Keep An Eye Out For The Latest Movie From Anime’s New Master

Keep An Eye Out For The Latest Movie From Anime’s New Master

We might never see another Studio Ghibli movie, which means we’ll most likely never see another movie from Hayao Miyazaki or Isao Takahata, but I’m not too worried about that because now we have Mamoru Hosoda. He’s made three movies. Every single one of them is a classic. There’s no reason to believe that his latest, The Boy and the the Beast, will be any different.

Being a massive Hosoda fanboy, I’ve known about The Boy and the Beast for quite some time now, but this morning local Australian anime distributor Madman posted the first full length English trailer for the movie, which is great news. It means that we’ll most likely see some sort of cinematic release for the movie and, at the very least we’ll get a Blu-ray/DVD release later down the track.

But no idea when. The movie hasn’t been released in Japan yet, so we’ll most likely be waiting a while.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend checking out Hosoda’s back catalogue. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars and Wolf Children are all legitimate masterpieces in their own right and must see movies whether you like anime or not.

I really like the above video as an example of the cool stuff Hosoda is capable of. Wolf Children is my personal favourite, but Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are also incredible.

Get on it!


  • I saw Wolf Children recently and absolutely loved it. It noticed at the time did have a Ghibi-esque quality to it (more Takahata than Miyazaki Ghibli tho). I do wanna catch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars some time, and this new one looks great too.

    • TGWLTT is still his masterpiece, in my opinion. It’s not as visually lavish as Summer Wars (or Wolf Children, even) nor as emotionally powerful as the latter but has the best story with the best message.

  • I guess I’m the odd one out when I say that I didn’t enjoy The Girl who Leapt Through Time, but most likely it was because of the source material. I watched the Anime and the ’83 Movie, and although I like the Anime more, it was pretty boring for me. Summer Wars was better, but didn’t have that hook or “click” for me.

    • Gotta agree with you. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was just so-so in my opinion. I didn’t capture me as much as Summers War and Wolf Children. I love wolf children

  • Personally, I honestly can’t say I liked Wolf Children that much. And that’s a shame, because for most of the movie I thought it was awesome, but the ending just COMPLETELY put me off. Without spoiling anything, I couldn’t accept what one of the main characters did, or one of the overriding themes of the story, it undermined the whole movie and REALLY ruined it for me. Think of what Return of the Jedi would have been like if Luke had cut down Vader when he had him at his mercy, stood at the side of the Emperor, then backstabbed him when Palpatine didn’t expect it. Still would have been a happy ending (the Rebels would still have won) but it wouldn’t have been right.

    On the other hand, Summer Wars is just fantastic, one of my all-time favourites. I should watch it again.

    Haven’t seen Girl Who Leapt Through Time yet. Really should get around to it.

    • Not sure you got the whole theme of the movie if you thought the ending was not the unavoidable conclusion to it. The whole “wolf-children” theme was merely a conceit to stress and highlight the real theme of the movie: the sufferings of a mother and the loving courage with which she embraces them. The movie HAD to end with the most excruciating pain of them all: Let them go and become independent adults that may not even be what she hoped they’d become.

      • I could understand the point of the message that the movie was about, but I just couldn’t accept or condone Ame’s actions. His mother had literally spent his entire life sacrificing EVERYTHING for him and his sister, and then he just goes and ruins it all- he fights with Yuki, distressing Hana terribly, then when the storm comes he just walks out of the house without a word, forcing Hana to run out into the storm in a desperate panic to search for him. When she almost dies in the mountains while trying to find him, never thinking about anything but his welfare, the most he does for her is dump her on the ground alone in a parking lot in the rain then leave before she wakes up and the closest thing she gets to a “farewell” from him is the sight of him howling in wolf form on a mountaintop. I don’t care about the whole “he has to live as a wolf” thing, what he did there was utterly unforgivable and it drove me to really hate his character. That’s what ruined the movie for me.

    • yeah I can see what you mean. But it’s a powerful ending, the point of it is to hurt, it’s a bitter sweet ending. If I had to relate it to any other real world feeling, it’s the feeling a parent gets when they see their last children grow up and move away. And to me, that’s what had to happen.

    • Caught Wolf Children at a local independent cinema a while back, very powerful movie, very few dry eyes in that cinema, if you have kids you’ll almost definitely cry.

  • I liked Summer Wars well enough, I love TGWLTT though and I’ll definitely watch this. You’ve reminded me that I still need to see Wolf Children..

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