Here's What GTA V Looks Like On PC

Here's What GTA V Looks Like On PC

If the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game were a step up from the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions, then consider the PC version a slight step above them. Provided you can run it at its higher settings, anyway.

The game helpfully includes its own benchmark test, which aside from helping you test out your settings also does a good job of showcasing most of what GTA V has to offer visually. There are some floating shots to start off, which run through lighting and weather effects, before the test closes out with a jet flyover and a driving sequence.

Nvidia users have a special driver just for the game; it seems to do this weird thing (I've played the game both before and after installing it) where it tries to lock your framerate at either 60fps or 30fps depending on performance. Prior to this, it would swing wildly, which looked a lot worse.

For some more personal footage, I also captured some stuff from the ground floor. The cars look especially nice.


    Yeah it runs pretty well on my PC but I don't have the guts for the high quality textures. It still looks pretty good though, most of the settings are on high.

      Yeah looks great but with a 2GB 670 it won't let me get high textures no matter how I re-jig other things.

      Runs smooth though and definitely better than the X360 version I previously had (and never bothered to complete).

        I have a 2GB 670 as well. I was thinking of buying a second one and going SLI but they're a bit hard to find now unless you go on ebay.

        The game still looks pretty sweet though, so as long as I never see the high textures in action I can remain in ignorant bliss

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          I too am going to do this.

          I found a 670 Jetstream.... but can you run them in SLI?

          Plus $300..... Second hand.

    I had to download the AMD Beta drivers to get to give me a stable frame rate.

    Works great for me, except for one DirectX crash that was fixed by underclocking my GPU slightly. Still runs at a smooth 60fps (vsync on) with most settings at max. Got a GTX780 Ti.

      If a slight underclock fixes the issue then cranking the voltage up by a small increment will probably fix the problem. It's usually caused by the video card trying to use more power than it has available. Edit: Unless it was because of overheating, In which case stay the fuck away from the voltage.

      Last edited 16/04/15 1:43 am

        I'll give that a try. It's not a heat problem, I've monitored that carefully and it's never gone above 78 degrees, the target temperature for this card is 82 and the rated safe max is 95. It's strange really, it seems to be affected much more by the memory clock than the base clock.

        The card is supposed to have a stable manufacturer overclock but perhaps it's not that stable after all. That said, a lot of people are getting this problem on the Steam forums for the game across multiple cards from both Nvidia and AMD, and I imagine many would be using reference clock speeds.

    Played last night, most graphic settings near max, and it was beautiful! Encountered an issue with the benchmark where it would just say "mission failed" then load the prologue without radar or reticule. Apparently you have to complete prologue first though so will retry that.

      Had the same problem. It loads the benchmark and the prologue at the same time I think. Had to crash out. Might try it again tonight.

    Luke, what are the specs of your machine?
    I'm sporting a 3570k (stock clock), MSI GTX970, 8gb ram...
    Is that going to be enough to get 1080p 60fps?

      You should have no trouble getting [email protected] with your hardware. I'm running a GTX780 Ti with more RAM and a 4770K CPU and I can run it on almost all max settings, never any frame drop.

      As Zombie Jesus said, you should have zero issues. Might be a couple of settings you'll lower slightly (high res shadows for those complex environments) in order to get 60fps but you should be laughing.

        Cheers mate, if the rate struggles to maintain 60fps then i'll drop those settings first.

    It looks gorgeous and runs amazing but my 780ti runs choppy at absolutely highest. I have to pick between AA or ultra texture quality at 1080p.

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      I think the AA is pretty rubbish. Even TxAA doesn't seem to work properly.

    Running a r9 290x, all graphics very high which uses about 3.6k vram.

    Resolution is 1440p & using the beta drivers.

    V sync on and never see it dip below 60.
    Buttery smooth

    Everyone still stuck in 1080p. I love 4k, sure TN panels are crap compared to 144hz IPS, but the 4k makes up for it.

    Are you playing it with a controller........?
    Surely the lack of auto-lock and using a mouse is the best part

    What is happening with the tires??

    Running it on the highest settings (1080p) with smooth frames on an overclocked gtx780. I kinda really want to see it in 4k though :P one day!

    Not graphics-related, but for some reason my aiming is stuck. As in, whenever I have a weapon equipped, I cannot have it in a lowered state - it's always raised and aimed as if I'm holding down the right mouse button. I've tinkered with pretty much everything in the menu, but to no avail - it was like this when I got into the game. Not unplayable, but it means that if I want to sprint I've gotta unequip any weapons, and I can't stay behind cover because I'm always aiming out of it. Anyone else got this problem?

      Do you have any controllers plugged in that might have one of their triggers accidentally pressed? Are in you in first person or third?

        I ended up fixing it by minimising/maximising my game... For some reason whenever I first start it up it's locked like that, but if I just alt+tab out and back in it's perfectly fine.

        No controllers set up with my PC at the moment, would happen in both first/third. I'm just gonna be content with the fact that I have a fix now :P

    Runs fine on my pathetic GTX 560 1gb, I get a constant smooth frame rate, have to have everything on low, but hey. It plays better than GTA IV ever did.

    Am planning an upgrade anyway to a 4690k with an Asus Strix GTX 970 at some point, just gotta find the $$ for that.

      I had a decent card when GTA IV hit PC and I never really had any luck getting the game to run smoothly :(
      glad that as far as I can tell GTA V is running with zero hitches.

        Even at the shitty detail i'm running it at, in 1080P it looks really nice. Can't wait to get a better card.

        It's funny, how a 7 year old game (GTA IV) runs pretty bad on a mid tier 2011 graphics card that is more than capable of running the game :S

          I always boiled it down to GTA V being developed alongside the new-gen consoles on a similar architecture, that and I suppose people learn from their mistakes/shortcomings :P

    gta5.exe has stopped working. click here to report the problem.

    all heil the pc masterrace

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