Hero GTA Player Hunts Down Cheater, Makes Them Rage Quit

Hero GTA Player Hunts Down Cheater, Makes Them Rage Quit

How do you deal with hackers that are dead-set on making everyone's GTA Online experience awful? You return the favour by making their life a living hell, too.

As any GTA player can tell you, GTA Online is full of cheaters who break the game. Pluxar is a player that won't stand for that shit. After seeing that people were congratulating someone for using cheats, Pluxar decided to hunt this player down. Turns out, the cheater was using godmode — making it impossible to kill them. So Pluxar got creative. Using a well-armoured vehicle, as well as GTA's explosion physics, they are able to continually run over and push the cheater around — effectively ruining their game. It's pretty satisfying to watch:

While the cheater is able to kill Pluxar, Pluxar comes back and is eventually able to make the cheater leave the game thanks to a few well-placed rockets. Success! One fewer arsehole roams the streets of Los Santos...for now.

Hero GTA Player Hunts Down Cheater, Makes Them Rage Quit


    Some people like to watch the world burn... others like to fight the fire with fire.

      Some people like to read about others fighting fire with fire.

        Some people like to cook food on said fire and watch. Marshmallow anyone?

    The online in this game is terrible enough as is, I hit join public session last night and there were people from France in my game.

    I think rockstar matchmakes based on the highest pings it can find for you.

      Same goes for heroes of the storm. I give up playing that game since it constantly toss me to Europe server with 400 ping.

        There should be server lists, like with Battlefield games.

        Also, there should be unranked servers, where people can use mods online with each other, but nothing remains after you leave ther server. No stats/money/weapons etc.

      My first foray into GTAO when it first came out on 360 was so terrible that when I rebought the game on XBOne I decided to do invite only/solo sessions. It's kind of fun but also pointless. If only people went into the game with a co-operative mindset instead of griefing.

      I think it's just time zones.

      During the day I get a lot of Americans, Australians and New Zealanders, at night I get all the French, German and other European countries.

        It shouldn't be time zones, it should matchmake you with people from your region.

        If i'm playing during prime time in Australia it should match me up with Australians.

        Other games don't have this issue, its just really really lazy on rockstars part.

    i love this retribution. well done!

    Faith in humanity: Destroyed by hacker and restored by watching him suffer.

    Wait, so you can't park directly on top of someone? Or was it that his godmode pushed him out from under the vehicle? Because parking your car on some cheating prick and just leaving it there was a hoot in MultiTheftAuto!

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