How To Play Bloodborne Like A First Person Shooter

If you're anything like me you sat in the Bloodborne character creation section, looked at all the different stats and said, "what the hell is Bloodtinge" before totally running with a strength/endurance/vitality build because screw this, it's fun hitting bad guys with blunt instruments.

But newsflash: it's also fun to shoot the crap out of things. It turns out that's what Bloodtinge helps you do.

I really wish I'd worked out the whole 'what does Bloodtinge do' conundrum a little earlier because man, the above video shows you what it's like to rock around Yharnham with a high level Bloodtinge build and it looks like a helluva good time. The Quake sound effects are a nice touch.

This video is the work of Reddit user 'datbighat' (nice Dark Souls reference) and he also posted the build he used to create the video. It's actually far less Bloodtinge skewed than I initially thought, but still. That's a lot of Bloodtinge.

Man, my next build is gonna be way, way different.


    I think that was the point of the monocle to begin with. Curious how practical it would be further along in the game though, seems to have a ton of HP to sacrifice on bullets and it's fairly easy to max out storage.
    Surprised he isn't using runes to increase bullet inventory.

    " The Halo-esque sound effects are a nice touch" - That's actually Unreal Tournament by the way.

      Thanks! I fixed it because now I feel really stupid. (I never played Unreal).

    This is what my build is going to be close to. I'm going to go 40/20/10/30/50/8 with Evelyn. Apparently fires really rapidly too. For melee I'm going to go with the Chikage as well. At the moment though I'm rockin' a +3 threaded cane and a repeater pistol.

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