I Much Prefer This Version Of Batman Vs Superman

Look, I'm not saying Batman Vs Superman is going to be terrible. I like Man of Steel and I'm actually very interested in this sequel-type thing.

But come on. Let's be real here. A Christopher Reeves Vs Adam West version? No competition.

For the record, Christopher Reeves would get his ass beat down. Adam West doesn't play around.


    Christopher Reeve would just fit some monster truck wheels and........

    Ok ok ok ok that was a low blow :P

      have some respect....christopher reeve was the best superman....just because a movie comes out with more special effects doesnt make it a better movie....its the actors that make a movie not the computerized effects :)

        The hell? Where'd that come from? A chill pill prescription... get one asap.

      you're completely right about christopher reeves winning. There's no stopping him once he gets on a roll.........

    I'm glad someone else likes Man of Steel. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. Whenever it comes up in conversation amongst friends it seems to suffer from comparison to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Granted, I agree it's not amazing but I think it's a good, entertaining movie.

      *shrug* I friggin love MOS. The only, ONLY thing I don't like in it, is John Kents death, they totally botched that part. Should have stuck with the heartattack.

        Did you like that church scene where visionary auteur Zack Snyder framed Jesus's face behind Clark's? Just in case we missed his not-at-all heavy-handed Christ theme?

          At the cinema. I had my kids asking how long until it finished. It's pretty bad when even kids are tiring of your epileptic computer generated garbage.

            The year of trailers that preceded that movie made much clear that it was not a movie for kids. You know, like Nolan's Batman movies.

              I really hate how Batman's dark, gritty and style cast a long shadow over comic book movies. Sure, the brooding, grounded style works for a super hero with a darker tone and back story like Batman, but was anyone thinking: "the problem with superman movies is they're full of bright and vivid emotional tones and themes. I really think they need more angsty teens and darkness overall".

              That a superman movie was 'not for kids' should have been a red flag.

                For me at least Marvel is doing more than enough to cater for the light-and-fluffy comic adaptations. I love the Marvelverse but I'm happy that DC is sticking with something a little more serious.

                  That's kind of a good point. If it was all "m'am, I'll save your cat", it'd be a bit boring. I definitely support diversity.

                  Jesus christ @shadow now I'm hoping I see Ironman and Thor team up with Hulk just to rescue a bloody cat from a tree...

                @weresmurf I imagine Hulk would tear out a building and knock the tree down with it ... cat saved

                  Sounds like the plot of a Squirrel Girl story.

          Oh Im sorry, did I not clearly say I liked Man of Steel as a superhero movie? Seems every time someone says the liked Man of Steel, someone has to quickly rush out of the woodwork to try to bash them down, sorry if it offends peoples sensibilities :)

          Hell, no I'm not :)

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            I'm fine with people enjoying any movie, and I actually liked Man of Steel more than I disliked it. I just found it odd to hear that John Kent's death was the only thing you didn't like, whereas just off the top of my head, I could come up with a bunch of things worse than that specific scene.

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              Everything else in it, was a culmination of things actually taken from comics.

              I'll list a few things I observed personally:

              Has he killed Zod actively before? Yes he has. He's actually killed quite a bit. Hell, in the golden age of comics it was a fairly regular occurrence. Superman *will* kill those equal to his power, but not less powerful than him. But he only kills when there's no other alternative. He has never taken a vow to never kill like Batman has for instance.

              The pacing was a bit off, but forgivable. I just came off seeing Superman Returns for gods sake, so comparing those two? Like night and day. When you see Superman Returns first, THERE is a true disaster of a Superman film. Man of Steel was at least consistent. Superman Returns, he's stabbed by Kryptonite and almost dies, but yet he can lift a bloody continent of the crap? C'mon.

              Jonathan Kents death, to a DC fan like myself (Im not so much a Marvel COMIC fan as per se, but I adore their movies, ultron in 36 hours!!!), is iconic for a simple reason. Superman can save anyone in physical danger. Hell, in that scene, he could've 'fluked' Jonathans rescue easily. The comicbook Superman definitely would have. I definitely understand the intent of 'don't reveal yourself' but it just didn't work. Jonathan Kent is meant to die of a heart attack, an irrepairable, unrescuable heart attack. It's his time, his finality. Death has come for him for good. Superman is meant to learn, that as powerful as he is, finality comes to everyone, except him apparently. That's one of his tragedies, he will outlive everyone he loves, watch them die, because he's 'super' man.

              Ok one other thing I didn't actually like, was the dark grainy tone. I think the physical filter of the movie should have been lighter, absolutely, I'd never argue that, ever. It was a poor choice. The washed out look to the movie didn't serve it well. It would've served a BATMAN movie incredibly well, but not a Superman movie.

              There's more I could write that bugged me about fan reaction, both hypocritical and borderline imagined, but that wall of text is getting high enough.

                Well, I'm not familiar with these comic books , so things like Zod's death didn't bother me; but purely as a film, I didn't like a lot of Man of Steel. I actually enjoyed the outlandish Krypton stuff but once it went to Earth it just turned into an ugly, muted mess. Even the action which should have been the highlight turned into mindless destruction porn with overuse of Snyder's fast-slot-fast action shots. The pacing was all over the place but I mostly found it maudlin and humourless and the Jesus thing was overbearing.

                  Funny thing: superman was created by two jews. Hes actually a moses allegory ;)

        Remember that the reason they had Jonathon Kent die as shown was mainly due to the fact that they wanted to add in the 'The world was not ready for a man with the powers Clark has'. All those people watching, John knew it, and he waved off help from Clark to give it time. Too show Clark that the world was not ready for him. And quite frankly I'd think Clark took responsibility from his fathers death and that would later on help him on maintaining his powers for good in the future. Too save mankind.

          Yeah aware of that byt the better lesson was always that as strong as he was he could never beat the finality of death. Hence when his dad died he could do nothing.

    No matter how many times I see it and in what context I cant help but smile when I see that scene of batman running down the pier with the bomb. Fucking priceless.

      That and when they realise they made a mistake by selling an army surplus submarine to a Mr P.N.Guin

      Makes me want to watch the (1966) Batman film again.

    Adaaaaam WEEEEEEST!!!

    Im calling it now, this new batman vs Superman movie is going to be an almost exact copy of The Dark Knight Returns

      I hope not. I really didn't enjoy it at all (just watched it a few days ago) - it just made no sense whatsoever,

        I hope because unless you're wearing nostalgia glass all the previous live action Batman movies have been terrible. Charming, but terrible. I love Batman & Robin (1997) but it is a terrible movie really. From set design, to costumes, to scripts, and everything else in between.

      Until the most recent trailer came out I was in your camp, and I wouldn't be surprised if the actual Batman v Superman fight is blow-by-blow identical, but I think the movie will be dealing with different themes. So will see some big nods to DKR, but it will be it's own thing (fingers crossed)

    Here's hoping we get something a little more Golden Age once everyone finally gets sick of the dour and drearyness.

      I dunno... I feel it's just another time. Golden, or more exactly, silver age hero movies happened in another time for another kind of audience. It is normal that the same audience yearns for the same experience decades after. That people did not change but the era did and so the movies that speak to the new generation have to be different.

      I don't resent much the overall grimness of our movies zeitgeist. The previous was a happier, more ignorant, and thus, more optimistic era full of easily distinguishable black-and-whites. This is a generation that has been forced into self-reflection by things like 9/11 and Internet-powered globalization, and many others. Heroes are no longer a happy, triumphant, unquestionable avatar of the American Way easily bashing down on the forces of evil (most of them of foreign origin). They now must struggle to find what true justice is and the burdens and dangers of having the power to be law, judge, and executioner.

        Yeah, I guess trying to make a Batman 66 movie might be a little too much to ask. I do still think that DC would benefit greatly from relaxing a bit and having some fun with their characters. I mean the part of the recent Batman movies that grabbed everyone's attention was Ledger's Joker and that was in no small part because he was obviously enjoying the role, and injecting a lot of energy and humour that was missing in a lot of other places in that trilogy.

        I think DC could probably hold on to their darker elements that make them distinct (albeit getting less so) from Marvel, while allowing a bit more life into the proceedings.

        I don't think anyone is saying that these movies can't be dark, and Nolan proved that there's an audience for grounded comic book movies. I just have no confidence that Zack Snyder's Batman will be anything other than grimdark because he's been remaking the same uber-macho bullshit since 300, and somehow made a humourless Superman movie completely devoid of levity. There's a reason why it's so easy to make fun of Batman, e.g. YouTube videos like this, the 'sad batman' meme or The Lego Movie song; because the origin story is still ridiculous and Zack Snyder doesn't realise it.

    It looks like they've aged Affleck with makeup to give us an older grizzled Batman, so I wonder if they are doing that so they can also have a younger Batfleck for some solo films set before Batman vs Superman.

    The title is actually
    "Batman v Superman"
    In law the v means and, not versus. They will barely fight.

      ...and in logic/maths V is a logical disjunction, doesn't mean Batman and Superman are going to make beautiful Venn diagrams together.

      Also I'm pretty sure in law it also is synonymous with 'against'.

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      lol they will most definitely fight. its clearly inspired by Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns.

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