Heroes Of The Storm Is Officially Launching On June 2

Briefly: Heroes of the Storm is officially launching on June 2, following an open beta period beginning May 19th, Blizzard just announced. If you haven't been able to check the newfangled MOBA out yet, you really should! It's a lot of fun. Also I'm betting that there will be lots of boosts and other goodies during the beta.


    Its got pandas. What more do you wan't.

      Sadly one of those pandas is pretty bloody useless since they shuffled his talents around making one of his most useful builds impossible and nerfing him into the ground. Lili is still a heal machine though.

        Ya it's a shame about man panda. He's bit lame now. I think when they look at the play stat's they'll see he's pretty low in popularity.

        Lili is redic. Going to be a staple of any team I think, although I prefer to play Malfurion if I'm going to heal things. Not as good a healer but has a few offensive tricks which makes him a little more fun for me.

          That's the thing that gets me. I picked him up before the nerf because I looked at HotsLog and thought that he's not popular so it's a good chance to play something people aren't used to. They then smack the crap out of him and shuffle and respec his talents to make him even more unpopular since he lost his kung-fu panda build.

          I can accept Nova being wound back, she's still usable if you play her right, but you don't make a very under played character more popular by making him utterly useless.

          Last edited 21/04/15 1:16 pm

            Nova's definitely my favorite even post Nerf. You have to be really tactical and battlefield aware. Plus there's nothing like dropping ion cannon from the other side of the map on heroes that think they are making a safe getaway.

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