Here's The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Here's The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Good morning, everyone. Here's a new trailer for that movie about space.

The teaser, which opens with a great Luke Skywalker monologue about his family's connection to the Force — and sets the stage for plenty of speculation that this new set of movies will star his kids — is full of sizzling moments that will likely be analysed by the internet for weeks and months to come.

There's this mask, for example:

Here's The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

What could that possibly be? Dishonored 2 confirmed?

Here's a great shot of the presumed villain in The Force Awakens:

Here's The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

And the trailer ends with a... special guest appearance:

Here's The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, aka Episode VII, is the seventh Star Wars film and the first since Episode III back in 2005. It will be in theatres on December 18. You can watch the first teaser trailer right here.


    Yay Chewie!

      Chewie has aged remarkably well too. Not a single grey piece of fur.

        Apparently the average lifespan of a wookiee is only 400 standard years. He'll be wheeling Han around in a wheelchair eventually.

          You would think Han would've bought a new outfit in the last 30 years though...

            I'm impressed it still fits. No middle aged spread happening there. Guy obviously works out, eats right, etc.

    BB-8 is a real little robot buddy. Not CGI. That is so so wonderful and important and yesssssss.

    Maybe it's the fan boy in me but there is so much epicness in this trailer I can't stop watching it.

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    Almost brought out tears for some reason. Genuine emotional response. It was like I was 7 again. Wow.

    Last edited 17/04/15 8:11 am

      Me too. Let out a genuine gasp when I saw Han and Chewie and started crying.

        First time since I was a kid, 32 years now, that I've seen them 'for the first time'. What an absolute delight :)

          I am always going to be a skeptic methinks.

          Maybe once its out I may embrace it- but since my wife is very anti anything good and decent in sci-fi, she will probably not let me buy the movie tickets to watch this- instead telling me to wait for the torrents to release it. She also hates star trek, stargate, firefly, all anime except inuyasha and sailor moon, and definitely hates everything else I like. Perfect

          On topic though- I guess what is making me worried is that in this new trilogy for the new generation we are seeing the old generation pass the legacies onto a newer generation- and I seriously have doubts this new generation can do it anywhere near as good the the old did. But I will concede that my skepticism may be completely unwarranted- considering I rewatched MIB3 the other day on netflix and am still blown away by Josh Brolins work as a younger Tommy Lee Jones. But again I was not a huge fan of the 2 JJ.Abrams Star Trek movies

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    The Phantom Menace Trailers were also awesome.


      Blegh! I refer to it as the Star Wars Disney would have made before Disney could make Star Wars.

      So glad that I was too young to be properly invested in those films. I would have been truly heartbroken.

    Just hearing the music gave me tingles. Stupid emotional manipulation. (EXCITING!!!!)

    this looks more like The Empire Strikes Back... again...

    it does look good though, and my butt will be in the theater the first chance I get to watch it.

    I hope Han can remember how to fly the Falcon better than he remembers how to fly a plane

      I hope he remembers how to shoot first...

    Words cannot express how emotional and excited I'm feeling about this film. In J.J. I trust.

    When I watched this, I got fucking goosebumps. It looks so awesome. I felt like a little kid again! Stormtroopers look badass. That Sith/Dark Jedi (whatever it is) looks menacing as fuck. TIE fighters are back. That scene of the Falcon getting chased by a TIE brought back so many fond memories. I cannot wait for this!

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      Same here. Literally had goosebumps watching this.

        I was not overly excited for this, but after seeing that, I am excited and had goosebumps watching it!

    Can we just have the 5 minute theatrical trailer already????!!! Can't believe how excited I am for this

      I'd rather just have trailers like this tbh. No real plot details, just titbits of shots that leave you wanting more. Exactly what a trailer should be imo rather than the massive trailers that give away half the movie

        Yes, modern trailers are horrible. Tease us, don't give us half the plot, the biggest action scene and the funniest joke in the movie.

        I've seen a trailer that showed the final scene in the movie :(

    Love the symbolism of the wrecked star destroyer at the beginning. And Chewie! Can't wait for this...

    Just take my money!

    My Money is on Leia and Han's kids, not Lukes.

      And the black dude is Lando's kid. . . maybe.

        I doubt it. Unless Lando has no knowledge of his existence, because if he did, he would never let his son join the Empire

          He may still be Lando's kid. There's clear precedent for Calrissians working undercover.

          Maybe he was rebellious to his father, joined the Empire, then became a Rebel.

    OMFG. The force is strong with this movie! Cant wait for this.

    There should be no more trailers, there is just enough in this one that we can come to some conclusions without revealing any of the plot. For a new star wars film, people should want to go in more or less blind.

      Absolutely. The problem is that if there is a more in depth trailer giving away plot details it'd be impossible to hide away from them before December. I still haven't watched the first trailer, but thanks to being on the internet, I've seen it all anyway.

    It's sobering to realise that A New Hope was released 38 years ago.

    I remember watching it at the cinema in Mudgee as a kid. Still magic.

      Cinema is still here in Mudgee, doesn't show movies any more though :(

    *grabs box of tissues*

    Excuse me.

    *quietly closes door*

    So much nostalgia and fan-girling over just the WRECKS of the stuff we grew up with...oh childhood.

    Why the hell are they still on Tattooine? There's nothing of value at Tattooine! In the originals it was good for nothing but hiding on.
    Why are there even downed imperial ships on Tattooine, they were never even fighting there.

      A lot can happen in 30 years

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      Its not Tattooine!

        Are you sure? I spotted the old dragon bones in that shot.

          Yeah - JJ confirmed it's not Tattooine

            Ah - at first, I thought "oh, JJ's trying to throw us off" but they're adding it to the next game, so no shenanigans here.

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