It's A Procedurally Generated Zelda. With Crafting.

It's called Adventure Craft, and it's a bit rough round the edges, but man. I think I could get into this.

At it's simplest, Adventure Craft combines the look of A Link To The Past with Minecraft's crafting and day/night cycle. On some level it looks a little clunky and unfinished, but there's a certain charm in it for me. I like the idea of transporting those well-established crafting mechanics into a top-down SNES-style RPG. I'm down for that.

Adventure Craft is currently on Kickstarter. It's asking for an ambitious amount of cash ($150,000) of which it has presently received $371. I'm guessing it might not reach its goal, but I'd still like to play it.

And the good news is I can play it, and so can you. An early version of the game is currently available at the game's official website.


    Looks good! I hope they improve the AI for the enemies though - it looks like they all just swarm you.

    Reminds me of Don't Starve but without the desolation.

    "With crafting"? Count me out. Not a fan of the fact that every second game these days has to have a sort of crafting or alchemy mechanic attached to them. Having said that, I know a bunch of my friends that will love this, so whatevs.

    I don't see anything Zelda-like in this game other than a slight resemblance (or influence) in the trees. Other than that this game is Terraria with isometric "from-above" perspective and without digging.

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