John Carpenter's They Live Reimagined As A '90s Beat 'Em Up Game

Pixel artist Junkboy reimagined John Carpenter's classic movie They Live as a cool beat 'em up game from the early '90s. It has all the characteristics of side-scrolling arcade games, complete with breakable windows and smashable cars.

And here's another cool tribute from the same artist: Planet of the Apes as a DOS point-and-click adventure game:

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    Man "They Live" was one of my fav movies as a kid, that and "Hell comes to frog town"

      Same here, I still watch it every few months. Carpenter is one of my favourite directors.

      HAHA YES !!! I still have Hell Comes to Frogtown. It is like a Christmas tradition (for some reason).
      They live was a classic too

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