping that I might still enjoy it. But at the moment most of them are sitting their on my shelf collecting dust. Finishing the campaign and probably only getting a maximum of 6 hours gameplay online. Lost interest pretty quickly

  • I always enjoyed the Black Ops games for, believe it or not – the story. Blops 1 and 2 were actually really good. Gary Oldman, tying them to World at War – they were really entertaining.

    ‘Meh’ on CoD these days, but I don’t have the mandatory ‘must-hate-CoD-or-otherwise-I’m-uncool’ thing yet. Always loved Treyarch’s CoD titles – they felt more interesting and inventive than IW’s.

  • So in terms of the number of COD games they’ve made so far, this’d be number 12 or so? Well, it looks interesting at least =) I really enjoyed the first two Blackops games and i’m hoping more from this one when it comes out.

  • Yeah, I remember when the Treyarch CODs were a bit underwhelming. But ever since they started Black Ops franchise, I’ve dug it, man!

  • Sigh. More damn futurist battle crap. Black Ops 1 was still the best COD game narratively because it used real world technology which allowed Treyarch to focus on story over tech. Since Black Ops 2 there was this sudden need to include future tech nonsense and gimmicks involved in using them, because of this and the subsequent stories been poorer for it .

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