Just Cause 3 Gameplay Sure Looks Bonkers

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Sure Looks Bonkers

Are you ready to destroy cars, buildings and... sunflowers? Here's our first look at Just Cause 3 gameplay. Hope you like explosions!

Just Cause 3 is slated to blow up the PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.


    *Throws money at computer screen*

      Ditto. I can't wait for this game. I pumped so many hours into JC2. I played it to 100% completion, twice!

      You and me and the guy above too it seems! Cannot wait. I hope the driving physics are a little less whack this time though, because I loved driving around the locales for yonks :D

        Add me to that list! 100%'d the second one, and just couldn't stop playing it. Still one of my most enjoyed games of all time

    Was really excited theeennn they mention pre-order bonus'

      It's only a couple of fancy-looking cars, could've been worse.

        And besides, it'll probably be available as a cheap DLC in a year or something. Weaponised vehicles do sound nice though...

        Thank god it's not EA then eh? haha


        If it was EA I'd imagine it'd be something like this

        No civilians in your world? Buy the ambient civilians DLC and bring your world to life! ($29.99)
        With the optional clothes DLC. Give your civilians style with this amazing DLC offering 3 new colours to the clothes of civilians. ($4.99)

        Sick of those 2 guns we started you off with? Buy weapon packs 1, 2, 3 & 4 to show your enemies who the real boss is! ($19.99 Each)

        Cars DLC. 5 new cars which are overpriced using ingame currency and will most likely never be used. ($9.99)

        First Person Mode. Get more immersed in the world of JC3 with this first person DLC offering new animations and gun models. ($19.99)

        Rico's Wardrobe! In this exciting DLC you will get 2 new outfits for Rico. Featuring the slightly different coloured default outfit and the Tuxedo! ($4.99)

        PRE-ORDER BONUS EXCLUSIVE. If you pre-order you will receive the Free Roam Mode. The last 5 missions of the game and an alternate ending! Could be yours for a small loan of $129.99.

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      hopefully same as JC2 though - that just had a few timed exclusives which were cheap to pick up once the main sales had plateaued, providing a few goofy weapons and weaponised cars to keep things interesting for a replay - nothing game-breaking and not getting ridiculous like some of the Saints Row 3 DLC

    As much as I pretend to be above this kind of thing, I make an exception for Just Cause. This one's gonna get my money for sure. Amazing trailer.

    It's the Michael Bay of computer games but with more plot and greater character development.


      Good joke. I like that one!


      Or as it would be marketed these days, Michael Bay Simulator 2015.

    With this AND Batman comeing out... well, shit.... this year is shaping up to be a great year for me. XD

    Take my money!

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